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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The taunting of the Jed

Its no secret that I like to taunt Jed any chance I get.  Whether it be ingame or just chatting.  Dont worry, its a two way street believe me.  So a couple weeks ago when I was sick I stayed home for a few days.  Jed however was at work.  I had to wake up in the morning either way to call my boss and say I wouldnt be in because thats the stupid process despite having told him I'd be gone for a few days sick.

The cool thing is for once the time zone suited me.  While I was in bed in the morning, Jed was still at work.  So I sms'ed him a video with my phone.  Only people here will get to see this because I think I'll leave it as private.  So feel lucky lol.---edit, changed from private to unlisted cause my brain merged both of them together.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was pretty funny.  I was an induction exam at work which I need to ace to prove that I'm smart enough to work there.  Studying is usually also considered a good thing.  Guess who didnt bother?  So doing the test and at the end the lady takes my paper and sees I've only done around 3/4 of the questions.  She asked me why I didnt do all of it.  I pretty much just did what I did in high school, grin and say I dont know the answes.  She was all like but you really should know these you have to know them.  To which I replied, you can say that as often as you like but I still dont know the answer.  Should be fun to see where this goes lol.  I already told a couple friends from my previous job that if I get let go from this place I'm buying this legendary chocolate cake from a bakery we know of and we're all eating in celebration.

I've also decided Jed is the biggest troll this side of the side I'm not on.  We briefly talked about the comic and how much he's done on the latest page.  He showed me what he's done.  It was a big toe.  Just a toe.  No nail, just the toe.  He didnt even give me the effort of drawing a nail.  I mean if the nal had a pattern on it then sure that would of been cool, but I was robbed or a nail.  In all seriousness he's done half of it, but not in proper detail.  We want it to look like we planned it before he tosses in his mojo.  I'm the sort of person who would like to see something done right so I dont mind how long it takes.  Unfortunately that means the next portal video will be delayed till he finishes this.  But dont worry, I've decided to upload a very small piece of the clip on here in the next few days for you little skanks to have a sneak preview.  Its the least I can do.

Last night I finally watched Insidious.  I had plenty of people telling me the movie was scary, one of the scariest in years.  So I sat down excitedly to watch since I love horror films and theres a huge lack of good ones.  Needless to say that halfway through I'd decided it was one of the worst horror films I'd ever watched.  I had to go to the end though.  Forced myself.   The film is NOT scary.  I dont know how anyone can find it scary.  The only thing it did was shock you with loud butchered music when a ghost appeared.  Cause thats supposed to somehow be horror.  Disgusted is what I was.  Friend however told me of a movie that came out in spain that was supposed to be pretty scary and had gotten lots of great reviews.   And to be honest practically all the scary movies in the last few years have come from europe so I was interested.  Hopefully I'll get to watch it tomorrow.  At the very least over the weekend. I need to wash my brain out with some quality after that absolute shit film I suffered.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So my mini holiday is over, no more sick leave notes for the new week.  Back I go to joyous joy filled joy.  At least I got to do a bit while I relaxed inbetween my sickness.  Caught up ons ome tv shows, finally watched some movies too.  The Tournament was pretty entertaining.  And I FINALLY got to watch Earth Star Voyager, and old disney scifi movie way back from 1987.  Much fun.  Theres seriously something amazing about movies back in the 70s and 80s that todays films just dont have.  It was also kind of freaky seeing these actors and thinking...some of them are in their 50s now. 

Mailed off my Asus Transformer tablet for repairs.  Hopefully the fault I see in it IS a repairable thing because if its not I will totally rage.  Some issues with playing video clips that are 720p and over.  They're jerky.  Others on forums say they have the same thing and others say they dont have a problem.   I guess I'll find out in a few weeks when I get it back.  I also went in and returned the digital camera I bought a few weeks back.  I dont know if its the model or just my version, but I'm going to say its mine, but it has issues taking pictures that arent blurry.  Not just pictures but movies too.  So I returned it and traded it for the newer model that just came out recently which aside from having awesome reviews I've also hand tested it as a friend has it.  Excellent camera, good quality, even water and shockproof.  Sure it cost me $300 extra but I usually pay attention to quality/features over price.

