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Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Christmas Done

So my chirstmas was great!  I stayed in my room and avoided all family gatherings!  Fucking PRO!  Then again I do this every year and I plan to keep doing it.  I enjoy my solitude.  Like, really really enjoy it.  I did have something I planned to upload on christmas for you all but that unfortunately got delayed till next week.  I'm absolutely dying to show it off though.  Going to be a blast when I finally get it uploaded.

So right now there are storms here because its the monsoon season.  Lots of storms, lightning, thunder, rain,WIND!  I adore the storms, they make me deliriously happy.  Always did since I was a kid.  Some of my most happy memories were inside watching some cartoon while the storm was raging outside and it was dark in the afternoon from the clouds.  My poor mum hates storms so much.  She's absolutely petrified of them.

A few years back the next door neighbours tree fell during one of these storms and destroyed out lemon tree.  Our tree was HUGE!  We would fill up dozens of bags with the lemons it produced.  And it would make some big ones too.

Theres the original in all is glory.  Sadly the neighbours house at the back has a huge tree.  You see it towering there.  During one of these storms it fell and destroyed our lemon tree.  Dad was pretty sad over this.  Him and the neighbour spent the day cutting the big tree up and getting rid of it.

So since then dads been growing a second tree.  Its not too big yet but its coming along just fine.  Its chest high now and going strong.  But as luck should have it, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!!

His other tree came crashing down.  The lemon tree is a little to the left of it.  And by a little I mean 1 finger span left.  The tree JUST missed it.  My dad was like WTF when he saw the tree.  But he was happy it wasnt destroyed too.  The neighbour is on holiday so I'll have to show him the photo when he gets back for his enjoyment.  He'll feel pretty bad that it happened again.  I mean whats the odds.  This never happens and then BOOM!  Twice from one house.  Good news is, hes got no more trees on that side.  So our lemon tree can grow without fear!  A true christmas miracle!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Through The Woods Demo

Finnaly got this done.  Swear I wasted about 9 hours.  You wouldnt think it would take 9 hours to edit this piece of shit, but I came across a few issues and had to re-encode and then reupload a couple times and pfffffffffffft.  Done either way.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mechanics can suck my damn toes

I've mentioned in the past my car troubles and my eternal quest to fix the issue.  I've gone through 4 different mechanics who were highly talked of, and then in the end took it to my cars dealership since they should know how to fix their own fucking car.  First they tried acting all knowledgeable by pointing out that the computer in my car, its little black box, had been wiped by the previous mechanic and so they wouldnt be able to pin point the issue quickly.  I was all like ok I understand that.  They did some tests and found 2 of the engine valves were cracked and letting in air, or something of the sort, and this would cause the car to just switch off because it wasnt firing properly or WHATEVER.  I nodded cluelessly and paid them the $2200 to fix it.

So I got the car back and tested it some.  After a few days it did the same thing again.  It did it multiple times.  So a few days ago I called up and took it back in.  The guy originally said that if the problem is still there and linked to what they did then it wouldnt cost anything to repair again.  Absolute rubbish.  First I got some new guy who said I would be charged $180 for them to look at it.  I said no, its doing the same thing as before.  The guy said yes but its standard policy.  I said no again.  He asked this other girl who in turn said its policy.  I told them firmly no, I was told by such and such.  They go and speak to the original guy and hes all like yeah wave it off.  So I leave thinking yay.  He calls me later in the day and tells me they cant find a fault with it and I would have to pay them by the hour until they figured it out.

Now I'm furious.  I said I'd call him back.  Got onto consumer affairs, told them all my issues, and they decided to be as useless as the mechanics.  Sorry but your car is old and its a problem with old cars.  No!  FUCK YOU!  My car has done 120,000 km in distance!  I've seen cars on 150k go for 12 grand!  Makes me rage.  So called mechanic back and said why am I paying since its the same issue?  He said the thing they put in is working fine so its a different issue.  I said did you check the black box.  He said yes but nothing has been recorded.  Thanks black box, you're as useless the mechanic.  He said the only way for them to find out whats wrong with it is if I can replicate.  My patience was gone.  Told him I CANT replicate it, and even if I could, the stupid internal computer is recording no fault, so all you'd see is the car TURN OFF.  Then what?  Will you know MAGICALLY whats wrong with it when the car turns off in the exact same description I've given you?   He had the modesty to at least say no.

So thats it really.  I have a car that no one can fix.  So its basically useless to me.  And I'm out 3 grand trying to repair it.  I'm hoping my luck changes and I find a job soon so I can get a new car.  For now I'm going to just roll in the garden for a while.  Maybe a poisonous snake/spider combo, coupled with an attack from a kangaroo and crocodile, will end my misery.

