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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do Wee Cha Gee!!

Man oh man. I have been pretty packed lately. So much I need to catch you guys on. And I will! But really I want to show you all something. Do any of you recall when I posted about this? (See below.)

Yeeeeeeah. You all remember this baby! Its awesome. Its sexy. Its BLUE! Well guess what. For a reason I wont share with you all now, Con surprised me yesterday with a package. Now sometimes I get random things from Mr. Con. Like a box to mail off for him to a different location ect. These are things I do not mind doing for a friend. But sometimes he really surprises me with a unexpected and unannounced present.

Check it! I don't know why Con is the great person he is but he really went out of his way and got me this celebration gift. And let me tell you it looks awesome in real life. Mmmm! So this post is less about me showing off my awesome new Samus Aran figure but instead a front page thank you to Con. I don't know why you do all the things you do, but its something I will never take for granted. I hope one day I can return my friendship with just as much generosity.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Games

So whos actually excited or looking forward to watching it?  I'll admit I totally love this competition.  So many things to watch.  My favourite events are probably the gymnastics.  And then the team sports like football, hockey, volley ball indoor/outdoor, and a few others.  Blame me for my Australian upbringing.  We love us some sports!

Friday, July 20, 2012

New L4D clip up

And I finally managed it.  Took less time than I expected as a few of Jeds clips that should of been in the folder that I got from him werent there.  So theres a couple less Jed cams because of that.  How long will it take part 3 to come out?  WHO KNOWS!

Monday, July 16, 2012


So Comic-con finished and my friends off to Vegas for a week before coming back here.  He grabbed a shitload of commissioned art from the convention too.  An obscene amount.  I was only getting 2 done which I had paid for over a month ago.  I'd specifically kept some money aside for it.  So out of the 2 I'm frustrated to say only 1 got finished.  The other one the artist didnt have time to finish it off and plans to completely it when he gets home and mail it to me.  What pisses me off the most is I paid in advance and he knew my idea long before the convention started.  While people who rocked up to the convention got theirs done no problem.  Fucking furious to be honest.

The other one didnt come out exactly as I'd hoped, but its fine as is.  Sadly I only had a really crappy quality picture that my friend sent from his ipad.  The detail wont show up too well and its a little warped cause the camera is shit.  Not a fan of the cameras on the ipads/iphones.  They're dodgy.  So heres a crappy pic of it, wont be able to get a good one till he returns and scans it in.  Its of Starscream smashing his hand into the ground Unicron style with Megatron between his fingers, by the official Transformers comic artist Livio Ramondelli.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Saw that coming

So my sister is visiting, been here about a week, she'll be leaving maybe end of next week or whatever.  This time I havent really cared, mainly just ignored her, let her do whatever, whenever she wanted to car I just said go for it, which has been every day.  Mainly because I dont feel like inviting added stress to myself and also to show my parents what happens when I give her full freedom as they bitch at me sometimes to just let her take it now and then when shes visiting because she cant afford a hire car.

So in that week shes somehow managed to clock up over 400km.  I cant even do that if I try in 3 months, and shes done it in a week.  Somehow driving to her friends place, which is less than 10min from our house, is similar to entering the twilight zone.  She doesnt add in all the taxi rides she gives her friends when they all meet up etc.  Cause thats what my car is, a free taxi.  But the best part about this is shes done what I expected her to do and thats damage the car.

Its a bit hard to tell from the angle, but thats my car door.  The scrape you can see is a little longer then my hand.  Clearly she grinded up against something.  She tried to say it wasnt there when she used it and in her brain she actually believes this.  She says thats a dent from someone reversing into it.  Its not.  Thats a scrape.  A dent would of caved the door in some and not left sideways streaks.  She then said it was there in the morning when she got back from a light night at a friends so it couldnt be here.  I told her was it there the day before.  She says no.  I say I havent used the car in 3 days because of you.  Thats when it dawned on her that maybe she really is a shit driver.  My parents arent impressed.  I just shrugged and said there you go, what I said would happen happened, and then walked off because I dont care enough to get angry at something I saw coming.  This is going to cost me a bit too.  Not sure how much but no less than $600.  I'd ignore it but because its scratched deep into the door, if I ignore it it'll rust and then I'll need to replace the entire door, and thats just stupid money.

That delicious $600 I dont have.  Get my sister to pay it?  Sure, once she pays off her $800k bank debt.  In other words never.  Last week I even sold my lovely $1200 camera for a pathetic $400 because I was in need to pay off some bills since I'm not working yet, and people dont seem to want to pay anything for high quality goods.

Its not all doom and gloom though.  My friend is holidaying in america at the moment, going to the San Diego comic-con.  He keeps hassling me to go but yeah, I'll just check my bank account and OMG EMPTY!  So as of this moment hes at disney land.  One day I'll make it there so I can ride those damn tea cups that I've always wanted to.  I will ride that a half dozen times just because!  He actually joked that Jed and I should start up a kickstarter with prize levels to get us together so we could make a dodgy holiday movie length video.  I'm sure we'd end up getting $30 all u, and only because someone got the address wrong.

I've lent him my expensive video camera which I bought a few years back so he could record all the places he goes to so I can see it.  I'm one of those few people who actually love looking at holiday pictures/videos that other people make, where as most people get bored of that and dont care.  Hopefully wont damage it or get it stolen.  Costs almost 2grand.  But I've got a year left on the warranty so damage wont bother me.  As long as it isnt crushed or something.

He's also picking up 2 art commissions for me at the comic-con from a couple artists I got stuff from last year, Livio Ramondelli, current Transformers comic artist, and Reilly Brown who used to do deadpool and other DC/Marvel comics.  I saved up for those two months back.  When I get them I'll post them up here and hopefully they'll be awesome.  I've put up previous stuff of theirs that I gotStarscream sitting on his throne and deadpool being smacked by the cat.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sandy I need waaaater!

Normally I can handle work stress well. You just learn to not care but it's been testing my strength lately. The power has been out in our state due to a crazy storm we had. Knocked over trees and power lines and kids and umbrellas and cats and papers and MY PLAYING CARD PYRAMID! Takes hours to make one of those.

So with the power being out and people having no water. When our store finally opened it was like a scene from Dead Rising. People breaking through the glass doors and ripping the flesh of the living to drink the much needed sustenance from their bones.
I won't lie. When I seen the crowed it was me and my elderly co-worker standing in their way. I pushed her to the floor so I could escape. She lived a long life. She would want it this way even if I gave her a choice (I didn't)

I hope the water and power come back on soon though. People will be without power for another 5 days yet! Needless to say anything electronic and portable is very popular right now in Ohio. More so if it has a car charger. -Mobile JedediahJ