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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I've been a little distracted with a few things.  Namely games and movies etc.  But for the past couple weeks I've also been trying to fix this christmas tree statue I bought my mum a few years back.  The light stopped working for some reason and it wouldnt flicker all the nice colours around when turned on.  It was pretty sad.  Well after a bit of money, wires, and hours of frustration, I finally managed to get it working again.  It's certainly a christmas miracle!  I hope everyone that reads this, and thats all 3 of you, have a great christmas and eat much cake!  I know I will.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Black Friday = Black Eyes

Another Black Friday passed! I must admit I wasn't very impressed with the savings this year. I was in the market for a External HDD and what I found was maybe $5-$10 off the regular price. Pretty weak. While any savings is great I was really hoping to get something under $50.

In truth I just don't think Black Friday deals have been all that grand this past couple years. Then again maybe its because I just don't have spending money. I would probably make more excuses to purchase just about anything if I had the dough to.

All this anxiety does remind me of some of my the Black Friday memories as a sales associate. For a example. Something people don't understand is things like the TVs. The DEEPLY DISCOUNTED TVs are actually "derivative products" of the standard model. People would come in all the time and check out the TV displays shortly after the Black Friday ads were leaked. Believing those very products were what they are buying.

I recall one man talking with me and asking if I could show him what TVs were going on sale. I smiled and said none of the TVs he sees on display will be on the Black Friday inventory. What we get instead are TVs that are the same size, style, and brand...BUT are made with cheaper components, less features,  ect. They literally ship them to us with a different model number and UPC code. This way our registers always sell that TV for the "Discount Price". Which is actually just their regular price. They never went on "sale" because they never had a higher price to begin with. They are made cheap, so they can be sold for cheap (but for a profit) all while you think you are buying the real deal.

The poor man just stood there. Feeling a little cheated. - Jed

Friday, November 28, 2014

Remove ads from Skype

So I finally got pissed off enough to look this up.  I remember doing it a few times in the past but nothing really worked properly.  But I stumbled across this method that removes the stupid ad on the top of the program.  Go to your hosts file which is usually located here-


Open it up with Notepad.  You'll probably need administration access if it refuses you.  Just right click and open as administrator if you get that problem.  Then paste this into it at the bottom and save.  Restart skype.  The top will be GONE!

# Skype Ads Blocker
# End Skype Ads Blocker

Other then that fun little but of info, I've been attempting to uploading multiple videos at a time to try and get rid of these ones that I've already got edited so I can delete them.  Sadly when you upload at 90k/s, these 1gb files usually take 4 hours.  Upload 2, thats 8 hours.  Upload 2, and youtube breaks for me and doesnt upload 1.  So I feel like just ignoring everything for a bit.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

And thats another year done!

So its the 23rd for me over here, which means its my birthday WOOOO!  Sadly my favourite cake place is closed because those heathens think sundays should be a closed day.  What if Jesus comes back and needs cake today?  Wont you look stupid then!  I'll wait till monday and gorge myself double time.  And on a sad note my cat would of turned 20 this month had Jesus decided to cure him of his cancer.  Thanks Jesus, you douche.

Heres a shitty photoshop I put together in 5min just for the world!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally came in

So the last thing I was waiting to get in the mail finally came in.  I'm hoping in the next few days I can sit down and do this little video so I can stick the one in that Jed sent me and finally upload it.  So fingers crossed sometime next week it'll be uploaded and I can get it out of the way.  Speaking of getting things out of the way, I'm going to be hammering up a bunch of videos from previous gameplays that are sitting on my pc and pissing me off.  I've noticed youtube isnt changing in any way and my channel remains permanently broken forever.  It's absolutely not worth the time I put into that channel to watch it go backwards without a way of fixing it.  I'm behind in way too many games that I could be playing instead of editing videos.  So yeah, come january I'll be uploading much much much less.  I definitely wont be doing any lets plays thats for sure, unless its a co-op game with Jed and its mind blowing.

Trine 2 part 14

I'm going to hammer up a bunch of these to get them out of the way so I feel better when I start ignoring my channel for months on end soon lol

Friday, October 31, 2014

The recent stuffs

So whats been happening with me lately..  Lets see...  I had my camera in for repairs like I mentioned a long while back.  Finally told all the errors on it are fetaures and I owe them $66 to have the camera mailed back to me, because every ones a fucking pirate.  Tried to sort something out with panasonic but they said they couldnt do anything about it.  Told them that was the last time I'd be buying a product of theirs.  At least it makes my next camera choice an easier one.  It was a toss up between panasonics latest line or sonys.  Despite not being a fan of sony, I know a good product when I see one.  RX100 III is a possible future purchase.  But I cant think about stuff like that until I find a job.

I recently bought this screen protector for my phone.  However to have it posted here it was going to cost me $50.  I'd like to mention hat price again.  $50.  For a screen protector.  For a phone.  Needless to say I was not going to pay this so I asked Jed if I could have it sent to his place and then him send it to me, and he was fine with that.

I only mention this because I recently got one of those random videos from him and it was concerning the item.  I tell you that video made me laugh.  Showed it to a friend who also laughed.  My original plan was to upload it so ou lot could see it.  But the next day I decided it would be cooler if I added something to the clip.  Go that extra yard too.  So I ordered a couple things I'm going to need but it wont get to me for about 3 weeks because australia is about the distance of fucking MARS.  Once I get them I'll try to do the video as quick as I can and have it uploaded.  Hopefully you all get a kick out of it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh Dora...

The other day I was going through the store and found this disturbing thing.  It looks like a knock-off Dora the explorer.  However she's doing a little too much exploring in my opinion.  You know what would of been awesome?  If she were battery powered that thing on the bottom made her hop around on the table.  But if you were to lift her up then it would just be moving in and out.  A great sight for all children!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Toy Theatre Ultron!

I was going to make an avengers 2 version but  never had any clear idea of what I wanted.  So I recorded a few random scenes for fun and put them to the side till I could think a bit more.  4 months later after having totally forgotten about them I came across them in a folder and thought screw it, I'll just put this up as a prelude thingie.  I mean lets be honest, I'm not going to win any awards for my rubbish so why not put it up anyway lol

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Amusing wiki page

So this was brought to my attention the other idea.

