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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today started off brilliantly.  Woke up to the sounds of BANGBANG at the door.  I didnt bother getting up because the sun was still down.  Whoever the fuck that is can come back later.  And then the phone rang.  It was my sister demanding to be let in.  She'd come up from melbourne to visit for the new year etc.  I was furious mind since it was like 5am and I'd only been asleep 3hours.  One thing about me that everyone knows is that I totally and utterly detest my sister.  I do not speak to her unless I'm forced to.  I haven't spoken to her husband or his family in nearly 2 years and do not plan to change that.  If I could add my sister to that I'd be on cloud nine.  But no.  This will never happen while I still live at home since my parents are too frustratingly annoying to tell her to stay at a hotel when she visits.  They're also unhappy int he knowledge that when they both pass away that I will completely break contact with her and theres nothing they can do or say about it.  At least that much I have control of.

I don't get the whole shock people show me when they hear me talk about her like that.  If you know someone who you cannot stand, do you keep talking to them?  No.  Why exactly should family be any different?  Because its blood?  I'm expected to be miserable because of that bullshit rule?  People told me when I was younger that when I get older I'll see things differently and mature etc blahblah.  I'm now 35.  When exactly do I get to be allowed by everyone to do as I please?  Fuck that.  Few things upset me.  FEW.  She's one of them.  I cannot be in the same room with her for long before an argument starts up.  Whenever I visited Melbourne I would stay at her house with her husband.  This year I changed that.  I preferred to go to a hotel for a week then stay with them and save money.  I didn't even announce my intention of visiting there.  Apparently her husband is pretty upset I refuse to speak to him anymore.  Well too bad.  I have a rule.  You piss me off a fair amount of times, and I mean seriously fucking piss me off, and that's it.  Go find someone else to chat with. 

Theres no point in going into detail why I cant stand him anymore.  Lets just say they were talking about divorcing for a while (they're fine now supposedly but whatever), and I was basically their middle man with endless phone calls at 5-6am from one of them screaming to me to tell the other to see sense blahblahblah.  Well after 4months of this bullshit and me twitching every time the phone rang, it seriously started to affect me mentally, the very next phone call I got from them while they were having a massive argument at their house I hung up on them and called the police and had them go over stating spouse abuse.  I dont care that it was a lie, I just wanted them to understand they can royally fuck off forever.  I got the message across too.  After that blocked them both from msn, steam, email, what have you.  Got a new phone, refused to tell them my new number and told my parents on penalty of me moving out and leaving them to live alone for the rest of their life if they even hinted my new number to them.  I couldn't stand my sister since I was a kid, but she brings nothing but drama.  Just for reference, I LOVE helping people out as an unofficial counsellor and have always been told my advice is excellent since I'm great at listening, and I even got one guy who outright detested me to become a close friend.  With those two things in mind now realise how much I have to truly hate someone to not want to speak to them again, and those being related to me.

Ok that was a little bit much.  I felt like ranting.  I'd put up a poll asking how many of you hated someone in your family, but I don't know how to make polls and I'm also a bit lazy at bothering to figure it out.  So for now I'll just end things with something funny.  When I saw this screenshot I almost outright choked.  totally lol worthy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Almost there

New years is just around the corner.  I'm hoping to evolve and gain some mutant powers.  I dont see it happening but I've got my fingers crossed, and everyone knows that if you cross your fingers you get +3 to your luck rating.

I've ginally started up Eternal Sonata, an rpg on the consoles.  Been meaning to play that for ages.  Its pretty good, which is rare for a japanese rpg lately.  Its also frustratingly hard.  Sub bosses kill me.  Like multiple times.  Right now I'm doing the old school levelling up for a few hours to try and beat this one bastard who rapes me something vicious.  Bit annoying since I've got too many games to play.  I dont want to waste it levelling up for hours and hours.  But the gameplay is really good.  Some very original things in the combat. 

STEAM has been having some amazing sales this week.  I've picked up a few games.  I've noticed todays sales has the Kings Bounty pack up.  Brilliant games, really dying for a sequel.  Hope they make one.  Too many good games around.  I'll have less time soon also if I get a job.  I've started applying for a few, focusing on going back into IT instead of government etc.  And finance can totally fuck off.  And with that I'll leave you an insight into video game development.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry christmas!

At least its christmas for me in Australia.  Please eat lots of cake!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not the best

Today was just begging for it.  I went to bed around 2am feeling super duper tired which is rare, but I really dont know if I slept much.  I writhed and rolled about, body ignoring the fact that I was actually tired to begin with.  I think I might of gotten an hour sleep.  I say might because I was fully awake at 6am, and I had a dream, so you only really have a dream if you're sleeping.  And the dream was just..argh... I love nightmares right, I mean REALLY love them.  But this dream was like a wannabe nightmare.  It kept trying to be scary and it just wasnt, it was just totally stupid.  In my dream I actually got annoyed.  I got annoyed at MY dream while IN the dream because it was doing such a shit job at trying to scare me.  I woke up feeling annoyed.

Cancelled my cats vet trip.  His injury is heaps better and at the moment since I'm not working I cant really justify a third $150 trip.  I really cant.  My supplies are getting low and I think I'll have to start applying for jobs very soon.  At least my cats gettng heaps better.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to end this on a sad note.  I found out today that my grandfather died yesterday.  He was 84.  He'd also gone through 3 strokes and was pretty sick lately, so I'd already prepared myself.  Not many people can go through 3 strokes and still be able to walk.  He was tough as nails.  And I'm just really happy that I got to meet him last year when I visited greece after 25 years absence.  I spent plenty of time with him,listening to his stories and just joking around.  My grandmother said after I left he stopped joking around and just sat there quietly most of the days. My mum was planning to visit next year and I was thinking about going too.  I was hoping he'd make one more year.   I'll really miss him.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Screw it

I've realised after waking up at 8pm this time that I'm actually trying too hard to control my sleeping patterns. In actual fact I could snap myself out of it and within 2 days be waking up at 10am average. Most of the times I sleep in is mainly because I'm dreaming and I want to see how it pans out. I enjoy my dreams, especially when they're nightmares. So much damn fun. So I let them carry on till they dont go any more, or if someone wakes me up. I seriously fucking LOVE nightmares. And with my imagination I have some seriously messed up ones.

Right now its almost 6am. I dont expect to be sleeping till around 9am. But I need to be up before the post office closes because they left me a card saying I have a parcel to pick up. It was just typical that my parents decided to be away during the time the postman came by. I'm going to take a guess and say its those photos I had sent off to be printed. If they end up looking like I hope they do then I'm going to go all hardcore and improve some old photos my mum wanted me to fix of her and her family when she was younger. Like photos from 40-50 years ago. Should be entertaining.

My cats injury is healing real well. I expect in about a week it'll almost be gone. I still need to take him in this thursday for a follow up to make sure he continues healing. Theres some more money gone I dont really have. I think I'll get pizza today.

Ok lets see what pictures I can stick up... hmm... Ok heres a good one. It was an advert I saw on a page that just made me stop and blink. See if you can understand why.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I bring the spasticness

The other day was interesting.  Went to bed around 5am'ish, which is fairly standard.  Actually thats slightly early.  Normally I'd be out of bed around 1 since I'd just lie there lazily after waking up at 11.  But I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 7pm.  Confused me a little.  Maybe sleep caught up with me finally. 

Mums been enjoying the vacuum.  I vacuumed the carpet in her room and came away with quite a bit of crap.  She was all surprised because she'd just vacuumed it the day before with the other one we had.  Only then did she realise how godly it actually was.  I've also misplaced the receipt for it.  And this after the guy at the store said I looked intelligent enough to make a backup of it unlike others who lose things.  HEEHEE!  I'm thinking it might of fallen out of my pocket while I was getting it into the car.  Not sure.   Will probably clean up my desk today and see if its under one of my papers or such.

Managed to finally watch The Other Guys.  Not too bad a film.  I've also FINALLY started Carnivale.  I've been meaning to watch the series for years.  Its very different.  Very fantastical.  You cant think of it as normal reality because thats not how the show works.  I'm enjoying it after 4 episodes.  First ep I wasnt sure what to think about it.

Oh, also noticed a very awesome video for Rockstars new game, LA Niore.  It shows the technical side to how they made the facial animations and everything so lifelike.  Very awesome.  And its from an Australian studio too. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Smart or not smart

You know what annoys me?  People who complain about their jobs, even though their jobs are very simple with huge doses of slacking off, and somehow think their lives suck so much because of it.  How about you quit it then?  Dont go to the comfy job you hate so much.  Oh whats that?  You need to support your weekly weekends of drinking out with friends at clubs?  THEN STFU!  Some of us dont actually get to work.  Noobs.

