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Friday, July 29, 2011

Just shoot me

I've been so busy I havent had a chance to even post anything here.  Its like workworkwork do shit at home and then zzzz.  Thankfully that'll be ending soon.  I actually did a pretty stupid thing.   When I timed out my 4 weeks noticed I actually screwed the dates. You'd think 12th of july to the 12 august was 4 weeks right?  Not if you hand it in on a monday and the day ending is a friday.  5 weeks.  So beginning of the week I was all WOO LAST WEEK NEXT WEEK went to OH FUCK OFF when I realised I had 2 weeks left.  I've played like 1 hour worth of games in the last week.  So not happy.

I managed to finally go to this new japanese restaurant that opened up nearby.  Went with a couple friends, we had heaps of fun eating and chatting with the owners.  Food was awesome.  So going back again.  I also finally, and when I say finally I mean FINALLY, after 15 years managed to decide on a bokken to purchase.  Its basically made of plastic but its as strong as steel, yet really light.  I forget the actual term for the material.  All I know is its brilliant.  You can smash bricks with it and it wont dent.  Heres a pic of me holding it.

Its about the length of a proper katana, supposedly same weight.  I havent held one in a while but from memory its pretty close.  Good thing about this one is I cant kill anyone with it.  But I can sure as hell do some damage.

Been so frustrated with my system.  It doesnt play Witcher 2 too smoothly despite the video card being beast.  My cpu is too old and finally showing its age, although its hammered everything I've thrown it over the past 4 years.  I'm going to need to replace it which means new motherboard and ram to go with it.  Despite working all the time its also pretty hard to justify spending what little money you have on things like this, although I'm going to try.  Doubly hard now that I'll be leaving my job.  I'd also like to rage at people who have more powerful systems then me, saved up more money then me, and dont have a job.  A giant fuck you.

Anyway, a super awesome thing happened the other day.  Jed finally showed me the latest comic page for our story, practically finished.  I totally love it.  He put in a few of my ideas but everything we put out is a merge of both our ideas.  I just need to write up the text for it tomorrow since I'll finally have time to actually sit down, and then have him go over it with any changes he'd like.  With any luck we'll be able to finally post it up in the next few days.  Definitely no later then this coming week.  I'm going to say wednesday MAX, unless our jobs fuck us over as usual.  I hope you all enjoy it and with luck we'll be able to put out the pages a bit faster.  One thing I'd really love to do down the road, if we get a few dozen pages up and its popular enough, is maybe have fan submissions like guest artists/writers just for fun.   Either way should be fun whatever happens.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Unlimited Texting

 Now get this. I am a working man. I work all the time. Con is a working man. He works all the time. And yet...he doesn't. Instead of giving you all the little details I drew a very accurate screen play about the events that took place the other day.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Rent is to damn high"

This will be a rage post today. A post about the additional cost to every day things now. Lets start with Netflix. They are increasing their prices up to 60%! *Clings to my heart* I been doing the Streaming and 1 DVD delivery package for a while now. Was enjoying it a good deal but now I got to consider what to do.

I can keep the streaming and DVD delivery if I add a extra $5 or cut off the DVD package altogether...why don't they have a stand alone blueray package instead? I much rather rent those.

And what does justify the price hike? When you think about it, Netflix is huge...but they want to be. Netflix on your cell phone didn't get their on its own. Same goes for Bleyray players, Nintendo 3DS, even tablets. Netflix pushed its streaming service really well and when you are top dog you can start raising the costs for a nice multi-million dollar bonus to yourself. Thats what is going on here.

Next is my cable bill. It went up $5 also this past couple months. Time Warner gives no reasoning to why either. They even wanted to charge $5 for getting my bills mailed to me by paper. And yet, I get a envelope a week advertising their digital phone service. If they want to save money than cut the spam mail. It'll save trees and marketing resources.

Lastly I found out my pre-paid phone service is also getting a price hike. I am on Virgin's lowest plan of $25 and its going up to $35. Virgin claims thats its because more and more people are now using data. You sell data phones are now surprised more data is used? A fun story to read about cell phone charges for anyone interested.