It's pretty funny how so much of the information was wrong.  Clearly the guy made all the stuff up from his own view by watching the videos and not much else.  Which is funny since he mentions austin introduced me and jed to each other and everyone else.  In a previous older video we actually state we all knew each other long before youtube.  But yeah, lots of errors.  And slightly negative towards me lol.  Jed and I joked about doing a story time episode about everything that happened back then, but we dont feel like absolutely destroying a few people with what we'd have to say.  So yeah, enjoy the entertaining yet factually incorrect wiki!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Story time 2

Uploading this and processing it with the gameplay video added took over a day lol

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goat Simulator part 1

Yes everyones played it.  So I've just made a little highlights clip.  But I've got some QUALITY drawings at the start which I'm sure should amuse 3 of you and disgust the other 100 lol.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Annual Saxxy Awards on steam

Theres some stuff being uploaded for a filmaker type competition with TF2 etc.  I really dont know that much about it but it happens every year.  My good friend LoneWolf has his video entered in and I thought it was brilliant.  If you have the time, just pop over to the link and vote for it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Not even impressed PC!

Man has my computer been stupidly unstable.  Now that my SSD drive is about 80% dead I cant open browsers or it'll freeze the system.  So I'm suffering using those on my phone or super duper old netbook.  Need to get some money to replace this damned thing soon or I'll go crazy.

Speaking of crazy, heres some absolutely wonderfully crazy people.. Head to the link for wonderful stories of people who actually thought putting your iphone6 into a microwave would charge it...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jack the Ripper solved!

So says the guy who compared DNA from blood found on a shawl of one of the victims and the blood of a descendent of the supposed killer and came up with a perfect match.  Its pretty amazing as this guy was one of the suspects too.  Aaron Kosminski is his name.  Plenty of articles around with more details about it but thats pretty much the basics.  It's unreal that they could manage his.  Nice for me as last year I went through a huge Jack the Ripper binge regarding articles, games, and movies etc.  I'd been interested in it in the past but never went into full detail.  Kind of like my World War 2 period the year before.  Sat through some unbelievable documentaries,  I still have a few on my shelf to catch up on.

I remember watching a documentary the other year about how this guy claimed the Ripper left england and went to america, and traced his steps with his supposed evidence etc.  It never really fit for me but he was pretty confident.  I mean he got it on tv.  Also loved the Sherlock Holmes game which decided to focus on the jewish theory, but Aaron is of heritage.  But yep, there you have it.  I'll admit a part of me isnt completely convinced, though could be because once the mystery is gone then the romance of it all is too.  But you cant argue with DNA.  I look forward to the movies they make from this.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How can you be this stupid

So last week I took my camera back for a second time and told them to send it off for repairs because it came back with the same issues but worse somehow.  Today I get a phone call and its from the store.  The guy asks me if I'm still wanting to send it off for repairs, or swap it for a new camera and pay for their warranty again, which gets automatically cancelled out once I swap it for a new one.  A warranty that I have yet to use as I'm still in the manufacturer first year default warranty.  I was pretty pissed.  Told him it should of been sent off 4 days.  Why are they annoying me so much over this.  We'll see how it comes back this time.

My mum also informed me that a relative of ours from greece is moving here to look for work.  And that he would be moving in with us for a couple months.  Furious isnt even a good description of how I feel over this.  I gave her an earful since she said a while back he wouldnt be staying here.  I can already see all my spare time vanishing as I try to accommodate him and entertain him with stuff.  Thanks mum.  You're a fucking champ.

This morning was pretty freaky.  At about 4am I heard the neighbours smoke alarm going off.  I went outside and there was smoke everywhere.  Grabbed my flashlight and shone it across the house but couldnt see any signs of fire.  I heard them wake up and moving around, but since there were no alarmed cries I figured it couldnt be them.  Not with this much smoke.  I couldnt see any fire anywhere and the street was thick with it.  If you can recall silent hill, think that.  Super creepy.  Well the evening news showed there was a fire but pretty far and in the dense bushland.  The smoke from it though covered the entire northern suburbs.  Luckily I had no plans to go anywhere.  It cleared up by the early afternoon though so that was good.

A friend of mine sent me this today.  Found it funny.

Friday, August 29, 2014

New 3DS coming

Dunno about you, but I sometimes think nintendo are really stupid.  I noticed today that they are bringing out a new 3DS.  This one has a bunch of new things.  supposedly the CPU has been upgraded a little.  Theres an extra Z trigger button.  Theres now a second tiny analogue stick.  And the 3D effect doesnt blur if you look at it from an angle like it usually does now.  Theres a few other additions but those are the big ones for me.  The thing is these are all features that we wanted from the start but nintendo were happy to just give us what they thought was best.  Oh well.  Guess I'll be trading in mine when the time comes.

There are some stupid things about it though.  I mean REALLY bloody stupid.  Needing to enter your credit card info in if you want to remove the adult filter on browsers is a bit strange.  But the part I dont understand at all is they claim some DS and 3DS games wont work on this because the cartridge slot has been changed.  WTF!  Good going nintendo!  Top marks for your stupid brains!

Monster Mill Part 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The good and the bad

So I'll start off with the bad because thats always fun.   After 6 weeks of waiting I finally got my camera back.  Unfortunately both issues it was in for repairs are STILL there!  I was absolutely furious.  Did some phone calls, did some complaining, blahblahblah.  So I have to go in tomorrow again with the camera.  Heres to another 6 weeks and then getting it back the same.  Total jokes.

The good news, finally got my cthulhu canvas mounted and stuffed up on the wall.  Looks brilliant.  The spot I picked is just above my desk so I can look up and see this large cthulhu bearing down on me.  So happees!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gamescon stuff

Honestly I havent really been following it.  Its no different to what I do during E3 or tokyo game show, and thats wait till the next day to see the videos of the games and bypass all the blaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I'd probably mention few things impress me.  However the video for Rime for the ps4 looked unbelievable.  Absolutely floored me.  I am so hoping that one turns out good since I'm a little unsure about the dev.  But got my fingers crossed.  Wild also looks interesting.  I'm also a massive Silent Hill fan and am completely thrilled that Del Toro is involved in it.  Just wish I knew how involved.  Also still pissed Yamaoka is gone.  The music hasnt been the same since he left.  But we'll see how it goes.  At least this game cant be more disappointing than Downpour was.

