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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to work. In 3D!

Man was it ever a huge delay to get this comic posted. I want everyone to know though that it was not my fault.

See, its not easy being me. I model for calendars, shop at malls, eat grapes from the vine...I come home to find a empty bottle of vodka stuffed with a napkin..the hint was clear. Con was threatening me with a Molotov if I don't get this going. So here it is!

I am sorry I had to give you guys the edited edition. Con originally wanted busty women to be posted in every conner of the page. But I simply will not pay the royalty fees to do so.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sort of

Ok so I went and changed the background and other bits.  Tell me if theres something you dont like or think I should change.  I'm going to be making another background in the meantime to see if I can improve it.  Again, none of these are the final background.  I'll be working on a proper one later down the track which will be more personalized then these custom edits.

I'm going to have to make a brief apology to Jed.  My previous post about not playing L4D anymore with the others managed to get this blog link deleted from Austins blog, which to be honest I fully expected.  Ofcourse this isnt just my blog and Jed puts his own effort into this as well so it was like a slap to Jeds face to remove it.  But since it was mainly my doing I'm sorry about it.

Since I got to speak to Jed for the first time in a week we got to talk briefly about the comic and how we're continuing with it.  Tomorrow we'll be slapping up the next panel so hope everyone starts to enjoy the direction its going to take.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I want a new avatar

You hear that Jed?  You promised me 5 different pictures at least for my posts!  I got 1!   DRAW ME MORE!!!

So just wanted to touch on one thing quickly.  My post the other day that listed a couple things of why I dont play with kilplix anymore, that stuff was like long before Tate ever appeared.  I havent played with them in almost a year.  And really in the last year and a half I probably played 3 times with them max.  So really its nothing to do with Tate.  Also dont think that theres sides to take.  Theres no sides.  Its just me frustrated with playing with a certain individual.  Thats about it.  No reason why you should be unsubscribing from kilplix's pages or videos or even posting abuse on his page.  I dont have any problem chatting with him.  Just gaming is a thing of the past.  I dont know I mean to me personally I dont see this as a massive deal.  I dont feel like playing with him anymore, thats pretty much it.  I'm not pissed at him.  I'm not saying I'm better then him or he's better then me or whatever.  I am definitely better then Jed though.  Thats a no brainer.  So yeah, what I'm saying is carry on normally.

Speaking of Jed, that LOSER promised to show me the third comic strip on the weekend when both of us actually have some free time to meet up.  The slow pace is a little frustrating, considering I've got a years worth of story in my thick head that I'd love to see on paper.  But patience is something I'm pretty good at.

Some of my workmates are trying to organise a starcraft 2 online battle for this saturday.  They hassled me for my details so they could drag me into the games.  I'm not sure if I'll be free then but we'll see.  I still havent tested if I can use my damn Mic since the soundcard switch.  I know before I had issues using it.  I should probably try and get it working.

Speaking of work, heres a screenshot of a job that was called in for us to take care of.  This is seriously real.  One guy at work printed it out and lamenated it at the office and held it up for all to see.  He was like  THIS IS AUTHENTIC!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super duper

Today wasnt a bad day.  I ate waaaay too much though.  Workmate went and bought a huge slab of banana cake, then cut a huge piece and gave it to me.  We're talking monster huge.  That basically cancelled out the half hour exercise I did the day before.  Like raped it actually.  Picture below of the cake.

Some people asked me repeatedly why I dont play with the others anymore and I sort of answered them on my youtube page.  Austin must of seen it because he's removed my blog link from his blog.  So that was pretty amusing.   The funny thing is I held back and didnt go into detail about all the reasons, just a few that I know he already knew of.  So now I am officially not part of the 'fans of kilplix'.  And its something I should of done over a year ago.  Year and a half ago actually.  I blame Jed for me sticking around.

Speaking of that useless whore, he's made a new comic strip but hasnt had a chance to show me it for a few days because the two of us are always working.  Come the weekend I should be able to see it and add the finishing touches before its posted up.  He also mentioned he wants us to play some games co-op and upload them like we planned to, but work really gets in the way.  My job ends in about 3 weeks and I'm not planning to extend, so should have a little free time before I get a new job after that.

