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Friday, May 31, 2013

Babylon 5 20th Anniversary

I'm a huge scifi nerd.  I love the space ships, the lasers, the CG, its all excellent.  I'm also a big fan of fantasy stuff too.  One of my favourite shows was a series called Babylon 5 that ran during the 90s.  I remember quite a few of my friends had to be pushed into watching it after they stopped on the second or third episode of the first season.  For most the first season was not that good.  I liked it but thats another thing altogether.  Season 2 onwards it became one of the best written scifi shows ever.  If that series had played in todays timeline it would of been cancelled first season and replaced with some bullshit reality tv spinoff series of the kardashians pets or some such bullshit.

This year is the 20th anniversary of it.  If you havent seen the show do so.    Sadly they havent made a bluray version of this series.  I know one day there might be but if they didnt have one done for this anniversary, I'm going to be pessimistic and say we'd be lucky to get anything for the 25th anniversary either.  But the dvds are there so thats something.

At the recent Phoenix comicon they released this short video listing all the actors from the series who had passed away since then.  Its pretty sad as there are so many of them.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its a huge

Last few days have been awesome!  The temperature at night has been like 18 degrees, thats around 64 for you americans.  Loving it.  Usually its shittily hot here so chances are this wont last long.    The moons been HUUUUGE too.  Heaps of light coming off it.  Zero clouds.  A billion stars.  Absolutely love it.  Wish every day was like this.

I've been watching this show penny arcade have been doing on youtube called stripsearch.  They're looking for a comic artist to join them and its sort of like a semi reality tv/competition thing.  The best part about it is at the end 2 people have to challenge each other with an idea thats given to them and create a comic.  The one with the least funniest leaves.  And so on.

One of the artists in it is pretty awesome.  I only brought this up because she has her own site and she posts up some funny stuff.  One of them being Tough Cop.  I fucking love Tough Cop.  He needs his own series.

I love tough cop.  Heres the link to her site if you want to read more.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Borderlands 2 part 17

So I've gotten super slack with uploading these because as you should know by now I really didnt enjoy the game and as my first playthrough I didnt talk as much as I wanted or even say many funny things, mainly because I wasnt enjoying the game.  I've got 2 more of these already edited and the rest I'm planning heavily edit to remove lots of pointless fights and travelling so it gets to the end quicker.  If you want me to keep uploading these just say so cause I felt like stopping 9 parts ago.  I definitely wont be uploading every single game I play from now on, just a few specific ones.  If I think its worth uploading it'll go up.  Some other games I do not talk through like say Kings Bounty.  That stuff is never going up.  No strategy games I play.  I'm still on the fence about adventure games.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Potatoes and foreskins

Despite what you may think, the title has nothing to do with my post.  Mind you part of it probably does.  That being the foreskin.  Which makes me then bring up EA, the cockheads of gaming.  They've decided to go and piss me off by not releasing the updated IGNITION engine they created for FIFA 14 on PC, and instead keeping it with the older engine like they did with in the past.  FIFA 13 was the only one to get the good updated engine.  Before that it was the PS2 engine so I was forced to buy it on PS3 when the title started to get good around 9-10.. Now I'm expected to buy an Xbox One or PS4 to play the new engine? Fuck you.  I dont buy launch consoles.  I'll be getting a PS4 down the track but not touching the xbox as the previous 2 havent really offered me anything.  So I'll be skipping 14 this year.  Might be time to try out PES after all these years and see if its moved on from being shit and become good again.

Speaking of the XBox One, I find it funny how so many xbox gamers are ranting and raging over it, hating this or that.  Everything they showed was easily predictable.  About 90% of the things they announced at that conference was not surprising.  And these same people screaming angrily are still going to go out and buy it so I dont know what their problem is.  Crying wont make them change it.  You want them to change it, dont buy it.  But that wont happen.  So good on you for saying to them Yes, I love everything you've done, please keep it up.

My fucking knee has been annoying me the past couple days.  Its like I bruised the inside somehow or maybe tore a little cartilage somehow.  Who knows.  I must of done something during my daily stretching and kicking since I want to keep my flexibility and skill at a decent level.

On a side note I noticed today a new kickstarter campaign for Heavy Gear Assault.  Heavy Gear 1 and 2 were an awesome Mech game series and it was a real shame when they stopped making it for whatever stupid reason.  I wanted 3.  I guess this will be it after all this time.  Its funny but over half of the games I'm really looking forward to over the next year or so are from kickstarter.  I guess it says something about the current gaming industry when I'm just not interested in the bullshit they're serving me.  As in I'll pay full price for these where as other games I'd play I will happily wait for a discount sale.  All the big publishers seem to want are fps games so they can sell lots on the consoles.  Fuck off kindly.

