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Sunday, June 30, 2013

C64 Barbarian

This game was addictive.  I'd play against friends so much, total blast.   Why the fuck arent there more games like this!  Last good one was Bushido Blade 2, then the entire industry went stupid.  Fuck you square.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

C64 clips - Paradroid!

This is one of my favourite games from my Commodore 64 days.  I've played it countless times.  Its weird that this console is the only one I can really go back to repeatedly and never get bored of the same games I played.  The fucking thing was magical.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm stunned

Seriously, I had no idea diapers for cats existed.  And of course you can buy them from ebay!  Just look how sad this cat is!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Borderlands 2 part 18

This was weird.  I didnt think it uploaded fully when I had to turn my pc off for the night but there it is.  Magic.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little bastard

My cat finally pissed me off so much the other day that I entertained the idea of putting him down.  Obviously I'm not going to, but I was furious. My own fault really for not being more forceful.  I woke up and tried to coax him into getting up so I could take him down for his schedule toilet break,  He sort of needs to be taken outside every 4-5 hours to keep him from doing anything inside the house.  Needless to say my sleeping has been hit in a stupid way.  So he wouldnt get up so I figured maybe he's already gone since the back door of the house was open and he can see straight to it.  My mum may have seen him go but I didnt ask since she was busy doing something.

So I went for a shower and came back out 10min later and I could hear mum saying the cat was int he kitchen and hungry and if she should feed him.  I said sure.  Walked into my room and saw a lake of urine spreading across my floor and towards my cables from my various electronic equipment.  I absolutely snapped.  Clearly despite all my parents weak arguments that they do help with him and make sure hes gone outside often was just proven wrong.  They tried to shift the blame away saying how could they know.  And they saw a side of me from all my stress and sleep deprivation that they hadnt seen ever.  Needless to say the past couple days they've been actively picking him up and taking him outside every few hours if I'm sleeping or away, which I do little of either because I'm always looking over him.  He has a litter box but refuses to use it.  I'm still trying to convince him to use it.  I'm also unsure if the frequent medication from the vets is screwing with him and making him want to go often.  He used to only go a couple times a day.  Now its like 4 times.

I then spent the next 2 hours furiously cleaning and scrubbing the floor repeatedly and the cables as well.  My arms were almost numb. Antiseptic  coated that floor.  So right now I cant smell any urine smell.  My brain thinks it can, but its so faint and so intermittent that I'm passing that off as paranoia, otherwise it would be a constant smell.  I plan to give it a once over again probably tomorrow just to ease my mind.

I did cheer myself up by going to a new Ramen place that opened up recently.  I was expecting shit but it was surprisingly good and thats pretty rare.  I went again today but they were out of the broth I wanted so I raged and binged on food from 2 other places.  Some people binge eat when they're depressed.  I binge eat when the food I want isnt available.

Also discovered a pretty cool show lately.  If you enjoy the ghost type shows, this ones called The Dead Files.  Its up to is 5th season and I havent been able to find any links anywhere pointing out if they'd done anything fake like say those retards at ghost hunters, so that was a positive.  Usually the fakes get called out by now.  The show is about a retired detective and a psychic.  They both do different things.  When they get called out to the place, she goes in and sees what she can pick up on, and the cop guy goes and digs up information on the place, then they get together at the end and share their findings with each other and the person that asked them to come.  Its pretty cool.  The psychic girl is pretty weird.  They had this interview where when they were approached by the studio for this show, the psychic said she refuses to be told anything about the place before hand or she wont do it, and the cop guy said if he thinks someones lying to him he'll call them out since he has a 25 year reputation in the force to keep.  So they seem pretty good.  Thumbs up.

No photoshopped picture of Jed this time.  Maybe next.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

If it shits its called life

Today has been an annoyingly special day.  I wont go into details about stupidly thick my mums brain is.  I come to expect it and try my hardest not to rage and kill a baby over it.  I'm also still waiting for my shit camera to come back from repairs.  3rd time I've sent that piece of SHIT sony product back.  Life lesson learned not to buy anything other than panasonic.  Sonys always been dodgy for me.  And I mean ALWAYS.  So far its been a month and a half, never taken this long before.  Called them today and the guy is all hurrrdurrr I have to call the fix people tomorrow cause they're closed now hurrr.  Sounds like they've been closed for a month and a half!

