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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Current update

So my job was supposed to end this friday and then I'd be able to go back to playing 3 days a week with the others and streaming more.  But yesterday a different part of the government poached me so I'm signed up for another 3 months.  Not complaining, as if I play my cards right I should be able to save up enough for a disney world trip next year!  Which means some videos created of the holiday with Jed, Austin and Jonna and Cody and maybe not all of them I dont know, all depends how free they are at the time.  I'm sure we'd have plenty of time to organize it.  But yeah fingers crossed.

Theres a chance they might keep me longer but that depends n whether they can fit a new position in OR if the girl whos job I'm taking over decides to come back from her sudden almost 2months holiday that she told noone about and cant be contacted either.  You'd think they'd fire her right?  Oh no.  Lets wait and see if she still wants her job.  pffffffft.

Other side news, Jeds wife is in hospital getting her appendix out.  Shes been running a high fever while there but I'm sure everything will go ok because it pretty much has to.  When its all said and done I dont think the hospital bill will cheer him up either.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

4 years

Things have been a bit everywhere lately.  Getting a new job last month but knowing next month is the end of my contract period is a real annoyance.  Still trying to find something more long term so I can afford that disney world trip.  Its always looking more and more like I'll never get to go because its just so bloody expensive.

For the moment though the only thing I'm thinking about is my cat who died 4 years ago today.  The crippling grief I felt has finally passed, though it took a few years, and the only thing left is absolute emptiness and sadness.  The only thing I have is being able to say hello to he spot I buried him when I leave or come back home since its near the stair case when I come in.  I'm probably one of the few people that do something like this.  Its pretty much a pointless effort and it makes me sad every time I do it, but I do it.  And I dont expect to stop.  If hes in some sort of fantastical spirit mode I  like to think hes sitting there acknowledging me each time.  If not. well, this world is as shit as I know it to be.  Either way I'll keep on doing what I'm doing because thats just how I am.

I miss you

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Further streaming plans

So the other day we all had a pretty fun time playing L4D.  Jonna finally managed to join us and it was a blast.  We're hoping she'll be able to join us again when shes next free, but that might not be for a couple weeks or so.  Jeds planning to start streaming himself.  His internet connection isnt the best so it cant really be game related unless its something very specific.  But he'll be doing some drawing instead so you're free to chat with him while hes at it.  You may even see him making some panels for our comic!

As for me I plan to do a little streaming too, now that my PC is working again.  It'll be some random stuff, none of the big titles that everyone else streams.  So with luck most of the week the channel will have someone streaming something.  Jed on some afternoons, myself on some late late nights, and the weekends with all of us.  There is a chance we might get slack now and then, but thats just how we are sadly.

Monday, March 6, 2017

And that is the end of that

Current update on my rubbish.  Still havent figured out what cable I need for my video card.  Got answers from some tech people, the videocard makers, but not the power supply makers who are being beyond annoying right now and slow.  But in the end it doesnt really matter now because things have changed.

It seems the brother of the friend I norrowed the motherboard from wants it so he can upgrade his system.  He doesnt know what his cpu is but his excuse is the system is 5 years old.  This board I borrowed?  Is 5 years old.  I have no idea what hes expecting.  Needless to say I have to waste my savings, little that they are now, to buy a new system.

I cant be stuffed buying a motherboard and installing everything again for a 4th time.  And parts of whats left of my computer are starting to give me issues, like the usb slots on my case.  So I'm just going to order a new setup and have the store put it together and test it out before sending it.

I had saved enough to keep me going and paying bills for this year if I had issues finding work.   But once I buy this set up I'll have enough for about 4months.  And then I'll be forced to go onto government support for money if I dont find a job by then.  I absolutely detest doing it.  Others have no problem.  For me its humiliating and soul destroying.  The last time I was on it I was hoping every day was the last day of life because I'd gone for a stupid length of time before I finally found work.