So FINALLY took my cat into the vet today for his second checkup.  He's doing pretty good, although his main injury is healing slowly as expected.  Thats about $320 in 2 weeks I've spent, and I have no job lol.  Good thing I saved up a bit since I saw my jobless state coming a month early.  I also spent a liiiiiiiiittle more then I should have on a vacuum for my mum.  $800 to be precise.  I had my thoughts pretty much on this specific Dyson which was around $700.  I didnt want to spend too much but you pretty much get what you pay for.  Buy cheap, dont expect to get the cat hair out of the carpet.  Its just simple logic.  I learned this lesson long ago when I mocked my friend for spending $500 on a set of headphones.  I mean seriously wtf?  I mean yeah it sounded pretty awesome but so do most headphones.  And then I went through a period of 6months where I wasnt happy with my current headphones, and bought about 3 other pairs trying to find a good one.  Then I realised after listening to a really good one, I couldnt just go out and buy $50-$80 crap.  The sound quality was like night and day.  So yeah, $400 headset and I was in sound orgasm mode.  I heard shit I NEVER heard with my other sets.  And it lasted me a good 6 years.  Technically still works, but replaced it anyway because the little cable attaching to the headphones gives off a little static when it comes.  ie every fucking time.  My fault for yanking it one too many times.

So anyway, after going to a few stores I went to one that focuses solely on vacuums and nothing else.  The guy had heaps of useful information and showed me some pretty awesome things.  He basically tossed some dirt onto the carpet and RUBBED it in really well with his shoes.  Then he grabbed then Miele one that cost about $1500 and sucked it all up.  He emptied the little container out and was like see?  It grabbed all that dirt I put down didnt it!  And I'm like YEAH DUDE.  And then he said NOW WATCH THIS!! and he picked up the Hoover Core Plus and started sucking at the carpet again.  This thing though has some sort of vibration thing in the carpet head, so while you're vacuuming you can set it to vibrate like mad.  This dislodges dirt and crap, and its their own patent technology so no other cleaner has it.  Anyway, he opened the little canister where all the crap goes in and I was shocked to see it had sucked up a cup full of dirt SOMEHOW.  And the dirt was really fine, like it had been crushed so often and hidden deep in it.  I asked him how it did with pet hair, and he tossed some wool and hair onto the carpet and BAM!  2 swipes over it and it was all gone.

So pretty much I bought it.  He gave me a little bit of a discount, so $800 all up with a 5 year warranty.  So I guess $50 off.  Its not that heavy, its easy to move around, and its not really really  REALLY loud like our previous vacuum. Heres a pic

Its not as big as it looks.  Its kinda smallish.  That cylander can be detatched and emptied. But yeah, I was completely impressed.  So merry christmas mum.   Even when I'm not working I'm still buying expensive gifts.  Someone shoot me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A hundred curse words wouldnt do my annoyance justice

Theres nothing more frustrating than everything just going due south of you.  Having trouble getting sleep over the past month is one thing.  But last night I actually felt sleepy around midnight, and even managed to go to bed a little after 4, which is generally early when it comes to my sleeping habits.  So imagine my surprise when I hear some music blaring away at 7am.  I open my eyes and I'm like wtf is THAT, and why is it sounding so close.  Also why is it NOT stopping.  I then realised it was my spare phone.  I hadnt bothered using it anymore since I got my iphone a few months ago, but my mother wanted to use it to call my dad to pick her up while she was at the store, so I charged it up and set it up for her since my mum + technology = major fail.   Last night I turned it off, but didnt wait long enough for it to do its shutting down process before I closed the flip lid.  Apparently this CANCELS whatever the fuck its in the middle of doing.  What I also didnt notice was a previous alarm setting programmed in to wake me up.  So today it got its revenge on me for cheating on it with a newer model phone.  And it got it good.

Most people get pissed off and either slam whatever woke them up or throw it across the room.  I had to get up, figure out where the hell I had the damn thing on my desk, and then turn it off.  But instead of raging over it I just stared at it.  Then I realised I had a headache.  Then I realised some more that I was very hungry.  Then I got angry.  I was wide awake after a couple or so hours sleep.  Thank you brain for not letting me sleep after being woken up.  While trying to somehow get back to sleep it just wouldnt shut up.  Kept recalling things that annoyed me, like how I lost my job a while back, how I had to reschedule my cats vet appointment yesterday since the vet I see left early for the day for some reason or other.  And a bunch of other things.  I'm usually a positive happy person, but now and then my brain just pauses to rage at something for a few minutes.  And then it thinks about the amount of shit I do for people, help them out, buy them etc, yet wheres all the goodness coming back?  Its probably coming back, just not towards my central area.  Makes you think sometimes why you shouldnt just focus on yourself and noone else.  Lord knows  I'd have a shitload more money if I did that.  But then I realise no, its just not in me to not do nice things for others.  So despite getting raped on a frequent basis, I still find some enjoyment in doing something for someone else.  REAL FUCKING PRODUCTIVE THAT!

So its 9 am.  I'm wide awake after a ponsy amount of sleep, and my brains considering what I'll be doing today.  Vet appointment at 3:30 is really the only big thing.  Make a couple phone calls to places for my parents to tie up some things.  The rest of the day? I really feel like just wasting it and sitting here playing games all day.  I probably should go to the store and check out that chair I was interested in.  But then I think its probably worth $800 or some STUPID amount so I cant consider it at the moment, what with not having a job.  But while there I could check for a couple vacuums I'm interested in for my mum.  So this means getting up and leaving my comfortable room.  On the way back I'd probably head to the PC store which is owned by a previous boss of mine.  He always enjoys it when I visit.  I hardly do it since I'm fairly slack.  Worse part is he's only down the road.  I should go visit him.  But I need to tidy up my bookshelf too so I can move a few things around.  I like being orderly and neat.  If you spend like 5min a week just tidying up a little, you'll spare yourself a few hours of cleaning and sorting months down the track.  Plus your room doesnt end up looking shit and forcing you into actually doing some cleanup work.  And I still need to edit my holiday videos from back in october to upload some of it onto youtube.  Useless is what I am.

Best way to cheer myself up is to buy something.  Clothes shopping is also a massive joy.  IF theres ever anything to buy.  Damn stores are like 10 female clothing shops, 2 guy shops, and the girls shop at the guys shops anyway so thats like 12- 2.  Ripped off.  Which means internet shopping instead.  At least I have a few places I know and like.

Anyway heres an oooold picture from 7 years back of me and my friend sitting in an airport terminal at 4am waiting for a connecting flight.  This is the first time I'd been on a plane again and traveled out of my city since...hmm..prolly 1984.  So 19 years.  Suffice to say I was a little twitchy about it lol.  Digital cameras were also a bit shit back then.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleep? Whats sleep..

Yeah, my month long sleep deprivation is still going.  Nothing more furstrating then rolling around in bed for 4-5 hours before realising you're getting nowhere.  Sooner or later I'll snap out of it.  Happens at least once a year lol

Was meant to take my cat in for a follow up to the vet today.  Cancelled though and schedualed it for tomorrow.  His wound is healing but amazingly slow, and I think he's started to scratch at it again.  For the moment its ok, and if he gets those awesome injections tomorrow it'll stop him from scratching it for a while more.  Sadly thats another $150 I dont have that I'll need to spend.  I love not working..

Vacuum decided to go stupid today.  The hose attachment connecting to the vacuum keeps falling out, so thats counter productive when you're trying to do your business.  I was thinking of grabbing one of those robotic ones since I dont like my mum pulling around heavy vacuums.  But those bastard things cost so much.  The one I've got my eye on is the Roomba 530.  That thing goes for like $600 here.  If I was working I wouldnt care, but I'm not.  We need to get a new one though.  And I really dont want to buy a generic one.  Need something thats good to pick up cat hair from the carpet.  So you know what that means right?  Yeah, I'll probably have to buy this thing.  Why not buy a normal one and do it yourself instead of letting your mum do it, I hear you ask.  Good question.  Its because my mum cant sit still.  By the time I've woken up, this saying when my sleeping scheduals arent RETARDED like now, she's already finished vacuuming.  And when I get a job in the HOPEFULLY foreseeable future, she'll be doing it anyway.  The joy.

