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Monday, March 6, 2017

And that is the end of that

Current update on my rubbish.  Still havent figured out what cable I need for my video card.  Got answers from some tech people, the videocard makers, but not the power supply makers who are being beyond annoying right now and slow.  But in the end it doesnt really matter now because things have changed.

It seems the brother of the friend I norrowed the motherboard from wants it so he can upgrade his system.  He doesnt know what his cpu is but his excuse is the system is 5 years old.  This board I borrowed?  Is 5 years old.  I have no idea what hes expecting.  Needless to say I have to waste my savings, little that they are now, to buy a new system.

I cant be stuffed buying a motherboard and installing everything again for a 4th time.  And parts of whats left of my computer are starting to give me issues, like the usb slots on my case.  So I'm just going to order a new setup and have the store put it together and test it out before sending it.

I had saved enough to keep me going and paying bills for this year if I had issues finding work.   But once I buy this set up I'll have enough for about 4months.  And then I'll be forced to go onto government support for money if I dont find a job by then.  I absolutely detest doing it.  Others have no problem.  For me its humiliating and soul destroying.  The last time I was on it I was hoping every day was the last day of life because I'd gone for a stupid length of time before I finally found work.

Hopefully I can find a job soon.  Otherwise I see a very miserable and depressing future coming soon.  On slightly more happier info, Jed and myself are going along quite nicely with our comic.  Hopefully turns out entertaining.