At least it started raining outside  The one thing that can cheer me up a little.  More storms plz.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My presents to myself

The best presents are the ones I buy myself.  Because I know exactly what I want.  But I've been waiting for the Power Loader for a stupid amount of time and today I went in and picked it up with a few other things.   I spent a couple hours shifting blurays off the shelf and putting it on another one.  Sadly I'm running out of room so the plan to throw some old stuff out is coming into affect.  Like this gamecube for example.  Oh sure it sounds harsh to want to throw something like that away.  Especially since I loved playing it about 500 times more then the wii.  It had so many amazing games.  But if I wanted to buy one today it would cost around $10-15.  Theres just NO REASON to keep it taking up space with all its cords and joypads.  Plus a bunch of other crap.  My older PC games that I already have digital copies of on steam etc are going in the bin because I do not need these damn boxes taking up so much room..  ANYWAY!  My Power Loader!!

I took my Ripley figure and stuffed it in there.  Looking good!  Once I make some room by throwing out a bunch of crap the rest of the blurays on that shelf are being moved and my other Alien/s figures are going up.  Must have my Aliens shelf.  Going to look delicious!  I also reflex bought some Holy Grail pops because I adore that film.

Hopefully they keep an eye on that vorpal Bunny!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy 40th to me!

Finally smashed 40!  Feels no different!  And the world is still shit!  So I dont need to adapt to anything thankfully.  For today I'm just going to focus on the fact that I can, whether a good idea or not, stuff my face with as much cake as I want.  And here is a picture of the bounty I bought!  Some will go to guests, most will go to my stomach.  Because I'm hardcore like that!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The luck of the irish

So finally got my car back a week ago.  Tossed over $2200 for repairs.  Now hoping it actually is fixed while I drive it around during the evenings for tests.  So far it seems to be going good.  Only did one strange thing but I dont know how important it was.  Generally by this time I would have had that stupid thing shut down 4-5 times on me.  It cant go more then 3 days max without exploding.  If it goes for another week without stopping then I'll be very happy.  Sadly this hasnt brought my car a reprieve at all.  Once I find work I'll be getting a new car. This one pissed me off one too many times.  Besides its about 17 years old.  Time to move it on.  If any rich person out there wants to send memoney and is really rich, feel free.  Or if your mum or sister are single and rich.  I'm not a money centric guy in the least.  Or superficial.  But if they're filthy rich I can be whatever the world wants!

As a side note I've decided christmas is when I'll be aiming to announce something huge here.  It's massive huge.  I've been wanting to say something for a few months now but have been waiting on a couple things to be complete.  But very soon....very soon...

Finishing off I decided to try my luck with those little toy packet things you see at the store, where you have no idea whats inside of it but its 1 of like a dozen miniature characters from a certain show/movie.  I noticed one for Alien and saw the character Kane with the baby alien bursting out of his chest.  I had to give it a shot to see what would happen, and I really had no problem if it was another thing because I'd be happy with all of them.  But what happened when I opened the packet?  BOOM!  I made lady luck my bitch, thats what happened!!!

Right now hes standing next to my Ariel Pop.  I sense romance....

Monday, October 26, 2015

The New Members

So I've finally gone and put up my two new additions.  I'm super happy with them.  A photo doesnt do them justice as they are pretty huge.  Ariel is close to 14" tall.  The Queen is probably 17" when standing up instead of crouched down.  Probably more.  And of course little ripped up Bishop on the ground with a delicious egg.  I want more of those eggs.  I absolutely adore them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Why did you do it!

So the new installation of Fatal Frame is coming out soon on the WiiU.  I was looking forward to it since I really really like the series.  But nintendo decided to go and do something pretty weak.  The game has a couple bonus outfits, these being bikini's.  Heres the pics..

That second one looks pretty excellent what with the whole gothic flavour to it.  Now some people, mainly westerners, look at these and straight out scream sexist.  Sure, pointing out that this is something they've been doing for years in many games wont change anything, same with pointing out many male characters get their own bonus swimwear or other strangely unsettling skimpy outfits in other games.  Also ignoring that these outfits are made for fun.  But yeah, todays society just see this and OMG forget that, its got to be banned.    So now we've got this to replace it with...