I finally got my canvas today.  So happy.  Useless USPS is the slowest ever. Took it to the store to get it set.  When its ready I'll slap it on my wall and take a picture.  Still need to figure out which wall and which spot.  Also got an email saying my stuff from Battle Systems has been sent.  Cant wait to create my little bases with it.  Plan to throw in my AvP miniatures when I get them too.  Just a shame they'll come unpainted.  Maybe I can do it or find someone locally.  We'll see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbone Exclusive -_-

Fucked right off about this.  To be frank it makes absolutely no sense to go down this route.  If you're going to go console exclusive you may as well choose the one with the biggest user base and hopefully most powerful.  This would be the ps4.  But xbone? No.  The only reason this is happening is because MS handed them a stupid amount of money.  Pretty disgusted.  We'll see if its a timed exclusive and at least comes to the PC later or something.  I though it was bad enough that the new shitty model they're sticking with from the definitive version was going to stay, what with her botoxed face and limited expressions compared to the previous excellent model.  Now this?  Enjoy selling less units this time round you retards.  I have no intention of picking up an xbone for 1 game.  Not happening. Also fuck you crystal dynamics.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 Ice creams later

I've eaten way too much...  But thats how I get when I watch episodes of stuff.  Especially when catching up on The Haunted.  Love that stuff.  Oh, my stupid package finally made it into my country on friday.  Only took 18 days.  PATHETIC!!  But the best part about it is that since it got here on a friday, that meant it would sit in sydney until monday before it started to make its 3-4 day trip to me as our posttal service, not content with being stupidly expensive, doesnt run on weekends.  Because FUCK YOU is the reason we're all given.  Unbelievable is what it is.  I also got my blood test done the other day.  Now to just wait on the results.  Lets see what sexiness it brings.

I also went to this silly conference thing.  They get like 11 people, though in this case it was only 8, and they ask us a bunch of questions for 2 hours regarding politics and our thoughts on how the politicians were doing in our area.  2 hours of our time and they'd hand us some money.  Now I know absolutely nothing about politics or who is who or where or whatever.  But I'm in desperate need of money so I figured I'd be able to speak shit and manage.  I pulled out a few things I knew, listened to the others, and then made up some rubbish on the spot every time.  Only one time I had no idea what to say and just shrugged saying my memory is sometimes shit, sorry.  Got my money and left.  Though I did meet this guy there whos a lecturer at the university and asked him about possible positions there as I have been having no luck whenever I apply.  We exchanged emails and he sent me some contact numbers.  If the universe is finally tired of shitting on my face, maybe something will come of this.  I'll do some calls on monday.

For now heres a picture that pretty much explains men.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stabby stab tomorrow

So while I was at the doctors the other day on a nothing thing I decided to get an appointment to check my blood levels and my fatness rating.  Usually good to go and check once a year or whatever.  I need to make sure the exercise I've been doing now and then is enough to offset the stupid amount of cake and takeaway food I eat.  I may not be fat on the inside, but my blood may be fat on the inside.  Not interested in getting a surprise heart attack out of the blue!  Only thing that annoys me is I cant eat anything from early evening the night before.  So that delicious pavlova thats waiting in the fridge will have to wait.

The stupid post is now screwing with me.  My crap was sent on the 20th, left America on the 25th and.......nothing.  Still waiting on an update from tracking.  I dont get it.  18 days now.  Thats the usual length it takes for something to reach me.  Should of been in the country at least by now.  USPS is beyond useless.

Also WHERE THE HELL is my camera!  God damn store!  They claimed it should of been back from repairs on monday.  Calling tomorrow and abusing.  Everyone seems to be trying to screw with my patience lately.  At least I met this guy whos a lecturer at the local university.  Said he's going to supply me with some direct numbers to scout in for possible administration roles.  He claims its the best way to get my foot in the door by making them know I exist instead of just sending in form after form after form.  Which has been beyond useless for me.  So fingers crossed something comes out of it.  I so need a job badly.  Shut up credit card.

Jed update:  He still smells like a hobo.

Friday, August 1, 2014

3 2 1 Lets Jump Part 2

Useless youtube! It's butchering the quality for some reason. But I dont care enough to figure it out.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I hate this game

Finally I made it

For the last 18 or whatever stupid amount of years I've been trying my best to go back to a restaurant that I absolutely adored.  They closed the place I used to go at and then later I found out they were in a different location.  But over the years numerous friends have for whatever reason refused to go there.  Every time I'd ask I'd get some random stupid excuse that never made much sense.  And I'm talking countless friends, not just 1 or 2.  Its like the universe didnt want me going there.  Well I'm happy to say I finally made it!!  And you know what?  It was bloody good!  And I'm going to go again at the next chance.

The place is called The Magic Wok.  You go in, fill your dish with a large assortment of vegetables and meats, and then they cook it in front of you with whatever sauce you choose from the dozen or so varieties.  And then you fucking eat it!!  And boy did I eat.  I forgot to take a picture of the actual dish after it was cooked because I was too excited.  Admittedly I had 2 dishes so that shows how excited I was to not take a photo.  However I did take one of the meat section..

Theres everything from your usual beef and lamb all the way to crocodile and emu and kangeroo etc.  Lots of meat.  And all of it oh so tasty and soft and omgiwejhauyghbnwemtf  I need to go again so badly!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well we got around to trying to stream stuff as a test to see if its worth us playing games and streaming them.  Unfortunately both mine and Jeds internet is too shit to stream for whatever reason.  It ends up looking like a horrible slow slideshow.  So yeah, won't be happening.  Real shame as we thought we'd log into it whenever we played an online game without the other, like CS, BF, street fighter/KOF, any MMO,  just something we didnt feel like editing for youtube.  Oh well.  Supposedly mid next year my areas internet will be getting a boost of speed so maybe then.  We'll check again in a year or so.  Wonder if we'll be bothered uploading videos still lol

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Apocalypse 9 + Sims 2 pack free

Oh sure, most of us are trying to get through Sims 3 and its expansion packs, and 4 is just around the corner.  But free is free.  Just load up Origin and go to Redeem product code and type in


You will get it and all its expansion packs.  Peggles free too.  But yeah, there you go.  Wont be for long so if you really want them grab them now.  I'm also in mid battle with my old iphone 4.  Trying to wipe it and keep its jailbreak so I can get rid of it to help pay off my horribly abused credit card.  Not going well.  Right now I'm trying to just get it to work.  We'l see how it goes.  Stupid thing might end up in a wall at this rate.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One year on

So its a year since my cat died.  A very lonely one at that.  Still miss him like crazy, bouts of small periods of depression still hit me.  I hate that hes not around.  The large chair in my room that he used to sleep on is still next to me.  It takes up a large amount of space but I cant bring myself to move it to another room.  Today I saw the little winged cat statue that I placed over the area I buried him, it had been tilted a little and shifted from its spot.  Had to hold back from raging.  I put it perfectly back in its position and had a stern word with my mum over it.  She claims not to have done it but thats the area shes dragging the garden hose and sometimes it slides up over the protective barrier of bricks.  It's a small thing but when it comes to that little area of his I just see red if something isnt how it should be.