Playing a really fun game on my iphone called Dungeon Hunter.  Its pretty much diablo style.  I probably shouldnt be though since my console and PC games have piled up to stupid levels.  What can you do..  Heres a picture of me during simpler happy times.  Its animated so click on the picture to load it up.  This awesome site cant seem to handle animated pics.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well my sleeping patterns are royally screwed now.  Going to sleep around 11am, waking up at 7pm, and doing nothing.  Gotta fix this.  Missing the day isnt helping when I have stuff I need to do.   At least my cat seems to be doing a lot better.  His injury hasnt started healing yet but he's no longer scratching at it, at least not that I can tell.

Aside from that there really isnt much else.  Playing away on GT5 and a couple games on my iphone. That thing really has a huge number of awesome games.  Some sexy rpgs too.

I guess the biggest thing at the moment is remembering that people get people gifts on christmas.  I end up buying stuff for people all through the year and totally forget about gifts at christmas since I get so many.  I remembered I hadnt gotten my cousins kid a present for a while now.  He's like 10 or something. Amazing kid, smart as fuck and cheeky too.  Like I rang my cousin today to ask if they'd gotten him a Kinect yet for the xbox, or if anyone else has gotten one.  Pretty sure noone has because everyones a cheap bastard.  And I love getting presents that are considered super awesome by the person.  The kid will freak out if he opens it up and finds a kinect pack with 2 games.  His parents will have heaps of fun too since I enjoyed messing with it over my friends place and my cousin is on the same wavelength as me.  Hopefully he'll get back to me and say he doesnt own one yet, otherwise I dont know wtf I'll get him.

Anyway, so the kid picks up the phone and I'm like hello its Con.  And he goes....this isnt your number.  It wasnt, I hadnt given them my new number yet.  But this little guy spotted it straight away.  Normally response would be like HIIIIII.

Anyway, heres a picture.  My cousin took a picture of me while  I wasnt paying attention.  Silly bimbo.  But I like to think the photos you dont expect are generally the better ones.  They capture so much more instead of a fake smile.  You're just being you in them.  I dont even remember wtf I was looking at.  I was tired though lol

Friday, December 10, 2010


Well took my cat to the vet today because he REFUSED to stop scratching the area he butchered a couple days ago.  All his other problems from the fight are pretty much heaps better.  If only the cut that got infected had been on the other side of his head, then he'd probably scratch the left side of his neck or not at all.  Always a problem with the right side.  Doesnt he fucking know the vet cant stitch that area anymore because its too tight from previous fixing.  Nothing but stress when he gets injured.  Its almost lunch time and I havent slept yet because I stayed up making sure he didnt scratch it any more till I could take him to the vet this morning.  $150 vet trip.  And going back wednesday as a follow up so easily another $100.  Hopefully he heals well and doesnt end up costing me more with another operation.  He should be ok though.

As much as I love that cat its just starting to really get old.   None of my friends cats ever seem to get injured enough to be taken to the vet.  One friends had his cat for like 10 years now and only gone to the vet twice.  Me?  This bastard has almost yearly trips.  Even the vet is stunned.  How can a cat thats so large, so strong, and so lucky with past injuries, still manage to get the smallest of scratches from fights infected.  I've probably spent $5000 on vet bills over the last 15 years.  Probably more.  I'll still keep spending each time he gets sick but seriously why the hell does he get sick more then other cats.  Bloody mystery.   Dunno if I'll get another pet after he passes away.  So much stress with this one.  He could at least get injured when I'm working and have money to pay for it.  Having lost my job a while back, this is really not the time I would of picked if I was a retarded cat with a stupid mental issue.

Well Gran Turismo 5 has started to really piss me off too.  I'm pretty well into it and all races seem to be against super cars who NEVER spin out, take every turn well, and any chance they get to ram me they do it.  They ram me with so much passion that they smash me off the track into a spinning mess.  Worst fucking AI in any car game.  Which makes it all the more frustrating because its the best handling car game out.  Will keep soldiering on amidst curses.

Well since my brain is sleep deprived I'm going to end it here because its thinking of 100 things and wants to talk about all those 100 things and that would just be wrong.  Heres a picture of my grandma instead.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not much

Pretty much not much.  My day was basically Gran Turismo 5, bunch of episodes of Glee and Dexter since I was behind in those, and stressing over my moron cat.  He went and did what I hoped he wouldnt, which was scratch at the side of his neck.  He's had a couple surgerys there in the past so his skin is not too loose.  Which means further surgery there at some stage would be a real bad idea.  So now he's gone and scratched away that area raw.  I dunno if the infection above it made him subconciously just tear away at it or if he was trying to claw away matted fur, but either way he's gone and done it.  I'm hoping he'll not fuck with it too much and it'll heal.  I'll know in a couple days or so.  If he's still fucking with it I'll take him to the vet on monday.  Just dont want to move him around since his legs are still sore and picking him up to put him in his carry case could earn me some new scars.

I'm pondering buying myself a new chair.  My current one has sort of pissed me off over the years but I never found one I was happy with.  I did  try out one last weekend that I liked but I didnt focus too much on it at the time nor check the price.  I'm thinking this weekend I'll go take a better look at it and if the price isnt some spaz amount I'll grab it.

So finally sent off about 100 photos to get printed.  I was pretty amazed to see it'll only cost me like $11.  I remember back during the days of FILM when you'd take them in to get developed.  Memory being dodgy like it is, I THINK each print cost something like $1-$2 or so.  A simple roll of 24 would end up costing $20-30 or something.  I'm curious to see how they'll turn out.  I know plenty of people who hate having their photo taken and go through their lives capturing maybe 1 photo of themselves every 5-10 years.  Now days I guess its different what with things like facebook and phones having cameras.  People just go stupid taking any old photo.  Which is good.    Make sure you never lose them.

Another very annoying thing, today I've felt like theres something missing.  Somethings empty.  And I cant put my damn finger on it.  Needless to say I never experience this sort of crap since I'm perfectly happy.  So wtf?  Its really annoying me.

Heres a picture of me and my grandfather when I visited him in greece.  He's got a sense of humour lolol

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We cant stop here. This is bat country

So today I found out my damn pc decided to screw with me.  I loaded up L4D to see if it still worked and found out my microphone wasnt working.  ODD I thought since it worked the last time I loaded it up, which was months ago.  Tried to fix it, even installed new drivers, nothing.  Its like the pc is just ignoring me.  Not sure what to do but for now I'm totally ignoring it since it gave me a headache.

My cats healing slowly.  A little too slowly.  Today his wound infront of his ear was really dry and all closed up and no sign of swelling at all.  I figured the worst was over.  Then he goes and scratches it open, just a little bit.  Theres still some puss seeping out so its not totally healed yet.  I'm wiping away at it whenever I see any seeping out.   Starting to really bother me now that its not healed after almost a week..  He's walking a little better now but his back legs are still a bit sore.  You can tell everytime he tries to stand up.  He's very slow.  Whatever that fight he had last week it must of been a massive one.  Never seen him so bruised.  Hopefully he gets better quiclky soon.

I was going through my pc and trying to find a bunch of photos I'd taken over the years that I wanted printed out.  Over 100 so far and I'm being choosy.  Cheapest way is to upload them through th enet to a store and have them print them out.  But we're talking 300megs upload.  I'm sure their servers can handle it considering the amount of people that send pictures in.  Sadly I'll have to wait about 2+ weeks for them to print them, mail them, and reach my house.  Pretty frustrating.   Heres one of the pics.  Me with Gamera while in japan.  The sign on the front says PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THIS GAMERA.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Useless world

Well good and bad crap.  Good crap is it looks like my cat should be ok.  One of the cuts infront of his ear did get infected and swelled up a little, but luckily some of th epuss trickled out a couple times and relieved it, allowing me to wipe it away and put some more dissinfectant there.  So that part looks great.  He still has a sore front and back leg.  He walks around ok but you can see its hurting him.  Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.  We've locked him inside during the evens so he doesnt get into any fights while healing.  He's not happy about it but he's not strong enough to destroy parts of the house to make you let him out.

Bad news for me at least was I finally got chosen to attend jury duty.  They called my name out in court and I cried a little inside.  So I'm doing this for the next week.  Just wish they had a damn couch in the jury room so I could sprawl out on while playing some rpgs on my iphone.  Oh well.

I finally finished that photo edit I was working on the past few days of a friends picture I mentioned a while back.  Its been in his wallet for the last 18+ years and it got seriously raped.  So heres my attempt at fixing it. I'm no pro at photoshop, I'm kinda suckish, but I tried pretty hard with it. I'm not 100% happy with the end product but considering what I had to work with I think I did ok.  Will be sending it via phone to friend tomorrow so he can have a look at it.  If he's happy I'll have it printed out. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well not much happened today.  Decided Walking Dead just isnt interesting anymore so I'm bored of it.   

