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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Giana

Way back when I was a kid there was a game I played on my delicious Commodore 64, still one of the best games systems ever made.  It was called the Great Giana Sisters.  This game was a shameless knock-off of super Mario Brothers.  So much so that Nintendo forced them to stop selling it.

Now this game I loved.  Everyone who played it loved it.  I preferred it over Mario.  If you're interested in seeing it there are emulators and roms for it you can download that are extremely easy to find and use.  I dont have it at the moment which is why I havent put up any links.  But then again I dont think many would want to play something that old.

So imagine my surprise and frustration that I found this...

Frustration because its in the last 16 hours before it ends and no stupid site picked it up in the last month to report, or at least I didnt see it anywhere.  This is the sequel.  A SEQUEL!!  And its looking fucking awesome.  Funniest thing about it is its evolved about 4 million times from what it used to be.  Thats about 4 million times more than Mario has evolved after about 50 games.  I've already placed my name down for a copy and cant wait for it.  Theres also a link to a demo on the page in case you're curious.

Monday, August 27, 2012

CS:GO clip #2

This clip was a nightmare.  I encoded it like 8 times.  For some reason it refused to go under 2gb without corrupting.  So then add in another 10 hours for it to upload and process and BLEAH!  I think the frame rate might be off because of it, not sure.  Could just be firefox being shit like usual for me.  Cause its shit and I dont know why I dont use IE since its clearly better in every way.  Old habits I guess.  Enjoy my rubbish!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bunch of Heroes clip

Well todays been interesting.  My cat has thrown up like 3 times in the last hour.  Directly after eating.  Now I know the food is fresh and the milk is good, so why directly after it?  Hopefully hes just got a temp stomach bug and cant hold much down.  I gave him some dry food just then but not too much, see how he handles that.  Hopefully he'll be right as rain in a day or so. He's still playful so he cant be feeling that sick.  Well fingers crossed, but obviously I'm gonna be worried over him for a few days.

So today I went through my videos and uploaded some gameplay from Bunch of Heroes that me, jed and crazy played.  Game seems to be ok, nothing super duper.  But if people like watching it for the game or the random chatter during it, I'll upload more.  We havent finished the game yet.  Not sure when we'll be able to.  Like many other games that we havent started.  graaar....

Friday, August 24, 2012

Its a video

So I finally got hassled into a partnership on youtube, and since these guys are like the 3rd people to offer me I decided why not.  Only problem is I need to edit a few videos that have licensed music in them.  The thought of that almost made me turn away because thats just effort.  But I realized the little extra money, however small, would be pretty useful, mostly for Jed as a few things are changing for him soon.  He'll make an update about it down the track.

So basically for example, the portal clips we uploaded, I need to do something about the intros.  I dont know or think youtube has the ability to edit videos already uploaded without copying over the entire sound track.  I might have to reupload them which is a real bitch since all the comments will go and I like comments.  I might have to remove my halloween toy clip too because of a piece in it.  I'm hoping I can keep that there because theres no way to edit that one without splicing out scenes and I love that clip as is.

Now what this also means is I'm kinda going to be uploading a little more gameplay clips, specifically playthroughs for fun.  Jed plans to put some up himself too.  Most of the games I play wont really be recorded since they're usually management games like say Civilization, football manager, etc, or rpgs, and they'd not be too entertaining to watch.  But any versus style games or action ones I get around to, I'll upload them.  So my first clip is actually going to be Counter-strike GO.  I've been looking forward to this one for ages since I'm a fan of the series.  Now its not just the partnership thing thats made me decide to upload playthroughs.  I was already planning to do this as very soon getting to play any games with Jed will become even more rare than usual, so I didnt want to have zero game clips on my page.  Again, he'll update you lot soon over it.  But at least it means we'll both be uploading games clips of ourselves playing stuff.  I'm sure his commentary will be glorious.

So yeah, heres the clip.  Now I have to go off to waste my time voting for people I dont even know who are running.  I pay zero attention to politics.  I'm so shit at politics I keep forgetting what right and left wing mean.  I'm that disinterested. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Head against the wall

Well today has been brilliant for me.  Zero sleep at all and had to drive into town to take my mum to the dentist.  Her appointment was at 5pm, which was fine.  But the day before she tells me its changed to 8:30am for zero reason.  My sleeping patterns at the moment dont work with these times.  So I went to bed at 2am and just rolled till 6am and got up.  So zero sleep YAY!   Now she's getting something done thats a little complicated, so I'm having to translate from english to greek.  Anyone who knows multiple languages will know just how infuriating this can get.  Trying to speak to the dentist while my mum keeps butting in wanting to know whats being said, while I'm trying to follow so I can translate for her.  Drove me up the wall.