My cat has been brilliant.  He finally got to the point where the medicine I was grinding into powder and putting into his food, he'd pretty much had enough of it.  Hates it, hardly eats and when he does he eats only some of it, so the required dose isnt doing what it should.  I've tried MANY ways to get him to take it.  But my cat is a fucking pest, a total food snob, can smell if its not right or sometimes just isnt in the mood for that food.  No shock really since I'm 100% the same.  Pets are like their owners they say.  He's totally like me.

So his infection in his gum seemed to be getting worse.  It was seeping liquid far more and started to give off this fairly rancid smell.  I decided the pills werent good enough and I wanted to start giving him injections, which is what I wanted to do from the beginning but the vet talked me into this method since it was heaps cheaper.  $40 and they last me 2 weeks.  Again, they do good if he actually eats them.  Been over a month now using them, not pleased.

So now its injections every 2 days to keep things flowing.  Lets just say 1 visit costs me $90.  We're at like $270 or something a week.  Well over a grand a month if this goes for a while.  Guess whos not working yet?  THIS GUY!  One of the vets calls me Boss.  Probably because I've funded his retirement package over the years.  So frustrating.  How I want to play Last of Us on ps3.  But I cant justify or afford its new release price tag.  I'll see a few months from now how I am.

Also here is a picture of the very rare, yet very tasty Turtle-Jed.  Its not really real.  I just put Jeds head on a turtle.  You probably couldnt tell because its such high quality effort.

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's not very pretty

So a few days ago I threatened Jed if he didnt make a blog post.  I said I'd stick his head on a fat woman.  He made the blog post.  But its a shame to not put these horrible photoshops up anyway so I'm doing it.  Be warned.  They're as bad as the Xbox One..

Karate Kid 3

Anyone remember that movie? Yuck. Girl could win the fight by using her massive lips on her own. I don't even recall why she was fighting...maybe her boyfriend got beat up?...was it a period gone wrong..

Long story short though, this guy had yet another Tang-So-Doo promotional event JUST yesterday. I knew about it for a short while now and desperately wanted the Friday before hand to be a really short work day. You see, all last week my average time to clocking out of work has been around 1:30am. Not a very friendly time of night for a long drive home.

Normally a Friday night is a short day for us. Our work volume is pretty low and everyone tries harder at work so we can go home to our weekend sooner. Well, as the Wal-Mart gods would have it, Friday was going to be the longest night of the work week.

It was around 3:30am when my sorry butt got to come home. What made it better is that I needed to be up in 3 and half hours to drive to Cincinnati and take a promotional test for my martial arts. I felt pretty terrible. My wife Katherine was a huge support though. She thought ahead and packed everything for me while I was at work. Including a lunch, my gear, papers, money ect. She woke me up that morning, ran a shower for me, and helped me get this thing over with.

Once my brain was functional enough to know that "cars go vroom!" we locked and loaded and was off to do this thing. It normally takes a hour and twenty mins to get to gym where the test will be held. That didn't account for road construction of course. That was a good 30 mins of our time wasted in a mile long line of traffic. So by the time we got there the whole place was already starting.

I rushed into the locker room, changed into my uniform, ran out to the floor. With a hasty bow to all the Grand Masters I got settled in my place in line. It was then my real nervousness kicked in. I was so sleep deprived I couldn't remember hardly anything! Do I turn to my left when I perform this move or do I spin on my right leg? Ah! All I wanted was to do good for myself and I had this feeling it was all going to be a joke to everyone watching.

When it was finally my turn to test, it felt like a long half hour. Everyone move I was making was being watched by the judges. I would mess up and try to hide it. Like I meant to do that move with that type of error. At one point, when I was performing my basic forms I skipped a entire portion of it. I have NO IDEA how. I just know I was about to finish Basic Form 1, I moved into doing Basic Form 2 next,  then a time warp hit me and I was doing Basic Form 3. I even put on fighting gear backwards. It was like I was 6 years old all over again.

In the end it must have paid off because after being there for over 4 hours I was approached by my school's Master and told me I scored high enough to pass! I am now a green belt. It was a long and hard (giggity) road but I am only 4 belts away from Black. I think..I'll let you know how that works when I get some actual sleep.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Left 4 Dead- Dead City map review part 1

Finally gone and done it.  Like I mentioned in the description for this video, I waited for Jed to send me his clips so I could splice them in but he ended up losing them in a computer explosion that also killed 7 orphans.  He's a monster.  But yeah heres the first part.  The beginning is just us screwing around getting ready for a game and we start playing properly later.  Its just a shame that the audio for a couple people went spastic for whatever reason.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bioshock infinite part 16

4 more months

I'm going to fucking kill something.  October 1st!  4 months to go.  I've been waitng YEARS!  So close!  Gotta stay strong! GOTTA BE STRONG!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bioshock Infinite part 15

oh joyous

The world is a funny place

By now everyone who follows Game of Thrones has seen THAT episode.  Just in case anyone hasnt I wont really mention any specifics about it.  I read the books yeeeaaaars ago and have been dying to see this one for ages.  I even told my friends after I realized this episode would be the one.  Told them about 3 episodes ago.  They were ready, but not really READY for the awesomeness.  My favourite part is the absolute rage that people who'd never read the books have been posting online with web articles and on twitter.  This twitter channel is easily the funniest place on the internet for me right now.