My poor cat spent the entire day inside just sleeping in my parents room.  He must be in pain to not want to move.  Problem is he's still in there and its 4am.  I'm worried he might need to go do special time but cant because my parents door is closed.  They've got the aircondition on you see.  I'm still super worried over him and hope he'll feel better soon and not get any worse.

I've been fairly slack lately in doing a few things.  Like uploading my videos from october since I have to cut them and then merge them and I'm seriously a massive slacker at heart.  Another thing I need to do is I promised a friend of mine I'd try and photoshop an old picture of him and his girlfriend from like 17 years ago and make it nicer.  Its like old, he's had it in his wallet all these years and theres creases and dirt smudges and all sorts of crap.  So I scanned it in and said I'd see what I could do.  I'm no magician at photoshop or anything but I've done some old photos before, like ones my parents had from the 60s and other ones that were so old that the colour was almost washed out, and I made them look good again.  Sometimes I fluke it so I'm worried I may have promised something I cant deliver, but I'm going to totally give it a shot anyway because thats what friends do.  Just hope I dont disappoint him if I cant get it just right.  If I'm happy with the outcome I'll post up the pics here of a before and after.  If I'm disgusted with it I'll pretend I never mentioned it lol

In the meantime heres a random picture I took while in greece from the balcony of my cousins cafe.  I stiched the pictures together to make a panoramic thingie.  As always click on it for a larger version.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Well today was going well.  Finally watched Inception.  Enjoyable film.  Not sure why people were confused my the ending, it was straight forward.  I was also pondering how well my finances were to grab a new 3D tv for my room.  Needless to say since I'm NOT working they arent too good.  If I got a job in the next couple months then I could buy one now and be ok.  But then I got home and find my cat has gotten into a fight.

He's got a couple scratches next to his ear, one on his cheek, another on his chest, and one of his nails have been half ripped out so its poking it a different direction.  He'll get rid of that in the next day or so since its happened before and he always deals with it quickly.  My problem now is waiting to see if any of the cuts become infected.  I Should know in a week or so.  Its pretty much 50/50.  If it does happen then theres a few hundred dollars gone on the vet again.  I say again because he's had cuts become infected in the past.  A couple times really nasty infections.  One of the really bad ones was on his other cheek so I'm pretty paranoid as you may have noticed.

So yeah, I'm going to be in a state of  stress until I know whether he'll be fine or not.    Why the hell cant he be like other cats.  I've got friends who have cats who never get into fights.  Like ever.  And the very few times it happens they never get infectioned wounds.  My one though, I've spent thousands on him at the vet.  Worst one was when I had to spend about $1200.   Its not the money that bugs me.  Its him getting hurt.  That $1200 one his cheek got infected which seeped in to his gums and infected more there.  Doctor had to remove his back teeth during the operation and said theres a chance he could develop cancer from it so I should think twice before spending that much money.  I dont think he liked the look I gave him when he said that.    I dont give a shit how much I spend, I just want him healthy.  Thankfully he never developed cancer which surprised the vet.  And I must state the vet is top grade too which is why I go to him.

He's a very lucky cat though.  Sure he's had a few infections over time but during all that he should of lost one ear, his tail, and developed cancer.  Never happened.  Especially the tail when he broke it long ago.  Usually the tail breaks and it just hangs limply and not often heals again, so you have to get it removed.  His healed after a month which again surprised the vets.  I spoil him rotten and I think my brain will just shut down when he does actually die, but for now he's still very strong and amazing and I never enjoy seeing him hurt.   But yeah, positive thoughts.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Pretty much little I can share.  Bought a few bluray films I've been wanting for ages.  One was Edward Scissorhands, one of the best movies ever.  Only reason I never got it up to now was to see if they were planning to release a newer better version since the original has a few little issues.  Thats not happening and since its the best version around I might as well grab it.   Still have a few more to get at some stage.  Phantom of the Opera is one.  I really enjoyed that film lots.  But whenever I watch it now I'll always see Leonidis as the phantom lolol

Friend came over yesterday who I hadnt seen in almost a year.  Went to school with him so known him for over 20 years now.  Was pretty entertaining talking about how things were back then with friends and other crap.  He even mentioned a few names of people I'd totally forgotten, and some I just barely remember.  Hearing about old girlfriends and other girls we were interested in, that was probably the most entertaining part.  Although I was still the one of all my friends who had the highest rate of rejecting the most girls.  I'll admit I took a slight enjoyment out of doing that which is why I did it so often.  Mainly towards the pretty semi stuck up ones.  They were the ones who always expected things to go their way because they were 'hot'.  I always enjoyed taking them down a peg or two because it infuriated them.

He was also floored when he found out I'd never gotten into a fight ever.  He'd be like wtf dude I know you're a good fighter, how can you never have gotten into one? (martial arts etc)..  Well I rarely pissed people off.  Everyone seemed to like me well enough.  And the very few times I almost got into a fight I managed to always talk my way out of it.  I was never FORCED into a fight.  If I saw a way out of one I usually did it because I wasnt interested in getting into fights. I do have a couple funny stories of ways I got out of some.  Although one I'll never forget. 

We were on a class excursion, I was like 18 I think.  While at the place one of the taller slightly larger guys comes up to me and is all 'Hey I hear you can kick.  Show me a kick'.  I'm all wtf sorry not interested.  So he starts badgering me, telling me to show him a kick or he'll show me his fist.  I pretty much refused to break his stare and told him, seriously get lost I aint interested in starting crap with you.  After a couple more verbal challenges from him I just turned my back and walked away to the other side of the area where a couple of my friends were just staring at me wide eyed.  I asked them what their problem was and they said the guy was suchandsuch.  I pretty much went white.  I knew the name but never met the guy before even though he was in my damn class.  He was pretty much one of the best fighters around, went in interstate championships etc.  I realised I could of been dead if I had a cocky personality.  The next day he came up to me and said I must be pretty good not to be intimidated by him and we became friends.  If only he knew I didnt know who he was or I would of probably shit myself then and there haha.

The biggest thing that surprised me that I never noticed or paid attention to back then was peoples sexual preferences.  Like friend would mention the name of a guy we knew and be all like Hey did you think he was gay?  And I'd be naaah....wait..  And then I realised the way he acted and other little things, he could of easily been bisexual, since he went out with girls too.  The more I think about it the more I'm convinced he was.  Same goes for girls.  I've noticed theres a STACK more girls today who are happily bisexual and molest their friends often in public.  Especially under the age of 20-22 area.  And friend mentioned about this or that girl who actually did do things with other girls we knew in private.  So that floored me since it never came into my head.  Girls are girls, just not as private as before.  There really is hardly any difference between how teenagers act and what they do now as there was when I was 18.  Its not surprise to me, but if I was 18 and saw someone who was 35 I'd think they spent their childhood in the farms because there werent any electricity back then etcetcetc.  You know what I mean.

I'd put up a picture of something to do with me back in highschool, but I think all those pictures are in my parents room and right now they're sleeping lol.  So heres a picture of me when I was 7 next to a picture of my grandmother.  Its my favourite picture of me as a kid and I gave it to my grandmother when I was visiting her last year, first time I'd seen her in over 25 years.  The next morning I found she'd gotten it framed and placed it beside her own portrait which was pretty cool.  Incidentally I'm her favourite.  Not hard to believe is it lolol

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sad day indeed

Its so frustrating and sad when someone dies who is an amazing person. I'm sure most of you have already heard that Leslie Nielsen died aged 84.  He was awesome.  Loved the guy.    So very not fair that he's not here anymore.  I'd gladly trade all of the useless jersey shore cast for his.   But still, 84 is a great age to make it to and he had a great life too.  I'd still offer the jersey shore cast anyway.  How thehell is that damn show on tv when way more awesome stuff get cancelled.  Fucking useless people.

So today I didnt get picked as part of the jury.  I'll have to call up tomorrow and see when I'm next expected there to go through the whole process again.  If I can survive another 2 weeks without getting picked then I'm free of everything, but theres no chance of something that good happening to me.

I'd like to add more on my little comic thing from yesterday.  While Thor is my favourite character ever I do have others.  Huntress from DC is easily my favourite female character.  She's jus way too awesome.  You could say she's Batman but without a moral code when it comes to certain things.  She's fairly brutal.  And adding her together with Harley, my second favourite female character also from the DC universe, is just way too cool.

