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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Further streaming plans

So the other day we all had a pretty fun time playing L4D.  Jonna finally managed to join us and it was a blast.  We're hoping she'll be able to join us again when shes next free, but that might not be for a couple weeks or so.  Jeds planning to start streaming himself.  His internet connection isnt the best so it cant really be game related unless its something very specific.  But he'll be doing some drawing instead so you're free to chat with him while hes at it.  You may even see him making some panels for our comic!

As for me I plan to do a little streaming too, now that my PC is working again.  It'll be some random stuff, none of the big titles that everyone else streams.  So with luck most of the week the channel will have someone streaming something.  Jed on some afternoons, myself on some late late nights, and the weekends with all of us.  There is a chance we might get slack now and then, but thats just how we are sadly.