I also FINALLY got to start playing The Witcher 2.  Its as awesome as I expected it to be.  Although my pc struggles a little with it.  I blame that on my shitty 4 year old cpu as the video card can handle that thing perfectly.  Not sure why people have been crying that its too hard or doesnt tell you how to play.  It gives plenty of ingame tips while you play.  And in the 5hours I've been playing it I only died once.  New combat is very fun.  So much character interaction.  So pretty.  I love this series, if a third comes out it'll be my no1 rpg series of choice.  Class games both of them.

My cat got a scratch on the side of his face.  Cant tell if its from a fight or something.  Fingers crossed it doesnt get infected.  But I'll be watching him like a hawk for the next few days.  The SLIGHTEST hint of swelling and I'm taking him to the vet.  Why be so stressfull cat.

Random cool picture.  This really should be how an Astro Boy movieis made.

Friday, June 17, 2011

So relaxing

 So relaxed lately.  Well as relaxed as I can get while half dead.  On wednesday after my magic previous post showing off the bin I filled up, I decided to take the next day off from work.  Good idea too because that day I was dead.  I was pretty annoyed at being so sick because of every idiot at work notstaying home when they got sick that I decided to have thursday off.  I needed a doctors note if I took 2 days off so I went and decided fuck this, tomorrow is friday, plz doctor give me a note for these 3 days.  And I got it.

So I'm having 5 days straight if you include the weekend to relax and get over my sickness.  Today I'm actually pretty good, slight sore throat, nothing else really.  So super duper.  My dad however is having his moment in the sun.  Last week he stabbed his hand on a fish when fishing.  However the last couple days his hand has been puffing up.  I told him go to the doctor.  He said his hand is fine.  I asked him if that was my hand what would he be telling me to day?  He said he'd tell me to go to the doctor. With that answer I unleashed a torrent of abuse on him to fucking act his age and go.  He went today.  Doctor said it was actually pretty serious and gave him a few injections and some pills, and to come back on monday for mor injections.  If he's lucky he wont need surgery on it.  But pretty sure they wouldnt be wasting all these pills and injections if it was serious enough for surgery so I think he'll be good in a few days.

So was chatting to jed over SMS and he mentioned he wont be finishing off the next portal clip until he completes the next comic panel.  I'm good either way because I want to see them both, but I'm actually more excited for the comic.

One thing thats been getting me through the sleepless nights since as you know when you're sick you dont really sleep too special, is a bottle of my favourite snobbish red wine.  No wI'm no drinker, I actually hate the flavour of alcohol, but this specific wine is godly.  And pretty cheap too.  Won heaps of awards, really nice smooth taste without that shitty bitter flavour.  1 glass and half hour later you're good for bed, 2 glasses and you're really happy to lie down and sleep.  Better then any shitty sleeping pills and also good for the heart.  Its true, red wine is good for your heart.  Glass a day etc.  But I rarely have any.  So yeah, friend was over yesterday who was pretty sick, told him about the wine, who my friends introduced to me back in highschool since they knew I hated alcohol, gave him a little taste and he wa stunned.  He bought a bottl eyesterday.  Pretty sure he slept good lol.  Heres a pic of it.  $12 at the store I think, australia ofcourse.

This was pretty much me after my couple glasses.  All I need is one of those snobbish red silk jackets to wear while I drink it.
My kitty keeps me company on these cold nights

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm not used to cold weather.  At least not in my city. Right now its like 13 degrees or something.  I'm loving it and also hating it.  Unfortunately I caught a cold MIDWAY through the day at work.  I almost took out a whole box of tissues since my nose refused to stop running, sneezing was hard to not do, and combined with the above made my throat go sore.  I told my boss there was no way I was coming to work tomorrow.  I still have to wake up in the morning and call him, but theres no fucking way I'm going in.  My nose is sooooooo sore lol.  Feels like I've stripped the skin off it.  Heres a picture of the bin at my desk lol

Filled it to the brim almost haha.  I also tossed Jed some videos for the third playthrough of our portal 2 game.  Once he'd edited in all his stuff I'll upload it.  We've hardly had any time to sit down and do this crap.  So annoying.  I havent even had time to play shogun 2 lately or even play more then 2min of Witcher 2, and I was looking forward to both those games for aaaages.  Need to make time for them.

