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Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming stuff

So my plans to upload some video game stuff are sort of not happening at the moment.  Still waiting on Jed to find time to send me his clips but his job is anally raping him at the moment, and not in a good way.  So you will all have to put up with my random shitty toy clips.  I've got lots of ideas, dont know if you'll find them funny but I do them mainly for my own entertainment.  Heres a sneak peak at a splash page I made for one clip series I want to do, its called the Douche Files!  Starring our favourite lesbian fairy.  I had so much fun using him that I want to do more.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unused George History clip

Well heres the stuff I didnt use for georges history.  Hopefully it'll be slightly entertaining.  Next video up I'm hoping is a gameplay related one.  Jeds doing 45hour weeks so its impossible for him to get me footage from the games we've played.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned a glorious 36!  Went out with a couple friends, ate japanese food which was awesome, and finally got to play the new King of Fighters 13 game.  Its way better then that rubbish they served us in 12.  So this makes me happy as a long time fan of the series.

I didnt buy myself a cake yet.  Still waiting for my sister to fuck off back to where she came from before I do, which is 'supposedly' monday but we'll see, cause I refuse to share the cake with her.  Its such an awesome cake.  Chocolate one from a place down the road.  The guy makes amazing cakes.  Cant wait!

My cat is heaps better now.  He's still got 1 wound on the back of his neck that he refuses to let heal, but thats better then the half dozen he had.  I'm guessing its probably from stress, ie sister being here and the general aura of the house because of it.  Fingers crossed he gets better after she leaves.

Jed and I are editing like 3 clips at the moment of some games we'll be uploading.  It feels like we're forever editing and not really getting to the end.  I want to make a couple more toy videos before christmas.  One though I cant continue at the moment because photoshop is ignoring what I want to do.  Probably doesnt help that I'm not that good with it.  Sooner or later I'll sort it out.  Probably helps I'm totally NOT an artist either.

For now enjoy a picture!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween unused clip up

So I've uploaded the stuff I didnt use for the halloween video, and some screw ups. The next video up will be game related.  BUT WHICH GAME OMG!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Waffle Fries.

Let me tell ya guys something. Working 45hrs a week is not fun. It is lame. It gives a person enough time to sit down to sleep and then you are back to work. Hate it.

WITH THAT out of the way did I mention to you guys that I was asked to become a department manager? My Assistant Store Manager approached me about it and asked me to put in for it. I would much rather have BAMBOO seeds placed under my finger nails so I could live my life in anguish as the horrible little plant grew under the skin of my fingers and arms.

You see my little pumpkin fat rolls, your Jed was a department manager once. It was horrible. They told me everyday how much I was failing in the job but wouldn't tell me why. Maybe they thought that negative reinforcement would iron out a better worker? Sounds like something they would think is a good idea. It matters not though. They did a restructure of the company payroll and 85% of all department managers lost their positions. In a effort to save money. I was one of them. In all I lost 20Cents a hour.

Oh hey! Look what I found! 

I drew this 3 years ago? Maybe a little later than even that. Its been so long ago I didn't even remember this artwork till I uncovered it during a clean up of my laptop HDD. I thought it still looked cool so I wanted to share it! You'll see it on Devaintart in a couple days. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hobbling along

Things have been fairly quiet lately.  The other day my sister came home really late and she asked me if I recall telling her the story of the headless runner.  The story with this guy started years back.  A friend saw what he described as a guy jogging past my house while he was over, but without a head and shadowy.  I remember him going totally white, I didnt see it though.  A few years later I was sitting on the balcony with another friend and we were just chatting, it was already evening and dark.  We saw one guy happily jogging along past my house and a few yards behind him was another person jogging.  There was only the sound of one person running.  This second guy was darker, hard to make out much detail.  But when he passed under the street light thats outside my house we half freaked.  The guy was still shadowy and there was just nothing above his shoulders.  I'd never told him the story before and we both saw it so that was freaky.  So anyway, sister claims she saw him the other day and she half shit herself.  So that makes the list to 4 people having seen it.  w00t.

Getting ready for a fun day tomorrow.  Gonna be doing something I havent done in a long time.  Should be grand.  In the meantime heres some more interesting crap for you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cobra Georges history up

How George joined the Cobra elite.  Hope you enjoy this rubbish.  I wanted to put something up for 11/11/11 and decided this crap would do.  I originally wanted it to be 11mina nd 11sec long but that failed miserably.  I even cut out quite a bit.  The unused footage should be entertaining at least.  Next video up will be game related.  These are just space fillers while Jed and myself get around to editing stuff since he's pretty busy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shit needs to end seriously.

Past week has been frustrating.  I finally lost it with my sister and just unleashed absolute hell on her.  She ended up leaving and staying at a friends place refusing to ever come back.  This frankly pleased me.  My parents knowing how pissed I was didnt say a word.  So imagine my fury when my dad comes to me 3 days later saying he talked her into coming back for 3-4 days before she ends up heading back home to melbourne, and begged me to suffer her just a little longer.  She'd been going around saying we kicked her out and my parents felt embarrassed.

So I told them if looking good in the eyes of strangers is more important to them then me being happy, then this was their final warning.  If she ever comes up for a holiday and they allow her to stay here, they can basically say goodbye to me.  I'm only staying here because the cat is still alive.  Once he passes away and my parents try this shit with me again I'm totally gone.  Told them they have a problem with electronics, forms to fill out, or even basic fucking english issues, they can call the strangers for help, or better yet their useless daughter they cant stand.  I hate drama, I dont care where it comes from.  I've written out friends who gave me too much drama, I've written out my sister and her husband because of drama, fucking test me and watch me write you both out as well.  They had tears in their eyes because they know my promise will come good if they do this again.  My health > the fucking world.  Thats how I work.  She's already been here 3 days.  Watch her stay another week.  Told my parents expect pure shit if she's here 2 more days.

Ignoring all that rubbish, my cat is still having issues with scratching and cutting himself on his face/back of the neck/head.  I've decided its got to be from stress.  Guess where the stress is originating from?  Thats right, sister.  And its costing me about $100+ each week on recurring vet bills.  The money doesnt bother me much despite getting very very low on funds, its more my cat not being healthy.  I hate my sister with a passion.

So the other day I was looking about the net and found some cool stuff, at least I found them interesting, and took some screenshots for anyone whos interested in this sort of stuff.  Hopefully you'll enjoy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toy theatre presents, a late halloween tale

I'm not going to get into anything else at the moment aside to say my new clip is up.    Enjoy my crap!  As always this is at my friends room and I dont have a script.  I just sit and speak shit on the fly.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Off to punishment cabin!

Man has it been a long time since I posted here! Some might ask "Jed, why u no post?!". And that my little candy mints is a great question. You see it turns out places like Blogger .com require a user name and password and no matter what I was trying it would never let me sign in.

After days of struggling I contacted Con all M.I.B style. Con was having me try almost anything we can think of. He could sign into the blog from everything and I couldn't sign in from a single thing. After a while Mr. Con discovered the issue.

Turns out he changed the password to the blog at some point, he doesn't remember, and didn't bother telling me. Hahah! So this whole time we was half guessing ourselves.  Being 5am didn't help either.

Point is though I am back! To fill everyone in, I had myself a nice little vacation this past October! Went to a neat little place called the Wright Patterson Air-Force Museum and I took pictures!

For anyone interested you may view my entire picture gallery here.