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Monday, October 26, 2015

The New Members

So I've finally gone and put up my two new additions.  I'm super happy with them.  A photo doesnt do them justice as they are pretty huge.  Ariel is close to 14" tall.  The Queen is probably 17" when standing up instead of crouched down.  Probably more.  And of course little ripped up Bishop on the ground with a delicious egg.  I want more of those eggs.  I absolutely adore them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Why did you do it!

So the new installation of Fatal Frame is coming out soon on the WiiU.  I was looking forward to it since I really really like the series.  But nintendo decided to go and do something pretty weak.  The game has a couple bonus outfits, these being bikini's.  Heres the pics..

That second one looks pretty excellent what with the whole gothic flavour to it.  Now some people, mainly westerners, look at these and straight out scream sexist.  Sure, pointing out that this is something they've been doing for years in many games wont change anything, same with pointing out many male characters get their own bonus swimwear or other strangely unsettling skimpy outfits in other games.  Also ignoring that these outfits are made for fun.  But yeah, todays society just see this and OMG forget that, its got to be banned.    So now we've got this to replace it with...

OH GOODIE!  A Samus outfit.  I'll still play the game, but its a sad day when swimwear needs to be censored in a video game.  I'd like that to sink in a little.  SWIMWEAR gets banned.  FULL BODYSUIT WITH NO SKIN SHOWING gets the pass.   Looking forward to when they start trying to get beaches with swimmers censored from games.  That might sound a little too far out there and stupid, but if someone told you a bonus swimwear outfit would be censored from a video game 10 years ago, you'd have probably laughed.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

The magic just got better

So I've had my car fluttering around this and that mechanic to try and fix this issue.  I dont know how much has been spent so far.  Maybe around $1500 between them all.  I finally had enough and decided to take it to Nissan, the actual manufacturers, something my dad kept arguing with me before about since they're expensive.  So I leave it and get some feedback from them later in the day.  Firstly they asked me if anyone had looked at it before because the logs in the recorder for the electronics or whatever were wiped, so they couldnt check any history of issues.  I said yeah, and that was this one mechanic place that I got into a massive argument with my dad over about going, but it was recommended to him by another friend so he didnt want to look bad by not following his friends advice.  My car mind.  Anyway, theres a lesson to be learned huh dad?

Secondly, and this is my favourite part, he claims they found what should be the issue with it.  One of the valves in the engine is busted and leaking in air or something.  I forget the exact term.  But this will generally cause the engine to fail when trying to fire up so blahblah, long story short, they need to pull the engine apart to get to it to replace.  All up its going to cost around $2100.  Will admit my brain shut down the moment he said that number.  I was expecting something high, over a grand, maybe $1500, but over 2 grand?  Fuck.  Theres no other option for me either since I cant afford a new car or take out a loan for a new one since I'm not working right now.  I also need to wait 1-6 weeks for them to get it in, so I'm still screwed till then.  I just hope it works after this and the issue goes away.  If its still there after this I really dont know what I'll be doing.  Can't just keep replacing everything.

Also if anyone knows someone whos good at using Source Filmmaker to create videos and has some others done to show, I'd really like to commission them for a short clip.  This things fairly important when it comes to the new channel I'll be opening with a few other people.  I dont want to go ahead with that till this is sorted too.  So far I've hit a brick wall as all the people I've asked on forums or on youtube have pretty much ignored me.  Great manners!  At the moment it looks like I'm going to have to stumble my way through in creating this.  Just wish the shithouse workshop had the things I needed for it.  They dont even have pills to download.  I dont even know if pills are selectable already in the props for SFM.   I know nothing.  I know less than John Snow.  And thats saying something.