Also finally caught up with all the episodes that have shown for Game of Thrones.  Love how its staying so close to the book.  Actors are awesome.  And LOL at the rage from the latest episode.  I felt the same way when I was reading the book.  Although I have to say, that scene doesnt even compare to what happens later.   It just doesnt.  You think you raged during that?  Later you wont rage.  Your brain will just shut down at the unfairness.  Thats how bad this one thing later down the track is.  Also for those who HAVE seen it dont post what happened in here since there are people who havent seen it yet.  No spoilers plz! And if you know the scene I'm talking about in the books, dont mention the chapter name.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Captains's Log.

I been making it a habit to eat out only on rare occasions. The economy is simply to unstable to dumping $5-$6 for noms everyday. On one fateful day though a friend of mine, Mr. Andy as we will call him, asked me to just hang out with him while on his lunch hour.

So off we go! The restaurant of choice was none other than Burger King. He has a real thing for Rodeo Burgers..It wasn't till we got there did I realize the second reason I don't drive around town much..THE WOMEN.

There is just something in the water that makes most of them crazy around here.

One of these drivers is the woman I am talking about. Can you guess who? I'll give ya a hint..the truck is going to right way for a drive through.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Response to Austins 'sex lies and video tape' post.

I actually wasn’t going to do one.  Had no interest.  He has every right to voice his thoughts and not get attacked for them whether they were true or false.  Sometimes simple things like that can be subjective to the specific individual.  How they think, how they see things, how they adapt and respond to certain events.  So whether he's 100% right or doesn’t understand this or that is another subject.  Some of the things I could say would rebound and possibly make some others look bad.

I have a few moral codes I live by, like for example if anything like say stealing from a friend, earning money at the expense of  friend, hitting on a friends girlfriend etcetc, these are things where I usually instantly turn my back on a person.  I'm not saying he did or didn’t do any of these, I'm just saying I had plenty of reason to stop talking to him looooooong ago but didn’t mainly because of the rest of our friends and how it would affect things.  So I'm not going to go into too much detail or bring up everything.  I'm generally a 'think of others first, me second' kind of person.  And despite how I come across in the clips, the whole rubbish about me being awesome, every girl loving me etc, it’s all indirect making fun of myself.  I think that’s one reason why I have such huge patience, because anything they say at me is nothing I don’t say to myself now and then.  I give myself more shit than anyone else ever could.

There are a couple reasons I'm doing this.  Firstly because of the amount of people who keep asking me to patch things up with him and keep playing.  The whole being called a douche and a jerk by heaps of people after that post he made doesn’t bother me, even though the abuse from Austins hardcores has been fierce and nonstop since he made that post, whether it be comments on my youtube or private messages.  Also today my mind was in a strange place.  Flooded by heaps of memories and old sensations of when I was younger, how I am now, how some expect me to act older and more boring despite still being the same person personality wise and even down to looking in the fucking mirror and seeing the same face I saw 10+ years ago, it just made me want to break something.  I'm not violent by nature, but I do have a problem when I think someone’s stepping on me, taking advantage of me or abusing me, whether this is a friend, teachers, or work.  I have a tendency to just forget common sense and either get in their face or walk away for good.  Sometimes you could call it stupidly fearless.  I mean crazy con was my nickname in school lololol.

Anyway, examples of why I WILL NOT be in any more videos.  Everyone pretty much knows, or fucking well SHOULD KNOW by now, that whenever we play my ping is horribly high because Austin hosts the games.  This means he has the lowest ping and therefore performs better than the rest of us.  Meanwhile my ping is 300-500 average.  So it’s pretty much well known that sometimes where I shoot on my screen isn’t where the bullet actually goes.  If you check in my videos there’s one listed as a collection of friendly fire incidents from ONE game.  There’s a good clip where I shoot 1 yard in front of Austin’s character and somehow he gets shot.  This is the sort of thing I have to work through while playing.  I usually laugh when it happens and so do the rest since its completely unexpected half the time.  However Austin seems to forget this very often and outright shoots back at me now and then, even kills me at times.  There are clips of the others just gunning me down.

One time I hosted a game so they could see how it was on my end.  While I was running around obliterating everything, they were shooting each other and missing plenty of zombies and getting semi raped, freaking out at how hard and at times frustrating it was while I laughed away.  I also like to mention that L4D we just play for fun, not serious.  At least it used to NOT be serious.  The only games I'm serious in are competitive ones like CS, or TF2.  I'll generally be in the top half of the table, sometimes even on the top spot.  But L4D?  You don’t take that sort of game seriously.  You just can’t.  It’s made for you to have fun with.  I mean there’s fucking zombies rushing you.  That just screams fun.

