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Sunday, May 29, 2011


So today I waved goodbye to my mum as she took a plane to greece for the next few months.  So its just me and my dad.  Unfortunately my cat is still sick.  He's definitely getting better though but its weighing down on me as he isnt eating properly and he pretty much just sat in my parents bedroom refusing to do anything else.  Now he's actually shifting from one bedroom to the next, eating a little, and just now he went outside.  His nose is also moist again which means he's getting better.  Dry nose means sick and it was very dry for a few days.

I went and bought myself a new toy today.  Because I have an uber camera I wanted a simple point and click one that didnt take a while to set up.  So after much reading of reviews, and basically only a day left on the 20% sale that was happening, I decided on a specific 3.  The Sony DSC-TX5, Sony DSC-HX5v, and the panasonic DMC-ZS7.  These cameras are pretty awesome and not that expensive.  Sadly the store didnt have ANY of these.  Funny huh?  More like TYPICAL!  But what they did have was the sony TX7, the upper model of the original one I wanted.  Spec wise it was pretty similar and amazingly around the same price.  Apparantely the 5 had been discontinued.   My friend has the TX9, also extremely similar to the tx7, which is..well..its amazing.  Far better then I expected.  The colours when it takes photos, it slaps you in the face with how amazing they are, and I've screwed around with a lot of cameras.  Also the video it takes is stunning.

So I decided on the TX7 as thats the only one they had and the girl apparantely loved me.  She did some discounts that were unreal.  She made one amount and asked me if I was happy with that.  I said yes because it was pretty good and lower then I expected.  And she's like ok, and slaps off another $40.  I was like wtf..  So yeah, she totally wanted me lolololol.  Heres a picture of the camer.

Its pretty tiny, light, and the back is just a huge LCD touchscreen.  The pictures it takes are VERY fast, which means less blurr in photos.  Its also amazing in low light, especially with video recording.   Amazon has it listed for around $260.  I'd like to point out the TX9 is only a few dollars more, so probably better to just go with the 9 IF you were considering going with this unit.  For those interested I've placed a link below for a review of it.  This site is brilliant if you're after info on a camera you're interested in buying.  Easily my favourite of the lot I know.  The TX10 came out recently, does a few extra things more, but also has waterproof and shockproof.  Thats pretty awesome.  Especially waterproof.  Goes around $320 or whatever I think.  I really would of liked a waterproof one.

Well its sleep time.  Got work in 4hours.  Trying to figure out why I still bother going.  Oh yeah, money..  /wrist

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I've been trying to get used to this uber camera that I bought last year.  I'll admit I havent spent much time with it but its really hard to get used to.  Soooo not noob friendly.  So I took a few pics of the garden that mum wanted to have printed out to take with her to greece on sunday to show my grandmother.  So I thought HEY I've never tried printing photos with my printer, I should try that!  Got like 3 blank photo paper to test on.  So BOOM I went for it!  Screwed up each one haha.  Will take them to get printed out at the store tomorrow.  I need more time figuring out how crap works.

Today I was informed of this cool app for smartphones by a friend of mine called Whatsapp.  It works the same as sending someone an SMS, but instead of using your chat costs it instead uses your bandwidth.  So anything who has unlimited bandwidth, this is awesome.  Obviously you both need to have this to chat with it, but its pretty awesome.  And especially if you're smsing someone overseas.  Send pics through it too.  Testing away with my friend in spain, sending pics back and forth, its all fast and pretty cool.

The other day I got in a new toy. Check it out. It guards my desk lolol

Monday, May 23, 2011

Part 2

Oh my little scamps, Jeds finally tossed me his edited version of our playthrough for the second clip in our Portal 2 gameplay.  And as usualy I'm giving you all a little advanced screening before I put it live on youtube for everyone else because you all remind me of little chocolate cream cakes that I just want to eat.

So moving on from that creepy intro, today was a good day, despite getting 3 hours  of sleep before work.  I had one person I helped call me a Gem, another say they loved me, and a third say I was the best tech support they ever received and that their daughter was free for marriage.  Ok, maybe the daughter bit I made up but that would be pretty cool.  Anyway, today is the video clip.  Tomorrow I'll bring up the rest of the rubbish.  Here you go.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treasure trove

So today was my name day.  Thats basically a thing we greeks have, as well as a few other countries of the christian orthodox faith, where if you're named after a saint you get celebrated along with them.  Think of it like a second birthday since I was named after a saint.  So yeah, presents!

So yesterday there was a sale on at a local store.  Buy a bluray player, get blurays for half price.  Theres quite a few titles I actually want and I started to do the math and realised that over time these certain ones WOULD be purchased because I want them pretty badly, but if I got these at half price with this deal, the player would pay itself off with the amount of money I'd save by doing this.  I also wanted a player for outside and didnt feel like dragging the ps3 in and out all the time.  So I did some product searching to see which would be the best deal for me.  Should I go with the cheapest player which is good, or aim higher for specific features?  After multiple reviews I went higher and bought the Samsung BD-D5500.  So far its pretty epic.  Plays movies as it should and the thing can actually play files downloaded from the net.  Lets say tv shows or HD video clips.  All from my usb drive, hasnt had an issue with any of them so far which is awesome.  The only fault this player has is streaming, like say netflix.  But since we dont have that here its a non factor for me as I dont plan on streaming anything.

So with the player I grabbed a shitload of movies and boxsets I really wanted, like the Twilight Zone series bluray sets from the old black and white 60s series.  Some awesome stories and very cool extras.  For me they're $60.  So I got them for $30.  Same for the original star trek series seasons.  $120 normal, $60 with the deal.  With the amount of titles I was wanting, I got a discount of around $350.  The player was $250.  So I call that a good amount of planning.  Sadly there were some boxsets I really wanted that they didnt have.  Either way I'm good.  I'm just trying to not think about the money I spent.  Like really really trying hard not to think about it.

