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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hobo feet

My biggest problem with shoes has been that the insides always wear out more than the outside. And I don't know about you guys but a nice pair of shoes cost alot..I don't like spending alot of money. So determined, I decided to look around the net to see if there was a way to do some at home shoe repairs. I found this!

I am not sure so about the stitching part but wait! I just remembered I had a girlfriend. FINALLY. Going to cash in some brownie points and ask her to do the sticking parts for me. Winning.

What I really wanted to do was show you guys this website. I been here before and done a couple DIY projects from the site. Its very cool to see what people create. I wanted to make a potato canon from here once but Cody moved out right after I mentioned he knew something bad would happen...weird.

Oh and check this out! Hoooooots.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Damnit cat

I've been super protective of my cat since his previous horribly expensive near death trip to the vet, keep him in doors all the time, go out into the garden with him when he feels like he needs to relieve himself, basically if I'm awake I'm near him.  So the other day I noticed the bottom part of his jaw was slightly swelled.  It was hard to tell.  The only reason I knew it was something was because he didnt like me touching him there.  Fast forward to the next morning, which I woke up early just to check on him, like 4 hours later, and the swelling had puffed up.  The poor thing kept drooling because of the underside of his lips being pulled down a little from the swelling.

So I thought WTF CAT!  This time its not a fight injury getting infected.  He must of either scratched himself and it got infected, though I saw no wound at all anywhere, or a bite from some spider or whatever.  So I decided to go for bite.  Took him to the vet, got a couple injections which he totally was not impressed about.  Today its gone down heaps, only sliiiiightly puffy.  Should be perfect by tomorrow.  I'll be cancelling the thursday vet trip if it stays down because the previous bill slapped me for $170 and by my count as of last august, I have no spent over 4 grand on his vet bills.  That was also pretty much the last of my savings since I stopped working.  I'm going to have to do something I loath and thats go on government benefits and apply for the dole.  I fucking HATE that system and have been avoiding it like the plague.  But until I find work I'm pretty much resigned to it making my life a pain.  Oh well.

So Jed showed me this link that was pretty cool.  A bunch of really excellent flash games you can play in your browser.  I thought the golf one was really creative  And some of them are just horribly addicting.  I think I spent an hour on one and realized I had PROPER games I had paid for ages that I needed to finish.  Heres the link.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Voltes V

There are very few movies and shows that make me go all squishy poo.  I posted about a couple previous animated films called Heidi's Song and Aladdin And the Wonderful Lamp.  One other one is Voltes V, spoken as 5.  It was made back in the 70s, a trilogy robot series from japan.  Voltes V was the second series Tadao Nagahama.  The first series was Combattler V, and the third Daimos.  

None of them were really sequels to each other though.  But they were what started other series like Voltron.  Anyway, I only knew of Voltes V as a kid, parents having bought me a random cartoon VHS tape they saw SOMEWHERE.  It was pretty much the first 5 episodes condensed into a movie length.  Can you imagine my surprise when about 12 years later I actually find out there was a 40 episode tv series and the movie was just the beginning?  It blew my fucking mind! 

Getting any sort of anime back then was pretty hard.  There wasnt really an internet setup for that.  You had to either find the stuff on the shelves of the video store, and back then there were very few things from japan you could watch here, or be lucky enough to get some magazines from overseas that spoke about all of that stuff.  It basically took me about 10 years after that to track down the entire series.  Unfortunately the first time I got it the series was dubbed by fans from Malaysia I think.  I was furious since I wanted the proper voices.  A couple years later I finally got my hands on a subtitled set that someone had sat down and translated since there is no official translation.  

My next step was to try and get a replacement for my very worn VHS tape since that one had been dubbed in english by an american branch.  And the voices were great.  The only problem I stumbled upon now was that there were 2 versions.  Everything was the same except for the intro and the transformation scenes.  The music for those had been totally changed from the japanese song to some bullshit rock guitar crap.  Far as I can tell the version I have is no where to be found.  And mine is sort of worn out from the years unfortunately.  I was planning to do some hardcore editing and slap the sound from my movie onto the picture of the other version I got a while back but I've been horribly lazy.  Plus my VHS player died a while back.  Those things are stupidly expensive now to replace.  But lo and behold someone uploaded their copy onto youtube a while back.  The beginning has like 3 short cut outs of the sound but I think thats probably the only issue with it, havent watched the rest.  I had to stop myself.  Either way if you plan to give it a watch then go for it, video is below.  Its awesome and brutal at times.  I love it to death.  I have no words for how much I love this show.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TV Madness

Been doing my up-most to try and catch up as fast as possible on tv and movie stuff I've had on my list for ages so I can focus on reading books again.  They've both piled up to a stupid height along with games.  Finally almost caught up with all the episodes of Once Upon a Time.  Love how they go and change parts of the fairy tales to fit it.  I'm also a huge fan of Robert Carlyle so that helped.  Planning to busy into the Ray Bradbury Theater series too.  Bunch of his short stories turned into tv episodes.  Legend author.