OH GOODIE!  A Samus outfit.  I'll still play the game, but its a sad day when swimwear needs to be censored in a video game.  I'd like that to sink in a little.  SWIMWEAR gets banned.  FULL BODYSUIT WITH NO SKIN SHOWING gets the pass.   Looking forward to when they start trying to get beaches with swimmers censored from games.  That might sound a little too far out there and stupid, but if someone told you a bonus swimwear outfit would be censored from a video game 10 years ago, you'd have probably laughed.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

The magic just got better

So I've had my car fluttering around this and that mechanic to try and fix this issue.  I dont know how much has been spent so far.  Maybe around $1500 between them all.  I finally had enough and decided to take it to Nissan, the actual manufacturers, something my dad kept arguing with me before about since they're expensive.  So I leave it and get some feedback from them later in the day.  Firstly they asked me if anyone had looked at it before because the logs in the recorder for the electronics or whatever were wiped, so they couldnt check any history of issues.  I said yeah, and that was this one mechanic place that I got into a massive argument with my dad over about going, but it was recommended to him by another friend so he didnt want to look bad by not following his friends advice.  My car mind.  Anyway, theres a lesson to be learned huh dad?

Secondly, and this is my favourite part, he claims they found what should be the issue with it.  One of the valves in the engine is busted and leaking in air or something.  I forget the exact term.  But this will generally cause the engine to fail when trying to fire up so blahblah, long story short, they need to pull the engine apart to get to it to replace.  All up its going to cost around $2100.  Will admit my brain shut down the moment he said that number.  I was expecting something high, over a grand, maybe $1500, but over 2 grand?  Fuck.  Theres no other option for me either since I cant afford a new car or take out a loan for a new one since I'm not working right now.  I also need to wait 1-6 weeks for them to get it in, so I'm still screwed till then.  I just hope it works after this and the issue goes away.  If its still there after this I really dont know what I'll be doing.  Can't just keep replacing everything.

Also if anyone knows someone whos good at using Source Filmmaker to create videos and has some others done to show, I'd really like to commission them for a short clip.  This things fairly important when it comes to the new channel I'll be opening with a few other people.  I dont want to go ahead with that till this is sorted too.  So far I've hit a brick wall as all the people I've asked on forums or on youtube have pretty much ignored me.  Great manners!  At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to stumble my way through in creating this.  Just wish the shithouse workshop had the things I needed for it.  They dont even have pills to download.  I dont even know if pills are selectable already in the props for SFM.   I know nothing.  I know less than John Snow.  And thats saying something.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Introducing Douche Car

So for the past couple months I've been having some issues with my car.  The piece of shit likes to just turn off while I'm driving.  As of 2 days ago, I've had 4 different mechanics look at it and spent well over a grand.  Close to $1400 I'd say.  Real bullshit considering I'm not working at the moment.  As of right now everyone seems to finally agree with me that its not an electronic problem and instead a transmission problem.   At the moment waiting on a 5th guy to call me back who specialises on them.  So theres more money being tossed at someone.  As long as it gets fixed.  Frustrating beyond belief.

I decided to treat myself the other day to bypass my urge for suicide and bought a little addition to my mermaid items.  Photo comes with bonus happy face.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Until Dawn part 4

So last clip yaaaaaaay.  Nothing makes me more happy than being able to free up some hard drive space by deleting all of this.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Until Dawn part 3

Heres the next bit.  I think there might be one more part at most.  Just need to go through it.  This one definitely has a spoiler in it so please dont watch it if you plan on playing it or plan on watching a proper walkthrough of it.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Until Dawn part 2

So I've finally managed to get this one edited.  Also finished the game.  I've purposely removed a couple or so videos that would of been in this one because of a few things I say that somehow manage to guess some of the ending, so I'll be uploading those at the end of the final clip as a little bonus.

Honestly this clip drove me insane.  The audio kept going out of sync for no reason and it took me a few hours to sort it out.  I think I messed up the order of the last 2 clips somehow and probably missed another during the mass fix effort.  Oh well good enough!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Until Dawn highlights part 1

This is not a playthrough/lets play of the game.  Its just bits and pieces of it that I thought might be amusing.  Plenty of full playthroughs on the net without me adding mine.  There shouldnt be any spoilers in this considering I've removed about 90% of the stuff, and decisions you make will be different to what someone else does.  But yeah, if you're worried abuot spoilers I highly recommend watching a full Lets Play video or just playing the game.  This was recorded at my friends place since I dont have a ps4 or an elgato.  My mic is my phone cause I dont have a proper mic.  This is the part where you feel sorry for me and toss thousands of dollars my way *winkwink*

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jeds a father!