In the past I've bought a few art pieces from artists on the web.  Generally they're pretty pricey.  The ones I'd love to get art from cost $500 or more, some well over $1000 which makes it out of the question.  So I end up having to suffer slightly less popular artists.  But as long as the art is good I dont care too much what they call themselves.  I did find one guy who was pretty amazing.  Theres a few actually but you cant get everything you want.  So I had him commission me a piece with a scene of my choosing.  The artists name is Renato Italo.  He did this using pencil and inks combined.

All the art pieces are 11"x14" in size so fairly large.  I totally love what he did.  He actually understood what I was asking for him to draw and added in some of his own ideas which fit really well.  Cant say the same for a previous art piece I got from another guy of Huntress who really had a hard time understanding what I wanted and I came away with something I'm less then pleased with.  The way Huntress looks while she's beating the living crap out of Harley, super epic. But yeah, this guy rocks.  He did another art piece of Wonder girl which I grabbed instantly because I loved the way he did the head.

My final piece is from a different artist called  Rubismar da Costa.  He drew a character I completely did not expect, one Dejah Thoris.  She was a princess from Mars in an old novel series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which was also turned into a comic series in the 40s.  I really liked his style so I grabbed it.  The fact that it was under $100 was surprising too since most art pieces are over that.

I've got some other artists I'd love some art from in time.  But thats for later when I actually have money.  Unless I see something that floors me and doesnt cost a billion dollars.  I saw an amazing pencilled/ink piece from the Loki comic with one panel that was so amazing.  I love that artist and wanted it so badly.  But it was going for a couple grand and I just had to turn away and break something in frustration.

I dont in any way call myself a collector.  Although I have interests in so many things which makes me grab a bit of this and a bit of that.    While these look pretty cool posted up, in person theres a whole other level of epicness to them since you can see the detail and size and everything right infront of you.  Very impressive. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The night before

Well 6 hours to go till I have to be up for jury duty.  I'm getting sick of saying those stupid words.  And you know whats mega bullshit?  Liverpool play Tottenham in 20min and I an watch it because of this bullshit.  Thanks justice system.

Well today was basically GT5 day.  I played it for like 7hours straight.  Havent played a game for that long in one session in...ooh..  A few years back I think.  Good game.  Bloody hard too.  Looking forward to trashing some friends online when I'm ready.

Every now and then I like to share things I enjoy, and since today I've magically got 100 people supposedly following me, and god knows why you'd bore yourself here, so I figured I'd throw up another thing.  I probably should find a certain specific topic and stick to it, but my brain enjoys going everywhere.

I got into a few things sort of late.  Comics for example.  I didnt really buy my first comic till I was like...early 20s I think.  Oh sure I had some favourite characters but I never really read them.  I dont collect them any more though since all the stories I followed ended and nothing good has popped up in years.   My all time favourite male character is Thor.  I'm also twitching for the movie.  Looks quite good.  Theres been some excellent comic runs for him.   Obviously the legendary Jack Kirby and Stan Lee run.  Walt Simonson did an excellent run during the 80s.   Wrote and drew heaps of issues of the comic.  And then my favourite run during the 90s from Dan Jurgens.  I was a fan of Jurgens from the superman run he did.  He's the one who killed Superman and then did the amazing origin story of Doomsday.  He then came back much later and did the energy Superman story line.  I'll admit to being one of the few who thinks they should of kept him like that for good since the character wasnt BORING anymore.  But no, they wanted to change him back and didnt give Jurgens any time to think up a proper way to turn him back, so it was done in the crappiest way possible.  Fitting since it returned him back to his crappy boring character. 

I really dont like the current Thor comic,  written by Michael Straczynski.  I totally and utterly loathe it.  I hate his story ideas, the way he writes Thor, what he did with Loki, everything.  He completely misses wtf Thor is about.  I loved his writing in Babylon 5 though.  One of the best scifi series out there.  I know lots of people couldnt get passed the first season, it is a little slow.  But it really takes off from second season.  Some amazing character development and actors in it.  Blew me away.

  I loved the Loki 4 part comic that came after the Jurgens run.  It was amazing, written by Robert Rodi and with some amazing art by Esad Ribic.  I bought a statue of a scene of the cover from one of those comics.  I love it to death, its easily my favourite statue.  I'd love to add more but theres very very few that are worth buying in my opinion, and plus those very few are horribly expensive.  Heres the statue with the cover its from.  The thing is about 17" so its pretty huge.  Go to the link if you want to see more detailed pictures.  The thing has some amazing little bits all over it that you dont see if the picture I took.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Probably not smart

You might ask what isnt smart.  Many things I do is the answer.  Specifically staying up really really really late, as in past 6am, and planning to sleep for only about 2-3 hours so I feel tired enough tonight to sleep and be up early on monday for my accursed jury duty.  It'll either work or it wont.  Either way I'm still as stupid as I was the day before .

When you sleep as little as I usually do your mind goes all over the place.  Mine for example constantly recalls events where I did or said something that just makes me cringe.  Like for example going over to my friends house and his dad asking me if I've had dinner yet since they were about to have dinner.  I never eat at friends houses.  I've got this mental thing.  Nicest way I can put it.  Anyway, I said to him 'Yes thanks', as in yes I've had dinner and thanks for asking.  But I think he took it as Yes I will eat with you because when they sat down there was this extra plate at the table and I was a little confused.  So I stood there like a retard wondering is that for me or not, they havent said anything, maybe it isnt, this is uncomfortable.  I think that was about 20 years ago.  You see?  My brain refuses to forget small little things.  And it enjoys making me relive each and every single one of them that I've done.  I tell myself each time, remember it, learn from it, improve on it.  Every little thing I do, try to learn from previous screw ups so I can be more normal in the future.  Its not working too well as I'm still a gigantic massive retard.

From this leads a whole massive spider web of thoughts.  You could see it as my brain telling me I cant be better because of this or that. /  I cant move on. / I refuse to grow up mentally because my brain is locked firmly in the past. / I hate myself.  /  I'm a failure  / Yeah, but then that gets too complicated and I lose interest in where those thoughts might go.  I just cant take myself seriously half the time.  Thats probably why I'm never actually depressed.  Even during my highschool years when I went into a massive emo stint and just refused to leave home and did nothing but read books every day for about a year, I wasnt even depressed.  I mean yeah I was, but I actually enjoyed it.  I'm not sure what that would be called...An inside out emo?  You could say I relish on emotions.  All kinds.  Thats probably where my creative part comes from.  My imagination is pretty cool.  The dreams I have are outright freaky half the time and I so enjoy recalling them.  Nightmares definitely are my favourite.

WOOPS rambling on again.  Thats enough for now before I wrote about 10 pages of thoughts and then some.  Gotta hold myself back most of the time.  Too many things my brain wants me to put down.  You'd think I'd have a diary wouldnt you, what with all my constant thoughts.  I tried having one back when I was like..uh..13-14 I think.  Was a pretty cool little thing.  Small back, clasped shut with a lock.  Was pretty spiffy.  I think I entered maybe 10 or so pages and then decidedly got bored of it.  Lord knows I remember enough things.  Would be cool to read now though.  I think my problem was I tried to make an entry every day.  That was wrong.  I think once a week or twice a week would of been plenty.  Gather all your thoughts together  and spew it out.  Otherwise you'd have a week or two here and there with Wed 28th, I ate a hot dog for lunch then went home cause my stomach was sore.   Thur 29th, skipped school.  Fri 30th, went to school it was boring.   Real awesome.

Yet here I am making a blog.  Oh brain you silly thing.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stupid game

Why for be so hard lol.  Damn license tests.  No way in hell am I getting gold in all of them.  Forget it.  I'll just focus on completing the damn things so I can play the other tracks.  I'm pretty pleased with it.  Handles really good, graphics are awesome with some slight dodgyness since it really is an ooooooold console now.  Havent played online yet, waiting to finish heaps of tracks and gather a few cars I like to use and then tweak the absolute crap out of them for my driving style.  That style being take every turn going SIDEWAYS.  I'm a drifting whore.

So looks like I have to turn up to jury duty on monday.  I wonder if I'll be able to sleep properly this time.  Gotta make sure to wake up early on saturday and sunday so I can at least be tired enough to go to sleep before 3am.  Speaking of, 4:30am and I suddenly have a very ANNOYING urge to watch my sleeping Beauty bluray.  I cant though because parents are asleep in the room next door.  I guess thats one negative about living with your parents.   At the same time I cant justify moving out for that reason alone since everything else is perfect.  Besides I need to help them out constantly.  If I wasnt here they'd probably suicide over trying to figure out how to turn the damn tv on.  Plus I aint taking my cat away from here.  Not going to relocate him.  I wouldnt take him away from my mum either since she loves him.  So me and him will stay put. 