Hopefully I can find a job soon.  Otherwise I see a very miserable and depressing future coming soon.  On slightly more happier info, Jed and myself are going along quite nicely with our comic.  Hopefully turns out entertaining.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Its not even funny now!!

Most of you, or at least some of you, have known about my pc issues over the last 3-4months.  It's kept me from playing a few weeks at a time.  The previous one was my motherboard dying, which was the sole reason of all my pc issues over the past couple years.  I had planned on upgrading, not last year but the year before that, to replace my 6 year old hardware, but money was a problem.  I had placed my date for last year sometime.  Managed to finally get a job I liked, and then bam!  No more job as thats how the world seems to work for me.  So pc upgrade was shifted to this year, realistically near the end of it.

Unfortunately my motherboard decided my plan sucks and couldnt hang on any more and died around december.  Or january,  I forget.  Any way, as luck should have it my friend had a spare board that was in many ways similar to my current one so I went over his place and took it to test my system.  Thankfully all worked fine.  Obviously I still need to buy my own one, but right now I cant.

3 weeks ago by video card  decided to finally say FUCK YOU and died also.  That 560Ti had lasted me since 2011, ran plenty of games at high, it was a damn beast of a card.  Whats amazing is one of its 2 fans died a couple years back or so, and the legend kept running with pretty low temperatures still.  Truly a masterpiece of technology.  I had planned on upgrading to the 970, but again money said no.  I then planned on upgrading to the 1070 or 1080, money again said no.  So I was hoping to wait till the new cards came out this year so that the older cards would go on a better discount.  Well that plan went out the window too.

So this is the main reason you've been seeing spaced out uploads and much less streaming.  Jeds also fairly here and there because of his kid and wife, and Austins usually busy with his channel.  If all 3 of us arent on at the same time then we usually just give out couple days a week of gaming a pass.

I tried to see how long I could go before I could buy a new card and be up and running, seeing my choices with the limited money I had etc.  The cheapest decent card to upgrade to would be the 1060.  Anything below that would be a waste of money as I'd replace it in a couple years anyway.  I dont like the temporary card stuff.  I buy for long run.  I finally snapped and decided the 1060 would have to do, and the thing can go on my savings which arent much and I was hpoing to keep them aside for important stuff like bills and food until I found a new job.  This bloody back injury is taking longer than I hoped to get better so I havent been applying for things, but hopefully that will change soon.

Anyway, the 1060 in my area costs around $460  This is still a bit brutal as I had expected by now it would be lower.  I noticed amazon were having a special sale, something like 40 or or whatever, $260US.  With postage and converted into my currency, it would be around 360.  I thought that was too good to ignore.  Because it seriously is.  No way will that card be anywhere near 360 here for the next year or so.

And this is the reason why you havent seen us on, especially the last couple weeks.

Now as for the card I finally received it a week and a half ago.  I had planned on installing it and being ready the the previous weekend that just passed.  But my plans were screwed because I dont have the correct cable to connect it to my power supply which is like 8 years old or something.  Yes, most of my pc is old because I'm a poor poor POOR bastard who cant even afford a fucking disney land trip despite aiming for one over the past couple years.  But thats another story for another time.  But mark my words, I WILL ride those damn teacups before I die.

I wasnt sure what cable I needed because this card has an 8pin cable port.  My power supply has 2 6pin outputs for video cards.  So my thinking was a 6pin to 8pin cable should be fine.  But then I thought maybe it wont have enough power and might need 2x 6pin to 1 8pin cable.  My previous card had 2 6pin ports so I needed a cable from both 6pin ports on the power supply because 1 wouldnt give enough power.

Anyway I emailed my videocard creator, my powersupply creator, and a tech board I'm used to.  Tech board said 6 to 8 is all I need.  Video card said 2x6 to 8.  So I'm like ok this is going well.  PSU people?  No reply yet.  So I called them up and the lady who picked up said the tech guy, who happens to be the ONLY FUCKING TECH GUY FOR THE ENTIRE COMPANY FOR ALL AUSTRALIA, was on holiday and wont be back for a couple days.  I was absolutely stunned.  Asked her how can he be on holiday without a replacement?  She said he has a replacement, but hes not a tech guy to help me.  Pretty USELESS replacement.  I asked her if theres any other branch somewhere I can message.  She said yes, I can contact the main headquarters in taiwan.  I said brilliant, whats the email.  She gave me it then said, btw they're on a holiday there for the next couple days.  My jaw dropped.