So today Jed became a dad.  His wife lovingly excreted a healthy baby boy and his name is Sawyer Nathaniel Johnson.  I'm not able to post a picture of him at this time, but I did my best to capture his likeness in a drawing.  I'm sure you will agree its stunningly lifelike.  One could say, godlike ability to create... Sometimes I even scare myself.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Vegas Love Story

So I've been screwing around some with Fallout new vegas.  Taking my time since I'm installing mods along the way as I get bored of the bland graphics and models.  Broke it real good the other day!  But heres a little clip from an earlier time..

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bonus batman clip

Heres an expended part of batman smashing joker

Batman Origins Highlights

So I've gone and finally edited this.  The world doesnt need another playthrough of the game.  Especially not this late.  So I just put up a few highlights.  I didn't want the clip to be too long so I cut out plenty of side stuff and figured this was good enough.  There were a couple things I somehow DIDNT record that I wanted to put in so that was pretty annoying.  Oh well!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2 Years Ago Today

Today marks the second year when I lost my best friend.  Even 2 years down the road its still hard to put into words what life without him is like.  I haven't come to terms with it fully and dont think I ever will.  I do know that my outlook on life and the world around me is drastically different to what it was before he died.  Far more pessimistic.  Far more...far more loathing.  Kyo meant the absolute world to me.  I still think about him every day.  I still shed some tears over him fairly often.  I did my best to spend as much time with him as I could.  Even going outside at 3 in the morning to see where he was relaxing and then play with him some.  Not having a good camera in the early years of his life is something I'm still furious about as I'd love to have had some pictures of him back then.  But I was still unsure what to make of him since I'd never owned a pet before.  Still, theres 100s of pictures and dozens of video I took over a period of most of his life.  Still wish I had more.  I mean its the only thing I have left of him.  So much I'd like to say but it would just be all over the place.  In the end I miss him terribly and life is just not the same.  I wish he was still here.

Onto a happier memory, this as him doing his best godzilla impersonation while attacking a dangerous hanging string.  I miss you, you vicious little bastard.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Unbelievable Camera

My friend grabbed a new camera the other day and was showing me some photos he took.  I'll put them up here first...

Thats right.  You are looking at the moon.  He used the zoom to go all the way to the bloody moon.  Photos clearly downsized for the blog...This is super impressive, I thought to myself.  This must be stupidly expensive too.  I also thought this must have a stupidly massive lens like you see the photographers have at sporting events and other stuff..  Here is what it looks it..

Well thats not too huge...  So I ask him how much it cost?  $600US.  This damn camera, the Nikon P900, only costs 600.  I was totally floored.  I plan to head over to his place sometime in the next week or so when I gather the energy to do so and give it a little run through.  He claims its pretty excellent to use, auto mode is even great.  The specs are pretty impressive too.  I mean 83x optical zoom.  What the hell has something that high!!  Most cameras are like 3x or maybe 20x.   I'll end this off by linking a clip of someone recording in video mode of them zooming to the moon, in daylight at that.  And if you watch closely, you can see the damn moon revolving slowly.  That just blew my mind.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Magical Car

Today I get to do something really cool.  Drive through traffic to take my car to the garage, a car that likes to turn off on its own.  Generally its chosen times of joy are while I'm at the traffic lights, or when I'm about to start the car.  It only just started doing this the other day.  I'm guessing its something simple like a spark plug or most likely the fuel filter needs changing.  Either way wish me luck.

I've also had a couple failed attempts at fixing my scratched painting.  I tried markers at first.  This was ok for a couple bits but not all.  I couldnt get the right colour to fit.  Plus it was a little too shiny.  Then I decided I'd try water paints since they would blend in and look a little duller.  Unfortunately this was a worse option.  So now I've bought proper dull paint thats for this very purpose.  Should be easier to mix colours together to get exactly what I need or close enough to look good.  I'll probably fail this one too but you cant fault me for trying.

Also I have some massive news I plan to share in a few weeks or so depending on how a few things go.  I think you'll be pretty excited.  And no, Jeds not getting a sex change.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Why you for here dust

I've been tidying up my room for the past few days.  Not happy with the state of my bookcase and some stuff I've left on the floor slowly building up to annoyance level.  So cleaning and dusting away.  One thing I dont get is how dust travels so easily when the windows and doors are always shut.  I need some kind of dust screen on my door I think.  It's bad enough that dust makes you sneeze, but I seem to have also caught a slight cold off my mum which is not helping.

