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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Page 4. Only took 4 years.

Man oh maaaaan. This was so behind getting done it become the blogs's little version of Duke Nukem Forever! But here it is. Page 4. As my art improves, these will be coming out faster. Plus Con and I are working on a new system. I draw, ink, and he colors. He wasn't able to do the coloring this time around which delayed us but that wasn't his fault. We are still learning and it takes time.

Lets talked about whats going on here. So far we know Simon lives with his poor family. Who seemed to have signed him up into..dun dun duuuun. The Military? And he has a brother who is some kind of hero? Oooo thats him in the poster! If only it didn't take 30 months per page to come out. Con is so worked up about this story of his that he gets all gitty! 

Please bare with us. We are such noobs and just trying to do this little co-project together for fun. We also hope you guys enjoy reading it and are entertained enough to check the blog often for new content. 

With that said, new portal video is in the works!  I received Con's clips and just got to get mine in with it. So I hope you guys look forward to watching another one of our Co-Portal Doom clips within a few days! 

PS. Mr. Joshua. You know who you are what you did. We have something in store for you. Something as a little thank you. So check back with us soon! :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The taunting of Con

So a while back you all should recall I sent a message to Jed over the phone while I was in bed and he was at work.  A while later Jed returned one.  And you all get to see it first before it goes live.

The most frustrating part, I was actually pretty hungry at the time when he sent this.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

So close I can almost taste it..

This week has been pretty good to me and Con. With his time off work we can better schedule game nights and lols hour. As a result we got to spend better time together and finish a few fun matches of various games.  

Whats really cool though is this new headset Con got. A Logitech G35. Its a 7.1 surround sound headset! I noticed right away how clear and crisp his mic quality was and apparently the in game audio outstanding on his end.

When I inquired about, I mentioned I should get one myself but Con gave little to no details. In fact, he even randomly posted me address to me. He is so unpredictable sometimes I thought nothing off it. Till about 3 days later. When a package arrives at my door. That devil..THAT CON bought me a Logitech G35! 

Con worked and WORKED at his past job to get what money he has now. I just want to give a shout out to how awesome of a guy he is to spend that money on a friend. I didn't even ask him to get it. He just did it as a gift and "loled" when I found out. 

So how does it sound? Well, made a comic to show ya. Its easier than words. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

MSPaint Art pt 1

So a little while back I asked poeple if they wanted me to draw anything, and a few of you did.  Because of the amount of requests I'll be putting them up a few at a time, starting from the first request and going straight down to the last.  If some look really shit...ok, if MAJORITY look really shit, theres not much I can do.  I have zero art ability.  And trying to do something with a mouse is not good.  Some things I think I could draw ok, but there were some other things I could NOT do for some reason.  But I'm drawing everything that was asked so without further ado, heres my rubbish for you!!

First up was Anonymous with a generous request of a PENIS.  I give to you, PENIS ISLAND!

Next up was a cat for fotografermuda.

Next was a unicorn for LucifersAngel112.  Unfortunately no matter how hard I tried I could NOT do a unicorn lol.

Anonymous was up asking for an Alien queen.  So heres my rubbish queen lol

 Lanky Senseiwanted, in his words, Draw a guitar wielding Ninja who's playing a wicked solo on top of a whale..IN SPACE!I actually really like this one haha

And finally for now, Brian wanted a A jet propelled penguin using a shark as a snowboard down a snowy slope.To be honest, this is my favourite one.  I actually really like how it came out.  Makes it look like I have some idea of what I'm doing, when really I'm just dumb and without talent haha

 I've done a few more but will save them for later.  I think Jed as a woman request was probably the hardest on my sanity to do.  Hope you enjoyed them lol

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh so yummy

So a while back I uploaded a few pictures of art I got comissioned from some famous artists.  I finally have 2 more that the Transformers artist
Livio Ramondelli, drew for me.  I dont have the original pieces with me yet as he only just mailed them off this week.  But I did receive some scans of them.  First one is Megatron and Starscream fighting.

Second one is easily my most favourite.  For anyone whos seen the animated movie, which I'd like to point out is 4 billion times better then the current CG spazfest films, this is where Megatron returns as Galvatron, since he was smashed up pretty bad in the fight with Optimus, and kills Starscream who was making himself leader of the decepticons.  If you havent seen the film then heres the scene below...