Kickstarter link for Heavy Gear Assault

And for the monthly update on Jed, no he still doesnt have internet or is anywhere near close to getting it.  And yes, hes a huge douche for not making any updates.  Feel free to call him a douche int he comments section.  He's earned it!

Also down in Canberra they've decided to go ahead and create something magical.  A Sky Whale balloon.  That has breasts.  I'm fucking serious.  Fuck disney land, I want to ride that!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Super Robot Wars Original Generation

So like I mentioned in the video, I made this for a friend of mine and with luck we can get the 250 signatures we need which is the minimum to be able to push this through to the 10k amount.  So if any of you feel like signing up twice or handing it to friends, that would be awesome.  Hopefully I didnt screw up too much and get this or that wrong in it.  But at the end of the day we all know I'm borderline brain damaged so thats my excuse.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Final surgeon simulator clip

Here we go its done!  Kinda shit game lololo.  Also today is my Name Day.  Its a christian thing.  I'm named after a saint so its like a second birthday where people give me presents.  Suck shit atheists!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Legend artist

A friend of mine showed me this the other day, its pretty cool.  This amazing person draws characters into the coffee cream froth part.  Heaps of pictures and even a couple videos of them doing it.  Wish I was that talented instead of SHIT!

Showing breasts in New York City is allowed by LAW!

First off I'd like to say these are not my breasts.  Why are there a pair of breasts there you ask?  Its to do with a news article I saw about police allowing women in new york city to walk around topless.  Thats right, its legal now to have your boobs out in NY.    Heres the link to the article...

Boobs out!        <--- link

So after reading the comments on that page I would like to say I am 100% behind this.  Many feminists and women state that women should be allowed to walk around topless because men do the same, and anything otherwise is  "patriarchal bullshit" to quote one.   Its time to fight the good fight and place another notch on the belt of liberation for women.  I urge all women, take off your shirts, let your breasts come out to breathe.  Let them be free and stand up for your rights as people.  I would also urge you to take pictures of them and put them on the net, even make videos of them and send them to me so that we may all cry out together with joy!  Let me fight with you!  Show me your breasts!  To do otherwise would be to let men win, and we dont want men winning.  Its time for women to win.  Let me win with you.

If you're under 18 I beg you NOT to send me pictures or videos of your breasts as I will lose when the police come for me.   Thank you.

Bioshock infinite lucky number 13

Next one is up.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bioshock Infinite part 12

I'm actually impressed with myself for not losing interest in uploading videos to my channel lol.  Although now and then I feel pretty close to it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Surgeon part 2

Youtube was acting flakey for me when I was previewing this.  It kept stopping at like 2min in or 6 min in or 12min in orwhatever.  Hopefully they've sorted out whatever stupid issue they were having.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Garden of Shit

My parents love to garden.  My mum has over 80 stupid pots in the yard with some form of plant in it.  And lets not count the trees and other plants that are in the ground.  It takes me about over half an hour to water everything.  Thankfully I only do that when they're both away.  Which is once every decade.  Either way it drives me up the wall come fertilizer time.

Parents buy a huge bag of some kind of SHIT and start to distribute it everywhere.  Flowers dont smell like flowers any more.  They smell like my entire yard bent over and spread its anus.  Its horrible.  But I never imagined how much worse it could get.  Our neighbours have a shitload of trees blanketing the sides and front and back and middle and insides of their yard.  Its like a forest.  And today they did the same thing.  Except it was on a grander scale.  If you left the doors of the house open you could smell it inside.  And I'm not talking a whiff.  This was like the smell was living with you and it brought its smelly relatives.  It was POTENT.  Thankfully we have some nice smelly air-freshener, but fuck me dead I've never experienced that before.  Makes me want to go over there an concrete the entire damn place.  And then concrete our own yard.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuck off Google+

So my little experiment with the new google+ layout is over.  I dont like it.  Its ugly.  And worst of all it doesnt update me when someone makes a post.  It did for the first few days and then nothing.  Its not in my spam or deleted/blocked area, not in my hotmail, my google mail, my yahoo mail, or my excellently useful RSS feed that goes directly to Outlook on my pc which is what I used to track any comments.  Cant find a way to make it work so OFF it goes!  Back to normal.  If you made a post during the ugly white layout then it wont show now that I've defaulted back to this.  If I didnt reply to anyones question somewhere I'm sorry, google is a douche.  The only thing that it did good was cut all spam posts that usually went up every day.  Oh well.  I'd rather get comment updates and manually delete all the sucky sucky penis posts than not get comments.