Sp long story short, my plans for getting up and running for next weekend are completely out, and I'm hoping to make the following one after once I know wtf I'm buying.  Cable is going to cost me about $30 so yeah, I'm exactly running blindly into this.  And so because of this you wont see us for a little bit longer.  Doing my best to change this.  But I wanted to thank you all for somehow enjoying our stuff enough to want to follow and support us.  We're not super hardcore like all the other channels and streamers, but we do our best with the limited time some of us have.

Again, we love and appreciate the bloody lot of you.  Thanks for still being here with us.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Well done PC. Well done..

So by now everyone knows about my pc issues and how my motherboard finally died.  Thankfully  my friend had a spare board and let me take it to see if my pc would run again since I cant afford a new board right now.  Thankfully it worked.  Everything was going smoothly for a couple weeks until........ the video card died.

Thats right.  My card decided that today on our lord gpus 6th year of life, it was time to say fuck you and finally die.  To be fair I'm surprised its lasted this long since one of its 2 fans hasnt worked for the past couple years.  Though the temps were always good despite this..  Testament to MSI's amazing gaming series of cards.  I had planned on upgrading back when the 970 came out but couldnt afford it.  My next plan was the 1070, but again couldnt afford it.  I was hoping my aging 560Ti could make it to the end of the year in hopes I could afford it then.  Sadly I wasnt given that luxury and now I'm without a gaming computer.  The only reason I'm online at all is because the cpu has a built in graphics card.  So its fine for anything except for games.  Well, it can play some things in potato quality, but its beyond shit.  Whats sadder is my phone can handle graphics 6 times above what this joke can do.  But at least I can get on the internet and edit videos I have saved up.

Because of this set back I'm not sure when I'll be able to stream again or play anything because I really cant afford to buy anything.  I guess its good I didnt buy For Honour, since I wouldnt be able to play it.  Of course I didnt buy it because I cant afford it.  SEE A PATTERN!?

I'll just spend my time making blog posts and uploading videos to the youtube channel and also the patreon.  Keep me from snapping and shooting up the entire country.  Not that I can afford a gun.  I'll just make shooting sounds.  Probably cant afford those either.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Oh So Brilliant

Lets see... Oh yes.  This is to let you all know that Jed and myself have been working on a comic.  BUT CON!!  I hear you shrill!  We already know you were both working on a comic!  There are some pages linked on the blog!!

Yes this is true my delicious little tramps.  However we've decided to turn that into a proper comic.  None of this 3-4 panel web comic shit.  Its going to be a proper comic full of adventure and romance!  And by romance I mean there will be cleavage.  Its going to have those two same characters and some of the panels we put up will be reused and incorporated into this new format.  But there will also be some changes.  We're hoping to get to around 40-50 pages before we look it over and decide if we're happy with it before we start showing it off.  Obviously this will take a while depending on how slack I am and how busy Jed is.  But fingers crossed it goes well and we dont lose interest like last time.

I also finally went out and bought a new light for my room.  I'll be installing it sometime next week.  Hopefully It'll give me much more light.  Maybe my webcam will like it more and I might use it now and then.  And I finally got my Skeletor statue out on display.  Heres a dodgy photo of it.  I'll be making a video of it a little down the ways with some proper high quality photos and putting it onto the patreon.  I absolutely love it.  Wish it was larger though because it would really show off all the insane detail.  It's about 21" tall, although thats the tip of the staff..  The head is probably around 17-18".  It's still a great size.  I look forward to getting Evil Lyn and putting her next to him!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave abusive messages for Jed.  I know I do.