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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I wonder

I've just noticed I've been making an entry almost every day.  While my brain has plenty of crap I can talk about, it makes me wonder if I can keep it up or if I go into slack mode and post less.  Well I guess theres at least 1 person finding entertainment in this so I'll do some more.  A lot of things I'd like to mention but I get distracted easily sometimes.  But at this time I really cant focus on what to do first so I just have to pick something.

In the middle of sorting out crap in my room to get the new sound setup in place.  Seriously I could of had this done yesterday, but I like doing things in stages.  Remove old speakers, dust/clean up area, plot placement of said new speakers, setup.  In the middle of cutting the cable and figuring out how long each speaker cable needs to be.  I'm over compensating on the length but its better for it to be a little slack then taught.  Had to order a new component for my pc so I can use optic out on it to my receiver.  RCA cables can go to hell.

So all this is leading to my current pic.  Its the huge box of my receiver on the spare bed where I left it for the moment while I get my crap done.  Found my cat just casually perched in the middle.  You probably cant tell since I've shrunk the pic and compressed it some, but his tongue is slightly sticking out.  Now doubt he's happy about his latest acquisition. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Toys 2

The speakers werent the only thing I got recently, although they're the biggest.  And getting my room ready for them has been a bit of a chore.  Removing the old sound system, cleaning away dust in that area,trying to figure out how to place all my crap around to support this new equipment.  BLEAH!  Its half fun, half annoying.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have it all setup and spiffy.  Not too happy the receiver is on the floor next to my desk instead of the book shelf or elsewhere like I planned, but the things too fucking HUGE to fit there.  At least it'll get plenty of air where it is.  And I can get to the back connectors easily when I want.

Yeah little sidetrack..  My other toy which I bought when in melbourne was something I'd been looking at for a while, and its a good replacement for my current Lumix TZ3 camera which I've had for years and been looking for its successor.  I might actually get one of those other nice lumix cameras down the road that are shock proof and waterproof, just because they're tiny and can be carried around and are pretty much anti-broken style.  So the new replacement is the Lumix G2.   A very godly camera, does amazing video in low light, and pictures are pretty spiffy awesome too.  Again, I'd been saving up since last year for it, so by the time I decided this was the camera for me I was ready for it.  Heres a pic.

I've laid out the camera and both the lenses it comes with.  A normal one and a widescreen lens.  Its a pretty amazing camera.  And the manual is over 200 pages so I'm still in the process of reading it.  Once I'm done with my sound setup and understand how that blasted thing works with all my other devices properly, I'll go back to learning how to use this thing, especially since now I have plenty of time to do it since work tossed me out.  Keep me distracted from the thought of zero income for a while.  I'm a massive panasonic and pioneer whore so getting these two things, camera and receiver, has pleased me.  I doubt I'll be buying anything else for a while.  Aside from some games.  Like if sony ever decide to release gran turismo 5 in my lifetime.

Actually there was ONE other thing I did get while in melbourne...  not including the 2 books I've been after for ages, The Michael Palin Dairies, and the python autobiography by the pythons, 2 books centred mostly around Monty Python, the greatest comedy group ever.  The other thing I got was a Mr Flibble hand puppet.  Anyone familiar with Red Dwarf should know this instantly.  I'm totally over the moon about it.  I love the thing.  GAME OVER BOYS!

Friday, October 29, 2010

New toys everywhere

Well today was very eventful.  I'd decided after a couple years of looking around and reading that I would buy my updated sound system when the Aliens anthology bluray pack was coming out, which is like in 2 weeks for Australia.  Since I got the HDTV I still needed TrueHD sound just to make that Aliens fanboy inside me wet himself.  So after a million and one reviews and crap of reading, I decided on my ultimate setup which wouldnt cost me the sun.  I went for the Pioneer VSX-1020-K receiver, and the JAMO A407HCS5 speaker system.  The cheaper alternatives always seemed to have one or two features I REALLY want missing so I had to keep going a little higher.  I think this was a pretty good choice to have for the next decade if I'm lucky.  I might add a couple speakers down the track for 7.1 but that wont be until I build the unit under my house so I can move the sound system there for pure joy.

So heres a picture of it.  I havent set it up yet because I need to remove my older stuff.  I also misjudged the size of the receiver.  I cant put it where I want so I'll have to tastefully put it beside my desk on the floor next to my consoles.  Should at least look good even if that wasnt my prefered area.  But it'll give it plenty of air which is also very important.  Buying it now after I just lost my job might not of been the smartest move, but I got onto a decent length interest free period to pay it back so it gives me plenty of time to find a job down the track.  Technically I have the money to pay for it now since I'd been saving up, but I'd rather hold onto that for emergency.  I should also point out the speakers for some bizarre reason were half the price they should of been.  So I bloody well grabbed them.   I'd like to add also that most people in retail are fucking retarded.  At least when I was in retail back int he day I actually knew WTF I was selling and what we could get.  Morons.  Heres a pic of my new babies.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well thats that.  Work is officially over for me and I am now unemployed.  It was pretty cool though since alot of people were genuinely sad to see me go.  They want to catch up with me during christmas for a big feast somewhere so we'll see.  At least I've got time now to do a few things I want.  Like edit my holiday videos and see what I can create from that.  And way too many games and movies to catch up.  Should be good. 

