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Monday, June 23, 2014

Toy theatre Woody Royale!

I've finally edited an older one I had filmed last year and put it together.  Thats how slack I am.   Must admit I love the ending I gave it.  I've also hacked it up to hell since there was heaps more I'd filmed.  But thats how it goes really, record as much random crap as your brain can think up and then see what works and what doesnt.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's not even finished

I was going through my gameplay clips and found this older portal 2 fan map that I had played with Jed a year back.  I knew there was a reason I hadn't uploaded it yet but couldnt recall what it was.  So I started watching it and yet, we never completed it because Jeds net died at the time and it was late and we planned to play it later.  Problem is we never got around to it and we cant even remember what the map was called.  I've been looking through the ones out there to see if I can find it again but no luck.  So my choices are dont upload it, or upload and hope someone recognizes it and tells us the name so we can finish it.  I'll probably go with the second option.  Though I do feel rather slack about it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

3D modeling / 3D Printing

A while back I commissioned someone to create a sculpture of my cat from photos.  They did an awesome job except the face wasnt quite right, which to me makes it useless.  I've decided not to waste any more time on this approach.  Instead I'm thinking of having a model created in 3D with whatever Maya 3DS Max whathaveyou, so its easy to fine tune it till its perfect.  And then get it printed out with one of those new fangled 3D printers.  The 3D printer is easily bought, though thats down the line at some stage.  A very long line..  Probably just pay some place to do it for me.  My main issue is 3D modelling.  I have zero experience.  Was looking at the programs and beginner tutorials and my head exploded.  It's something I'd have to spend weeks every day to try and figure one little bit out.  A paid course would be nice.  I'm thinking of messing iwth 3DS Max since that looks a crapload easier than maya.

But yeah, if anyone knows someone whos legendary at 3D modelling, specifically of the animal variety and takes commissions, I'd be super appreciative if you were to message me about it.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rik Mayall R.I.P

Absolutely shit.  I loved this guy.  Watched him throughout the 80s and the 90s.  He was damn funny.  To die at 56 is just not right.  Unbelievable.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trine 2 part 2

How to make a shit day last for 2 days

Thats right.  Make your bad day stretch to 2!  Technically mine went for 3 but whos counting.  Except me..  So I discovered my wireless modem decided to lose its wireless feature.  I mentioned that before.  I bought a wireless router and attached it to my modem.  All good right? No.  Not even fucking close.  This new magic Netgear piece of SHIT had a wireless radius of about 5 yards.  If I'm in the same room its fine.  Go down the hall?  Forget it.  Everything had issues to connect to it.  So I decided what should I do now?  I'll go buy a Wireless Extender!  I've always wanted to play with those!

Boom, more stupid money spent.  So this thing sets up easily and now I'm getting range in my room.  Its not that strong obviously cause all it doest is boost the length, not the power.  But something was wrong with it.  Something was making my devices just outright forget it was there.  Always disconnecting from it.  Spent 2 days messing with the settings from the router to the extender to the stuff trying to connect to it.  I pretty much got nowhere.  So I decided its time to return them.

The stupid store man said yes he will refund both, which I was surprised to hear, but I needed to call netgear and go through their trouble shooting process and get a reference number for them, so that they wouldnt need to auto send the items off for repair.  And if they werent broken I'd be charged for the sending cost.  Absolute bullshit rule, never heard it before, but theres nothing you can do.  So I called netgear and thankfully the guy on the other end was awesome when I told him I just want to return these, give me a reference number.  He gave and I went.  All done.

The other fun thing is there could be something wrong with my modem.  Yesterday it died around 7-8pm.  All I could do was skype or chat through steam.  No web pages would load, email, nothing.  Just skype and steam chat.  It started working again the next day around 3pm.  This has happened a few times in the past, all spread out though so I thought it was the ISP.  But I'm starting to think its the modem.  So I'm going to replace it with probably the new version of the Billion I currently have.  Amazing brand.

In the end I managed to grab a wireless router off my friend and that things working awesomely.  So thats how my internet days went.  Now my other problems...fuck that.  I'll go into them another time.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a stupidly annoying day

Today was just stupid.  Started off early, so I got maybe 3 hours sleep, cause thats how I roll.  Went to a job interview, and the guy was asking me for a bunch of ID, papers showing what stuff I'd completed for school or uni or whatever.  Totally confused me as this is the sort of crap they ask for AFTER they hire you.  My initial hope was to be told what I'd actually be doing.  He said he'd give me a call tomorrow to get the extra info off me.  In the morning of course.  Cause calling people in the afternoon is a fucking sacred crime in the world!!!

My next mission was to get a wireless router as my modems wireless ability decided to explode.  Walkawalkwalked forever till I found one.  Not that cheap sadly but hey, I need my damn wireless and I dont feel like buying a new modem just yet when I'll probably need a new one next year because of shit.  So came home with my stuff, unpacked and started to set it up.  Oh wait...wheres the power box for it?  Fucking...... Drive back, get it replaced, come home, then spend about half an hour trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing working, using tablets and netbooks to connect to it since my pc didnt know it existed.  Anyway all done.

Oh but theres more!  The other day I heard a weird CRACK to the side of my desk.  Couldnt figure out what it was, couldnt smell smoke, didnt see fire, nothing fell, so I palmed it.  Today I go to charge my Vita and its not doing anything.  The charging thing broke.  Thats what that crack was.  It blew itself.  Shaking it makes a rattling sound too.  Luckily I took it back to the store and replaced it, after a bit of screwing around and this stupid cow recommending they ship it off for repairs.   No.  I'm not going to wait 1-2months to get that back.  Gimmie one now.  Got it and its charging fine.

I also ate too much.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When your brain and eyes argue

So I was at my friends Royces place sitting there watching some stuff, and in the corner of my eye a little ways away I noticed something on the side of a box.  I look over and my heart practically stops.  The entire world just froze for a few seconds as what my eyes fixed upon looked like a large huntsman spider.  Nononono I didnt like the look of that.  I was ready to bolt to the side and to hell with what was around me!  I would escape this demon!  But my brain was already at work, knowing full well that what I was staring at was actually a clump of cat hair that had somehow fused together in that spot.  Oh sure, the brain knew what it was, but my eyes said FUCK YOU for about 20seconds.  I had to lean in close to triple check, pretty much forgetting I could actually breathe.  But yeah, heres a photo.  I DIDNT LIKE IT!