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Friday, September 27, 2013

Reception lost

Today I went to bed around 6am.  This is normal since I'm still not working.  At 8am I was woken up by loud banging.  The people had come today to replace the metal sheets on the roof since they were old and really needed to be taken care of.  Lord knows how many more storm seasons it could have handled.  So get in there early and dont worry after.  The only trade off was me getting almost zero sleep.  The banging was pretty intense and they decided to start directly over the room I was sleeping in.  Awesome.

I drifted in and out of sleep a few times.  I'm fucking shocked I managed to sleep at all through all that racket.  I did have one dream that evolved faster than most dreams I've had.  Maybe to do with me waking up so often for brief periods.  It started off normally but ended as a nightmare.  I generally like nightmares.  No, I LOVE nightmares.  This one though didnt really end like I'd want it.  There are certain subjects I dont want in my nightmares.  And this one happened to have it.  I'll just skip to the very end, which had this lady who was pretty much out to kill me and this other guy.  She never spoke, just smiled a little and pretty much almost glided after us where ever we went.  She caught up to us and I noticed something on the back of her head.  Like a large growth.  And out of this fucking growth she would LAUNCH massive hand sized spiders who would somehow land on us and start gnawing.  I fucking HATE spiders.  This was enough to wake me up, my body TWISTING as I woke up.  I'm surprised I didnt break my spine.  First time I've had that reaction to a nightmare.  But I really really really hate spiders.

Anyway, with the roof all done there was only one problem that my parents werent smart enough to predict.  Removing the satellite dish temporarily was going to break our cable reception.  I dont really watch tv so this doesnt affect me.  My parents however.  So I told them the cable people can come in a week to realign it.  Dad thinks he knows someone who can come tomorrow that knows how to do this sort of stuff so we'll see.

Other than that I've been having some issues with my car.  The battery would just keep dying for no reason.  After lots of screwing around a friend of mine did whos repaired vehicles for the past 20-30 years, seems it was the fault of an old car alarm I had in that I disabled years ago because it was pissing me off.  How does something thats been in there for the entire time I've had my car suddenly start screwing with it?   I dont know.  Part of my is expecting the car to die again despite now the battery drawing the proper amount of power from the alternator.  But we'll see over the next few days.  If 2-3 weeks pass and its acting normal, I'll relax.

Finishing off, I'd just like to say Jed is a massive woman.

Bioshock infinite 28

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Outlast #5

Maybe 2 more videos left of these, not sure.  I'm at the point where I think I'll stop playing lol

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stupid battery

So yesterday my car wouldnt start.  Battery was flat.  Which is pretty weird cause I only replaced it 2 months ago.  Took it to the local garage people my dad deals with and they checked it out and said theres nothing wrong with the engine etc, its most likely my fault since I rarely drive around much.  I'm thinking fuck you, I've done the same shit for the past 12 years I've had this car but whatever.  The car was working and I didnt have much to back me up.

So I'm driving home and I notice the airconditioner is acting weird.  Its not as strong as usual, theres a strange faint high pitched sound when I'm accelerating, and when I accelerate the air blows stronger.  It never did any of these 3 things before.  I'm about 5seconds from my house when I hear the car make a BEEP noise.  That tells me somethings wrong.  Usually battery related.  I pull into my house and sit there in the driveway for about 20seconds.  Suddenly engine turns off with no warning.  I'm like NO YOU DIDNT!  I try to start it up, TICKTICKTICKTICK.  Battery is flat.

Dad comes in from behind, I show him what the car is doing and I'm all like BOOM told you its not about how often I drive it, I'm not that stupid to leave it for too long.  He couldnt understand it.  I told him how the aircon was acting differently.  He tells me I'm imagining it.  I totally went off.  I know how my car behaves.  12 years gives me the right to instantly know if something different.  So we took it to a friend who used to repair cars in his own garage for 30 years.  They checked it out, and turns out the fuel rods or whatever int he battery were dead.  The idiots at the garage werent smart enough to check this.  Dad claims they dont have the equipment.  Fuck that excuse.

So got a new battery and lookie there, the aircon is behaving properly again.  Fingers crossed the stupid car doesnt do anything weird again otherwise it might mean something is causing the battery to die super quick and that will be a nightmare to figure out what.  An expensive one.