Speaking of work, that workmate who shoved a banana city sized cake at me, he wants us to make an iphone game.  So we started talking about ideas and fleshed out a cool sounding platformer.  I'm basically doing it for fun as I expect zero to turn out from it, but he's fairly focused.  If he actually gets around to coding it and we get art for it then cool.  Until then I'll treat it as an entertaining joke.

We were leaving work too and we're ont he 8th floor.  About 5 of us climbed in and we started moving and I said,  'We're going to stop on the 4th floor'.  They scoffed, and BAM!  We stopped on the 4th floor and someone walked in with us.  The others gasped and on guy said, That was a lucky guess!  And I said, That wasnt me guessing, that was me knowing.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog layout Mark II

Today I got creative and bored at the same time, so I slapped up a new background to test the waters with.  Also I discovered today that Jed is no longer single.  Sorry ladies.  And some guys.  Once again, vote on the side to improve my brain.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alternate Site Design Mark I

So I was screwing around with a few ideas of different layouts and styles for the page.  I made one which I'm going to slap up here.  This is basically a test blog that Jed and I made ages back just to screw around with a few things that we've deleted over time and tested.  So please DONT subscribe to it.  If you subscribe your name will show up in the subscribers section and we will take screenshots and mock you around a camp fire.  I've made a new poll on the site so go ahead and vote.  Also give me ideas of what you think would look better with this alternate design style so I know things to consider when creating a second layout.  Just click to enlarge it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its just not cricket

So got a call from my bank today.  Apparantly someone in france bought clothes with my credit card.  They better be nice clothes.  About $280 worth.  So bank locked my card since they thought I hadnt done the purchase, and they were right.  So right now they're sending me a new card to replace the old one thats being cancelled, and pulling my money back.  They're pretty awesome.  Good thing I withdraw a few hundred today!  Will help me get by till I sort out all my crap.

I was walking to my favourite curry place for lunch today and there was a lady on the sidewalk handing out paper things.  Unlike other people I actually get excited whenever I see someone handing out things because I like to find out what mysterious stuff is on that paper.  I hop like a little kid.  So imagine my surprise when I get it and on the top of the document is large bold letters that read -

The end of the world is nigh, God shall be arriving to punish us for our sins ETCETCETC

Ok, this isnt the surprise I want when I'm off to eat.   I like happy thoughts with my lunch.  Also, I dont know what fucking god she has but my god actually lets me enjoy my lunch in peace!  He'll be all like, Going to lunch Con?  Yes?  Well you go and you enjoy your lunch that was made with plants and wildlife I created just for you to enjoy your days with...  And I'll be all like, Thank you god you're a swell guy.

My god aint a vengeful psycho like these peoples!  He knows not to punish me because of some guy down the block who raped someone previously.  He's smart.  He says YOU DIDNT RAPE ANYONE, I WILL NOT SMITE YOU.  And again I'll reply with Thanks god you're seriously super swell!

Actually lemme go on a tangent here... Speaking of rape, I'd like a new fucking rule placed into our laws that says people who that sleep with underage people shouldnt be the only ones charged.  If a 16 year old girl goes and sleeps with some 25 year old guy, and for whatever reason they get found out because she probably gets pissed off because he wouldnt buy her a donkey and goes to the cops to tell on him, SHE should get charged too.  I mean if an older person does it its called grooming, and they go to jail for it.  But how come the younger person, who knows its illegal and coaxes the other person into doing something illegal, isnt considered punishable?  I think you'll find our society would be a little better if everything was equally at fault for all instead of this or that BS.

What brought this on you ask?  17 year old girl here is being an absolute media whore and outing a football coach and some of the players, saying she had sex with them and has pictures etc and is doing it because they pissed her off.  So she's untouchable but the guys get in trouble?  Fuck that.  Should be both ways.  She knew she was doing something illegal.  SICKENING!

Comic below is part of another comic at the brilliant site   They're fucking funny

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Over the past couple weeks its just been frustrating trying to get my pc to work as it should.  Well FINALLY I got my soundcard to behave and now it does everything I want it to.  So fucking happy you wouldnt believe.  I also got my system to burn some cds, something that it refused to do earlier for whatever reason.  Probably because I had nero installed.  Never using that god damn program ever again.  Damn virus.

