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Saturday, November 30, 2013

L4D Derailed part 3

You thought I'd forgotten about this.  You were right.   I totally did lol

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why arent I rich!

So just saw this today and spazzed the fuck right out!  Its a life-size 6'7  resin statue of classic Thor.   I mean what legend would get something like this made and then sell it.  The price itself isnt too expensive considering what it is.  The postage to me is well over $600 though.  But I'm not working yet so this isnt even an option.  Which is a real bitch since as most of you know I've been a massive Thor fan since I was like 7.  Not that I'd really have anywhere I could put him.  And pretty sure my mum would freak out at me.  If anyone feels like buying it for me feel free!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

And another birthday passes

Today was my birthday! YAY!  I ate cake and stuff.  I also accomplished nothing, which means it was an excellent day.   Usually my birthday is something I look forward to, but its a bit different now.  23rd is also the same day I was forced to put Kyo to sleep 4 months ago.  His birthday was also sometime in november, so I always had it at the same time as mine and I'd buy him some expensive take-out food to eat since I spoiled him.  Mind you I did that every week normally but it was always different during this time.  He would of been 19 this month.  So its my first birthday in a very long time I dont spend it with him.  Depressing for sure.  I still think of him every day.

One good thing that happened was I managed to get my broken ps3 controller working again.  After the useless kid that mum babysits accidently 'dropped' it, the thing kept moving to the right and wouldnt stop.  Found out theres a little hole in the botton of the controller that you can press and it resets it.  Once you disconnect it from the system and then reconnect it, the joypad should work normal.  I had to do this a few times as each time it did nothing.  Then I left it on the side of my desk connected by the cable while I checked something online and 10min later I go to mess with it and the thing works perfectly.  Lord knows why it worked after ignoring it for 10min but thats how it is.  So happy ending there.

My mum is also heading to melbourne in a few days for a couple weeks to visit my sister, so aside from my dad being here in the evenings, the house is basically mine.  Lovely relaxing QUIET time for me coming soon.  Cant wait.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Absolutely furious

There are very few things in the world that I twitch for.  If I lose out on something or cant afford something I just live with it.  But certain things I cant.  I am a massive Alien whore.  If I see something from that series of films that I MUST have, and theres very few things that I find worth owning in anything, then I must have it.  The Alien statue I bought a while back which was stupid expensive but it was going to be mine no matter what.  Its still my most favourite thing.

Recently a kickstarter went up for a miniature game.  Heres the link.

Lets ignore all the reasons why I think they screwed up and could of done better at launching this event.  I dont think they'll make it to the Queen stretch goal, but at the very least the rest of the stuff are awesome.
They do have a pretty cool special where if you pledge £75 or more, you go to the update that has this specific information and write a comment saying blahblah invited me, and you and that person both get a free unit of a specific 3 selection.  Thats something I havent seen at another kickstarter before so that was cool.

But yeah, I'll be grabbing this even though I'm not a miniature person and I still have no job, but I'm more than happy to spend whatever little funds I have for this thing.  I can easily use the pieces for other board game rules or even make my own up.  Getting people to play it is another story.  But I'm more than happy to own it.  I also plan to grab this other kickstarter to use as a different base level thing.

Its pretty amazing.  Not too expensive either.  Can use that for any other miniature game too.  Just a shame both of these popped up while I'm not working.

So you might be asking why I'm pissed off when it doesnt sound like that from above.  Its to do with my other obsession.  Aliens was the first.  Robotech was the second.  And I just came across this fucking thing..

This somehow ended back in May and I NEVER seen it mentioned anywhere.  How the fuck is this possible when I already back other projects.  The base $80 pack will be available for sale at their store this febuary.  Thats fine.  But the thing about kickstarter is all the special things you get that WONT be on sale.  Theres a bunch of crap there.  The Rick, Roy, Khyron, and Miriya units are only for this.  The SDF-1, only for this.  The higher pledge level you chose, the more shitload of free units they tossed at you.  I'm absolutely livid.  I just want to PUNCH shit.  Unbelievable.

Football Manager 2014 clip

This is a rare one.  I've been playing this series for over a decade but this is the one time I felt like uploading a video from it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 15, 2013

Borderlands 2 final part

Finally done uploading this crap!  I can start with some new stuff now.  If I had faster internet I'd have finished uploading this long ago and had multiple games uploading at the same time instead of 2-3.  Nothing mroe fun than 7-9 hours to upload something.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I fucking love the character.  Shes easily the most evil of all Disneys characters.  I'm twitching to see this film.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This and that

I'll admit this whole google plus stuff confuses me ever so much.  This blogger forced me into making one ages back and linking to it.  Then it got complicated when youtube decided I had to have one too.  But if I ever tried linking both of these together it would show me either of the two differently.  The blog would be there but youtube would be a new channel or vice versa.  So now I have 2 google circles.  Thats sort of annoying.  I would of liked to have kept my info on here and there in the same area.  Would make little updates easier.  I guess I dont mind having something thats a little dislocated from my youtube channel.