So for now heres one of those stupid horrible addictive clickclick games.  You make cookies.  The more cookies you get, the more things you unlock to make cookies.  Its a pointless game, but once you start you sort of keep going.   After a while it'll make cookies on its own so you dont need to clickclick.  I'm going for the top!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Today has been pretty magical.  I was up super late catching up on my collection of movies and I usually eat something during it.  This time it was 2 large nectarines.  I crunched away happily on those and was good.  But half hour later something felt wrong.  You know the sensation you get when you eat way too much and your stomach just says FUCK YOU?  That was me.  Except I hardly think 2 nectarines should do this.  I can eat 6 times more than that without trouble.  But something wasnt right so I blame them.  They werent rotten or soft or bruised or anything.  They were perfect, which is what makes it all the more frustrating.

Generally after an hour you start to feel yourself get less bloated as you digest the food.  I was sort of going in the opposite direction.  It felt like my stomach was getting more full and more solid.  Wasnt good.  I finished my movie and went to bed, though that was a nightmare too since I couldnt lie down properly in any position without my stomach screaming at me.  2 hours later I felt something I recognized and quickly went to the toilet, and for the first time in over 15 years I threw up.  4 magically wrenching efforts.  I dont know where all of that came from.  I swear it was multiplying inside of me.

I went to bed and woke up much later but didnt feel that much better.  My stomach wasnt screaming at me any more but it wasnt normal either.  And my throat was a little sore from the obvious.  I dont have a temperature and it feels different to food poisoning.  At least for me the two times I've had that, I sort threw up from the opposite end of my body.  That restaurant has been officially banned from my life too.

So this whole day I've been in a weird state where I dont feel sick but I dont feel good either.  And theres the welcome headache to keep me company too.  I guess if you know the feeling you get from motion sickness?  Thats sort of how I feel.  Cant describe it.  I also hope to never go through this again.  My parents ate those nectarines and they were fine.  So fuck knows.  I've spent most of today just lying down.  And as luck should have it Liverpool is playing at 4:30am tomorrow morning.  Usually I stay up for those.  Wonder if I'll manage it this time.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tiny freaky things

The brilliant io9 site put up a freakish article today showing what certain looks like if you were to zoom in really really REALLY close.  Some are absolutely nightmarish.  Others are really purdy.  Click on the link below.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

L4D Derailed #1

Its like christmas today what is wrong with me!

Bioshock infinite #26

Heres the next one.  Currently I'm in the middle of Outlast.  I've got to be honest but I'm finding the game very tedious to the point where I stop talking in the game for a bit now and then.  I dont think I'm really made for lets plays.  Jed really needs to get back onto the internet so he can do them since he'd be 1 billiont imes better than me.  I want to focus on my strategy and adventure games.  Those are totally not uploadable stuff.  But yeah, I'm probably one of the few whos getting bored of Outlast because its not scary.  Whats that tell you about me.  I just want a game or movie to scare me again.  It never happens.  Sure if I was getting a million views I'd happily pretend to be scared and scream all the time.  But thats all it would be.  Pretend.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Good job

So last night I heard a familiar sound.  Sitting there watching a movie in my room and suddenly the loud thrashings of 2 cats fighting.  My body did jolt in a reflex reaction since every time I heard that sound I was up instantly and outside with a torch to make sure my cat was ok.  But thats not how things are any more.

So I look outside and shine my awesome torch, and across the road 2 houses down I see 2 cats just going mental.  One of them is a gray and dark coloured cat I didnt recognize.  The other?  It was the black cat that lived at that house.  The very same cat that would always come over here looking to pick a fight with my cat.  Kyo, for MANY years, sent that cat packing.  He would beat the crap out of him and then chase him back to his house before walking back like the lion that he was.  But the injuries he got almost always became infected because of his low immune system.  In the last couple years I think Kyo was just not as dangerous as he used to be the other cat seemed to be in his prime, so there were quite a few times where the black cat dominated him.  I once ran down and found my cat hiding under my car while the black cat stood on the side trying to grab at him.  Sadly the cat never was within reach of my foot or any stick I had with me.

But now the roles were reversed.  Who ever that gray cat was was smashing the black cat.  They wrestled for about 10min straight with a few pauses, across the drive way, into the bushes, everywhere.  But never out the closed gate.  The black cat seemed to think staying in his home would be a good move because his owners would come down sooner or later.  His owners never did.  They were probably too busy snoring their faces off.  I think the amount of claw marks and teeth marks on that black cat will be obscene.  And I'm glad about it.

I told my mum today about it and the first thing she asked was which cat was winning?  I told her the gray one smashed him.  And she straight away said, 'Good.  He deserves it.  Maybe he'll die too.'  You might think we're a little mean.  But fuck that cat.  I hope his life from here on out is as much a misery as he made Kyos.  Though I hope its far worse.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Borderlands 2 #23

Nearing the end, but now thankfully theres 4 of us.