Maybe if this stupid jury duty crap wasnt getting in my face I'd be able to find a new job to save up building that extra room downstairs I want and sliding myself in there.  Nice and sound proofed its going to be.  I say room but really its the entire underside of half the house.  Enough room to make a bedroom, a large living room, a spare area for my exercise equipment, and a place to eat.  Oh, and bathroom, thats sorta important.  Hopefully end of next year I can start building it.

Anyway I got me some football manager to play so I am GONE!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Its Gran Turismo 5 day

So... 5:30am.  I really should be sleeping.  But I was never one for sleeping early.  So probably in about 6 hours I'll make sure I wake myself up so I can go and finally get myself GT5.  Twitching for that game so badly.  I'm going to camp on it day and night for the next few days.  Annoyingly part of me wants to buy the new need for speed game. 

Now mind you I've never been a fan of the game.  Too arcadey, too pointless for my like.  But the new one is made by Criterion and they rock for making some awesome racing games, like the brilliant GRID.  I wish they'd hurry up and make the sequel.  But this games pretty different to all the other ones and the online side of it sounds pretty fun too.  But buying NFS and GT5 on the same day?  I'm trying to justify that but I dont see how.  I mean GT5 takes instant preference to me and I cant see myself pausing for ages to play NFS.  Picking it up later would be better, but I've noticed theres a couple exclusive cars you can get that probably wont be offered later except as paid DLC.  I'd go into a rant about DLC but that would take an entire 4 days worth of blogs.  That shit pisses me off to no end.  I can understand paying for little things that come out months later.  But if its something listed in the first week or two?  Fuck you that was part of the game you purposely kept out so as to sell as DLC.  And you know why DLC is so popular?  Thanks to fucking bethesda when Oblivion came out and their bullshit horse armour and mini quests.  I also like to blame the xbox audience for being the biggest drones of DLC and what made it so popular among all devs.  BLEAH

So anyway..  I've spent the last 2 days just eating cake.  Today I threw a pizza into the mix but there was still more cake.  I'm almost out of cake.  This makes me sad.  Witness my last piece which I will destroy when I wake up.  Best birthday cake evaaaaarrrrrrr

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday hurry up omg

Well its wednesday morning.  6:30am actually.  I totally forgot to post something since I've been face deep in Football Manager 2011.  I swear its the only game in the world where you're saying to yourself, Just one more game, just one more game...

Tomorrow is Gran Turismo 5 day.  I am totally going stupid for this game. Wanted it forever.  Half abused the game store worker for not selling me it now since they've had it since last thursday in their damn store.  I keep standing on principle that if this game was GTA5 it would of broken street date a week ago like all the ones prior to it.  Pisses me off I tell you.  Oh well cant be helped. I'll have it soon enough.

I swear I must of eating about 10kg worth of cake today.  My birthdays been awesome, if you consider eating cake awesome.  Oh so yummy.  Now I need to do 1 more game before sleeping.  No really, just 1 more... honest.

Ok heres a treat.  I made this purposely poor photoshop of me and some friends as a joke since they laughed at my matrix keanu photoshop I did.  3min job is the best they deserve lol .  I can also only do so much with really shitty quality facebook photos.  If they find out I uploaded this they'll freak out haha

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well today was fairly lol.  Started off shit and then got better sort of.  Went to bed at 1:30am so I could be up early to make jury duty.  Problem was I wasnt tired.  So I basically ROLLED around for 6 hours then stood up and got ready, still wide awake.  Drive to town, pay for shitty parking, and then be told they wont be needing me today and court dates got changed.  Call back friday to find out, is what they tell me.  How about a fucking phone call to ME?!  So went home and later fell asleep.

2 more days till Gran Turismo 5 is out.  I'm totally dying for it.  Also realised I dont want the hugely expensive signature edition since the insides, after watching a video of someone unboxing it, didnt impress me enough.  So now I need to figure out where I'll get the normal version..  GAME has the collectors edition with the 5 chrome cars and book.  But EB has the bonus stealth cars which you only get with the super expensive collectors pack.  If I'm totally lucky the guys at Game will have the same stealth cards they can give to me to keep me as a customer lololol.   But I need to figure out whats more important, stealth cars, or book with added chrome cars?  WHO KNOWS!

Going to buy myself the awesome chocolate cake I love so much.  Its my birthday cake!  Because today is my birthday.  35 YEAH!  Still feel 25 but fuck that what are details when you reach 35!  Yeah I'm still waiting for this supposed 'mid life crises' thing I was supposed to go through when I turned 30.  Supposedly everyone does.  Still nothing.  Maybe because I didnt decide to stop doing the things I enjoyed when I was younger like all the idiots who think OMG I AM OLDER NOW I MUST WATCH HOME IMPROVEMENT SHOWS ON TV AND MAKE A GARDEN.  Thats right you go on with your little mid life crises, I'll just be over here enjoying myself.

Its pretty annoying though.  Everyones doing their whatever stuff, and noone around to play NERF tag with me in the garden.  Got an awesome gun that fires 20 DEADLY foam mini projectiles.  My machine gun of death.  Actually if I'd moved my arse and had kids I'd probably have my NERF teammates.  Maybe I can shoot my mum while she's not looking.  I guess that would be kinda cool.  Yeah...I'm actually seriously considering doing that.

So heres todays pics.  Screenshots from the house I made in Sims 3.  Like my pacman Ghost pool?   I thought I had some screens of it during the evening when its all lit up with the dozens of light posts I've put through the garden.  I havent reinstalled it since I formatted my pc a few months back or I'd take another shot of it.  But yeah, thats the outside.  Inside I've got a crapload of stuff including my own gym lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well not much to bring up today aside from I've been sulking about jury duty tomorrow.  Gotta wake up early, really dont want to, screw you jury duty.  I say that while its 1:30am lol.  Hopefully I can trick the idiot on guard duty tomorrow that my iphone is actually an itouch so I dont have to give it away since phones arent allowed in.  Hopefully everyone I get stuck with actually bathe and arent smelly disgusting people.  Cant stand those people.  There should be a rule in the universe where if you stink passed a certain amount you implode.  Save my nose from the torture god damnit.  My nightmare though is getting that 1 person who will refuse to agree with everyone else and make us stay there for days while we argue.  Swear if that happens I'm bringing in all my handhelds and my netbook and just camping in the corner of the room while they all complain.  Fucked if I'll waste my time.

Well sleep time.  Heres a picture.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not too bad

My friend got that Kinect thing for the xbox.  Messed around with it some today.  Over all I think its pretty cool.  Its got some good things going for it.   Played it for about a couple hours with my friend just sitting there since he likes me to try out new things he gets.  If its not an fps or whatever he's not completely interested.  He's also not very into exercise.  Since I'm fairly fit I wasnt even panting by the end, although a little sweat since that happens if you're moving constantly.  Whats interesting is despite being active and fit, I can still feel some slightly sore muscles around my body, which was a welcome surprise.  Wasnt expecting that.  I think its cause I kept doing retarded crap now and then so when the camera was recording it would play back me doing really really retarded things, which made it heaps fun to watch.  It does that during some games.

I dont want to compare it to the wii or the ps move because its just completely different to those.  I mean I can use my damn legs and head and body in move.  The other two I can just use my arms, so its a big difference.  I'm a little disappointed with its accuracy though.  I thought it would be more precise.  Plus it doesnt pick up small motions, like with fingers or a slightly rotating your hand.  But still pretty cool.  I think down the track there will be some very good games that will use it properly.  I really want to try out the new Rez game coming for it too.  That looks like it'll be great.

Ok got distracted into a discussion with my friend about the universe.  We wont stop talking details unless one of us twitches.  And since its 6am I think I'll twitch first.  Tomorrow is my last sleep-in day before I have to be awake early for bloody jury duty.  So not down with that.  At least I found out I wont be alone on my first day.  My friends wife and my friends mother are both going on that day too.  Whether we all get selected into the same court case is another story.  I wonder if there will be any others I know.

One thing about being my age is I get to see things I always looked forward to seeing.  Like while you're in school you always wonder how this person will turn out or that person.  Will the hottest girl at school become a fat cow later, will the popular guy end up in jail, what what what?  I'm at that age where I'm seeing all that stuff happen.  So despite totally missing my school days (which were fuck awesome because I really enjoyed my years there, knowing heaps of people, almost everyone knowing me etcetc), I guess I got another thing to look forward to now.  I do know that one girl I was totally in love with, who was easily one of the hottest popular girls in school (and who had a crush on me lol), did indeed sprout into a round mass many years later.  I'm thinking it had something to do with marriage.  Everytime my relatives or someone hassle me asking me why the hell arent I married yet I generally ask them a question in return, How old do I look?  General response is mid 20s.  Considering I'm mid 30s now I always reply with 'Thats why, or I'd look your age.' And BOOM they shut up.

woah...I'm totally stopping before I keep going off on a tangent there lol.  Enjoy todays picture.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sleep? HAH!