I've been watching more older films.  Its great to be finally catching up with a bunch of them.  I mentioned before the Frankenstein films from the 30s which were a real treat.  However I found the 1931 Dracula film to not be as enjoyable for me as it had been to others I know of.  I guess I was spoiled with having grown up watching Christopher Lee's Dracula.  He is beyond brilliant.  Speaking of dracula, I also finally saw Nosferatu, the 1922 silent movie.  Some amazing directing in that.  Absolutely loved the music.  Prior to that I'd only ever seen the 1970s Nosferatu film with Klaus Kinski, brilliant actor.  I dont really recall much from it.  I think I was 12 when I saw it.  I grabbed it recently and plan to re-watch it.

I just finished watching The Uninvited.  Wonderful movie from 1944 about a brother and sister who move into a haunted house.  Very enjoyable.  Also speaking of, there is another movie with the same name that came out a few years back.   I'm pretty sure I'd seen it listed online before but never paid attention to it.  I probably should have since its a remake of the korean horror A Tale of Two Sisters.  I love that film and grabbed this remake to check it out.  I've read some favourable things about it from people who were fans of the original Sisters horror so thats a good thing.  I'll watch it sometime this week.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Last night I did something pretty legendary.  I used the wrong screw to fasten the front panel of my aircondition.  The screw was a little too long.  I punctured one of the copper pipes and all the gas just poured out.  Despite having that thing for the past 10 years, it took about 5min for the gas to finally flow out.  Would of ran for many years yet.  Fixing it is not an option sadly.  So tomorrow my dads going to see about cutting the hole in the wall a little wider to be able to fit a new one in since the box units seem to somehow be larger now.  Cant put a split system in unfortunately.  Oh well.  Hopefully tomorrow things will be normal again.

I've been spending plenty of time watching old horror movies that I've always wanted to watch but never got around to it.  Some of them were Rosemarys baby, the 1950s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and just finished the trilogy of the Boris Karloff Frankenstein movies from the 30s.  Those were brilliant.  Hopefully tonight I'll finally get to watch Dracula, the 1930s one with Bela Lugosi.   I'll admit I've actually been avoiding that one for years.  I grew up with the Christopher Lee Dracula movies and for me there is no way anyone will match the intensity that he had when playing that role.   Trying to catch up with a bunch of other Vincent Price movies I never got to see.  It was always tricky getting movies like these while growing up.  Only since internet stores popping up has it finally become an option.  Our video stores had fuck all.  Our cinemas?  Forget them.  Useless.

Earlier in the day I heard a loud THUMP!  A dove had smashed itself into my window.  Went outside and the thing was pretty much out cold.  I sat with it a little to see how badly it was hurt but it seemed fine.  Its legs and wings could move, and most importantly its neck.  It lay there for a few minutes with its eyes just fluttering.  After about 5min it finally sat up and started to focus on things.  I waited for about an hour before it finally flew off.  Didnt want any hawks or whatever grabbing it.  So I did my good deed for the day.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boderlands 2 #25

Theres only 1 left thank god lol.  And then I can delete so much stuff.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dead space 3 part 1

Finally uploaded something.  Co-op Dead space 3 with Royce.

Got it!

Well I certainly didnt expect this.  The store called me and said the insurance company had agreed to give me the camera I wanted.  That really shouldnt of happened.  I must of got them on the 1 day where they were really happy or in the middle of an office orgy and just agreed.  So now I am the proud father of a Panasonic TZ40, or ZS30 as it is known in america.  Fuck knows why panasonic has different codes for that specific line.  Sadly the 3 years I had left from my initial 5 years warranty cover has been erased since its a new product.  Its pretty annoying, but considering I got this camera when I really shouldnt have is good enough for me to live with it.  So I had to pay an extra $100 to get a new 3 year cover.  You could even think about it as an upgrade offer for $100 to the next camera.  I like that idea. Wish I could do that for everything.

Its also the same camera I got Jed for his wedding/honeymoon gift.  Top class camera.  Looking forward to screwing with it over the next few days to see what I can manage to do with it.