One thing I'm still absolutely pissed at is not having a statue of him.  A while back I commissioned someone who was excellent at doing animal sculptures to do one of Kyo.  She go the likeness of many of them perfect.  But when it came time to show me what she'd done I was just deflated.  Heres  picture of what she sent me a while back.

While its a great piece of work, I wasnt completely happy with it.  I may be over critical but this is one thing I needed to be perfect.  As a small picture it looks pretty good.  But at its normal size you start to see all the little things.  And once I see something I see it every time I look at it.   I'd never be completely happy and it would bother me forever.  I dont want that nagging sensation in the back of my mind whenever I look a statue of him.  I want to look at it and see him instantly.  The ears are wrong, the nose is wrong, the mouth is wrong, the cheek areas make his face look bulbous.  Its just not him.  The lady understood why I couldnt accept it and she was more than happy to keep it which was cool, because as a cat sculpture its pretty awesome.

So now my new idea is to create him as a 3D model and then get it printed out.  I dont really know much about 3D modelling.  I've seen a course offered nearby that could help me get started.  I'll probably give it a skeleton so that I can make any kind of pose for extra statues.  One thing at a time I guess.  If I was working I'd just pay someone an obscene amount to do it for me.  Not being able to find a job is starting to get to me.

So heres to the most amazing cat I've ever known.  I absolutely loved him and miss him like crazy and still think about him every day.  Nothings going to fill this void.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Video card wtf!!!!

So I finally pinned down where that damn noise in my computer was coming from.   Before I couldnt tell if it was the video card or power supply.  It's been doing it since last year.  But it would usually stop doing it after a little.  Now its constant and way louder which is why I could specifically pinpoint the video card.  Lord knows how long its going to last too.  And right now I really cant afford a new card and I dont want to waste money on a temporary SHIT one that I'll replace soon after.  Thats just throwing money away.

I was hoping  I could reach the end of the year.   My plan was to upgrade when either Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen was released.  SC has been delayed till mid next year or something but Elite is in beta right now so good chance it should be out before the end of the year.   But...aarrrgh.  ARGH!  Only choices I have use my netbook for the internet till I save up for a new card, which will take months since I'm busy paying off my credit card at the moment thanks to being out of work for a STUPID length of time.  Why the fuck arent I getting more responses to my job applications!  Fucking shit world!!

Other option but a decent card that will do the job well enough and just pretend my credit card isnt being raped.  The third option is buy a card I originally planned for later which will not only rape my card, but probably manifest into a live creature to rape me straight after.  Oh well.   One day at a time.  Lets see how long this stupid thing will last.  Not gonna lie.  I'm pretty paranoid about firing up a game and having it whirr super speed.  Might cause it to flip its shit and give out there and then.  Guess its adventure time from here on out.

Apocalypse part 8

Rapid fire uploading!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apocalypse part 7

So I've decided to start uploading more often.  Will definitely help me clear up my computer thats for sure.   It also means I need to kick jed into being online more to play.  Actually I kicked him the other day to start uploading clips he's had of games he's playing.  You know what happens when you multiple lazy + lazy?  You get jed.  We abuse each other fairly often though. I'll get the last laugh, mark my words!

Right now theres a bunch of awesome stuff I really want to buy, but cant afford them thanks to NO JOB!  How it makes me rage.  Sent off 10 job applications last week, heard nothing so far.  Maybe I should just start selling drugs.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

GRID Autosport extras for PC

I just came across this info and felt to slapping it up.  Huge huge huge fan of the first game.  Second game I do not like at all.  Started out liking but after a while realized they were just trying to do something more like Forza when they really should have stuck to what they did the first time.  So I outright ignored this game and everything about it since I expected the same thing.  I tried it out at a friends place since he put it on and found out its pretty much exactly the same as the first one.  The whole structure of it is the same, the team mate that you can command during races is the same, its just glorious again.  I was hoping it would be on sale for a little less then a full priced game since its not exactly Grid 3, but sadly its full priced.  So I'm going to wait a while till its discounted as right now I really cant afford to get it.  But anyway, heres the cool extras the PC version just recently was added in via a large patch.

Codemasters tell me that the development of Grid Autosport is PC-lead. “Everything's just a bit bigger and higher res detail on PC,” says Kettlewell. “Better shadows, higher res car reflections – that's something else we've put a lot of work into on Autosport, getting the car paint effect to look as authentic as we possibly can.”
“We're locked to 30fps on console, we're clear on PC,” Moody adds. “60fps is really nice, it gives you a great experience. And, it can be played on a three displays. It has full peripheral support – wheels, controllers...”.
“We've got it running on 4K in the next room,” says Adrian Lawton, Codemasters communications manager.
“The thing about being PC-lead is that in the past we'd think 'Oh we can't do that on console' so we wouldn't do it,” says Kettlewell. “Whereas now the reaction now is 'Oh we can't do it on console but let's do it on PC.'
“We have little dashboard reflections. In head cam you can see reflections on the windscreen, something we'd never be able to afford to do on consoles without breaking our fps performance limit. In the past we wouldn't have done features like that but now we're thinking we can do it on PC. Better lighting and things like that. Little bits in lots of places.”

Delicious!  The free HD texture pack with the extra oomf is a separate download in steam.  You can enable or disable it at will through the options.  It's a shame they didnt focus on the cockpit view too.  That area is blurry and blah as hell.  Not sure why they bothered making it.

Blood Woods Apocalypse 6

Today decided to crawl out of bed around 6pm.  Must admit I enjoyed the ultra sleep time since I've been getting stuff all the past week.  Catching up ons ome tv stuff I have.  One such show called My Haunted House.  Its like 6 episodes with 2 stories each about someone recounting a ghost story they experienced and re-enacted.  Very similar to Paranormal Witness and My Ghost Story.  Some of the stories are good.  But some others are pretty trash.  Whether they're all true or not isnt something I can state.  But the good ones for me are the ones that seem more realistic.  The bad ones annoy me and generally have a cliche story or predictable unrealistic path.  It's good enough as it hasnt made me rage quite like some other shows.