And this is my alternate reality version.  Ignore the out of place metal part on the left side of Starscreams head.  That part was corrected.  Legendary artist, I love this piece so much, cant wait to get my hands on it.

If you want to see a little more of his work here is his deviant art page

This is also the latest cover he's done for the comic line.  In my opinion one of the best Transformers covers ever.

If you enjoy seeing random art from famous artists, my friend collects some and brought a few back from the recent San Deigo comic con.  He's slowly uploading them to his blog, which is at the link below.

Speaking of comics, Jed should be uploading the next page of our comic tomorrow.  He's just editing the speech bubbles.  And hopefully next week we'll have gotten the next portal video ready.  He's working shitloads.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


So I've been having way too much fun making the mspaint requests as you all know.  I'll be uploading a few every few days so you can laugh at the absolute shit I create.  I showed Jed today, he seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.  Oh, and speaking of Jed he says he should have the comic up in the next day or two.  He's pretty much touching it up now that he's got some free time.  And fingers crossed I might get a chance to play some games with him on monday night.  That'll be the first time in...ooh...3months.

So for now I wanted to share something with you that made me lol.  Watch the clip for a while for the awesome fat kid in the back busting moves like he was a god.  And when you finally get sick of watching the two in the front, which should be real quick, just skip forward to 1:25 and be treated to pure gold.

UPDATE: well they set the video private.  If I find it uploaded elsewhere by someone who ripped it before it went down I'll put it up again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So dumb

So recently I was thinking...  What can I do thats retarded?  I have plenty of choices really.  One of them being just be myself.  But I thought maybe do something that could be slightly entertaining.  And thats when I remembered my epic legendary MSPaint art.  These are two examples of my ART!

Thats Batman and a dinosaur that someone asked me to do a while back.  So if you feel like encouraging me in my pointless little exercise, I'll happily use my SKILL to do some requests.  Put them in the comments section and I will dazzle you!  I do feel a little bad about this since Jed will now feel self concious about his art after seeing my masterpieces, but thats the curse I live with for having this talent.

Down the road I'll make a post with all the ones I've done.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh the joy

Today was my first weekday as a bum.  Officially jobless and therefore a class A bum.  I spent the day eating and sleeping.  Probably in that reverse order.  So anyway, I was rifling through my pc as I usually do when I decide to clean it up and make more space when I came across some really old clips of when I played L4D.  Usually the thing was record the game, cut up the bits I thought were funny, hand to austin for him to upload on his channel, watch him use 1/3 of what I give.  I would then end up deleting everything to make room for more clips.  Its a real shame because I remember having some awesome stuff but I didnt expect I'd ever actually use them on my youtube page.  Smart party.

So I looked through these clips and saw some stuff I could just upload for fun and put them altogether.  This is also during the time I was having some fucked up sound issues and it wasnt recording the other voices properly.  But yeah anyway, heres the last of the clips I had as I have now officially deleted everything. As always blogsters get to watch it first lol

Friday, August 12, 2011

You weren't there Lois!

Ok so there is a little bit of a story to tell here. Its HOT. Go outside and you'll hear the zits splitting open on your face. So I understand people's needs to stay cool..but if only you could see the horrors of summer..The way I have seen them..felt them..

I am doing a little project at work near the corner of a back wall. Just some normal innovatory crap. When suddenly I felt goosebumps. Something bad was about to happen. I've been around enough to know..but where?! Then I notice...the costumer approaching me. At first glance I thought it was a fat dude. The kind that drinks to much cheap beer and drives a semi-truck for a living. A double take instead made me realized my was a WOMAN.

She comes waddle walking over to me wearing a muscle shirt, short denim jeans, and no bra. And by no bra I mean these 50 pound tracks of land are bouncing off her knees like a soccer balls. With each twist of her body she makes, I see these DEATH UDDERS closing in on me. They are so soaked in that sweaty T-Shirt the slapping force would peel the skin off my arms!

I tried to move. Every bit of me wanted to get away but she was on top of me like I was the Cheesecake Factory. She had no restraint to keeping a distance either. NOPE! Had to get right next to me. No matter what way she was facing she gave me a good rub down with those saltwater breast. I was so desperate to not having myself slapped anymore I brought my arms up to my chest. At least they'll be safe there...whats that rubbing on my lap..OH MY G-Baaaaarf!!