A good day

Today was fairly good.  Started off with me receiving a package in the mail.  Which turned out to be Jeds clips from our L4D and portal games.  So now I can finally edit all that crap and upload them and clear some space on my pc.  Not gonna lie, part of me is terrified to check it just yet in case its one of his many sex tapes.  I told him to stop sending me those.  Enough is enough.  I dont care what new position he's learned with random inanimate objects in his house and garden.

Finally went and saw star trek 2 with a few friends.  Unfortunately it was in the piss cinema as all the other 6 cinemas had other stuff playing.  Thankfully the smell was gone.  The girl who gave me my tickets also gave me a free drink.  She's seen me a few times.  Clearly she loves me.  And I love her for the extra service.  Movie was brilliant too.  I enjoyed it more than the first one which was also good.  It had heaps of references to the older movies, specifically the second one with the original crew.  Loved it, dying to see what extras they put on the bluray.  I've been reading on message boards how quite a few 'trekkies' are upset with the new movie and say its not star trek like.  These are the same people who said the first movie wasnt anything like star trek yet now they admit it was a good movie yet claim they prefer it to the second.  The second movie is WAY more star trek than the first movie was.  Also these people need to shut up as they were completely at fault for Enterprise being cancelled 3 seasons in because it upset them yet had no problem watching 7 seasons of that SHIT Voyager series.  And surprise surprise, despite saying Enterprise was shit and the writers killed star Trek for tv, today many of them have rewatched it again and claim they think its a great series.  Fuck off.  Good thing the movies attract more than trekkies, unlike the tv series, otherwise these would be cancelled too because they dont know wtf they want.

The day was meant to end in a glorious dinner from my favourite chinese restaurant.  Sadly as I found the menu I saw that they are closed on mondays.  GRAARR!  Also to some amusement, the next Doctor Who episode where they reveal his name has been sent out to people who preordered it because the clowns screwed up, so people know it in advance.  As I've had little love for the remake, despite loving a few episodes and Matt Smith being perfect, I have zero interest in this stupid name storyline they pulled out of their arses.  So I was trying to find the name online just to get it over with.  See if he really is called something stupid, which I'm expecting.  Like symbols.  Which are pronounced 'Douche'.  And would you believe it, I cant find anything yet.  Its like when you want something to NOT be spoiled for you, some clown goes out of their way to inform you it.  But if you want to know?  Forget it.  NOWHERE!  Also if you know it please dont write it in the comments since I know some others will probably rage.  But feel free to send me a message on youtube with a link!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Screw you madcatz

They have to be one of the most useless companies around.  I need to order new earpads for my headset because they're starting to flake.  I have to put tissues on them before I put them on so I dont get any black specs stuck to me.  I probably look super hot and cool with them sticking out.  So the only way I can get a new pair, since logitech are DOUCHES and dont supply replacements, is to order something else that fits.  Theres one called TRITTON® AXPro GA611 Velour Earpad Set, which are about the same shape and fit over them as replacements.  The downside?  Only fucking madcatz stock these.

Whats worse is the retards DONT ship overseas.  How the fuck is that possible in this day and age.  Especially since stores here stock their stupid products.  So I tried to order a pair of replacements and have them sent to Jeds place who would then send them to me.  But their dumb website is half broken and not allowing paypal to go through.  I'll try it later but we'll see.  Chances are I'll have to contact them over this because I refuse to give them my credit card number.

I called the local EB gamestore just then to see if they an get this sort of thing since they stock the madcatz stuff, but to my obvious NON surprise they dont and tried to get me to buy another $100+ headset as a replacement instead of a $10 earpad set.  No.  I also tried to call logitech to abuse the absolute fuck out of them over this, something I never do since I'm always calm and patient about stuff, and they arent open on weekends.  So this is my angry day.  No amount of cake would please me.  Not even boobs.   I'm that annoyed.