Also heres the next clip..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally done

So I've finished Bravely Default today on the 3DS.  Been meaning to play it for ages since every one kept saying its the best Square rpg in years etcetc blahblah.  Found it recently at a stupidly low price and went for it.  I'll have to agree its their best one since they've released nothing but rubbish over the past decade.  Their best period was in the 90s during the psx.  Some unbelievably amazing games from them.  PS2 had a couple maybe, though I cant recall.  PS3 period?  pfffft.  Rubbish company.  So you're probably wondering, did I enjoy Bravely Default.  Without giving away any spoilers or hints or whatever, I would have to say no.  The game is decent.  Borderline decent.  The music is awesome, graphics are wonderful, and the battle system is great.  However most of the characters are fairly blah, story is blah, and...BLAH!!  Others will probably enjoy it.  I'm just fairly critical about many things.  Especially when a game like BD is only HALF a game.  The end had a little bonus movie showing a sequel.  I'll probably give it a shot if the story layout chapters are completely different to what I was served in this sad excuse for an rpg.

I've decided to play something a little shorter now and picked up my copy of Last Window, a DS game thats been sitting on my shelf for the past year.  I loved the first title, Hotel Dusk, so I'm sure this will be just fine.  Not sure what I'll fire up after that.  Too many games.  Far too many games built up over time.  Especially in those humble bundle packs from various sites.

And still waiting on my bloody camera to come back from the repair place.  Hurry uuuuuuuuuup.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free H.P. Lovecraft book collection for ereaders

Pretty awesome.  Whether you have a Kindle, iphone/ipad, nook, android, blahblahblah it doesnt matter, just go here and install the file via usb.  Since his stuff are in the public domain, they are free and wont need any copywrite crap for your devices to acknowledge it.  One of the greatest horror writers to have ever lived.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh ho ho ho Aliens Isolation dlc

The game itself I'm not too excited about.  I don't believe that it can stay exciting for the whole game.  I mean once the thrill of the slow moving alien plodding along after you wears off, it'll probably become more irritating than scary.  Well at least for me.  I'm sure plenty will get scared.  Just like how they found outlast scary.  Fucking joke of a game..   Anyway.  The dlc will be back during the first Alien film.  Original characters and voice actors, and you get to play it.  This is just awesome for me as that film was a huge part of my childhood and pretty much only 1 of 2 films that could scare me under the age of 10.  The other being the dark Crystal.  Because of fucking SKEKSIS.

Now I dont know how good it'll be.  You'll be able to play either of the characters and the outcome will change depending on what you do.  Which basically means you get to decide on who lives I guess.  Thats fine.  I wasnt sure if I would buy Isolation, but this dlc has the fan in me more then curious.  So I'll probably get it at some stage.  Possibly during a sale. I dont think I can justify a first day purchase though.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Nononono gamestop

I saw this earlier and to be completely honest I wasnt too surprised they're looking into this sort of thing..

"[GamesStop] indicated that software publishers are more enthusiastic about partnering with it," Baird's Colin Sebastian wrote. "For example, by offering exclusive content on each major game release, and longer term, future models may include GameStop offering exclusive gameplay."
GamesBeat asked him to clarify what exactly that "future model" meant, and Sebastian added the retailer is thinking about "getting involved at the time of game development where there could be some content exclusive to [the retailer] included in the game."
So if you thought it was stupid that peripheral content like skins and maps was split up between retailers, just wait until GameStop can offer actual parts of a game you can't get anywhere else. Then wait for Walmart and Best Buy and Amazon to catch on. It'll be great.

Theres something seriously wrong with the world.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fuck you harmony gold

So I've noticed these bastards have put up a kickstarter trying to get 500k from people to create a new 22min episode in the robotech series called Robotech Academy.  Supposedly based around the kids of the characters from the original series.   Firstly, 500k for 22min?  They could pay some cheap korean studio 10k or so like the japanese do and get that.  The rest is mostly profit for the shitty owners.   Secondly, FUCK YOU!  These retards are the reason why we havent had any new Macross stuff ported to the west.  We've had to import stuff.  Do you know how many games have been released in japan that we havent gotten?  An awesome 30th anniversary game for the ps3 with old characters, new characters, new story, new animation, CG, and cool battle gameplay.  Look at this...

I was forced to buy the japanese version and at one stage will go through it with a faq to try and understand it.  I've played a couple Macross games in the past that were just japanese.  One fairly good one on the dreamcast that I found at the time by total fluke, and also the psx ones.  I think I enjoyed those, but really cant remember.  But yeah, fucking furious!!

I wish everyone would just turn their backs on this company so they could die and just disappear.  Sadly theres a few who will still back them, and no amount of finger pointing can get them to understand.  At least this guy gets it.  Fucking absolute joke.  If this kickstarter gets funded I'll have to destroy something.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bunch of HP Lovecraft audio story links

I came across this page while I was grabbing a few to listen to.  I absolutely love the audio drama's where they use music and sound effects and everything.  I've found more audio drama's to have a creepier atmosphere than most movies.  Obviously I have no clue which ones are the good ones.  But if you pick a story you were always interested in, just click and see how it sounds.  If you like the voice then you're good as gold.  It's horribly embarressing for me as a Lovecraft fan to admit I still havent read all his stories.  Every now and then I'll try to grab one or I'll search the net for any good movies based off his stories.  I've found a few amazing ones thats for sure.  Heres the link for the audio books..

Brilliant page with quite a bit of work put into it.  Aside from that link I'm going to paste a few more up that are of sites I have come across or follow that update on Lovecraft stuff.

As for movies there are far too many for me to list with my shoddy memory.  A few that spring to mind though,  Re-Animator, From Beyond, The Call of Cthulhu (which is done as a 1920s silent film), Dagon, ..argh theres that memory I was talking about...  Well there are also others that arent Lovecraft but certainly inspired by him like Carpenters excellent In the Mouth of Madness.  Sam Neill was awesome in it.

Blood Woods Apocalypse Part 3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not going as planned

So today I took in my camera and unfortunately I had the warranty procedure completely wrong in my head.  What I originally thought was they would replace my camera on the spot any time it had an issue for the 3 years I'd paid for.  In actuality I was half right.  They would replace it once and that would cancel out my 3 year warranty, or I could have it sent off for repairs and keep the 3 year warranty.  So I went with send off.  One cool thing I didnt realize though was if I wanted I could use my warranty to also upgrade the camera.  I'd pick another one I wanted and pay the difference of what my camera was to it.  I wanted to do that but the camera I really wanted, which I couldnt afford at the time when I'd bought this camera, they dont stock at all.  So thats pretty bloody pointless.  