Another annoyance I have to suffer is my sister is coming to visit tomorrow.  Not looking forward to it.  Already got into a few arguments with the parents about it.  She's also bringing her new boyfriend to meet them.  Now the original rule was that he couldn't stay here and would have to go to a hotel during the time.  Now my parents have buckled over like gutless craven scum and he will be staying here.  Gave them a good earful over that.  Now don't misunderstand, I have no problem with the guy.  Don't even know him.  But I don't like my space filled up with strangers.  Plus I'm going to be expected to interact with him while he's here.  And one thing about me is if its not to do with work or some kind of thing I'm expected to turn up to like a party or whatever, I do not enjoy interacting with people I don't know.  Like, at all.  I detest it.  At least with a party I know I can leave at some stage.  Here?  Argh.  Oh well.  More cleaning tomorrow.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

Absolutely wonderful

So today, I dont even know how it even happened, my awesome Cthulhu canvas got damaged.  Not a small bit, but a disgusting long line around 8 inches I'd guess.  There were a couple other lines that I managed to patch up easily, but they were across one area of the same colour.  This one...its just all over the place when it comes to colours.  I cant repair this.  Going to ask around some of the painting stores if they know places that do canvas painting repairs.  My two worries is how much will they charge me, and can they do it well.  This isnt something I can afford at the moment either but I'm furious this got damaged.  I dont even know how this happened.  I'm super careful with all my shit.  Heres a picture of my shame.

And what it used to look like before I managed to screw it all up.

I dont know how it happened.  But I'm taking the blame for it before it was in my room and fuck knows.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Fire Inside

Last week on monday I decided to get myself this curry dish from a place I like but rarely get to eat at because of never having the energy to get there early enough.  I was there early this time and thought good going con you legend.  So I got my food and headed home.  Jed had logged on about the time I got back so I told him to wait while I finished my food quickly.

Now when I eat I generally do it at a leisurely pace.  I dont eat fast.  But seeing we only ever have an hour or two max once or twice a week at best, I couldnt do that.  Nor could I put the food away for later because it just wouldnt be the same after.  So I destroyed it in under 5min.  I got comfortable at my computer and had a drink of water after.  We finished gaming and all was well.

At least it should have been.  Later that night I couldn't hold back.  Straight to the toilet!  And this process repeated itself every hour or so for another 8-9 times.  Now I'm unsure if it was food poisoning because the food wasnt fresh, or if it was the amount of concentrated curry powder and other crap I tasted in it and eating nothing else that day.  I used to be able to do this in the past but I guess thats not how things work now.  Still, it was unusual..  I went to the doctor that morning to see if he could give me something to sort it out as I hadnt been able to sleep.  I had to time my visit there so I was home before the next explosion.  I got my prescription, went home, and ate the pills.  For the next 8-9 hours nothing.  It was wonderful.  And then it came crashing down once again.

Boomboomboom every hour.  I was up to 15-16 times.  So sooooooooore.  And then by afternoon it stopped.  The pills seemed to finally be taking effect for good.  Those 3 days were murderous.  I probably only had about 3-4 hours sleep the entire time.  On the 4th day I slept till late afternoon.  It's been exactly a week since and I'm back to full strength.  But that was a hellish period that I dont want to experience ever again.  Now I'd like to mention I've had curry dishes twice before that over the past couple months, both at different places, and nothing happened.  However in the past when I had a similar experience, though not as cataclysmic but close to it, was from this same place.  So whether its the freshness of the food or the amount of pure spice they put into their food, I plan to do the smart course of action and stay clear of them.  My stomach is not suited to their excessive seasoning.  Nor is my arse.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sir Christopher Lee has died

If there was ever an actor that meant a lot to me it was him.  I started watching his Dracula movies when I was 6.  Considering they were rated R18 you'd think I'd have been terrified.  But I absolutely loved them and would watch them repeatedly.  I followed his movies as I grew up which was very hard to do in the 80s and 90s.  Once the internet was fully fleshed out I got a chance to track down all the movies I'd missed or not known about.  Even getting my hands on his autobiography and the huge hardcover books from the Hammer horror films which had plenty of pictures of him from his days filming dracula and even quotes from him.

While I was lucky enough to get a personally signed book from him with my name written too, I never got to meet him in person.  Absolutely kills me I never managed this.  I'll forever be envious of all the people who got to speak to him and even call him their friend.  Would have loved so much to be able to sit there and listen to him speak and tell stories and everything.  The world has lost a titan of cinema.  One of the last of the old school actors.  He reached the amazing age of 93.  He is the reason I love horror so much.  It's strange getting emotional over someone I've never met.  But hes an exception to the rule for me.   There will be no more movies.  No more songs.  No more personal video recordings from him on youtube.  It's a dark day.  Forever a legend.