Now I'm thirsty.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Jed is temporarily dead

Today was supposed to be one of the rare days Jed logs on from his parents place so we could hopefully squeeze in a L4D game.  But the other day the plans were cancelled.  Turns out he cant log on late enough in the evening to play because his parents decided they need to sleep early every night because their brains decided this.  So long story short, chances of us playing together has gone to zero.  Right now hes hoping he can POSSIBLY get limited internet at his house come september when he gets his tax return.  And thats 4 months away.  At least I have a couple games we did that I can upload.  But there were so many co-op games we had planned to play and upload.  Oh well.  Expensive internet is expensive.

Last night there was a meteor shower on.  Pretty happy I remembered and went out to see if I could spot any.  Wasnt out too long since I had to keep an eye on my cat at the time.  Was out maybe 10min or so.  I saw probably a dozen, though I feel a bit robbed since there should of been more.  Then again I was only looking up at half the sky.  Thankfully it was clear.

 There were some little tiny ones, and a few that seemed to streak for an incredibly long distance.  Was pretty amazing.  One I saw was probably the brightest I'd ever seen.  It had a decent tail but at the end it FLARED up so bright it was almost as if it exploded.  Was unreal.  Saw another really super cool one.  Looooooooong tail and very bright.  The tail almost looked like there were 2 trails.  Very awesome.

Right now I'm watching this fucking douche troll of a tiny moth fluttering around my room.  Now and then it brushes past me, and then it'll go towards the ceiling.  I'll stare at it cause the ceiling fan is on and I'm all like yup you're about to get shredded.    And this fucking moth flies down between the blades untouched.  I'm thinking wow you fluked that one.  And then he went and did it another 2 times.  Fucking douche moth.  Go show off elsewhere.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Cats Moment

My cat dashed outside the previous afternoon as he was planning to go the toilet.  He skipped his way to the back yard to find a nice place to continue.  When he found his spot a little finch flew out of nowhere and landed right next to him. My cat looked at him.  the finch chirped away happily.  It was a perfect disney moment.  I was just waiting for Ariel or Belle to appear singing.  And then my cat farted and unleashed a torrent of shit.  The finch flew off.  The disney movie had ended for me...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Comments section

You'll notice the comments part have gone all white at the bottom.  Thats the new google+ comments layout.  I cant change the look or format of it sadly.  I thought it would be useful since lots of people use google+ and it would be easier for them.  But then I noticed a couple dodgy things about it.  Newest posts go to the top instead of the bottom.  And if I change it back to the normal style, any comments made since the change disappear.  And google+ comments dont show up in the normal mode.  So I guess I'd like to know what you lot think.  Keep is as the original way or stay with google+ way.  I guess I could get used to it.

Wonderful video

A friend of mine linked me this clip today which shows dashcams in russian cars, as its a law to have them installed over there, all being filmed doing nice things for others.  I loved the clip and it makes you feel happy that theres still some nice people around.  I also loved that whenever it happened you never saw other drviers getting pissed off for the lane being blocked.  Thumbs up to every person in this video.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a literally shit day

So today was awesome.  I had planned on waking up and playing some games as I've played almost nothing int he past week cause of blahblahblah.  So I get into my room, turn on the aircon and close the door, ready to enjoy myself.  10min later the kids mum babysits came and wanted to play a console game.  So I set everything up and got them going, which took about 20min, and then returned to my room.  JUST as I open the door I see him walk behind my sound systems receiver, which I have on the ground, and squat.  Right then I knew what he was about to do.

He took a giant shit.  Not just any shit.  Because hes been on medication for ages he took a huge runny liquid shit.  I did my best to block the flow of it with tissues which I thankfully had next to me till he finished.  He walked off and I spent the next hour cleaning that area.  Its completely my fault of course.  I left him in the room with the door closed expecting to be back in 5min.  But that didnt happen.  If I was even half a minute earlier I would of saved this from happening.

I cant tell you the amount of antiseptic towels and spray I used on that area.  I went through 2 rolls of paper to clean the area.  My room smelled like a hospital for about 4 hours.  Not just any hospital.  The cleanest mother fucking hospital you ever set foot in where even the bacteria on your fucking skin DIED on contact with the air in my room.  That spot is probably the most sanitized piece of floor in the entire world.

After that it was everything distracting me so once again zero gaming was had.  As its late evening here, this is the time I save for watching things.  Day is gaming, night is watching.  So at least I'll get some relaxation.  Need to get through the last season of Merlin.  Then I can catch up on all my other crap.  So now its me, a bowl of seedless red grapes, and Merlin.  Relaaaaaaaax time.