One other bit of bad news is my friend who was going to do the Meet Jed clip has been finally called in to do his 2 year compulsory military service.  So obviously he's not going to have the time to do this.  I'd going to experiment with trying to do little things myself and see if I can wrap my head around filmmaker and other stuff.  I dont expect to produce a thing and instead run off crying at how hard it is.  But I'm going to give it a shot.  A the very least I could probably make Bill stand there and fart.  That would be impressive.  OH WELL.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fireworks night

Thats what today was.  Fireworks night.  Once a year everyone and their stupid dog buy a shitload of fireworks and just set them off non stop for about 5-6 hours once the sun goes down.  It's only meant to go for 1 day.  But lots of people forget this rule and still set some off over the next couple weeks.  It's beyond frustrating.  I used to get super pissed over it since the super loud explosions would terrorize my cat.  But he's not around any more.  So that was one less thing to stress over.  So now I'm just baaaah whatever.  Hope some of you blow your hands off by accident.  Stupid loud bastards.

You know they complain that he cost of living is expensive now days.  complain about this or that going up in price, how can I pay for this bill, I cant afford that holiday etcetc.  Oh wait fuck it I'm going to spend a couple grand on fireworks and blow them all in one night yeah!!!!!!!  I can understand if they have kids cause you have little option  Kids want their fireworks.  At the very least it should be set to specific zones that fireworks are allowed to be let off.  Like at the beach or whatever.  Basically anything that keeps their loud shit from popopoping around my house for stupid hours on end.  By the end of the night it doesnt matter where you go or where you drive to, the air is thick with fireworks smoke.  Bleah!

Also my camera has developed a fault.  Tomorrow I'm going in to the store and abusing their policy of getting it swapped for another brand new one on the spot.  My 3 year warranty lets me do this.  So I'm doing it.

Also heres a sundae I had the other day.  Guy beside me freaked out when he saw me carrying it to my table.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Toy theatre Woody Royale!

I've finally edited an older one I had filmed last year and put it together.  Thats how slack I am.   Must admit I love the ending I gave it.  I've also hacked it up to hell since there was heaps more I'd filmed.  But thats how it goes really, record as much random crap as your brain can think up and then see what works and what doesnt.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's not even finished

I was going through my gameplay clips and found this older portal 2 fan map that I had played with Jed a year back.  I knew there was a reason I hadn't uploaded it yet but couldnt recall what it was.  So I started watching it and yet, we never completed it because Jeds net died at the time and it was late and we planned to play it later.  Problem is we never got around to it and we cant even remember what the map was called.  I've been looking through the ones out there to see if I can find it again but no luck.  So my choices are dont upload it, or upload and hope someone recognizes it and tells us the name so we can finish it.  I'll probably go with the second option.  Though I do feel rather slack about it.

Monday, June 16, 2014

3D modeling / 3D Printing

A while back I commissioned someone to create a sculpture of my cat from photos.  They did an awesome job except the face wasnt quite right, which to me makes it useless.  I've decided not to waste any more time on this approach.  Instead I'm thinking of having a model created in 3D with whatever Maya 3DS Max whathaveyou, so its easy to fine tune it till its perfect.  And then get it printed out with one of those new fangled 3D printers.  The 3D printer is easily bought, though thats down the line at some stage.  A very long line..  Probably just pay some place to do it for me.  My main issue is 3D modelling.  I have zero experience.  Was looking at the programs and beginner tutorials and my head exploded.  It's something I'd have to spend weeks every day to try and figure one little bit out.  A paid course would be nice.  I'm thinking of messing iwth 3DS Max since that looks a crapload easier than maya.

But yeah, if anyone knows someone whos legendary at 3D modelling, specifically of the animal variety and takes commissions, I'd be super appreciative if you were to message me about it.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rik Mayall R.I.P

Absolutely shit.  I loved this guy.  Watched him throughout the 80s and the 90s.  He was damn funny.  To die at 56 is just not right.  Unbelievable.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Trine 2 part 2

How to make a shit day last for 2 days

Thats right.  Make your bad day stretch to 2!  Technically mine went for 3 but whos counting.  Except me..  So I discovered my wireless modem decided to lose its wireless feature.  I mentioned that before.  I bought a wireless router and attached it to my modem.  All good right? No.  Not even fucking close.  This new magic Netgear piece of SHIT had a wireless radius of about 5 yards.  If I'm in the same room its fine.  Go down the hall?  Forget it.  Everything had issues to connect to it.  So I decided what should I do now?  I'll go buy a Wireless Extender!  I've always wanted to play with those!

Boom, more stupid money spent.  So this thing sets up easily and now I'm getting range in my room.  Its not that strong obviously cause all it doest is boost the length, not the power.  But something was wrong with it.  Something was making my devices just outright forget it was there.  Always disconnecting from it.  Spent 2 days messing with the settings from the router to the extender to the stuff trying to connect to it.  I pretty much got nowhere.  So I decided its time to return them.

The stupid store man said yes he will refund both, which I was surprised to hear, but I needed to call netgear and go through their trouble shooting process and get a reference number for them, so that they wouldnt need to auto send the items off for repair.  And if they werent broken I'd be charged for the sending cost.  Absolute bullshit rule, never heard it before, but theres nothing you can do.  So I called netgear and thankfully the guy on the other end was awesome when I told him I just want to return these, give me a reference number.  He gave and I went.  All done.

The other fun thing is there could be something wrong with my modem.  Yesterday it died around 7-8pm.  All I could do was skype or chat through steam.  No web pages would load, email, nothing.  Just skype and steam chat.  It started working again the next day around 3pm.  This has happened a few times in the past, all spread out though so I thought it was the ISP.  But I'm starting to think its the modem.  So I'm going to replace it with probably the new version of the Billion I currently have.  Amazing brand.

In the end I managed to grab a wireless router off my friend and that things working awesomely.  So thats how my internet days went.  Now my other problems...fuck that.  I'll go into them another time.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a stupidly annoying day

Today was just stupid.  Started off early, so I got maybe 3 hours sleep, cause thats how I roll.  Went to a job interview, and the guy was asking me for a bunch of ID, papers showing what stuff I'd completed for school or uni or whatever.  Totally confused me as this is the sort of crap they ask for AFTER they hire you.  My initial hope was to be told what I'd actually be doing.  He said he'd give me a call tomorrow to get the extra info off me.  In the morning of course.  Cause calling people in the afternoon is a fucking sacred crime in the world!!!