I think you all recall how I black listed everyone from asking me for favours.  Well I crumbled the other day.  An auntie of mine, whos not really an auntie but dads cousin but I call her auntie, asked if I could copy some music cds she had.  She's pretty much the 1 person I'd make an exception for and I did.  So reluctantly I agreed.  She said she was wanting 12 cds copied. I said ok.  She said if its ok she'd like 3 copies of each.  I was like.....ok.  And then she says, can you copy the original picture on the discs and stick them onto the new ones?  I was like WTF as I'd never bothered doing that sort of crap before, but this just turned into serious effort.  But I'm nice and like I said she IS a special case.  So I said I'd see what I can do.  I went and bought one of those cd stomper label things.  I'm gonna try it out tomorrow to see how it works.  Cant be that difficult right?  I mean I got my fucking soundcard working after all.  Hopefully it ends up looking fine.  I need to finish burning these discs then scan the damn discs into my computer then print them out then stick them on the cds.  I'm basically booked out fo rthe next 2 days.  No gaming for me.

Speaking of gaming, Total War: Shogun 2  just came out.  Guess who got a copy?  THATS RIGHT!  I bought the very first one of this series when it came out like 10 years ago or whatever.  I love it and this was an instant purchase.  I got the huuuuuuuuge collectors edition that came with an art book, 7" figure, and a chessboard.  I love chess so this was an awesome no brainer for me.  I took some pictures. 

I love the amount of detail the chess pieces have.  Pictures dont do them justice.  Full sized set, very very happy with it.  Also just wanted to pimp off my other chessboard while I was at it.  Its a marble set.  Comes in this awesome red box case that closes and you can store the board and pieces inside.  Fairly heavy too. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I finally got my new soundcard in.  Slapped it into my pc and OMG SURPRISE ISSUES!  Been trying for the past couple days to get things working but no such luck.  Pretty sure the only way I'm going to get this stupid bug to correct itself is to reinstall windows, and I'm just really not in the mood for that.  Chances are I'll pull it out and use it down the track, and for now default to my onboard sound.

I got my second slap across the face yesterday when I realised EB was the only place in god damn Australia who is supplying the collectors edition of Witcher 2.  Everywhere else has the shitty premium version.  Worst is they've SOMEHOW sold out of pre-orders.  Since when does this happen!  Now I'm forced to get it overseas.  Most likely amazon.  Not happy.  I never preorder games.  Its bloody rare.  At least I got my shogun 2 order in.  I MUST have that chessboard.

You'll have noticed Jeds started using one of the characters portrait for whenever he posts.  I was planning to use the other one so you could all tell whos posting when.  Sadly all the things we want to do here is a little slow in coming because we both work and are just useless to boot.

Also Japan, worst thing to happen anywhere.  Some unbelievable things coming out of there.  But fuck me they're amazing people.  Faced with such devastation we can only try to imagine, how do they react?  With character and determination.  They havent somehow broken down into chaos and started looting and turning mindless.  Amazing people.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wait a second..

Been talking to a gent on the internet about the new 3DS. He got himself one from Japan and seems very happy about his purchase. During the discussion I point him to Joystiq's review of the handheld and how one of the biggest negatives about the unit was battery life. Those guys got 3-5 hours before the portable died.

Now I don't know if he was just being a fanboy or if he was just trying to defend his costly purchase but he claims he never noticed such poor battery life after using it off and on for 3 days now. He later goes into detail that to improve his battery life to exaggerated 12-15 hours (In perspective my DS lite gets 5-9) he turns off the 3D, wifi, speakers, ect. My reply to him was the following.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Super Lame

A Super Hero is Super Lame. I bring you the following evidence. 

Who could he possible save? How is he flying? Why am I asking all of you these questions?!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sin and Punishment.

It was my attention to post this a little while ago but it never worked out that way. Work has been having me do 3rd shifts to reset isles for summer products. Gah I dislike working graveyard shifts. I show up at 10pm to start the job. I was scheduled to work till 6am. The boss comes in for the morning and says none of us can leave until the whole thing is done. That be two more additional hours worth of work easy. On top of that he had the nerve to say "And cut the over time the next day you work." I smiled and said "Ok." And when 6am came around I put on my coat and left for the day. NO ONE TELLS THE JUGGERNAUT WHEN TO STAY!