I saw Jed today, he requested a couple clips from me to put into the portal 2 clip.  I expect we'll be able to finally update it tomorrow.  Unless the world ends and all that LOLOOLOLOL.  Once the clip is out of the way he'll hopefully finish the long long long overdue comic panel 4.

As a bit of fun nostalgia, heres one of the shops I did for fun ages back that appeared in one of the L4D videos.  One of Jeds finest moments.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow week

That show this week has felt for me.  Frustratingly slow.  I usually dont let things get me down but something about this week makes me want to just claw at my face.

I managed to see Jed this week, so theres the tally of 1 appearance done.  I think he'll have the second portal clip ready by the weekend.  But who knows.

I signed back up with the government so if a job comes in they think I'll be good at or if the payroll school opening accepts me then I'll be on my way back and leaving my IT job.  Everyones gotten used to me, constant praise about my work etc, so its weird to see how they treat me as one of them when I've already made plans to leave long ago.  Even made the big big boss of the area laugh so that was entertaining. He seems to like me.  I think the thing I'll miss the most is the windows that has a direct view down to the hotels pool next door.  Topless tourists lolololol.

At least one thing happened thats cheered me up some.  I finally got the art piece I commissioned from Jeffre Cruz.  He's one of the artists from Udon, the guys who do the art for Capcom.  So I got myself a nice large 11x17 piece of my favourite street fighter chaarcter Cammy, doing her front kick attack from the game.  Angle is you about to get smashed by it.  I wanted him to draw a pose that hadnt been done before since I like originality.   I was very happy with it.  Putting it to my collection of art.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The elevator

 Theres 4 elevators at work.  3 of them have mirrors on the back wall.  One does not.  One is most likely made by the same person who did the wardrobe that goes to Narnia.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random creeper

So today I found out there was a photo of me on one of the old pcs at my previous job, was informed by a couple ex-workmates.  Was pretty funny.  I demanded they print it out and put it up on the walls.  So they decided to be sly bastards and invite another friend from there into an email convo, but they used my home email instead.  So when I got home there was like 200 emails they'd spammed me lolling all the while.  They even convinced the third person I would be furious and I have a temper which was funny as hell to me.  So I took a photo of myself and sent it to my friends.  She loled herself silly.  Heres the random surprise picture she got out of the blue.

I noticed she slapped it up on her twitter so I had to make one because I felt the NEED to comment on my own face.  I decided I can just upload random pics as I do my day to day crap.  I still dont actually understand how it works.  I'll stumble through it while I do my occassional post on it.!/Vlahktard

So Jed tells me he's working on the comic.  Hopefully we'll get to see it soon.  I've also uploaded my videos for the portal 2 second playthrough clip for him to play with before we put it up.  Whenever he's done we'll stick it up and see how it fares.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wove me suum pills

Man I tell ya. Whatever pills the doctor has me on makes me pretty dang tired. At least I am sleeping like a baby! But I am sure some are wondering just what happened to me.

Well I was working out on the sales floor when my friend Andy asked if I would help him do a team lift for one of our managers. We go outside and lo and behold is some kind of wooden structure. I was under the impression we was putting a wooden pallet in her truck. This thing is a DECK for like a house or something.

As we attempted to lift, it became very clear we under guessed the weight of this monster. It was 300+ pounds easy. We struggled, we grunted, and then it happened. I lost control of my poop-smith and crapped my pants. I fall to the ground, curled up in a ball, and cried from so much pain. I couldn't control my guts from spilling their gravy. The release was so strong it can only be described as squeezing a tube of toothpaste till the cap explodes off. The splash damage was vicious. Wet pieces of my turds was hitting Andy's legs.

Ok so I made all of that last part up but I did have to go to the ER. I suffered a lumbar strain. It doesn't sound bad but it really woke me up to what pain is. Thankfully I am recovering well and should be off light duty with in a few days.

With that said I am thrilled to see everyone likes our portal video! Rest assured there are more to come. Con and I haven't even beat the game yet. We had to stop as I ran out of room on my hard drives. Once I get 1-3 more videos made we'll be starting it back up again and continuing the madness!

Boom Boom

Well I'm pretty happy that everyone seems to be enjoying the portal video we uploaded.  Its such a fun game.  I havent really checked the recordings we did but theres probably enough for 3 clips all up maybe.  I really dont know.  Weekend is almost here so I should have some time to go through some of the clips and see whats in there.

For now heres something pretty cool a friend linked to me.  Its a browser based tower defense game.  But its pretty cool.   You can upgrade the towers, keep progression etc.  Give it a whirl, its really well done.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The moment has arrived my delicious little people.  I present to you the first video of mine and Jeds playthrough of portal.  Jed is responsible for the clips editing.  He left out a couple bits I wanted in and also sharply cut a few others, but over all its pretty decent for a man who got his back broken like Batman.  I decided this was good enough since we're not going for gold medals.  Also the only place you can even view this clip is here as its set to unlisted on youtube.  So for the next couple days you lot are rewarded for coming here and putting up with our shit.  Enjoy.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Snap crackle ow

Looks like everyones going to have to wait a little for any videos or comics to be uploaded.  Jed hurt his back doing something, most likely work around the house since everyone else there seems to do nothing.  Hopefully this will be incentive for him to just lash out whenever they ask him to do everything.  I'm no stranger to back pain so I know how he feels.  He'll be pretty sore for a few weeks at least.  If you love him send him money so he can rebuild his body into the cyborg warrior he always dreamed he could be.