It's pretty telling that everyone I know who read the books years back were so enthralled with that chapter that they went out trying to get everyone they knew to start reading the books.  The people watching the tv show?  They seem to want to boycott the show and wish death on the author.  I'll admit to being surprised with some of the changes they made in the episode though.


The above link lists out the changes.  At least most of them.  So its good to look at if you never plan to read the book and are curious about how it went down in that.  I felt the tv episode was a bit too quick.  The book version was more emotional, more brutal in a sense.  I remember my brain shutting down for about 10min after I'd read it. Another friend of mine threw the book across the room in anger.  If you want to read just that chapter heres the link, if you feel like reading just the magic bit, thats at 130 and goes for 3 pages.  Link below-

Theres a few names in that chapter that arent in the tv episode, like Smalljon and Dacey for example.  Knowing them made everything even more nasty.  But yeah, I dont think any other chapter of any book written that I've read compares to this one.  Its like the top tier of everything.  For those wanting to kill themselves with sadness just wait till next season.  You cried in this one, but in that one you will cheer with joy.  And no, its not linked to the characters in this chapter.  But some really good stuff. And some bad of course lololololol.

One other thing I read up today was a few feminists around the net writing up articles wanting the 12th Doctor in Doctor Who to be a female, since Matt Smith is stepping down thanks to Moffat being a douche.  What they should be doing is getting rid of Moffat instead.  But anyway, wanting the 12th to be a female cast instead?  No.  You dont do that to an iconic character.  It wont be Doctor Who any more.  It'll be Doctor Someone-else.  Too much has already changed.  Doing that would just be the final slap.  I'm one of those who arent happy with how they've brought the series back the way they have.  Some episodes are great, but others are just disgustingly poor.  The real reason its so different I think is because of todays kids since its aimed at that demographic.

Like in the past the show was always aimed at younger people.  Normally under 14.  Except back then it was purely more inclined towards horror.  It was great.  Now its 2/5 comedy, 2/5 action, 1/5 horror.  I honestly dont believe kids today could even handle some of the episodes in the past.  Whether it be because its too scary for them or todays generation of ADD/OCD kids cant focus if there isnt fast paced music and action happening.   Like in one story when Sarah Jane was actually revealed to be a doppleganger android after they pulled her face off.  That was terrifying.  The Daleks, when they came in you knew shit was about to go down.  Now?  The doctor acts scared for the first 5min, then for the rest of the episode hes cracking jokes and slapping them about like they arent the most destructive force in the universe.  The sontarans?  They were vicious in the past.  I remember one scene where one of them died and their huge fat head deflated while oozing green puss or something.  That shit stuck to my brain forever.  Now?  Their most powerful warrior is a joke.  Literally.  A total joke.

I know some people will disagree with me and thats cool.  Just for my specific tastes I know what I liked about Doctor Who.  The new seasons I probably like 1 episode in every 7.  Although those episodes are pretty awesome.  If you really want a female doctor just make a spin-off.  Theres already been a few of these so theres no reason why they cant go and use either an existing female character or create a brand new one who has her own destiny and isnt riding off a previous characters past.  Because I feel this would be far more insulting to the character if it was changed into a woman.  If you follow my scattered thoughts..

What they could do is just go completely sideways.  New time lord.  Female teenager.  The Tardis?  Its not a blue box any more.  Its anything it wants to be.  It can change into a car, a plane, a giant robot thats fights for her.  It can reach into its chest and pull out a battleship sized gun if it wants.  Suddenly we've got Ben 10 for girls, the new Kim Possible, but in the Doctor Who universe.  Imagine the amount of lunch boxes that shit would sell!  The merchandise would be through the roof!  Yes this is a horrible idea.  But I'd so prefer it to changing the current doctor.  Just no.

Lastly I'll leave you with a couple funny pictures linked to the current Game of Thrones episode...