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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The mailman

So today I got a few things in the mail.  And one was the secret package sent to me by a friend.  When I opened it this is what I was greeted with.

A Little Mermaid calendar!  I've got the movies, the tv series, the little statues, and used to have a poster and the cd soundtrack, so really all I needed was the calendar to make my life complete.  Thanks Christina!  When I first opened it I actually thought it was an LP and thought for a second, but I dont have a record player...

Also today is the day hopefully Jed gets his modem and fires up his internet so we can see how it behaves.  I'll update on the way.  Unless he gets on the net himself.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jed update and Source2/L4D3 screen

So Jed should be getting his modem in a couple days which is all thanks to the 3 people who offered some donations in the past to help get him back on the net.  I've sent him that money and he's all set to go.  Once the modem comes in we'll have a better idea of how fast his net should be.  But I'm sure we'll be able to play without any problem.

Also heres a screenshot of someone playing with the Source 2 engine and remaking a stage from L4D2.  Looks pretty awesome.  Me and Jed are gonna be all over 3 when it comes out.  Just click on it to enlarge so you can get a better idea of how it looks.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jeds internet update

So I spoke to him today and he said the internet cables are already in place and he should be able to get signed up very soon.  He's planning to call them tomorrow regarding info so we'll see what happens.  But this is pretty epic since we honestly weren't expecting him to be online till next year.  The internet gods have smiled on him.

Also he finally sent me a picture of that thing I bought him for his wedding anniversary.  Its probably hard to see in the photo because of how the light makes it glare though.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Screw you Robotech gods!

Any one who knows me well enough knows I have 3 addictions.  The Little Mermaid, Alien movie series, and the 80's version of Robotech/Macross.  So imagine my absolute horror and delight to find out a new Robotech dvd set was released a couple months ago.   Why horror?  because I have to impulse buy this shit.

Ignoring a few stand alone dvds of the original Robotech series, I also have 3 different complete sets.

-Robotech 20th Anniversary Remastered Extended Edition, 2005

Robotech: The Protoculture Collection, 2007

And Robotech The Complete Series, 2011

Each time it came out it had better picture quality and more extras.  And each one is from a different company.  So whats happened now?  Well this bastard came out 2 months ago...

More discs, everything from before, and new extras specially done for this set.  Plus the cover is super cool.  I seriously wish the bastards would convert this shit to bluray already since it needs a complete remastaering, but thats probably not going to happen.  If it does it wont be for a long time yet.  So yeah, I cant NOT buy this and make all my previous ones null and void.  I did the exact same thing with the Aliens movies.  3 damn collection sets of that one.  Luckily theres no way they'll upstage the brilliant bluray Anthology set.  I really shouldnt be buying this updated robotech set because of MONEY reasons, but logic goes out the window when it comes to this.

What do I do with the older sets?  Fuck knows.  Maybe I'll try sell them off later.  Might earn enough from them to pay off the new set if I'm lucky.  But I'm also slack when it comes to selling stuff.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Some updates and a SUPER surprise!

So the past week has been entertaining.  Firstly I'll share a quick dream I had.  It's no secret I love having nightmares.  Love them!  Its like my own personal horror movie.  But my recent one wasnt one I enjoyed.  Summary, imagine a spider, about 2 hands large.  Now the rounded bum it has isnt there.  Instead theres something else standing upright similar to a scorpion tail.  What is it?  Picture a human baby fetus in the early stage of development.  You can make out a form and eyes and tiny little nubs for arms.  That was was the bum was.  And it was scuttling around my fucking house.  I was trying to kill it iwth a broom but I had zero strength.  DID NOT ENJOY!  Fucking hate spiders!

A cyclone was supposed to develop a few days ago but instead just stayed as a strong storm.  And strong it was.  The tree in the yard behind us fell and landed on our clothesline and lemon tree.  The tree wasnt very thick, but it was big.  I saw the clothesline half bent over and I thought it was broken for sure.  Took me a few tries but I managed to yank the damn tree off it and onto the ground, cutting myself in 3 places in the process of this.  I didnt notice the blood till later.  I dont feel pain cause I'm a man and MEN DONT FEEL PAIN RAAAAARRRR!!!!!!!  

We also had to cut away half our massive lemon tree which was a real shame since parts of it were damaged.  I'm still surprised the entire thing wasnt flattened since part of the tree landed on it.  Strong thing.  We had to gather up a bunch of lemons from the branches we'd cut off.  Filled up like 5 bags worth and handed them out to friends and family.  There was also this monster that I'd had my eye on for the past couple month and was hoping for it to grow huuuuuuuge, but its lifespan was cut short.  HERES A PICTURE!!

Not sure how it comes across but its as big as my damn face.  Its a shame I'll never see how big it could of gotten.  But this tree loves to make huge lemons so it wont be the last.

One other thing I've learned just recently from Jed is that out of the blue they've started laying out fibre optic cables along his road.  You know what this means?  Thats right!  He'll have internet soon!  And you can expect a shitload of videos being uploaded to youtube but also watching us stream together on twitch.  I havent bothered doing anything with my twitch channel, and its no secret I'm super slack with youtube at the moment for lack of caring.  But once hes back that will all change.  So fingers crossed this happens sooner rather than later.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dec 2013 virus scanner performance summary

We all use virus scanners.  Well, I hope we all do, so I thought I'd put this up for information sake.  Shows how good each is with each other.  If you're curious I use Kaspersky.  Have for many many years.  Its sexy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Marvel and DC and snore

So the other day I was talking with a friend and we got onto the subject of marvels latest upcoming story.  In it the Watcher has been killed and the Avengers and others need to find out who did it.  I thought it was a boring idea.  Its sort of been done before.  But anyway, I solved it by saying Arrow, from DC, killed him.  He was angry at not having his own villains in his tv show and just always using Batmans, because Arrow is shit.  So he shot the Watcher.  We'd also finished watching an Adventure Time episode where Finn needs to get armour so he doesnt get hurt.  So I made a joke about the Watcher stealing Galactus' helmet so he can be protected forever from headshots.  And then I drew the comic strip to humour myself.  Good luck reading my hastily scribbled hieroglyphics!

If any one out there is awesome at flash animation and can do stuff like the Baman and Piderman stuff, feel free to animate all my shitty comics I think up!  Cause I have plenty of shit!  btw That last one with superman, he says I am dead, to the sun I go to heal.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Megatrons Baby

I've been a little neglectful of everything, so heres a little toy clip I did a while back but never got around to uploading.  It was never a full idea and just something I did at the time for a laugh.