Stupid week

Yesterday was election day in Australia.  We replaced one stupid government with a new stupider government.  The worst part about this is the previous lot were going to give us faster internet.   My area only had a year at most before it would of had optic fibre built in.  We'd get 100 megabit download speed which is awesome considering I'm sitting on 1.  Uploads would go to 12 or something, I dont know.  I just know it would be faster then my current 100k/s upload.  It would make uploading to youtube far less of a pain.  But now the new retards are in and their version of fast internet is 25mbps.  Oh sure thats faster than what I'm on now, but 25 vs 100 is a bit of a massive difference.   The part that really bugs me is I dont know if they plan to stop building in some areas, specifically mine.   I guess we'll find out sooner or later.  I dont expect much good from it.

The other night I had an annoying dream.  I was coming back from a friends place at like 2am and noticed something on the side of my driveway inside my house.  It was a cat that looked exactly like Kyo.  We have an electronic gate so I pressed the button and it started to open slowly.  I got out of the car not interested in waiting for it to open completely, worried that maybe if I wait too long he might disappear.  I walked inside and crouched and coaxed him to come to me, and he did, and I was just so fucking happy as he kept coming closer instead of vanishing.  But when he finally got to me I noticed the face was different.  It wasnt kyo.  Just some other cat that resembled him.  The worst part is this was one of those very rare ultra realistic feeling dreams.  I woke up shattered.  I love nightmares, but not that shit.  Its like the universe is just taunting me.  I envy the people who can get over a pet dying.  I only wish I saw him as just a pet.  But I didnt.  And I never will.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Outlast #1

So this game finally came out that I was looking forward to.  I rarely buy games on release but this one had a special discount I couldnt avoid.  It'll probably be the last new release game I buy for a long time while I catch up with all my old ones.  Theres just no money for them.  I'll wait for them to be on super discounts during steam sales in the future.  Which is anoying since I'm missing out on Total War Rome 2, the first Total War game I wont be getting on release since the very first Shogun game came out.  I love that damn series.  Oh well.  Maybe in 6months.

So anyway, this Outlast game, its kinda in the same style as Amnesia.  One thing that pissed me off though was the graphic settings.  Some genius thought motion blur was an excellent idea.  I dont.  I absolutely hate motion blur.  It not only helps with making you feel motion sickness more, but it scrubs out all the details in the stage every time you move.  You cant appreciate anything because its smeared to hell since you're always moving.  So for the first couple or so clips it'll be default, but I've found some options in the games ini file that will let me switch that off as well as improve a few other things so I'm looking forward to that.  In the meantime heres the first part.

Fuck you Disney

Anyone who knows me knows I've been TWITCHING for the Little Mermaid to be brought out on bluray for the past 6 years.  I absolutely loathe disney for waiting to do every single other fucking title before getting to this masterpiece.  Now that its finally here I've just found out they went and did something that will fuck with me forever.  They got 2 scenes switched.  Heres a video...

Now to some people this isnt a big thing.  Why you so pissed over this you freak, I hear some people say.  Well I'm the old school fan.  I watched it at the cinema, I've watched it probably 40-50 times during my VHS and DVD days, and every time I see this I will KNOW its in the wrong order and it will jar my brain.  Its not just the bluray either.  The new DVD versions have been changed to this.  Fact is theres no reason for this change.  None.  I dont mind changes if it improves something, like the slight colour changes in cinderella and sleeping beauty.  But this is stupid.  Oh well, I'll SUFFER it.  One strange thing is the bluray is coming out 1st of october for america, but for me here in Australia my stores claim sept 11.  So next week.  They better not be fucking with me.  I need this shit.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bollywood wannabe? lol

Its not every day something this delicious appears in the gaming scene.  Now all we need is for Ulala and Parappa make an appearance and it'll be GOTY for sure!  If you're interested where to get this game its up cheap on the latest indie royale bundle which also sports a few other interesting looking titles.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bioshock infinite part 25

Well well..

So today I walked outside and saw something interesting.  Ususally when I leave I'll look over to the place where Kyo is burried and give him a little greeting.  But today something was a little different. The little cat sculpture isnt in its usual spot as I'm busy coating it in about 27 layers of this special varnish thats usually used on boats so the elements dont destroy it.  So right now theres nothing there.  Except this..

Those plastic flowers lying down there are always firmly planted in the swam statue.  They've never come out before.  Now they're lying almost exactly over the spot Kyo is buried.   I had my mum come outside and asked her if she'd done that since only she plays with the garden.  She was surprised and said no.  So theres only one explanation.   Kyo was playing with like he used to.  Thats my official explanation and no one will convince me of otherwise.  You go Kyo.  Make those flowers your bitch.