Monday, June 1, 2015

War Thunder highlights 2

Thats right.  I remembered I had a channel to upload crap to.  Enjoy me and Jed fooling around.  And enjoy the compression artifacts as youtube absolutely hates war thunder for some reason!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hate it

Driving home today I noticed something on the road.  I always try to not in case its a dead animal since I dont enjoy seeing it.  What was that on the road?  Probably a shirt.  Large leaf.  Something.  But sometimes its hard to not look and this time it was a dead cat.  Absolutely hate seeing that sort of thing.  It was about 4:30am and from the looks of it not many cars had passed yet.  And in a few hours everyone would be rushing to work.  That cat would basically be flat by the end of the day and unrecognizable.

I turned my car around and drove back.  I decided if it was my cat and I saw it squashed I'd just shut down.  Or just as worse, seeing a dead cat and not knowing if it was mine since I wouldnt be able to tell too well.  I had a comic in the car and ripped the front/back cover off to pick it up.  Thankfully there were no cars around so I didnt have to rush.  The cat was probably around 9-11 by my rough guess.  It was also not stiff.  The little blood on the road from its mouth was still wet so it probably died maybe half hour ago at most.  It was very recent.  I carried it and placed it on the footpath where it should stay fine until the owners can find it.  Hopefully they do and no one decides to put it in a trash bin or something.  Its the same road that school kids walk down so I dont know.  No that I think about it maybe I should of put it on the little narrow island between the roads.  Oh well, not much I can do now.  I can just cross my fingers and hope they find it.  Best I can do.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Useless Government

Theres a thousand things I could complain about regarding the idiots running my country, but the latest one is just beyond stupid.  It started off as the Netflix tax.   We just finally got netflix here and the government noticed how popular it is compared to our overpriced cable.  Clearly the bastard that runs everything, a Mr Cuntface Murdoch, had a word with them and they decided to put in all the streaming servies that just started up along with netflix to a 10% tax.

So what could they do to make things even shitter?  This netflix tax is now going to all digital media.  Thats right, Steam games are getting a 10% boost in price.  Like fuck off seriously.  We already have the legendary 'Aussie Tax' on Steam for certain stuff.  All games from Bethesda, Activision, Sega and some others are more than the american price.  Grand thef Auto 5 for example is $75.  Black Ops 2, $90.  And this isnt $90 our currency.  No!  This is $90US.  So we pay this overinflated amount plus a fee to have our currency changed to US so we can buy it.  All for the excuse that local stores are losing out on sales.   Local stores stock 90% console games for one.  Second, even with this bullshit tax, buying it online will still be cheaper than our rip off stores.

Thankfully other sites dont seem to be doing this since our government probably thinks Steam is the only online pc digital store around.  Sickening.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tip for making nVidia cards run better

This totally surprised.  I'm sure the performance boost will vary depending on your system.  But for me I saw a massive boost.  Using Mortal Kombat X as an example, if I play it normally the thing is fairly smooth on most maps but not all.  But if I try to record the game with fraps the entire thing becomes a jittery mess.  It seems to either drop a little too much or some things affecting it weirdly.  With this little tip I must of raised my systems performance enough that now when I record the game is extremely smooth.  Plus the Sky temple stage that runs like a whore by default is a lot more smoother but still jittery.  But a definite improvement.

So whats the tip?  nVidia has a streaming ability that everyone should know by now.  Problem is it seems to always be on and this is taking some power away from the gpu and cpu.  Disabling this is super easy.  Heres what you do..

Head to that link and you'll see 3 screenshots.  The third screenshot you get to that window by rightclicking on the thing in the second screenshot and selecting properties.  After that you're done.  Extremely simple and will affect your system positively.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Thats what it was.  Absolutely terrifying.  I took a friend to this place I really like to eat at.  He'd never been before so this was a treat.  So we get our food and sit down, happily eating away.  Outside I see this lady coming.  Hard to tell her age, but I'll go late 30s.  She looked a little older since she was absolutely crusty.  Barefoot, hair looked like she hadnt washed it in weeks.  She walks in and orders something and then I hear her keys land hard on the table next to us and she sits down.  Corner of my eye I can see her looking right at me.