So went to bed around 7am as I've been doing lately because I CAN, and was woken up at 9 by the sounds of my mum getting overly excited with the two little babies that our neighbour brought round to visit.  So her happy squeals of joy woke me up and when I wake up I cant go back to sleep. To top it off for some strange reason I had the Little Mermaid songs playing over and over in my head for absolutely no reason.  I mean I wake up, go arrrrgh, and then Look at this stuff, isnt it neat? Wouldnt you think my collections complete?  ...I mean wtf?  Where did THAT come from.  And it didnt stop. I mean yeah I love the film to bits and like the songs, but theres a time and a god damn place for my brain to do that.  NOT when I've just woken up.

I'd like to touch more on the books from yesterday.  Mainly because one of the series I'm reading, first book called Game of Thrones by George R R Martin, is being made into a tv mini series on HBO.  Its an awesome book series, very original, very gritty, very unforgiving.  The only problem with it is the author is moving at a slugs pace in releasing these books.  The tv series starts next year sometime.  They've cast everyone and already filming.   You can find pictures of the actors dressed as the characters and a short trailer which shows one of the characters played by Sean Bean who I totally love.  He's been in so many awesome things.  Amazing actor.  So yeah, keep an eye out for it.  Maybe it'll get you into the books.

A different series of books that was made into a tv show was Legend of the Seeker by Terry Goodkind.  I'll admit I'm not really a fan of his books and this certain series, from what I'm told, isnt really that good.  But the tv series changed a few things and I really enjoyed it.  The actors they put in were great, I mean nothing they said sounded forced or anything.  The action scenes were excellent, the budget for the magic effects was pretty good too.  Theres 2 seasons worth before the story ends.  Totally recommend you give this one a shot.  Basically if you watch the first episode which is sorta 2 in 1 I think, and you enjoy it, then you'll love the rest.

Getting back to the Little Mermaid, I really wish the blury would come out already.  Wont see it for another year or two thanks to useless disney.  But if anyone got the collectors edition DVD they would of seen the bonus that disney made from the story of The Little Matchstick girl.  It has a few different titles I think, but thats pretty much it.  Its one of my all time favourite Hans Christian Anderson stories, the same guy who wrote the Little Mermaid (slightly different to disneys version, ie ending was NOT happy), and I was floored when I found out disney animated this story into a short video as a bonus.  I mean wow.  They really did it well too.  They didnt hold back and make it super happy or anything, and the animation is fluid and lovely.  These stories were originally written for kids.  I mean I kinda grew up reading them.  Probably explains my broken brain and love for horror.  But yeah, heres the thing uploaded to youtube.  Its not as smooth and colourful as it is on the dvd, but this is good enough.  I really hope they put this on the bluray too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not hungry anymore

Been watching way too much stuff lately.  But I need to catch up.  Not like I'm not enjoying it.  Unfortunately I'm in that state of mind where I just dont know what to mention here.  I mean sure theres plenty of things I could toss out.  Like next week being a pretty full week.  Jury duty, gran turismo 5, and my birthday.   I wonder if I'll have enough time to catch the cake shop before it closes so I can get that super nummy chocolate cake they make.  I really want that for my birthday.  I Wonder if I should stuff candles on it or just pounce in straight away.  Most of me is voting for pounce.

My cat woke me up again today.  Came in, curled up on my bed next to me and I was like OMG lemme sleep for once.  Waking me up though jogged my brain into a cool idea for a silly comedy story.  So right now I've got a comedy, a horror, a scifi, a drama, a family one, and...I think thats probably it...  2 scifi's. Oh wait 2 horrors too lol.  I have HALF a fantasy one but I'm never happy with the direction thats going in so I kind of half ignore it till it improves in my brain.  I seriously need to start writing someday.  I wonder if I can do it during jury duty.  I guess I'm still not in the mood to start writing.  Mostly because all the ideas in my head I'm happy with but I need to flesh them out a little more before I start.  I do things my way.  My way is kinda retarded.

Although on the subject of writing, I'm really letting my reading get way behind.  So many books to read.  Which then makes me think of other things like what people are reading at the moment.  Majority of them are reading vampire books because of twilight and harry potter.  Now while its all well good that they're reading something, they're pretty much ONLY reading either harry potter or twilight.  I wont let my feelings be known about these two because thats a totally different thing altogether.  But its a real shame they wont read other books.  I mean you pick up say  harry potter and you enjoy it, you shouldnt just stop reading then and there because the series, for now, is over.  You pick up more books you might like.  One series I love starts off with the book called Magician, by Raymond E Feist.  Although since the day I read it they've gone and split it into 2 books now, Magician: Apprentice, and :Master.  I think thats the two titles.  Its pretty much straight fantasy, not a hard read, but very enjoyable.  I love the series and some of the characters.  Recommend anyone to read this series if you've not already.  My ultra fave series though is Daggerspell by Katherine Kerr.  Brilliant original style.  Set in fantasy again, revolves around 3 characters, 2 guys and a girl, love triangle if you will.  One of them is a mage.  I forget exactly why but all 3 of them become linked.  He cant die until he fixes something between them all, while the other two continue to be born through the ages as different people, and each time they both just get screwed in some way or other.  I love it.

Its actually pretty late and I want to catch up on some more stargate universe before I sleep, so I'll bring up books another day.  So heres the poorly photoshopped picture of me as Neo from the sprays in L4D you would of seen at the end of one of the clips austin slapped up.  I could of made it look way better but I'm really more of a 'if it looks slightly retarded then its perfect' kind of guy.  If I can poke fun at myself, I'll do it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I only just realised how MUCH extra content these alien bluray discs actually have.  I'm still going through Alien stuff.  It was amazing seeing the different models of the aliena nd other things they had at the start, and actually seeing old video footage of the actors, director, and Giger working away and creating stuff.  Totally amazing to see.   Getting through all these extras should take me about 40 years.  40 glorious years.

I did something i probably shouldnt have.  I've always planned on getting the star trek movies, the originals, not with Picard crew since almost all of those were crap, and yesterday I did.  They were having a bluray special for 2 hours, movies 1-6 I think it was for $55 or something, down from around $140 or whatever.  Basically that pack costs about $200 here and I paid about $70 all up, so I really couldnt justify NOT buying it and making a saving of $130.   As awesome a move as that is its probably NOT an awesome thing to do while you arent working.  And with this bullshit jury duty coming up next week I'll probably be kept from looking for work for another month if my luck goes south.

What I'd really like to get is the second and third bluray season of the original star trek series.  I have the first season and the quality and touch ups they did, along with the extras, are pretty awesome.  Now despite how it might sound I'm not really a massive star trek fan.  I am however a scifi whore.  That doesnt mean I enjoy everything but I give most things a shot.  But the original series had some amazing writing.  If you were to ignore the low budget sets, the actual writing and story could easily fit into any show written today.  Will be a long time before I can afford to even look at the second and final third season boxset.  This also includes the current 2 seasons of the original Twilight Zone shows, which have gotten some awesome treatment in the bluray department as well as releasing episodes that were never placed on tv.

Theres just too much.  I'll just go and cry in my little corner for a while.  Unless my cats claimed that corner.  Tried to claim my bed today while I was sleeping in it.  wtf was that about.  Like seriously, understand cat!  I think I need a part time job.  Maybe something like this..

Monday, November 15, 2010


Well thats all 4 alien films done.  I must say I remember 4 being shitty, and even though I watched it again and only recalled about 10% of what happened, it was still quite shitty.  Raped the franchise as much as the AvP films did.  Actually AvP1 was better then Alien 4.  I'm not sure which is the worst film between AvP 2 and Alien 4...oh who am I kidding, AvP2 made me want to kill people.  And again they skimped out on making 4, like 3 before it, in bluray quality.  Just upscaled dvds at best.  Wasnt too impressed.  But now I get to sit through all the extra stuff.

Sat through a bunch of Alien extras already.  Its pretty cool reading the original script and seeing all the stuff they changed or didnt put in.  As well as seeing certain scenes they did film but discarded completely because of certain changes they made, for the better of the film too if you ask me.  Still got quite a bit to go before I can get to the extras for Aliens, which I'm really looking forward to.