The whole ordeal has probably ruined breast for me.


Its been a long time coming but finally I'm free of my job.  I'll be happy for a little then later cry about not having an income lolol.  I pretty much informed my co-workers half hour before the end of the day.  Most of them thought I was joking.  When they realised I wasnt, quite a few of them seemed genuinely upset that I wasnt staying so that was pretty cool.  Both bosses were more then happy for me to place them down as references which was even cooler.

So to congratulate myself on my loser status, I bought myself a gift.  I'm pretty happy with it. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

This close to crying

So today I finally saw an Alien statue that I believe is worth buying.  And then I see the price.  So now that I've finished crying for the past few hours I'm now at the rage part.  This is so not fair!  I'm a massive Alien whore and been looking for a good statue for years.  One comes along and BOOM $800 price tag.  Mind you it is 28" tall, but still.  Sideshow always have expensive stuff.  Buying it now would probably not be the best of moves since my job ends next week.  What a perfect time for the perfect statue to finally come along.  If only I was making thousands from advertising and ripping people off for donations.  So heres a few pictures!

My most favourite films ever, Aliens being my number 1 of all time.  How I love it and the creature.  Off to cry some more.

Friday, August 5, 2011

So close to winning

One week done, 1 week LEFT till I leave my job for good!  My lord the pain that I go through with this dragging out of days.  Looks like majority of the people still dont know about my decision so thats good for me.  Not for them cause they're going to be super shocked and maybe upset with me for not saying anything when the day comes.  But seriously, I really dont care.  I need to relax for a couple months and just do NOTHING.  I need to play games, I need to watch movies, I need time for myself.  I'm half going insane.  If I'm lucky I'll find a job end of september or in october.  If not, I'll be jobless for a while.  I'll worry about that later.

The comic is pretty much done.  I know I promised it this week but we're working on the dialogue.  Its extremely slow since as you all know Jed and I rarely get a moment to even sit down and chat.  I'm hoping this weekend we can iron everything out and post it up.  I really like it and looking forward to the next few which I think should be heaps fun.

So I finally got my goodies back this week.  Commission of Deadpool and Huntress by Reilly Brown, who was the official Deadpool artist for marvel a while back.  He did a few other marvel comics and right now he's working on his own comic.  I loved his Deadpool the most so I was stoked when I found out he was doing commissions.  Heres the two, Huntress just standard pose as at the time I had no idea what I wanted, and Deadpool done the way I asked.  I was going for comedy style way to show that it wasnt only people who found him repulsive, but animals too.  My friend who picked it up for me while in San Diego for the Comicon, said when he pulled it out to hand it to him everyone who was around the table laughed, which the artist thought was awesome.

I'm pretty happy with the way they both turned out.  As you would know if you saw my previous commissions that I posted back in november I think, Huntress is my favourite DC female.  I wasnt too sure if he would be able to draw her well since I'm extremely picky, but I liked the way it came out and he had his own slightly comic style to it.  I'll be getting more in the future since he's agreed to do me more when he has time.  Legend!

The next one is from Livio Ramondelli, who is the current Transformers comic artist.  He's pretty awesome.  He drew one of Hotrod for me since he's my favourite character.

At the moment he's finished my second piece which is of Starscream fighting Megatron.  I havent seen it yet but I'm sure it'll rock.  He'll be scanning in a copy to show me come monday before mailing it off, so I'll slap it up here too.  He's also agreed to draw me more if I request it.  This is pretty cool because its very hard to get proffessional artists to agree to draw things for you as they're always so busy.  So yeah, I'm extremely happy.  

I bought a couple extra games during the steam sales, tossed some Jeds and Codys way.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we'll be able to play them together and that'll give us a chance to maybe get some videos up on youtube if we think they're worth sitting through.  Whatever the case it'll still be heaps fun.

Also thanks for actually wasting your time following this blog.  Jed and I really appreciate it.  We dont make money from this place either despite the ads, we do it for fun.  The comic for example we're doing it for as long as poeple find it entertaining.  I just wish we both had more time to actually work on it.  Fuck work.