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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Red Leader checking in.

To continue from where we last left off, I am a home owner! Yay picture times!

These are the huuuge boulders that the previous owner collected. Thats my theory anyway.

The back yard at one time had a deck or a porch of some kind. When the home went for sale I guess they took it with them. Notice how they cut the beams down to the ground. So weird. I could dig them up and reinstall a deck in the future but that'll be a couple years in the future I suspect.

The house needed a new pair of steps pretty badly. The set that was left here was very weathered and I was fearful that it only be a matter of time, one wet day, I would either fall off them or they would break from under me. So I set money aside to purchase some material, got together with my father, and constructed these babies. Ooooooo they are so sturdy and strong. No problems for this guy during the winter months now!

Here is something special for Con. A “Banana Spider”! I think thats whats this breed of spider is. I also heard them called “Bouncing Garden Spiders”. While this one didn't do it for me. Supposedly they rock themselves back and forth on their web when they are threatened. Making it look like they are bouncing around. Pretty cool. To bad I had to kill it with FIRE.


So besides owning a home, some might ask what else is new? Well the entire reason I even got this house is because of my biggest announcement yet! You'll have to wait till tomorrow for that though. BWAH. I am evil.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A diet of champions

So I've still got this cold.  Never before have I had a cold this long.  I'm so annoyed that I'm going to the doctors tomorrow to see what sort of DRUGS they can feed me.  Sadly the doctor I usually see isnt free till friday, and I dont have the patience for that right now, so I'm seeing some lady I dont know. 

The other day a friend of mine said to me, I know why you dont gain weight even though you eat enough for 3 cows.  And she sent me this link..

I'll paste what it says here-

WATCHING a horror film could burn off the equivalent of a bar of chocolate in calories, according to new research.
Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate bar. The movie top of the list of calorie-burners was found to be the 1980 psychological thriller The Shining, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories.
Jaws took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and The Exorcist came third, with 158 calories.
The University of Westminster study measured the total energy expenditure of ten different people as they watched a selection of frightening movies.
Scientists recorded their heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output - and discovered the number of calories used increased by on average a third during the films.
The research also revealed films featuring moments designed to make viewers jump in terror are the best calorie-burners, as they cause heart rates to soar.
Dr Richard Mackenzie, of the University of Westminster, said: "Each of the ten films tested set pulses racing, sparking an increase in the heart rate of the case studies. As the pulse quickens and blood pumps around the body faster, the body experiences a surge in adrenaline. It is this release of fast acting adrenaline, produced during short bursts of intense stress (or in this case, brought on by fear), which is known to lower the appetite, increase the Basal Metabolic Rate and ultimately burn a higher level of calories."  –WO

 I'm not really sure how it applies to me.  Oh sure I love watching horror films and watch a few a week.  But its rare that any scare me or even make me jump so I dont think my heart rate is up.  But either way this is a pretty awesome diet.  Play Amnesia, lose 5pounds loollool

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So the past few days I've caught some cold thats beyond shitty.  Eyes burning, a horribly sore throat, temperature, and my ears hurt.  Usually if I catch something I'm good by the second day, sometimes the third day at the extreme.  Now its been 3 days and I still feel the same.  I could be dying.  Called up the doctors office at 5pm to make an appointment for the next day, get told by an answering machine they close at 6.  I'm like wtf

Saw the trailer for Iron Man 3 and was pretty impressed.  Finally a villain from the comic books and not some shitty filler story that the boring second movie was about.  So I'm looking forward to it.

A friend showed me a clip from disney land of one of the girls who acts like Ariel from the Little Mermaid.  I swear if I ever managed to visit disney land I would totally kidnap her, lock her up in a room, and force her to sing for me every day like a villain.  Of all the disney movies, Little Mermaid is my ultra favourite with Beauty and the Beast a very close second.  I'd probably say Beauty and the Beast is probably the better movie, but favourites arent classed that way to me.  So I looked up some videos of the voice actresses to see what they're doing and noticed they still sing at disney land events etc.

Of all of them I'd say Ariels is still the most accurate, she is about 51 now I think.  The rest were good, but she is amazing.  And I'm not shy in admitting that my eyes refuse to stop spilling tears while I listen to her.  Its like a reflex thing for me since I love the songs and character so much.  Its like omg stop so I can enjoy this, and my eyes are like fuck you.  Heres a clip of her being awesome.  The only bad thing is the bastards with digital cameras half ruin it with their bloody clickclickclick.  You're recording someone singing, you record them on video tape, not stupid pictures!  Retards.  Oh how I'd love to meet her.

ps if you sound exactly like Ariel feel free to become my wife.  Also WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BLURAY VERSION DISNEY!  Slow bastards!

I also found this of her while she was recording one of the songs.  What I didnt know till now was the guy teaching her in the clip wrote the songs for Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, so its no surprise now why those are my 2 favourite films for songs.  Sadly he died of aids at 40 just after beast was done.  He'd written 11 songs to be used with Aladdin but they only used 3 of them for whatever reason.  Legend.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally got it

So about 4months back I commissioned Reilly Brown for a second Deadpool piece to go with my previous cat related one I asked him for.  I wasnt planning to get a second cat related one but the idea popped in my head and I wanted to see it drawn.  So the other day I finally got it in the mail.  I'm pretty happy with it.  If you dont recall the original one I'll put it up first followed by the newer one after it, which features Zatanna.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Its a snails life

The past couple days have been TORTUROUS for me!  My net speed has been slowed down to 30k/s as I have gone over my 200GB limit that my isp has set me.  Now I didnt do all of that on purpose.  One thing I knew but didnt really pay attention to was how Steam auto updates any game you have installed with not only the patch but the entire fucking game at times.  Team fortress 2 slapped me with a 20gb update.  I uninstalled that bitch as I rarely play it lately.  I noticed last week I also did 40gb in 1 day, and I'm positive 3/4 of that was from steam.