                                                            On another note here is comic #2.

I also need to apologize to the readers. I posted that I have a new phone and never gave my number to anyone! Its 1-000-000-0002. Send me a text sometime!

flofl colofl

So today I came across an epic thing.  I found out why this curry place in the city that I've been going to is so awesome.  Its from the owners of a different curry place that was nearby my place that closed up some years back and left a void in my heart ever since.  I freaked out.  I also asked the guy if he still made my favourite dish, chicken tikka.  He said not really because everyone seems to always ask for that revolting butter chicken crap.  I asked him if he could make some tikka tomorrow.  He turns to me and says FOR YOU I WILL MAKE A TRAY.  Seems he remembers me lol.  So tomorrow is tikka thursday!  Just to be clear, this aint normal chicken tikka.  Their curry destroys anyone elses.  Their recipe is more pakistani/english than indian. 

Sad moment for me.  The work trip for paintball got announced.  April 2.  But 9am on a saturday and its about 35min drive out.  I'm sorry but I dont wake up early on weekends.  Its just not happening.  So I'm losing out sadly.  Mind you who knows if I'll even still be there by then.  Hopefully I'll get a job at one of these other places I've been applying to.  Was pretty funny today though.  They finally found out how old I actually am and refused to believe it.  They passed my drivers license around the office.  I'll admit to taking pleasure whenever that happens.

I'd also like to share one more thing.  Jed left me a message saying he didnt know how to upload the picture for the second comic strip.  Lets all point and laugh at him.  I know I am!  And most of the time I dont even need a reason to do that.  And with that I taunt him by uploading a picture lolololol

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Happy day for once

So I finally got my cables in that I needed to connect to my pc to get my new video card working.  And the thing works perfectly.  I havent tried any games with it but I'm sure its good.  I'll do that tomorrow when I have some  free time.  For now I'll let it adjust to being on.  I also ordered my new soundcard so I can use optic cable to my sound system.  My current card doesnt have the option which is pure shit.  So yeah.

Funny story at work.  I was logged into this ladies pc to help her set firefox so she could use it with the governments internet while at work instead of it not working at all.  So I set it up and decided IGN would be a decent enough thing to search.  Video games, cant go wrong.  One thing I didnt expect was firefox to be set to image search.  Other thing I didnt expect either was safesearch to be turned off.  The lady got a page full of breasts and other niceness.  Obviously she freaked out and I was trying hard not to lol myself into a coma.

-Con  "I really suck at my job lol"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thats it. No more.

I've had it.  I'm sick and tired of people who are family friends asking me to help fix their pcs or do pc related stuff for them because they're too stupid to do it themselves.  I didnt say no in the past because them my parents would get upset because they're family friends etcetc blahblah.  No more.  I've had some horror experiences of going over someones house because they're a good friend of my dads and being told OH THERE IS THIS SMALL PROBLEM I DONT KNOW and then finding out its like basically throw the fucking pc out the window because its that useless.  And I spend hours.  And then I go back the next day and spend more hours.

Anyway, recent one was guy wanted me to type out his resume.  He couldnt do it because he's really bad with computers.  Mind you he can work on fucking AIRCRAFT ENGINES for the fucking airforce, but lets not bother with this simple fact.  So I look at it and see its 6 pages long.  I thought right there and then to say no, but this guys parents are like friends of y parents since before I was born.  Saying no wasnt an option.   So knowing my sly things I knew I could just scan the papers in and then output it as a text file and then start editing.  Yeah, if only things went that smoothly.  Getting it to do what I want and then trying to get used to the new MS Office layout which is totally different to the old version, that just pissed me off.  A couple days later he pops up unannounced and is all Have you finished it yet I really need it.  I'm like......... I've only managed to play an hour of gaming this week and you're asking me if I've had spare time to write up your stupid resume.  I spent hours on that blasted thing.  But then he went and did the one thing that pisses me off more then anything.  He gives me money.  I was furious.  I outright refused.  But so did he.  So you know what this means?  It means I have to focus completely on it and do more then a half arsed job.  So theres another 3-4 hours I spent on it.