The Molotov’s friendly fire, that’s not even me doing it on purpose.  The thing spreads where it wants to spread.  I can’t control it.  Yet I'm blamed for it.  The videos are properly set out to show me as a friendly firing crazy person.  I shoot someone, instant rage.  I'd also like to add whenever Austin shoots someone there isn’t any back lash and he actually laughs or just ignores what he did.  Lots of clips have that sort of thing edited out.  There’s also been some times where he's outright raged at me, those too were edited out.  Basically you could say I've just had abuse hurled at me nonstop.  So much so that right now the game has zero fun for me anymore. 

He mentions how I said the games turned into point A to point B, not stopping, always moving quickly to finish stages.  This is true.  I remember playing the silent hill map, trying to stop along the way to look at some of the stuff the creator had done because I was actually impressed and I'd be told hurry up move move move.  Lots of games it was like this.  Frequently left behind because I'd be clearing up some zombies, turn around and suddenly the group is a year in front of me.  One game I remember, going through hallways of a building, massive wave of zombies came past, darted into a nearby room to defend myself and expected the others to do this also since that’s what you do.  They kept running.  Austin yelling at me why I was still behind, and meanwhile I'm yelling back that I'm being attacked by swarms and need help, and the reply I got was almost as if I were making it up and to hurry along.  Cleared the zombies, managed to live, went outside.

Shortly later half of us are outside this one building, we hear a tank coming, I'm outside waiting with a molotov with Jed, Austin and Cody inside the building with the tank trying to get out.  I wait and then throw.  3 seconds later Austin darts out of the doorway and runs INTO the flames even though they were nowhere near the doorway.  Now I can’t say what it looked like on his side, but to me I was completely stunned.  He raged and gunned me down dead as he ran past.  I got the tank of course and Cody ran around the flames as I was expecting Austin to do.

So yeah, by now I'm fucked off.  Once I spawn I decide to shoot him for him.  He kills me because his connection is way better.  After that he camped at the doorway of where I spawn, opened the door when I did, gunned me down instantly, repeat 7x.  I was dead before I could even turn to face him.   The rest of that game was played almost silently, Jed and Cody saying nothing Austin handing out instructions to beat the tank.  He said something to jonna and she asked me that she heard I was being a jerk in the game.  I edited that play through showed her the clip, and not even an apology when she saw what happened.  There’s quite a few instances in some of the clips posted where I'm killed on the spot for no reason.  I do my best not to snap but you know there comes a time when enough is enough.

Another time I accidently shot at him on one map, he turned grenade launchered me.  So I just kept shooting back while he grenade launchered me to death then carried on.  That was probably the first time I ever rage quitted a game.  I think I didn’t play with them for about 4months.  That was 2 Christmases ago.

One other thing that’s very frustrating is we could never actually play L4D with others or Austin would freak out.  He couldn’t understand or accept that we probably wouldn’t mind playing with our own friends now and then.  Jed and I were planning to do a silly 'Francis and Bill' miniseries I'd thought up, but every time we tried to start doing it he would instantly log in and ask us what we were doing and why we were playing without him.  I'd have to say playing with him was like walking on eggshells.  He's a very emotional person and we had to constantly think about him first before we did or said anything.  It’s extremely hard and taxing.  He also knows this.  At least he SHOULD considering the amount of times we’ve asked him to calm down in games because its just a game.  So him saying he was completely surprised at how I felt is either him completely forgetting or him ignoring us, or mainly me.

L4D2 however, yes I totally do not like that game.  I don’t like the characters, I don’t like the voice acting, I don’t like the music, I don’t like the stage designs, theres almost nothing I like about that game.  Because we played it more and the first game less, things did start getting worse between us.  I wasn’t enjoying the treatment I was getting, I wasn’t enjoying the game I was playing, so basically meant I didn’t have a focus point to calm down with whenever I got annoyed at something.  Which meant I lashed back at whoever bugged me the most.