The worst was when we got home and I had to make another appointment for her and she kept asking questions while I'm talking on the phone, even tried to lecture me on why I was laughing a little on the phone with the lady because she somehow finds this to be unprofessional or whatever.  Got off the phone and totally raged at her.  Trying to help her out and having to listen to her while I'm on the phone no less.  You cant focus.  Told her a billion times Australians laugh a lot, they're friendly, its easy going, thats how we fucking are.  If you got issues with it sod off back to greece.  Had enough of her shit for a day.

As least I saw something entertaining today.  I looked out my window and saw two dogs just going for it.  Very naughty!  But then they suddenly stopped.  10seconds later a school bus passes.  Once its gone the two dogs start up again.  They obviously didnt want the kids to see what they were doing.  Such nice dogs!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Zing pew pew snore

So sitting here with the faint screaming in the background from the neighbours having their usual weekly domestic.  Its times like this I'm reminded why I prefer being single lol

Catching up on movies lately.  Finally got around to watching Piranha, the one that came out a year or so back.  I was expecting it to be crap but I had heaps of fun watching it.  The sequel, 3DD, is fairly crappy.  Now with a title like that you'd expect there to be lots of boobies.  There were some, but the first one had heaps more which was strange.  The only reason to watch it though is Hasslehoff who plays himself.  Hes even got a slow motion running scene.  Hes a legend.  Also watched The Raid: Redemption.  Movie from Indonesia about a swat team that raids a building where a drug lord is hanging out.  Very cool film.  Lots of fighting all through it, like practically non stop.  The Man from Nowhere, brilliant korean movie.  Top class.

I've been considering recording myself playing some games for a while now but never really got the urge.  But with Conterstrike: GO just around the corner, I'm thinking it could be a good one to do.  My play style for that game is retarded.  But I have so much fun.  My fave online fps series.  Guild Wars 2 is also out in a week so I'm thinking maybe some of that too.  But yeah we'll see.  I dont actually know how to record myself talking without using ingame chat or a skype conversation.  I'm sure its something simple but I've not given the thought more then a couple seconds brain period to even figure it out.  I guess if I actually bother to take the idea seriously I'll do it. 

Obviously it would be audio only as I dont have a webcam to record my face, nor do I have the urge to bother doing that.  I noticed minecraft is going for like $27.  Fuck that.  If you can think up any games that you think could be entertaining for me to play just mention them here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finale of Dead Vacation

This one was quite fun actually.  Well put together map.  And that ending just blew my mind.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't cross the streams

So yesterday I went into a store called FYE. I have no clue what its short for. Many of you have probably heard of it. It reminds me a lot of a out of business retailer called Sam Goody.

They sell a lot of media centered merchandise. Movies, music, posters, games, shirts related to movies/comic/games ect that kind of stuff. I will admit there was some neat things. I got to see a Minecraft Creeper mug. I wanted it but it was $25. Jed said noooo thanks.

I also got to see a Super Nintendo handheld! Here let me go find it. Ah-Ha! Here it is. Check that thing out. Pretty cool. The only issue would be to get a great SNES cart collection started. I have all my old games but none of them are the SNES's actual best. Check out one of those sellers trying to pass off Super Mario World for $900! Pfffff!! I have the ROM thank you veeeeery much.

Now, I did find something I am pleased with. Ahem. Drum roll please...BOOM!

Ho-Ho-ho-ho! Looking forward to watching you again old friend. I do really well in this movie all except for the opening. Maybe its just my fear of old women or maybe its the fear I have of library cards but when she comes on screen...

This is her.

And this is me.

Monday, August 13, 2012

So cold

Its been pretty cold here lately.  I'm sure my cold isnt cold to some of you, but for me 14-15degrees celcius is pretty cold as I'm used to 25-35.  Been like this close to a few months now.  Its awesome and crappy at the same time.  Its not hot which is super good.  But I end up staying in bed all day because its cold, screwing myself out of doing certain things, and I have a few things I need to do.

One thing I did was buy a new chair.  After like 3 years of searching I finally found one that was pretty cool.  So I went ahead and bought it.  Heres the pic.. All photos taken with my shitty iphone instead of my proper camera, because I'm retarded.