I finally finish it and the next day I call him to come pick it up.  He's too busy and says if he can come sunday.  This is a bit annoying for me as saturday was just stupid and I didnt get to sleep in or relax or anything.  So I want sunday as my day.  I say fine, come late afternoon.  And he goes... Can I come in the morning?....  Yep.  Thats where I lost my patience.  Told him no, I want at least 1 sleep in day or I'll go crazy.  If he's that eager to come in the morning he can collect it from my mum.  He agreed to that.  Then my mum kept asking me 100 questions on what the papers are blahbah.

You know what, thats too much text above and this topic isnt even worth talking about.  I considered deleting it but I've already written it, no point adding more.  We'll just say Me Pissed, Me no helpy anyone again.  You might be wondering, did I get to sleep in.  No.  No I didnt.  Another relative came over to visit and brought over his 3 kids.  So all I heard was kids yelling and running up and down the fucking hallway from morning till afternoon. This is one of those days where I curse myself for not moving out.

Heres a comic from a site I like.  Every single panel this guy has written is 100% accurate. All of it is true.  Its enough to make you want to kill someone.

Con- "I will not fix your computer"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today was a waste of space

BLEAH is the best way to describe it.  Work was very entertaining.   One of my co-workers got mega stressed  because some executive lady on the phone, who is thick, went mental at him.  It took our supervisor to call her and sort her straight on what we can and cant do.  She basically demanded someone be in the office at 7am to install programs when everyone starts work at 8.  When supervisor called her to straighten things out she said 7:30am, effectively changing her story.  He ended up going home at lunch time citing feeling ill.  

Last week one of the girls got yelled at over the phone and was basically a shaking quivering mess for a couple hours.  Took one of our supervisors to call and set the other person straight.  And today?  YOU GUESSED IT!  I got a mega complaint tossed to my supervisor!  Difference between me and the others?  I basically shrugged it off and said WHATEVER since it wasnt my fault and I dont plan to stay there once more probation ends next month.  The one thing you realise about this job is you have a high level of clearance, a high level of responsibility, and if you screw up its actually a really really bad thing. 

Also get some of the higher ups in the government upset for any imaginary reason, and if you cant back yourself up to show you arent in the wrong, that person will basically make it their lifes ambition to block you from ever getting a job in the government again.  Almost happened to one of my other co-workers.  She had 3 of the highest level of our company come to her, and one of them was only second lowest to basically the lord mayor, or some shit, and they were furious because some bitch of a whore was pissed at her over something.  The good thing is the girl saw this coming and kept every single email to show the other person was fabricating stories to screw her over.  After the others saw the emails they basically said 'ok carry on' to her like nothing ever happened.  The other lady?  Probably told dont do that again, btw heres a fucking raise.  This is why I will not stay in this job.  Real shame because I'm going to miss everyone I work with.  They're fucking awesome.

And to top off the day?  I found out my FUCKING soundcard cant do optic out even with an adaptor.  Its gimped.  I have to buy a new one if I want digital sound.  Could of sworn it could do it.  To get one with the feature is only like $100.  Nothing drastic, but still.  Fuck me sideways, its not fair.

I'm experimenting with some new layouts for the blog.  Seeing what is and isnt possible with this shitty place.  Theres enough people who dont like the current setup for me to try something else.  I'll put up a few different variations during the weekend.  Will run them passed jed first.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think I'll keep it!

So for about 7 days now I have been using a new phone on the Virgin mobile network. While I am not crazy about the brand I never heard of a Android phone on any major pre-paid network before. You read that right. Its a ANDROID phone.

For $149 I got a LG Optimus V. It has Android 2.2.1 pre-installed with talks of "Gingerbread" coming at the end of the year for the entire Optimus line. Yeah well we'll see. With that said its a pretty nice phone for the price. Think of it as a iPod Touch but it can make calls!

For $25 a month I have unlimited 3G data, unlimited text, and 300mins of talk. AT&T wants $60 for a similar deal and Verizon would want $3 a day.

Oooooh. Its a "SMART" phone.
Product placement is key for good marketing.
If you look at my hand in the last pic close enough it looks like I am wearing a red glove. I use it to kill my enemies. -Mr. Jed

Its mine

Everytime I walk into the bathroom at work and I'm the only one in I always say "Mah toilet!", and then reply to myself with "Yes...yes your toilet".

Just thought I'd share that.

- Con  "I could of been your father"