So I'm being killed slowly as pages take ages to load up.  Youtube I dont dare go near.  So that means no uploading anything either.  I sent a friend a weblink for fun.  He loaded it up in 6seconds.  It took me 40seconds.  I'll be suffering this for the next 1-2 days till my month clocks over.  I also updated myself to 500gb for very little since the plans changed favourably a while back.  TRY THAT SHIT AGAIN STEAM!  I DARE YOU!

So today I saw something that made me squeal like a little girl.  I mean sure I do that fairly often as is, but this was for an actual reason.  Obsidian has a kickstarter thing going at the moment for an rpg.  The thing runs out in 4 days and they're nearing 3mill already.  They're probably my favourite rpg maker around as they've made some of the greatest games in the past, like Vampire Bloodlines, Neverwinter Nights 2, Baldurs Gate 2, Arcanum, Fallout 1-2, and other stuff.  They werent called Obsidian during all of that, but most of the people who worked on those filtered through.

So below is the screenshot and also their kickstarter page.  I'm practically dying for this.  I mean this, coupled with Wastelands 2 from one of head guys who worked with the other head guys of Obsidian when they founded Interplay, I'm in rpg heaven.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Okay! So, lets get into more detail about the house I posted about. Not very long ago I was on the search for a new place to start my life in. My options was either renting or buying. Renting was looking like a simple option but on average the cost of month's rent would be like $500. So next came a casual search for maybe purchasing a home. Which would be a pretty big step for someone like me.

It took some time and there was some nice places to day dream about but this little gem ultimately had the best of almost everything I wanted. A lot of land for my dogs to run around on, some woods to play paintball and even windows to stick boogers on! The home was kept clean, the yard maintained, and lots and lots of potential to adding personal touches.

The house was a HUD home. Which meant it was property of the Government. This was good for me because it meant they wanted their hands off of it as soon as possible. So soon in fact it went up for auction just months after I first found out about it.

This made things a little tricky. It takes a pretty long time for a bank to approve you for a loan. Its even trickier to find a loan thats really worth having. I don't trust banks much so I wanted to really make sure I was making a good choice. Finally I settled with a smaller facility called First National State Bank. They was actually the only place willing to give me a chance with my little credit score.

With their papers in my hands and the auction happening days away it was praying time. The story about the events at the auction I'll share another time but the awesome news is that I won the house! The previous owner still owed $127,100 on the property. I got it for under $60k! My monthly payments are $371 with everything but electricity included.

Funny enough I was the only one bidding on the home. Who was legit anyway. I had one person bidding against me and that person was from the bank who owned it along side the Government. The only point of him being there was to make sure the place didn't sell for $30k. The higher the property went, the more money in their pocket that would have gotten. It was a dirty trick but what else is new with banks.

But yeah. Long story short, Jed got him his own house! Its clean, only 12 years old, I owe only a fraction on it compared to the previous owner and most importantly, ITS MINE. I can live a life style that is me. I will really try and get pictures of the inside posted within days.   

Monday, October 8, 2012

Heres a story. About a man named Brady.

Ha! Now the song is in your head. BWAHA!! So its been a long time. To long. It would have been longer but Con started throwing rocks at my windows. About six insurance claims later I am getting all my supplies together to start making regular posts again.

So here is the run down. Way have I been away so long? Well its because of whats behind door number 2. A BRAND NEW HOUSE!

This 1997 Manufactured home was constructed with all the finest materials the power of the N64 could create. Sitting on a property of 7.3 acres, it comes complete with large back and front yard as well as shady woods.

The house is constructed with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and living room the size of Con's love handles. Central Air and heat completely installed. Big bonus. And a garden tube in the bathroom for the nights I feel like lighting some candles, playing some jazz, and watching my favorite erotic film. "Chuck Norris and the Tower of Death 2".

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slugging it

Its been a super uneventful week to the point where I lost the urge to blog/upload videos.Mind you I'm no where near as slack as some other person who I wont mention....JED!

This week I've pretty much just been moving along at my happy pace.  I FINALLY bought the DVDs to both seasons of Fawlty Towers as they were having a special from $30 each to $13.  That stuff rarely gets discounted and its the newer remastered ones with some cool bonus extras.  Love it.  While I'm mentioning english comedy, the new season of Red Dwarf has begun after a 13 year absence.  I cant believe its been that long.  I adore the show, seen the episodes from season 1-6 like a billion times each and can still laugh at it.  7 and 8 werent my favourites since it was only 1 of the two creators working on it.  I cant remember if they both worked on 6 at the moment.  Series 9 was technically the movie they made a few years back, which I also didnt really enjoy.  But both creators are back together and I've heard the first episode was awesome.  Will be catching up with it on monday.  CANT WAIT!

I also finally watched Prometheus. I was worried I wouldnt enjoy it because of all the bad buzz its gotten from quite a few people.  Now after having seen it I can see why some people had issues with it.  The movie doesnt hold your hand.  It leaves a lot of things unexplained and open, being unsure about this or that.  Clearly its made so that you learn more int he sequels.  I loved the film, dying to watch the extras which give you more about the story and characters thats fairly important into understanding it more.  Great film.

So at the moment I'm playing away with Torchlight 2, really enjoying it.  Need to finish it so I can play X-Com which unlocks this week.  Was totally thrilled when Firaxis announced they would be making it in the same style to the originals.  Not like that butchered sitty fps version they made for the COD fans, which seems to have been changed recently into a 3rd person squad game for the Mass Affect fans.  I need to finish it so I can get my hands on Dishonored, my personal GOTY pick.  Hopefully there will be a nice sexy sale on during halloween so I can pick it up.