As you can see my cat has pretty much taken ownership of my previous chair.  The red one is the new one.  It was pretty comfortable.  Felt good, the back was awesome.  But on the second day I realized something I didnt like.  If you look down at the seat, the sides have little uplifted wing side bits.  These only slightly brush on against the sides of your thighs.  But after a while it seems to hurt.  Like someone taptapping you in spot on your arm, sooner or later thats going to start hurting.  Thats how this felt.  But it got worse and worse.  I basically couldnt sit on it anymore.  Called the store and they agreed to swap it for another.

Now the original person told me they could swap it, and whatever was left over would have to be a store credit.  Thankfully when I went in and found a chair I liked, it was cheaper, and the manager served me and refunded me the money.  That was pretty cool.

Finding a chair was entertaining for me.  I spent 2 hours roaming around the dozens of chairs they had, sitting on each for a few minutes, trying to judge, then eliminating the ones I didnt like.  I got down to 2 chairs, spent an hour between each of them shifting back and forth.  When I finally decided on one the girl who served me, who'd been thoroughly entertained by me frolicking back and forth,  asked how my arse felt after that.  I said totally pampered. I think she got embarrassed and said I didnt need to answer that.  But it was fun, a friend who works there even came over and sat on some chairs with me and chatted.  So heres the one I decided on.

Notice the thick padding.  Yes, it really is that comfy.  Had it for about 4 days and I'm still enjoying it.  The handrests move up and down, the chair up and down, the back can be altered, and also the seat can be changed to tilt more front ways or back, so I have heaps of control for how I like my chair.  I had the other chair for about 10 years so I guess an upgrade is good. 

While there I also saw a cabinet that looked like just what I was after.  My mum wanted something in the living room to replace this little dodgy table we had next to the tv that I placed my media players on.  Not very sturdy.  But I could never find anything small enough to fit there or have glass doors like my mother wanted.  So when I saw this I was there.

There it is all comfy between the tv and the treadmill.  My media players and bluray player housed inside it.  With my mums crap on top.  Good present for her I'd say.  I've sneakily hidden all the cables behind the curtain.  I'm like McGuyver, only shitter.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Rock of Ages review

So we wanted to make a review on this game that we both enjoyed heaps but we didnt want to spend years on it like we did the sanctum review.  So our choice was to do it super long or super short and simple.  We went for simple since there are plenty of long ones around.  Its an awesomely fun game and we plan to upload some random gaming sessions we had.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh lol

So the other day I was scrounging around for something.  You know how you put something somewhere for safe keeping as you are 100% positive that you will not misplace it while its in that safe spot?  Yeah, thats always the worst place to put something you want to find. 

So I couldnt find it, although did the next day, and it was in a totally different place then it should of been but WHATEVER stupid thing!  I did however find something that made me lol.  One of my old school IDs.  I'm 19 here.  I have no idea why I look so young.  Must of been the lighting or something.  But yeah, loooooooooooooool

I'm sure you can see the resemblance.  I havent changed too much lllolololol.  I mean just compare this one of me at currently at 36!

CLEARLY zero difference!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Movies and fooooood

Doing my best to do best doing things.  Finally caught up on a few films the other day.  I watched Cable Guy.  I know, old film.  I'm that useless.  Not too bad.  But Jim Carrey is awesome.  Absolute joke they havent given him an oscar or something for some of his acting, especially in the serious drama style movies.  Too much talent ignored.  Also watched The Man from Nowhere.   Its a korean film.  Lots of action, some great acting, the movie is brutal.  Totally watch it if you like foreign films.

So the other day I went to Hogs Breath, the best steak place in the world for me, where I always destroy a delicious Hickory flavoured steak.  And boy did I destroy it!  I took some pics with my shitty iphone camera.  It was huuuuuuuuuuuuge.  Its hard to tell from the pictures though.  I mean the plate itself is massive.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My cat the bastard

He really is.  He's totally stolen my computer chair and I'm having to suffer this crappy dining room chair.  I've been searching for a new chair for years but none have been comfy enough.  I DID find one last week that surprised me.  I was like omg this is comfy, but I was in a hurry at the time.  So I went yesterday to buy it and FUCK YOU WORLD, every chair was still there except for the one I planned to buy.  I'll have to wait for more stock.  I'm very sad.  Once I buy it my cat is welcome to my old one.  Not that he cares really.  He's already claimed it.