Now I was hoping she wouldnt decide to talk to us.  She looked like the type of weirdo that would.  Then I saw her running her hand through her hair.  She did it a few times, stopping to look at me and then do it again.  Body language says shes most likely self concious since she saw me, which meant she probably wanted to eat me.  I'm doing my absolute best NOT to make eye contact with her.  She got to the point where she turned her body to face me, ran her hands through her hair like 10 times in an exaggerated fashion, and then waved her arms at me.  When I didnt look she gasped in annoyance and stopped.  Couple minutes later she got her food and left.  ajhsdguhurjansgv I shudder just thinking about it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Screw you wifi

So yesterday I came home and was screwing around with my phone when I noticed wifi wasnt connected.  This happened a couple times in the past so I didnt think much of it.  Reset my phones wifi.  Still nothing.  Put it into plane mode and back, nope.  Nothing I did made it work.  So I went to the router where my wifi box is connected to.  Wasnt turned on.  I'm thinking ok thats not what I was expecting..  Then I noticed the cable was pulled over the top of it.  Cables are usually around the back.

Anyway long story short, the stupid thing was broken.  My parents also claimed they never touched the cable.  I'll just file that one under GHOST then.  I'm not really in the area of being able to toss money towards a new one but the needs dictate the paths.  So now I've bought one and just waiting for it to arrive since all the fucking stores here had NOTHING.  Hopefully when it comes the thing isnt broken.

Speaking of things I shouldnt be buying isnce I'm broke, I finally snapped after looking at something for the past year or whatever it is.  I never buy this sort of stuff but I loved the look.  Tharja from Fire Emblem.  She wasnt too much and I'm sick to death of missing out on heaps of stuff I like.  If you look at the bottom right you'll see a little red cape.  Thats Thors.  I like to think at night while I'm sleeping hes trying to sweet talk her.  Cause hes like that.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

OMG I bothered

Heres me making a pretty delayed post as usual.   Recently bought myself a few toys because I've managed to finally get my debt low enough to be able to treat myself after months or buying nothing.  I'll put some pictures up at some stage.  Actually I'll probably put them in a video.  Must admit I thought up a pretty funny idea the other week for a new toy clip that I wanted to do.  Guess whos forgotten said idea... THATS RIGHT!!

Jeds off on holiday at Disney World in florida and has been pretty much taunting me the entire time since I cant afford to fly over and see it.  He took a video of Ariel saying hello to me though so that was pretty cool.  I'll be looking forward to seeing all the videos and photos he recorded while there.  He'll probably get around to doing that in about 2 years time.

Theres some other stuff I wanted to mention but I dont remember them any more so OH WELL

Monday, March 23, 2015

Evolve highlights

So I've learned something when it comes to youtube.  If theres to much shit going on, like war thunder and its zillions of blades of grass, or the PC version of this game with its zillions of rain drops, youtube has a fit.  Doesnt like it.  So unfortunately the coolness goes into stupid blocky compression.  Real shame cause the rain in this game is brilliant.  Lord knows how other channels can get it to show up well.  Conspiracy theory I swear.   Anyway heres some random clips from a shit game.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

War Thunder Tanks highlights

Recently War Thunder was patched up to include Tank battles.  Since Jed and I had messed with the aircraft version, him more so than myself, we decided the tanks looked fun.  And they are.  They're stupid fun.  My plan of uploading some of our moments up on youtube didnt go to plan.  Since my internet is really magical, it took about 7 or so hours to upload.  When I went to check to make sure it had made it up fully I noticed the blurring issue every 5-6 seconds or so.  Mainly while in motion in the grass lands, thats where it was badly noticeable.  On still menu screens nothing would happen.  So at first I thought it was youtube just taking its time to compress stuff.

A few hours later it was still the same.  So I thought it was a corrupt upload.  Deleted and reuploaded again.  Sadly same problem greeted me.  By this time I decided to recompress it in a different format but instead of the full video I just used 30seconds worth.  That failed.  Compressed in another 8 formats.  All failed.  Used 2 other editing programs.  Same outcome.  Tested another games recordings in case it was my pc being stupid.  Worked fine.

So a couple days later I am no where near able to figure out what the issue is.  I'm just going to pass it as youtube hating me.  Lord knows its already broken my channel in a number of ways.   Oh well.  It pisses me off this cant be watched perfectly, but I guess it could be worse.  I really wanted to upload these because I enjoyed them enough to go to that extra bit of effort to try and figure out the issue.  I did consider not bothering and just deleting it for good.  Anyway, heres the clip.  Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Revelations 2 part 2

Overly compressed thanks to youtube!  But since it takes 8-9 hours for me to upload one of these, I'll somehow survive and put up with it.  Looks fine as long as its fullscreened.  Oh the sad state of affairs when you have shit internet speeds.