My next mission was to get a wireless router as my modems wireless ability decided to explode.  Walkawalkwalked forever till I found one.  Not that cheap sadly but hey, I need my damn wireless and I dont feel like buying a new modem just yet when I'll probably need a new one next year because of shit.  So came home with my stuff, unpacked and started to set it up.  Oh wait...wheres the power box for it?  Fucking...... Drive back, get it replaced, come home, then spend about half an hour trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing working, using tablets and netbooks to connect to it since my pc didnt know it existed.  Anyway all done.

Oh but theres more!  The other day I heard a weird CRACK to the side of my desk.  Couldnt figure out what it was, couldnt smell smoke, didnt see fire, nothing fell, so I palmed it.  Today I go to charge my Vita and its not doing anything.  The charging thing broke.  Thats what that crack was.  It blew itself.  Shaking it makes a rattling sound too.  Luckily I took it back to the store and replaced it, after a bit of screwing around and this stupid cow recommending they ship it off for repairs.   No.  I'm not going to wait 1-2months to get that back.  Gimmie one now.  Got it and its charging fine.

I also ate too much.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When your brain and eyes argue

So I was at my friends Royces place sitting there watching some stuff, and in the corner of my eye a little ways away I noticed something on the side of a box.  I look over and my heart practically stops.  The entire world just froze for a few seconds as what my eyes fixed upon looked like a large huntsman spider.  Nononono I didnt like the look of that.  I was ready to bolt to the side and to hell with what was around me!  I would escape this demon!  But my brain was already at work, knowing full well that what I was staring at was actually a clump of cat hair that had somehow fused together in that spot.  Oh sure, the brain knew what it was, but my eyes said FUCK YOU for about 20seconds.  I had to lean in close to triple check, pretty much forgetting I could actually breathe.  But yeah, heres a photo.  I DIDNT LIKE IT!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trip to the cinema

So today I went to check out X-Men Days of Future Past with my friend Royce.   You'll recall hes the one who owns the billions of toys that show up in some of my toy clips.  So imagine our surprise when we got there and were greeted with this!

Absolutely EMPTY in the cinema section we went into.  Thats Royce at the top.  It was fairly dark and my iphone is no panasonic so I've done my best here.  We went in the afternoon when its quiet.  Sidestep majority of the annoying kids and douches and stuff.  So we thought excellent, now we'll be able to chat normally during the movie for fun.  A little while later in walks 2 people and sit themselves a couple rows in front of us.  Saddened by this we slouched in our chairs and mumbled.  A few minutes later another guy comes in and goes a couple rows behind us.  That was about it.

The intro credits begin and everything goes dark!  Once the credits are over I notice this strange sound.  It takes a little but I realize its someone snoring.  The guy behind us had fallen asleep..  Like INSTANT sleep.  His snoring wasnt loud, but it was audible.  And it was hard not to laugh about it.  This went through the entire film with slight empty periods where there was no snoring.  Probably rolling slightly in his chair.  But it was a pretty solid attempt at snoring through the entire film.  And then we finally come to the end credits.  BOOM!  This legend suddenly stands up and makes a bee line straight for the exit!  Like a man possessed!  I found that pretty impressive.  Intro credits, zzzzzzz, end credits BOLT.   Best money hes ever fucking spent.

As for the actual movie, yeah I enjoyed it.  X-Men 2 was better though.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

RIP H.R. Giger

A few days ago the guy who created the amazing look of the Alien creature died.  Some sort of accidental fall, not much info.  He was 74.  I've been a huge fan of his art for years, though mainly because of Alien.  For those who dont know the details of how that actually happened, him creating the look, it was Dan O'Bannon who wrote the story for Alien.  When they decided it would be turned into a movie they looked all over the place for an artist to create what it would look like.  They had some failed ideas and stuff, but later came upon a design by Giger.

So they asked him to change the design some, maybe remove some of the penis bits and stuff, and he did some drafts till they finally came to the final look.  The eggs as well he designed and were also changed some too. It didnt open up in 4 folds originally but 2, making it look like a giant vagina.   The facehugger is also pretty amusing as it still looks like a vagina underneath.  In fact if you pay attention throughout the whole film you'll find more penises and vagina designs in the monsters, the alien ships and doorways etc.  Its one big giant porno lol.

It's no surprise the Alien was voted the most scariest horror monster ever created in a movie.    The only thing that could scare me as an 8 year old.  That and the Dark Crystal film.  Otherwise nothing made me budge.  Thats whats wrong with todays kids.  They watch all these 3D animated cartoons and little else.  Put something slightly scary and they wet themselves.  The Neverending Story?  Good fucking chance getting most kids to sit through that without them running off crying.  All I want to do is get the kids my mum babysits, lock them in a room, and put Alien on.  The boy is 10, he should be able to handle it.  But nope!  I'd be arrested instead of treated like a hero.  Useless generation!

I always have trouble picking which movie I love the most, Alien or Aliens.  I do know they're both my top 2 favourite films ever.  And the Alien creature from the first film is my favourite of all the designs.  Thanks O'Bannon and Giger for making my childhood so entertaining.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Amazing underwater cities

I saw this page the other day and was absolutely amazed.  I mean I knew there were some down there.  Everyone does.  But these ones are the special kind.  I dont want to mention any here since its way cooler to see the picture and read up a little for each one.  Theres only 5 listed here.  Totally need to check out if theres any documentaries to watch about them.

Monday, May 12, 2014

WEMB/GFY format is awesome

Jed decided to show me something useful for once.  Its a pretty cool new format that lets you convert video clips into animated gif files.  This new HTML5 version is so much better than a normal animated gif.  The link below shows an example of a retard kid being mauled by a cat, deservedly so, but you'll notice one is over 4mb in size and the other is over 200kb in size.  Very very cool.  You can also embed them and they act like a video with pause and rewind etc.  Even have sound too.  Theres a little drop down red arrow on the right image that gives you options.  This sort of thing will be awesome for blogs.  Now you can put up little clips you didnt want on youtube and they'll load straight away instead of slow and shit like youtube does sometimes.

And heres one with sound

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fixing things

When somethings broken you fix it.  Or you get someone else to fix it if you dont know how to.  My friend Royce's aircondition has been leaking inside the room instead of outside.  Why?  I say aliens.  But thats not whats important here..  Whats important is what he decided to do about it.   And I believe we can all learn something from this.  I walked into his room and was greeted with this.  Surely it deserves some kind of award.  If he's lucky the insides that live in it wont take offence.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Portal 2 fan map Parkour part 1

This was pretty tricky to finish!  At one stage we thought we'd never actually manage it.