 Sister called up today and asked if I'd be ok if she brought up her loud stupid little dog.  No fucking chance.  I hate that stupid dog of hers.  Little annoying shitzu that barks at anything that moves.

I also uploaded a new clip the other day, my take on the old end clips from the GI Joe cartoon series where the Joes help out some really fucking STUPID kid from being stupid.  I figured I'd do the opposite.  Gave me much entertainment.  I still need to make an intro for these things.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Same bat channel. Same bat time!

So I got myself a new little toy. A new cell phone off ebay! Its the Samsung Captivate.

With the purchase of a StraightTalk sim card I have this running on AT&T's 3G network for $45 a month. A pretty nice deal if you ask me. More so when you look at AT&T's contract pricing. $39.99 for  700 mins of only Talk. No Texts or Data included. Now if only I can find the time to actually use the thing. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magical cake

Today was all over the place.  Started off with me finding out my sister is coming up and staying for 3 months so she can make some money and pay off some of her huge debts.  God give me strength.  Must find job and save up so I can leave forever.

Found a huge frog in the toilet today.  Thats a first.  I know this frog too.  Its a happy green tree frog that I always see around the house outside.  He got in once because the door was open.  This time it was closed.  I think he likes us.  Took a bit of effort with my trusty broom, but I got him to go outside.  I know its more manly to grab him with my hand but no.  I'm manly and dainty.  I'm just happy it wasnt a huge spider.  Manly would of gone out the window.

I did some recording yesterday at my friends place for some new toy theatre clips since I got the creative urge again.  Had fun doing them, cant be sure what I got is even worth watching.  But I feel like that with all of them.  I'll edit them together and if they make me laugh I'll upload them.  Really need to make an intro for them.

Legend of Grimrock finally came out today.  Its an old school dungeon rpg similar to the old 'Eye of the Beholder' games.  Grabbed it, twitching to play it, but I'm in the middle of a game in Shogun 2.  And that game is being HORRIBLE to me.   I swear its the hardest of the Total War series.  Either that or I've picked the hardest clan to play.  Or I'm just shit now.  I dont know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh the stench...

So my cat was meowing loudly which meant he wanted to go outside to do some magic.  Since its 4am I follow him out to make sure theres no other cats around so he doesnt get into a fight and give me another $500 bill, cause after spending 4 grand this year I'm pretty much over it.  So he goes to the back of the yard which is something he does after.  You see my cat has a little system.  At the front of the yard he does his wee wee, and at the back he does his poo poo.

So anyway I follow him to the back, he digs a small little hole and then squats.  He then lets rip the loudest shit I've ever heard him do.  Further more he totally missed the hole because of the FORCE that sent that shit on its way in semi liquid state.  I was all like DUDE!  And then the smell came.  Jesus I can still smell it now.  Usually it doesnt smell much but this time BAM!  Literally killed me.  I'm still trying to figure out how so much came out of a cat that size.  I know he's been a little sick lately since he's thrown up now and then, so that would explain the liquid state of his grossness.

I'm also considering selling my Panasonic DMC-G2W camera since I'm getting low on funds and really want to buy my Thor statue before it sells out.  Obviously I wont be buying it right now but I can keep an eye on it and once I see the low stock flashing I can be all James Bond and own it.  Plus the extra money will help service my needs till I find a job.  Its a good camera too, will be annoying to sell it since I'll take a pretty big loss on it cause people are cheap bastards sometimes.  But its something I can live without and can buy a super one down the road when I feel the need.  For now my point and click Sony DSC-TX10 will do me just fine.  I use it for my toy videos too.

I've also just finished editing the next L4D  video and plan to upload it tomorrow since I'm heading to bed soon and dont like leaving my pc running when I'm not using it.  So for now I'd like to leave you with some info on Googles new heads-up display.  Its pretty awesome.  Go to the link for info about possible price and release period.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye hero

Well Jeds given up gaming.  His job finally made him snap, I mean it was inevitable..  He pimp slapped his boss, stole one of the shopping karts, and disappeared down a random allyway with what ever clothes he could grab on the way out, mostly womens clothes because of the section he was passing through...  I guess I should change the blog some.  Rename it from Jed and Cons blog to Hobo formally known as Jed and Cons blog.  So if you ever see a hobo wearing a dress, it could just be Jed.

You will be missed Jed.  Your stench wont, but you will be.  This was the last picture of himself that he sent me.

I'd like to mention that typing 'running hobo' in google images brings up a shitload of pics of womens bags.  I dont even know.  Maybe hobos carry purses?  I mean I know Jed totally does.