Friday, February 27, 2015

RE Revelations 2 Part 1

So I've gone and done this game without actually expecting to play it at all.  I'm not a big fan of the series since it turned into an actionfest.  I haven't really done much recording from the consoles but Royce recently bought an Elgato and used that to record this.  Pretty cool little machine for sure.  This is the xbox360 version.  Obviously I would have preferred to play the PC version.  But chances of me getting that would of been zero.  Neither of us have a proper mic to record with either, just our headsets.  And that wouldnt of worked for this.  So we decided to experiment a little and see how the phone recording us sounded like.  If it worked then good.  If not then delete the gameplay and not bother making another attempt.  With a little fiddling with the equalizer, I think I got the sound of the voices pretty good.  So hurrah for that experiment.  I'd prefer to use a proper mic like the blue yeti, but I can't afford shit.

Friday, February 20, 2015

This is a title

I've been neglecting this blog pretty hardcore of late.  Mainly because of distractions and lack of will in caring about it.  I'll put up a few things that have been happening lately though.  I'll start off with the bad and work towards the good!

My dads been in hospital for the past week or so.  He was having trouble keeping food down and kept throwing it up, which left him pretty weak and dehydrated.  This can be pretty dangerous for him since hes only got 1 kidney.  So it would be working overtime.  So after a week of back and forths with the ospital, and very limited sleep for me, they finally figure out whats caused it.  The little opening from the stomach to the intestines had clogged itself up.  This was something that had been building up for years from an operation he had a couple decades ago that didnt go correctly.  He had a similar problem back then and the surgeon didnt make the hole large enough, so now it went and clogged itself.

While that in itself isnt a super hardcore issue, the fact that hes 70 made it slightly trickier, plus they decided to make a new opening so it would be larger.  So you can sort of think of it similar to a heart bypass.  It was a pretty big operation.  It's been a week since then and he seems to be doing much better.  But hes still linked up to a bunch of tubes and stuff for pain/nourishment/etc.  Over the next couple weeks they're going to slowly give him a little bit to swallow, from jelly all the way to something more substantial, and see how long it takes for his stomach to understand theres a new opening for it to use.  Probably will take a few months for him to fully get back, but at least things are looking good.  Certainly a crapload of stress that we've had over the last couple weeks has been lifted some.

I've been selling off a few things of mine over the past couple months on ebay.  Hadn't really used it before, cant say I've enjoyed the crap place too much either.  Had some decent buyers, and a stupid one.  Sold off my chessboard that came with Shogun 2.  Didn't want to, but it was taking space and I really really need to pay off my credit card since I'm not working yet.  Any rich people reading this feel free to donate something o at the very least adopt me.  I come with my own pillow.

I've been trying to keep my spending tendencies on the low down.  And thats the low part of the low.  But the other day I came across a 12 movie DVD set of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.  I grew up watching those two, massive fan, and this set had some movies I'd not seen before, plus the old favourite Watch Out We're Mad.  And the thing was only $20.  I couldnt say no.  My dad will definitely want to watch these when he gets out.

My brain has also been flooded with a bunch of GI Joe episodes over the past few months.  I never watched them as a kid but now I'm catching up.   Theres some brilliant shit in there.  Too much fun.  I think I only have 1 season left and then its full speed into the old 80s Transformers tv show.  I used to watch them way back but I know theres probably a few episodes I've missed, so cant wait to watch them.  

Theres another thing I'd like to mention regarding Jed, but I think I'll let him make the post for that.  Huge knews for him.  I'll see about trying to get him to make a post.  He's lazier than me.

And finally heres me wearing an Ariel mask.  Pretty hot right.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Car detailing

So a couple months back my friend Christina, who I will call MONSTER, defaced my car with her art.  The thing is after 2 months and multiple rain storms later, its somehow still there.  Monster I tell you.  Why dont I wash it off?  If Zeus' own STORMS cant get rid of it, how am I supposed to?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Worms highlights

I've remembered I actually own a blog and youtube page.  Who'd have thought...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Marvel Heroes 2015 clip

I've been screwing around with this game lately.  Its super fun if you enjoy diablo style games.  Free to play with a character of your choice to unlock at the start, from a specific selection that is.  But plenty of others you can play till level 10 I think before you are forced to unlock, which is a paid thing.  You can unlock characters for free though if you play and collect enough infinite shards or whatever they're called.   It's not too hard to do.  Say if you were to level 1 character to max you would probably have enough shards to unlock 3, possibly more.  And now and then you might be lucky enough to score an item that gives you a random free character.  I somehow managed to score spider-man with mine.  But yeah, its a great game to play on your own or with friends.

This clip is just a small simple introductory of what to expect in it.  Plus a little cameo at the end with Jed who has started to play with me.