I finally got my Sims3 Ambitions expansion pack today.  The GAME store was having a special deal so instead of being $50 it was only $24.   You dont see that sort of mark down in our stores with Sims, specifically NOT in its first year.  And since it was a temp sale I grabbed it.  Now I need to figure out when I can find time for it since I have way too many other games to play.  Right now I'm focusing on watching stuff since I'm way behind on that.  Speaking of, time for me to catch up on some Stargate Universe.  Got a few to go before I end first season.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A week to go

Thats how long I have till my damn jury duty crap starts up.  Cant believe what should of beena nice relaxing couple months off has turned into a couple weeks off and then having to wake up for something that isnt a job but compulsory still.  BLEAH.  Hopefully its a really short trial.

So watched Alien 3 today.  Sad to say the bluray quality isnt there.  Its more of an upscaled DVD if you ask me.  Way too soft throughout with only a few scenes that look good, and even then not as good as they should.  Still I enjoy watching the third one.  Was surprised at how some scenes were totally different in each version.  Like watching the extended the alien hatches from an Ox.  Normal version its from a Dog.  Theres a few other changes too like the entire intro bit.  Was cool to watch through both either way.  Tomorrow is Alien 4.  I'm dreading that since the film is pretty shit.  But I've only seen it once and I need to rewatch it just for a few scenes that were actually very cool, like the dead clone room etc.  After I finish that I'll start on the....hmm..actually I'm not sure what to start on first.  The commentaries or the extras.  I might go extras actually.  Theres a god damn day worth of them.  So joyous.

Massive storm today, was pretty awesome.  HUGE thunder clap that was pretty devastating that sent me cat heroically behind the couch.  Poor thing lol.  Someone earlier mentioned in one of my other blog entries about dressing up as a weeping angel from Dr Who.  Well heres a picture I took of someone who was dressed up as one during the convention I was at.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I forget what day it is sometimes

Watched Aliens today for the 43rd time.  I'm shocked by how good it looked on bluray.  And I even saw something I'd never noticed before.  Pretty fucking cool.  I'm still surprised my parents claim they couldnt hear my sound system blasting away during the film.  The aliens screams were loud and the shooting was PEWPEW, not including the thumping bass for explosions.  Either they're lying, deaf, or they really couldnt hear it.  Whatever the reason thats perfect for me.  And tomorrow I'm gonna sit through the extended version of Alien 3 since the extended version is awesome.  How the normal version can be average but be transformed so much during the extended is remarkable.

Well just finished watching my shit team lose again.  Liverpool just got smacked around by Stoke, lost 2-0.  GOOD GOING YOU OVER PAID USELESS RETARDS!  How I love my team.  Everytime they lose I wear my liverpool shirt the next day just so people can laugh at me.  Its been getting plenty of use haha.

Oh before I forget, Disney is having a pretty cool deal going on at the moment.  Buy 5 of their blu-ray films out of like a selection of 20 and you get this code inside.  Use all 5 on the website and you get a sony bluray player for heaps cheaper.  Its like $200US but after the 5 codes it'll only cost $59.  Pretty cool if you're after a second bluray player for another room, or as a gift etc.  I'm sure its in every country as my copy of Beauty and the Beast and there was a code inside.   Heres the link.

I'm sure someone will find that interesting.  Deal goes to like..end of january so you got plenty of time.  So anyway, heres an animated picture of me eating an awesome cake.  Click on it for MOVEMENT.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well I've been camped away watching my new Alien anthology blurays.  Havent got through everything obviously, but I was shocked to watch a scene in the first film I hadnt seen before. I never actually watched the re-release of Alien when it came out in a special edition.  I found a clip on youtube that had all the scenes supposedly in it.  Maybe my brain doesnt recall, which is highly possible, or it wasnt in it.  Either way it was great.  And amazing noticing little bits through the movie that make the Alien film what it is, and how Cameron actually took that stuff and used it in the sequel.  I never really noticed before.  Small little details.  Very very cool.

My cats taken a liking to coming into my room lately.  He usually never does it but now he's in here every day sleeping on my floor.  Must be because he saw me so little during the days when while I was working, and at nights he's roaming around out on the streets like some hooligan.  He's developed a new characteristic, and thats to walk over to me while I'm sitting on my chair and stare at me curiously.  Then he'll half stand up and wait.  This is his way of saying I WANT YOUR CHAIR.  So I basically have to get up so he can claim it and sleep on it while I grab my spare fold out chair and use that.  The only annoying thing is I cant watch my movies with loud sound, so I end up not watching anything and just screwing around on my pc.   He's also claimed a spare shirt of mine he likes so I place that on my chair.  Yeah he's spoiled, I'll do as I please haha.

Done my best to try and catch up with Stargate Universe.  Theres too many things I need to watch, and my games are piling up.  You know its pretty bad when you play games on your pc, your ps3, your wii,  your DS, your PSP, and then you go and stupidly add the Iphone game library to it as well.   I mean wtf.  I'm too ashamed to even look at my books which have gone beyond neglected, and that pisses me off.  You wouldnt think the Iphone had good games on it.  At least I never paid attention to it.  I mean its a damn phone.  What exactly could you do on such a thing?  Depending on your type of favourite games, theres actually a crapload. 

Everyones heard of Angry Birds by now.   Its actually pretty fun.  Quite addictive.  The fact that you can stop it and continue it any time you want is what makes it so good also.  I guess thats the other big highlight of games on that thing.  You can quit out of them and they still keep your placing.  Especially if you've hit pause.  Theres some great rpgs too.  Some of them being Zenonia, Dungeon Hunter, Fargoal, Hybrid, and the really high quality rpg Chaos Rings.  Check some clips of them if you're interested. They all got great reviews.  And then you have some other classy stuff like I Dig it, Osmos, Game D Story, Spider etc.  Theres also an awesome engine demo from Epic, the makers of Unreal Tournament, called Epic Citadel.  The graphics for that are bloody amazing, considering its on a damn phone.  They're making an rpg out of it called Infinity Blade.

Theres a link to the trailer.  Thats running on a god damn phone.  Its also on iPad as well, which would be more fun to use for gaming.  There are TV out adaptors for each of the units so thats also pretty cool if you want to play it on a big screen.  Some games work really well.  Like ones where you slash at the screen with your finger to do things or turn based games etc.  Some games however are a little annoying when you have to use a virtual Dpad.  I'm not a big fan of that thing.  I've also noticed your finger moves a lot smoother on the screen if you have a protector on it.

Aside from games theres other really awesome Apps.  A bunch of ones to explore the universe with awesome pictures and information about everything.  I love stuff that revolves around space and crap, hence my huge scifi nerd self.  There are other things too like an app that links my phone usage stats to my isp usage stats and anything else I want.  A metric convertor, one that keeps up to date info on currency rates, excellent weather apps, a brilliant one that helps you lose weight by giving you a massive database of foods with their calorie count so you can watch what you eat and take note of how many calories you've had that day, as well as being smart enough to take exercise into the equation etc.   Theres seriously too many cool things about it.

And I love the default GPS map it comes with.  Totally helped me during my trip to Melbourne.  Even another app that lists whatever I want thats near me, like showing me all the cafes or restaurants or banks or cinemas or WHATEVER closest to me and onwards, with information about each and a phone number, website, etc.  In between 2 Imax movies my friend and I only had about 40min window to find a place to eat and get back in time for the next film.  This awesome app showed everything, how far away, and what they were.  Checked it, noticed a cafe about 5min walk from our spot that we would of not found had we roamed off aimlessly, and went there.  Good stuff.

I'm not apples biggest fan by any stretch.  I dont outright hate them since I can admit to this or that being a quality product.  But Apple themselves do piss me off.  My original plan was to go with the Samsung Galaxy phone since the phone is awesome and I love Samsung too.  The only thing that stopped me was the App and Games market on the iphone.  Majority of them you cant get on the Android market, which is what the Samsung uses, and if I was going to get a phone upgrade I wanted one that would give me the most in return.  So I had no choice but to default to the iphone or be a total retard and skip majority of the things I wanted to play and use.

I guess one of the best things about the apple store, majority of the games are like $1.  Some are around $4-7, and then you get the very few premium stuff that around $10-15.  But majority of things land in the $1-$5 area.  Everything is so cheap.  The phone itself isnt faultless.  I can list a number of things about it that piss me off.  But overall its pretty excellent.  Certainly a massive step up from my previous 6 year old phone.

Well that'll do for now.  Heres a picture of my cat being a bastard.  I somehow bog a finger in the corner.  Such an amateur move on my part.