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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good and Bad

So this week has been productive.   Finally had a job interview in a branch of the government that I've been trying to get to for years.  Thankfully I had a little help in getting it since I have a friend that works there and is in the recruiting section also.  Funny thing about Australia, or maybe everywhere I guess as I expect people dont like saying it, the government sector here is heavily biased towards women.  People like to scoff when I say this but any time I tell them to go to an office and start counting the employees to see the male to female ratio, they refuse.  Probably because they dont like reality  going against what they believe.

Any way, before I went in I asked her on the phone how many guys are in her section, just for fun.  She said 0.  That actually surprised me since I was expecting 2-4 out of a couple dozen.  But yeah, 0.  So I get there and around the buildings outside I just see women.  People walking out of the buildings, women.  People getting out of cars, women.  Not going to lie, I felt a little weird.  Like I'd just stumbled into an amazonian settlement.  She left me inside and it was her and 2 other women interviewing me.  She didnt ask any questions thankfully and I'm guessing she told her boss and the other lady she wouldnt because it would just get way too awkward.  Everything went fine and out the door I went.   Now heres the super funny bit.  As I step out the door of the building someone calls to me.  Its a man.  It also happens to be a friend I hadnt seen in over 15 years.  So that pretty much floored me.

So by next friday I should find out whether I'll be working in an office thats completely filled with women.  Not gonna lie, my biggest fear will be if multiple girls have synchronized PMS days.  Pray for me...

Also I cut myself earlier when shaving.  Just a small cut.  But this cut is the douche of all cuts.  It just WONT stop bleeding.  I pressed a tissue to it for a while, nothing.  Did that dodgy cut a little piece of tissue and stick it to it, pulled it off after 20min, still bleeding.  So I firmly pressed a tissue to my face for an hour.  The area went numb.  The bleeding has finally stopped.  Will do my best not to make any suddeny facial motions till tomorrow.  Luckily I'll be going to sleep soon so I should be good.  Wont shave tomorrow to allow it to heal a bit more.  Maybe I'll leave it for a couple days.  Stupid thing!  I should laser my face so I never have to shave again.  Again, pray for me.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Somethings trolling me

So the other day my car wouldnt start.  Thats right, my new car that I replaced my old dysfunctional car which wouldnt stay on.  It was doing the classic sound of the battery being flat.  But when I tried to jump start it with the usual ways nothing would work.  Even my dad, who thought I was doing it wrong, lined up the jumper leads and still the car wouldnt start.   Called in a towing guy who was 2 hours late because some retard decided to smash themselves in peak hour traffic, gave them $100 to take it and away he went.

So the people call me back and tell me....that the battery was flat and they jump started it first try.  How the fuck.  How the actual fuck!  Between my dad and myself we've owned half a dozen cars over the past 40 years.  Jump starting a car is childs play.  But oh no.  The god of cars has his eye on me, and hes being an absolute douche.  I should probably make a nickname for him since hes been stalking me for the past year.  But I cant think up anything better than cuntface.

Also a bunch of videos ont he Last Weeks Special channel that I cant be bothered linking to because I just cant.  And feel free to watch my Oneechanbara twitch stream on the LWS twitter channel since its archived there for now.  Swords and boobs, cant go wrong.

Friday, April 8, 2016

What its like to get slapped twice in one day by God

Its a real bitch!  But I didnt need to tell you that I'm sure.  The other day I came across something that I never expected to see.  A figure designed from one of my all time favourite manga/anime series from the mid 80s.  Kimagure Orange Road.  I absolutely adore this series and no matter how many years pass I still have tears of joy streaming down my face whenever I listen to the music.  Proper tears!  I fucking love this series so much.  So how floored was I when I saw THIS?!

Out of the blue BAM!  Madoka figure!  And the bikini is even a design from the series too.  Right now I'm in the negatives when it comes to money.  Like, really shouldnt be spending money on anything.  But this is a special rare time where I will absolutely smash myself more into debt because my soul will be crushed if I cant have this.  So with this knowledge I clicked BUY and then yelled at the sky!  FUCK YOU GOD!  IM GETTING IT!

And then I heard a laugh.  A mighty laugh as I stumbled across this....

Two?  TWO?!?!!  A mid 80s show suddenly gets TWO for no reason!  And thats when I realized that laugh was god.  He knew I wouldnt pass up the first one, but decided no, I'm going to break him.  And then there were two.  Even I know my limits.  I definitely can not afford this right now.   I have been beaten.  Thankfully this one doesnt come out till september, supposedly, so hopefully it wont sell out before I can get the money together for it like the first one, which is sold out almost everywhere and not out till the end of the month.  A little surprised they went with 2 bikini's and not something different.  I tell you if they release the 3 characters together I'm going to go absolutely mental and probably kill someone for money.

I wasted some time on youtube listening to the intros again since my dvds are stored away and I'm too lazy to get them.  And I remembered a few years ago they released a higher quality DVD set of it.  I wanted to know if they went a step further and did a bluray conversion so my future self could get this and whore through it again for a 4th time.  But no.  There are no blurays.  So I messaged Animeigo about it since they've recently done some bluray conversions of a few 80s anime and thats when the second slap smashed my face.

So I'm off to cry in the corner of a random room.

Broforce part 4

So funny story.  This has a broken bit in the middle where nothing happens.  And its not possible to fix it.  It just isnt.   I've tried.  I dont know.  So yeah, its easy to just skip passed the broken bit.  Not missing anything since thats where its meant to cut.

Friday, April 1, 2016