The thing that made me just outright be completely done with everything was during the Meet Jed clip.  I'm a fairly creative person.  I enjoy writing, I love thinking up original things.  I had ideas for a Meet series for everyone and a few other interesting clips we could do for fun.  The Meet Con thing was just a test to see if people found it funny.  I wanted Meet Jed to completely blow that out of the water.  So I thought up a bunch of ideas, pushed to have it made for like a year or whatever, and finally we started.  We hopped onto Skype, spoke for about an hour or so, we were all pretty excited at how fun this was going to be.  I gave all my ideas which was pretty much 90% of the entire clip and they loved it.  Jed and Austin had a few ideas of their own which were also great and we used them.   The first few clips were done and I saw them, they were brilliant, following my ideas or slightly altering them to make them better. I was loving this.  There was even a totally new scene Austin put in that was great.  Very comical.

A few weeks later I'm shown a fairly rough 90% completed version and my brain just shut down.  3/4 of the thing was almost nothing like I'd thought up or what we'd spoken about.  I asked Austin why the changes, why this wasn’t like what we'd talked about.  He said his vision of this and that scene made more sense to him and he wanted it to be like this.  The more we tried to explain to him I wasn’t happy with the ideas that were changed that we all agreed upon, the more frustrated he got and raged back saying we weren’t considering his feelings, we were being unfair etcetc.  Massive drama.  So for me seeing my ideas practically raped into this completely different thing was very hard for me to swallow.   Instead of being completely new, it borrowed heavily on some ideas from the Meet Con clip and I didn’t like this.  I said fine, you love this so much then cool.  Finish the rest without my input and post it.

I don’t know why he hasn’t uploaded it.  He claims to be very proud about it, he loves it, so what’s stopping him from uploading it.  It’s pretty much general knowledge that I DONT CARE what happens with the clip.  I'm not saying the clip is crap.  It’s not. I'm saying it’s not the ideas I wanted to see that we agreed on.  As a creative person it’s a slap to the face, and I don’t really expect anyone to understand the way my brain works with this topic.  The changes altered the feel of the clip.  So for me I didn’t want to be part of it if my ideas were going to be tossed aside.

The facebook spreading rumours etc, I never once posted on my face book that sort of thing.  That’s not my style and majority of the people on my facebook are people who live in my city or relatives, all of which know nothing about my YouTube clips and so wouldn’t know wtf I was on about.  If I mentioned anything in the 'fans of kilplix' group I don’t remember.  But if I did it would have been simple and to the point like it was on my YouTube page when I said I'm not playing with them anymore because me and Austin clash.  I have a thing where when someone asks me a question, I like to answer it.  Which is why I respond to people on my YouTube page.  I'm not going to bring up how Austin interacts with his fans, but it’s usually from his blog only, which he heavily advertises, especially since people hand him substantial donations because they enjoy the videos, another thing I really will totally not get into.

Quick touch on the ‘doing it for the subs’ thing.  Maybe he doesn’t think he does it but he would always load up 1 video a week. This would irk me slightly.  I’d try to push him into uploading more like when we had a really funny play through, but he would say he’s spacing them out to get maximum view counts.  This bugged me so much.  Him removing that clip where for 20min he made fun of people who sent him messages, lost a few thousand subs in the space of an hour or so, and quickly removed it and put up an apology.  He claims to have been happy with that clip. So why remove it.  If I had known about the clip before he posted it I would of told him doing that would be a really stupid idea.  People think most of those that unsubbed were kids.  In my opinion it was more likely to be people in their 20s and older who found the clip tasteless, because I know I certainly did.    As dumb as some of the comments were, these are people who come to your page and enjoy what you do.  I don’t see the need to make fun of them.

Anyway, like I've mentioned many times before I don’t hate him.  I've got no huge issue with him, I may not have spoken with him in months, but that doesn’t mean I hate him.  What I can say is that I won’t be in any more clips period, so asking me to be in them again is pointless.  I like to think I'm an extremely patient person, very understanding, always considerate of others more than myself.  Sometimes more then I really should be.  I've bought Austin and the rest gifts in the past when I was on holidays, specific items from Japan when I was there, other random things like blurays, games, pc parts, this or that.  I love getting people gifts.  It’s part of what makes me who I am.  But there comes a time when I need to think about myself.

I'm sorry Austin finds all this somehow completely alien and surprising to him, despite the MANY times we've all talked in the past about his temper, which he also admits to having, and it usually feels like once we talk about something to him he ends up forgetting it and focusing on himself once more.  I'm sorry if he's had issues in his life over this or that, if he's fragile emotionally, or anything else that makes life harder for him to handle, I understand he has issues and always did my best to step around them and try to support him like the rest of us do.  But there seriously comes a time when I decide for myself that I really don’t feel like being treated the way I've been treated.  I do not suffer half the abuse that was hurled at me during the entire time we played from anyone else and put up with it.  He was pretty much the only exception to the rule.  I'd like that to actually somehow mean something to him but it probably won’t.