What should I put up this time?  Hmm...actually how about a second picture of the L4D people from a different angle and position..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 day left

Well technically I have 2 days left before my job ends but I'm only going to go tomorrow and they can royally fuck off with friday.  I'd rather stay home.  Couple more supervisors found out I wouldnt be coming friday and thereby avoiding the entire goodbye lunch they plan to throw me.  Told them not to even consider doing it tomorrow or I'll leave the minute I hear about it.  I really hate those things.  Always avoid them. 

So I went through the videos I took of my trip to see what I could salvage for youtube.  I'm really annoyed I somehow didnt record the guy in the alien costume.  I only have my friends digital cam video of it.  I Swear I recorded it.  Oh well.  I found this bit though of me at the museum with the friends I went to melbourne with.  We're in the insect section and you can stick your head up in this bubble to watch the ants up close all around you etc.  I've compressed it a bit just to make it much smaller.  I'll hopefully figure out a way to cut/merge and somehow keep good quality with the clip I end up putting on youtube.  There will probably be 2 clips I think.  One of the convention and one of the museum.  Unless I can fit everything in 1 video length that youtube will accept.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

snore face is snore

Well today was an entertaining day at work. I spent most of the day chatting and playing games on my iphone. And when one of the supervisors who doesnt like me said I shouldnt be talking and instead be at my desk working, I just smiled back till they walked off. I dare you to fire me if you dont like it. Also found out one of the other supervisors who likes me and 2 of the other elder workers there questioned the bosses why exactly I was being let go instead of some others. Good to know some appreciate me. A couple of the other supervisors said they're going to miss me so that was pretty cool.

People are also planning to throw me a going away party at work on friday. Its a shame I wont actually bother turning up to work on that day. It'll be my final 'fuck you' to the idiots in charge.

On a side note I'm still royally pissed off at sony for delaying Gran Turismo 5 to the end of the year on whatever retarded logic they've decided to go with. My plan after leaving work was spend all of november playing GT5 and Football Manager 2011. Well now all I can whore myself at is FM11. Fail. I guess I'll catch up on the other couple dozen games I still need to play.

Heres another pic from the the Armageddon expo I took. Darth Vader is a pimp.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Got to be up in about 6hours to get ready for work and I really dont have the energy. Its my final week before my contract ends so maybe I should put in a little effort. Or maybe not. Extended lunch and early hometime I think lol. Bit pissed off all my effort and extra work I've put in has been largely ignored. My first 3 months were pretty much 6 day work weeks, bordering on 12hours each weekday in overtime. 8months down the track what am I rewarded with? Pretty much nothing. But its ok, the others who are 10 times mroe useless then me got extended. Including the guy who takes off 1-2 days a week because he was out drinking the night before. Favouritism? Fuck you. See how much work I put in for you during this last week. I'm taking 'slack' to a whole new fucking level.

Some days I wish I could live in this picture and just enjoy myself in a nice, happy, magical quiet place. Read my books or write one next to a large fire, huge slice of cake next to me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I like to eat

I've been eating way too much today.  But its a weekend so I'm in slack mode. I'll have plenty of time soon to exercise since my contract at work ends next week which means I wont be working after that.  I guess that means I'll be in more clips from now on.  That also means zero money.  Still, gotta stay positive always.
So following up from yesterdays picture, heres another one you should all find pretty amusing.  I asked the group to do a few poses for me and they did, so heres one picture of them.  I think I have some video footage of them doing their bit so if I find that its watchable I'll be slapping it up onto youtube with a video compilation of the event.  You know what would be really funny?  If one of them actually watches the kilplix videos.  That would be pretty lol worthy.  My personal favourite, toss up between the girl playing the witch and the hunter, because they went to a shitload of effort.  They look great.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to boring food again

Well just ordered myself a pizza.  Bit sad considering I ate at so many nice places while I was in melbourne.  Just got back the other day from there, so much fun.  Was at an expo called Armageddon.  Basically lots of things to do with movies, tv shows, comics, and other stuff.  People dressing up in costumes too, pretty awesome ones there.  I'm still in the process of sifting through the photos I took and some video I had.  I'll be putting up pics here and some videos on my youtube page.   For now I'll just put one up of me, a couple friends, and 2 random people who were there.  The 3 of us are in the middle.  I'm the one in dark blue, a Cobra Trooper from GI Joe.  All of us were from the series so it was a good picture.  I wish I had more though.

So in order from left to right, Baroness, Cobra Commader, Firefly, Cobra Trooper, and Snake Eyes.    Was heaps fun.  Had lots of people stopping us often asking to take our photos or pose with us in photos.  Great fun.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Burn baby burn

My first post.  Have I bored you yet!!    I'll have to screw around with this till I'm happy with the way it looks and work.  Any ideas you think will help me just toss them my way.