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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Universe, you Suck. But I love you anyway.

A few months ago my brain did something that caused my much grief.  I've been slowly building up my Aliens stuff so I can make the awesome aliens display I'd always wanted since I was a kid.  NECA has been releasing some cool stuff and I've been collecting specific items from their alien range.

But a few months back my brain said to me, Hey dont you think it would be cool to have those cannisters from Aliens with the facehuggers in them?  And I said Brain, thats a cool idea.  You suck for giving me this idea.

So I've been scouring the net trying to find stuff that would let me build my custom cannisters.  I needed this.  And then later my brain said Hey, you should totally put a light in it that you can switch on and off, that'll look cool..  And I said Fuck you brain OMG.  So after a month or so of searching, I found multiple parts I figured would be good enough to try and make these.  I ordered them, spent a $100 or so on this stuff, something I really cant afford right now but when it comes to Aliens my logic goes out the window.  I need to have this done.

So that was 2 weeks ago.  All ordered and sent.  I expect to receive them probably next week.  But I came across this news item from NECA showing some new items they're releasing.  And guess what.  Yep.  Fuck you too.

The one thing no company has ever made EVER, and they suddenly announce the cannisters 1 week after I order my stuff.  And it even has a light.  I mean how does everything line up like that?  Out of nowhere.  Something you never expected to be made, BOOM, there it is.  So I'm pissed I wasted money on the other stuff, but I'm also happy that these are being made now.  Sadly I'll need to save up some more money to get them.  My display needs this.  I'll see if I can salvage the other materials into something useful.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ethan Carter part 9 final

I actually finished uploading a full game.  Been a while since I did that and didnt lose interest in editing the full thing.  10 points to me!  Brilliant game also.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The good, the bad, and the painful

This weeks been fairly blahblahblah.  I finally gave in to my parents incessant nagging to go look for a new car to replace my broken one with.  I dont want them paying for it because it'll bug me forever.  My last car I paid for.  If I dont pay for it then its not mine.  But whatever, I'll pay them back after I find a job.  So went around for a couple hours to a few places.

Saw some decent stuff, saw some horrid stuff, and saw some stupid designs that current cars seem to love doing with some brands.  The front is more sloped down, because of a european design choice.  So when I got into a couple cars I was interested in, I looked forward and couldnt see the front of the car, just the first bit of the bonnet before nothing.  How the hell do you judge your parking like this!  I cant do it.  I know in the first 30seconds of testing a car whether I'll possibly damage it at some stage.  My previous 2 cars, thats all I spent in them during the test before I was happy.  Over 20 years driving, not 1 accident.  And there were a few moments I still cant believe I avoided.  If you're confident in your car, you're confident in your driving skills.  In these ones, no.  I'll smash into something for sure.  So my choices are more limited in what to find.

That day it was particularly hotter then usual.  Its stupid hot here but the sun was even more painful.  I've also got super pale skin.  I hate the sun and the sun hates me.  Its a mutual thing.  And I'm pleased to say the bastard gave me sun burn, so my hatred for it is justified.  I wasnt even in the sun that long.  You can see a perfect separation on my skin where its white and then red.  The side of my neck somehow managed to get the worst of it.  I really dont like this.  To my skins credit I'm surprised it didnt blister.  Thats what happened last time I got sun burnt.  Who knows maybe its a little slow since this is only the next day right now.  Tomorrow it might be a little worse.  Fuck you sun.

My other joyous part that keeps me from crying from pain because of my skin is that I FINALLY completed 1 piece of my collection!  I've been after a Harley Quinn statue for YEARS.  One where shes in her classic outfit.  But I've never liked any enough to buy them.  Quite a few have been released but they werent for me.  So I've waited and waited and omg waited and finally one came!  I grabbed it instantly!

The pictures dont do the figure justice.  The colours are super vibrant, more then I've seen many statues and figures have.  I'm super happy I have it.  Shes now placed next to my Batman.  I still havent found a superman statue I'm happy with so thats an empty part still.  Will admit I'd love the blue energy version of him.  Maybe one day.  I also still need a Huntress statue.  Love the character, but she doesnt get enough love despite being in plenty of comics and even in some of the tv shows.  One day.  Those are my main ones.  There are some amazing ones of other characters, but I have to be selective because of A) Space, B) Money.  Now if I had plenty of money and my own place, one room would just be filled with statues and figures.  One can dream...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Trash talking clip

Originally I'd recorded a bunch of games to make a compilation clip with, but there werent enough good bits to bother.  What I did notice was the amount of juvenile trash talk me and Jed throw at each other.  So I thought hey why the hell not.  Let people see how close we resemble 12 year olds while playing random online games.  The original video for the clips were horribly screwed because of 'reasons', so I overlapped random video from the same games.  So dont worry about things being out of sync.  Thats normal.