Blegh. I shouldn't complain really. I find it rather silly to groan about the cost of luxury living but I do feel the compressing effects of our bandaid economy. If businesses need the cash then cut some CEO salary. Not being able to fly your Helicopter to work everyday should come before raising prices.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Portal ep

So its finally here.  Its not as good as the previous two but it'll do.  I really wish we could fix whatever made my voice so much louder on Jeds side.  Very annoying.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Con, grab my boob! Adventuuuuure!

In truth my eyes are hurting today. I think its from lack of sleep. Or maybe its cause the sun was in them this morning. OOoor it could be pink eye from Con. Whatever it is it wont stop me from making a blog post.

I do want to to get straight to it though. Con showed this to me by text when I was at work. I can't say enough how I love these kind of fans. Those who go out of their way to make something cute and entertaining.

Great fanart xxdesuchini-chanxx. Check out her Devaintart if you get the chance!

Now as for artwork..bleegh. I got Con to over look the comic and he has greened light it to be inked. I am going to be making more and more post to simply update you guys on that. Promise. BUT we do have a special little something something for you before thats all done.. *drum roll* Portal Ep.3! Con got a little look into it the other day. I spent what time I had to work on it last night between everything else and I think today I can get it done. w00t!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Its done

So today I gave my boss my 4 week notice.  He was pretty surprised.  Only a couple others know and I pretty much said not to spread it out.  I just want to vanish when the time comes lol.  Aside from that little bit of joy, my cat seems to be sick again.  I dont know, he just doesnt eat much.  He could be missing my mum since she's in greece, but yeah, I'm pretty worried over him.  She wont be back for 3more months so I hope its a cold, and not anythng major, just something small.  I'll keep an eye on him.  Once I stop working I'll be able to spend time with him again since right now its just him and an empty house until I get back from work.  Not good for him.

On another note I came across this today.  Its a stop motion video with characters from FF7.  This guy put in heaps of effort, clip is pretty awesome.  Hopefully you all enjoy it too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So being primarily a pc gamer theres a thing we love and enjoy called mods.  Ths is anything from extra items, quests, or even character/stage texture improvements to games.  There are also some legendary modders out there who make expansions for games.  One such is a mod called Andoran, a fan made prequel for Oblivion.  Some pretty awesome graphic updates to the world, looks gorgeous.  Should be out end of the year.  Check it out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New toy

So I finally got my new camera in.  Pretty happy with it.  Been screwing around with it quite a bit.You might remember a little while back I mentioned I bought the Sony TX5.  Well there were a few problems with it, possibly broken or something since it didnt focus on anything properly.  So I returned it and got the latest version, the TX10.  Sure it was double the price but it had some extra cool features.  Like water proof and shock proof for example.  I really do wish these things had better zoom though.  My older panasonic spoiled me rotten since it could zoom like 500 miles away.  Either way I'm pretty impressed with it since its just a basic point and shoot camera.  So heres some pictures I took with it.

Got to admit I am so bloody happy the weekend is here.  This week has been incredibly slow.  Going to enjoy sleeping in and just watching a bunch of movies I've got sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.  With my mum in greece and my dad working away for a couple weeks, the house is pretty much all mine to do as I please.  So quiet.  I love the quiet.  Except when I have my sound system blaring away during some movie I'm watching.  I know some people still ask But Con!  Why are you still living with your parents!  Well its a greek thing.  Pretty much european actually.  We're very family oriented.  We dont get kicked out or expected to leave.  The way we see it is our parents help us while we're young and when we're able to help them in return then we do, and thats pretty much what I do.  Especially since we live in Australia and my parents english isnt the super best.  I help them with everything from filling forms, phone calls to this or that organisation, a shitload of other stuff.  Without me they wouldnt even know how to switch channels on the damn cable box.  Not even joking.  So yeah, plenty reasons to stay home, little reason to move.  Did I mention I dont pay rent?  Yeah thats a bonus for being greek lol.

Also theres a chance the next portal video will be up in the next few days.  Jeds finally started sifting through his clips so I'm looking forward to seeing what he sends my way.