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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hate it

Driving home today I noticed something on the road.  I always try to not in case its a dead animal since I dont enjoy seeing it.  What was that on the road?  Probably a shirt.  Large leaf.  Something.  But sometimes its hard to not look and this time it was a dead cat.  Absolutely hate seeing that sort of thing.  It was about 4:30am and from the looks of it not many cars had passed yet.  And in a few hours everyone would be rushing to work.  That cat would basically be flat by the end of the day and unrecognizable.

I turned my car around and drove back.  I decided if it was my cat and I saw it squashed I'd just shut down.  Or just as worse, seeing a dead cat and not knowing if it was mine since I wouldnt be able to tell too well.  I had a comic in the car and ripped the front/back cover off to pick it up.  Thankfully there were no cars around so I didnt have to rush.  The cat was probably around 9-11 by my rough guess.  It was also not stiff.  The little blood on the road from its mouth was still wet so it probably died maybe half hour ago at most.  It was very recent.  I carried it and placed it on the footpath where it should stay fine until the owners can find it.  Hopefully they do and no one decides to put it in a trash bin or something.  Its the same road that school kids walk down so I dont know.  No that I think about it maybe I should of put it on the little narrow island between the roads.  Oh well, not much I can do now.  I can just cross my fingers and hope they find it.  Best I can do.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Useless Government

Theres a thousand things I could complain about regarding the idiots running my country, but the latest one is just beyond stupid.  It started off as the Netflix tax.   We just finally got netflix here and the government noticed how popular it is compared to our overpriced cable.  Clearly the bastard that runs everything, a Mr Cuntface Murdoch, had a word with them and they decided to put in all the streaming servies that just started up along with netflix to a 10% tax.

So what could they do to make things even shitter?  This netflix tax is now going to all digital media.  Thats right, Steam games are getting a 10% boost in price.  Like fuck off seriously.  We already have the legendary 'Aussie Tax' on Steam for certain stuff.  All games from Bethesda, Activision, Sega and some others are more than the american price.  Grand thef Auto 5 for example is $75.  Black Ops 2, $90.  And this isnt $90 our currency.  No!  This is $90US.  So we pay this overinflated amount plus a fee to have our currency changed to US so we can buy it.  All for the excuse that local stores are losing out on sales.   Local stores stock 90% console games for one.  Second, even with this bullshit tax, buying it online will still be cheaper than our rip off stores.

Thankfully other sites dont seem to be doing this since our government probably thinks Steam is the only online pc digital store around.  Sickening.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tip for making nVidia cards run better

This totally surprised.  I'm sure the performance boost will vary depending on your system.  But for me I saw a massive boost.  Using Mortal Kombat X as an example, if I play it normally the thing is fairly smooth on most maps but not all.  But if I try to record the game with fraps the entire thing becomes a jittery mess.  It seems to either drop a little too much or some things affecting it weirdly.  With this little tip I must of raised my systems performance enough that now when I record the game is extremely smooth.  Plus the Sky temple stage that runs like a whore by default is a lot more smoother but still jittery.  But a definite improvement.

So whats the tip?  nVidia has a streaming ability that everyone should know by now.  Problem is it seems to always be on and this is taking some power away from the gpu and cpu.  Disabling this is super easy.  Heres what you do..

Head to that link and you'll see 3 screenshots.  The third screenshot you get to that window by rightclicking on the thing in the second screenshot and selecting properties.  After that you're done.  Extremely simple and will affect your system positively.