The two of us just won’t be playing together anymore.  I'm not after any sympathy or pats on the back or whatever, but it just came down to a point where I was just becoming emotionally exhausted and shattered at the treatment, the outlook the clips made of me, and just everything in between.

I like being happy.  Ignoring shit from normal day to day life, I prefer gaming to be a window for me to be happy in.  So I've made the changes to hopefully go back to enjoying games as normal.  Sorry this was so long and you had to actually read it.  There’s plenty more I could mention, things I've most likely forgotten, but really there’s no point, and most wouldn’t be really understood.  Youtube is also not a massive thing for me.  It was made to show a few friends some clips.  The fact other people started watching them and enjoying them was pretty cool.  But having 1 sub or 10 million subs, it just doesnt even factor into the way I think.  But I'm glad you all enjoy the stuff that goes up, however random and infrequent they may be.  So thanks for enjoying the videos we made and hope you keep enjoying whatever I put up now and then, and the clips Austin makes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Better out than in.

Man its been a little while for me! I been working like a dog these past couple weeks, months,..year. Recently I even attempt to relocate to a better job but was unfortunately turned down. I guess I didn't match my competitors.

On the bright side of things I want everyone to know I am now comic focused. 3 hours was spent today working on it. I am happy with how its coming along. My goal is to start getting that rolling again so I can spend more time doing a hobby I wuvs. Drawing!

Now its really not all my fault for being so behind. You see Con recently placed this new app on my phone called "WhatsApp". Its pretty powerful and I sent Con a detailed map view of my location by mistake once or twice. He claims to be stalking I've moved a couple times this week.

Whats making matters worse is that he keeps sending pictures of himself to me. Now someone may ask, "why is that a big deal"? Well I will tell you why! Cause every picture is a challenge!! For your viewing pleasure I present to you Con vs Jed! Tell us in the comments who you think pulled off a better look!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Another day another lol.  I'll admit to being fairly entertained by the amount of shit being hurled at me over at youtube and through pms.   But thats to be expected.  I wonder how long it'll go on for.  Also I destroyed my thumb while cleaning dishes.  Pointy tip of knife STAB!  Its just a flesh wound.  I've had worse..  10pts for whoever recognizes that line.

So today at work was pretty unique.  They decided to toss me out into field so I could get a little experience there.  What field basically means is I go to one specific section and look after all the tech support requests from that area, moving this or that bit of hardware to this or that building. Example, someone needs a new monitor.  I lug it over to their building then fill out some stupid forms.  Funny part is I lasted just under an hour and went straight back, telling the 3 major bosses who took me in for a private chat about it that I refused to do more as I had done that sort of thing before at a previous job and specified I wasnt to do that here when they signed me up.  They laughed since they seem to like me and had no problem with me going back to my usual help support role. 

I finally got my new toy the other day.  The Asus Eeepad Transformer Tablet.   Heres a couple pics..

This is the 10" touchpad.  Its extremely responsive, awesome quality screen, on par with the ipad.  Its also got a bunch of really cool extras like mini sdcard slot, mini hdmi out so you can beam 1080p clips onto a tv, and a bunch of other things.  Battery life is like 9hours.

This part is why its called the Transformer.  You can buy a separate keyboard dock that turns it into a netbook.  It also has some extra usb ports on in and an SD card slot.  The coolest part?  It doubles as a battery too.  Together it reaches 16hours.  Pretty damn awesome.

Sadly I need to send mine back to get it looked at.  Theres a dust spec under the screen and its annoying.  So yeah, send off and wait for replacement.  Otherwise it works like a dream.  Easily the best android tablet around and very similar to the ipads performance in terms of scrolling and gaming etc.  I love me some electronics.

Pretty sure there was something I wanted to mention, but with the extreme lack of sleep I've had over the past week or so has pretty much frazzled my brain.  My cats definitely getting better though.  Almost a week since he got sick and today was the first time he rubbed his head against my leg and roamed around the house.  I'll admit I was fairly stressed over his health.  But thankfully he's coming back to his best.  So happy.  At least somethings going right.