Friday, May 2, 2014

War Thunder highlights 4

Some clips of Jed being the worst team mate in the wooorrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crazy people being crazy

This is a bit old but I was only just shown it so thought I'd put it up here for those like me who havent seen it.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The wonderful 80s cartoons

I've been watching a stack of older cartoon series lately.  Not everything played in my reagion of the world so I spent a while looking up info on youtube and other sites about the series most people enjoyed.  My most recent one done was Galtar and the Golden Lance.  I enjoyed that.

I only mention these because I've seen some horror news.  Jem and the Holograms, of which I recall enjoying back then BECAUSE I SAID SO!, they are making a live action film based off it.  I'm pretty pissed.  I mean none of them even look remotely like them.  Especially the actress for Jem.  I'm also guessing the stories will be dumbed down.  Say what you want about the show but the writing was far more adult than you'd expect.  Anyway, BLEAH!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet Con remake

This was so much fun to watch.  Teaser below.  Link to the full version is in the clips description.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Your delicious Aprils fools

Some good stuff on the net.  Some classics, some crap.  This is one of my favourites.

Straight from Vegemites own twitter.  Thats just brilliant.  YOU WANT TO DRINK IT DONT YOU!!!!

I considered doing something.   A video or two.  But in the end I was too lazy.  I did get Jed pretty good though.  Heres the skype log lol

[3:40:59 AM] Con Billiris: so I'm BFF with austin again

[3:44:38 AM] Jedediah Johnson: So you are friends with Austin again eh? Whens the next exciting playthorugh?


[3:45:52 AM] Jedediah Johnson: Graaaaagh!! You had me there. Had me good.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Portal 2 fan maps!!

Been looking forward to putting these up.  We go through a few maps made by others and some of them are brilliant.  This ones called Gelocity Stage 3.

Stargate SG4 L4D map part 1

Monday, March 24, 2014


Many a year ago I watched a movie on tv called Masterminds.  The movie was already 20min when I'd switched the channel.  I only stopped because it had a scene of Picards face.  So I kept watching it.  Turns out he was the main villain.  I'd grown up watching him in so many films, from Excalibur as the slightly lecherous King to the voice over from Plague Dogs.  And of course, Star Trek.

Now the idiots who made this film never released it on DVD and it was only available on VHS.  And even THAT wasnt around to buy.  The ones I've seen I didnt trust.  Could of just been bootleg copies for obscene amounts.  But I finally came across this version.  I cleaned it up a little in my video editor and then cut out my favourite scene in the film.  This is actually 2 different scenes stitched together.  You can't tell where the second part is can you?  No.  It's because I'm cray!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Best Titanfall Display Ever

Its a JBHiFi store chain we have here in Australia.  I dont know if its listed as another name overseas or is overseas because I'm too lazy to research it.  But this is awesome.  The manager at that specific chain must be great to work with.

Portal 2 part 22

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

War Thunder Gameplay

So theres this really fun game called War Thunder.  Free WW2 plane shooting game where you level up as you play, unlock more planes, weapons, upgrades etc, or just pay money to unlock them.  Jed was playing it for a little before and roped me into trying it out with him.  It looked fun and I was curious.  This was my first game.  I'll be uploading highlight videos later from this where we have some awesome deaths.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Scrolls part 4

Only took me 2 days to upload.  Best internet in the wooorrrrrrllllldddddddd

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online part 3

Youtube is really hating on me when it comes to compression these elder scrolls clips.  No idea why.  Oh well one more and I can forget all about it.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Elder scrolls Online part 1

This is me giving the game a little spin.  I'll upload the 4 parts quickly and I give my opinion of the game at the end of the 4th clip.  I might put extra thoughts here too.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Latest statue is in

So I've wanted to get a few things in memory of my cat but never found anything I was happy with.  Took me a while but I got that little winged cat statue earlier, posted a pic of it.  But finally my second piece has come in.

I love this thing.  Its almost 16" tall so its a fairly good size.  I also didnt want to put this outside unlike the other for fear the colours would wash away over time with the rain and stuff.  So its placed in the lounge room.  Love it.  Should of had it a month ago but stupid people being stupid forced me to wait longer.  Now I'm just waiting on my custom statue of Kyo to be finished.  Been 2 weeks so far.  The lady said it would take up to 6 weeks.  So I'm hoping I'll get an update in a couple weeks.  Really looking forward to it.

Monday, February 24, 2014


So I've been powering through a whole bunch of awesome 80s cartoon series that I've always meant to catch up on.  One of them being Dungeons and Dragons.  Now back then there were always weird anomalies in this or that scene.  One person had 2 eyes looking in different directions, another the wrong persons voice was coming out of a characters mouth, or this or that was coloured totally wrong for a few panels.  Its just how it was and at times it was pretty entertaining to see them.  Until this bit in D&D popped up and pretty much frightened the crap out of me.

This was one of the characters looking up at something.  And in the next panel his hat fals back.  And what would you expect to see?  Not THIS!

WHERE DID THE BACK OF HIS SKULL GO!!!!  And how is his hat staying on!!  Honestly artists, this is just too much even for me.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


So I didnt get to play it really.  I messed with the tutorial and watched Royce play it over at his place.  Didnt realize the beta was only on for a couple days or so.  But from what I experienced it isnt a game for me.  It's going to sell really well since the xbone users are twitching for something good to play thats exclusive (its on pc but they dont know this), so it'll be a sort of siege mentality in claiming its the greatest game to combat the ps4.  I do see most people losing interest in the long run though and going back to COD.  I think its got too many game mechanics that the average gamer wont want to learn and adapt to.  Thats my take though, it could sell 100 billion copies and be the top multiplayer game for the next decade so who am I to say.

Heres a short clip of my experience though.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gift for my cat

I saw this online and just had to have it.  I've placed it over the spot where his ashes are buried.  I'd thought about getting a plaque for the lower part of it but then pushed that idea away.  Maybe I'll get a sloping plaque to put in front of it.  Not sure.  I'll figure it out at some stage.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines day!

Yep!  Its another one!  And all the single people are probably moping and sulking about how they're so lonely while other couples do couple things.  Not this guy!  Happily single and still loving it!  I also went and bought this shit!

And guess who doesnt have to share it with anyone.  Thats right, ME!  Nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Aaand finally, Bioshock infinite final clip

So glad I've uploaded all of this.  No more super long length shit.  Takes foreveeerrrrr