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Friday, June 29, 2012

Silly friday

So the other day I had a very cool experience.  I was outside with my cat at around 4am as he had to to go the toilet.  I always chaperone him in case there are any other cats around and he decides to get into another fight and cost me another 4 grand.  So I'm outside, the air is very crisp and cold at this time of year, and jupiter and venus are super bright in the sky at the moment.

So I'm standing there happily and directly behind me I hear what I can only describe as a low guttural growl.  I dont scare easily.  I mean I practically walk in the dark not caring.  But I absolutely shit myself and spun around.  At first I thought maybe its a dog, but at the same time I knew that sound was so totally not a dog.  It was unnerving.  And totally unique.  Easily the first time I've been scared in over a decade.  I'd be lying if I didnt enjoy it.  So that was pretty cool.

But for now heres a couple random pictures.  Me and my alien statue, and also a new head gear a friend bought me.  It fits.  I'll admit I felt a little Derek Zoolander coming out, but I suppressed the magnum.  It would of been too powerful.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing the Source Filmmaker

So many exciting things have been announced lately! I want to start with one that makes me little nerd heart the happiest! 

We all know what Wifi is right? We see signs posted for it, connect to it, are often aggravated by the speeds and range of it ect ect. The article at the link above is so awesome. Imagine a wifi connection as fast as 2.56TB a second. Right now the newest standardized wifi formate is 802.11ac. Which is capable in theory to send 5GB a second. Thats impressive to us now but in comparison to 2.56TB. Its a laughing joke. 

The other thing I wanted to talk about is the Source Filmmaker. When I got to watch their promotional video on this I was floored. Imagine that while you was playing a game you could save a reply of that match. Not a 2D video recording but the entire match as how the server seen it. Every 3D object, movement of players, round fired, ect. Then you could play it back. Move about the entire level like a god and watch whoever you wanted. Thats pretty much one of the MANY abilities Source Filmmaker offers. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Store adventure

I've been catching up with some horror films lately, my list is forever long and never ending.  Got done watching 2 really good HP Lovecraft films, Out of Mind and The call of Cthulhu.  The call was extra special as it was made like an old black and white silent film from the early 1900s.  Gave  it that little bit of atmosphere it needed.  Huge fan of Lovecraft.

So the other day I was at the store and I noticed a couple interesting things.  First is this...

Simple Optimus mask.  But look at it.  Look how SAD he looks.  Why would you wear a sad optimus prime face.  So sad...

The other was a shirt.


 Ignoring my little catch phrase, who would seriously wear that unless they were totally in love with themselves.  Still gave me a little giggle.  And then I walked away.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh I lol

So heres a couple things some of you might find interesting.  We all know steam.  But there are other online store places that have games for sale that are great.  Two of them being GoG which has heaps of older games and new ones, and also Green Man Gaming, which is lots of everything.  They both also have the occasional free game moment.  At the moment GMG is offering commandos 3 for free but just for today.  Make an account, select it like you're planning to buy it and finish the sale, you'll notice its $0..  Download the Install Capsule and from there you just select the game from your list in the program and it'll download, very similar to steam.  Some of their games can be used with steam if you get a CD key.  This one doesnt.  So if you're interested in a very hard but excellent turn based strategy game, go to the link..

The other place is GoG.  You can select from the game section to list just the free games.

Same as steam, but you log into the site and it'll show you all your games on a bookcase.  I love this site.  There are a couple others like GamersGate which is good at time, Impulse, and also Desura, which focuses a lot on indie games.  This next link shows a listing of the latest cheap deals happening at each place.  It usually catches most of them but never hurts to subscribe to the sites.

Earlier I was given this video and it made me cry.  How are people this STUPID?!?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New L4D clip - Dead Vacation

So the new L4D clip is finally up.  I love that the previous map playthru my voice was too loud, but this time its too low.  Thats what you get for configuring steam perfectly but not skype, which is what we're using to chat with since steam has like a 2 second delay in sending voices for whatever stupid reason.  Wish it would fix already.

Been enjoying the european football tournament.  First time I've been able to stay up till 7am and watch each game Live since I'm not doing either school or work.  I wonder if I'll be able to watch the full tournament or will something pop up and stop that.

I know there was something I specifically wanted to mention but my brain seems to be useless.  So heres the link to the L4D clip in case some of you didnt realize it was up yet.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Its a boy!!

Its been practically a year since I preordered the Alien statue I so badly wanted and suffered delay after delay whenever release was due.  But finally....FINALLY I have it!!  And its as delicious and awesome as I hoped it would be.  I may possibly not be getting the Thor statue I wanted badly, and I only have this because I paid in advance last july while I was still working, but its finally mine.  I havent been this happy since I discovered the legendary cake shop 2 blocks from me a couple years ago.

The thing is huge.  Over 10kg, 28" tall, its huuuuuuuuuuuge.....  You cant really appreciate the size unless you have it in front of you.   Its like having a 2 year old child, except this one unfortunately isnt alive.  I'd so kill to wake up one day and see it just crouching there swishing its tail.  Best pet ever.  Its also planted in an area where you see it the instant you walk in.  My mum doesnt like it.  But she was never into horror films and thinks I shouldnt have bought it.  I've loved it since I was like 8 or whatever, best movie, still my favourite 2 films out.  So heres a few pics I took of it.  I seriously cant help squeeling everytime I see it when I come into my room.  If I ever get that extension built under the house and move in there, I'll make sure I get a nice sexy glass display case to house it in.  For now it sits where it is, perfect spot so when I wake up in the morning I see it looking directly at me.  Oh happy days!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I played worms during E3

That was some E3 show this year huh? All kinda of "awesome" stuff was showcased. There was dancing...and dancing...and...dancing..Okay yeah it sucked. In fact the ENTIRE event can be explained by Bad Luck Brian.

And whats with prerecording your gameplay videos BUT you still have someone on stage pretending to play the product? Do they think this is really fooling anyone? Does it make the gamer believer the game is any more real? Who knows. Its out of my logic. Present non-real time footage 
but keep real time stand in. 

In other news. I put a little video together for everyone. Con is always trolling me with this great food he eats. Now I get him back!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Useless post!

You know its shitty enough that our postal service costs more then most other countries, ie $11 postage to shit a dvd case interstate, yet same price to have something shipped from america or england for the same thing, but they piss us off more by not being open on weekends and sometimes uselessly SLOW.

The Alien statue I've been wanting oh so badly thats been delayed since last october finally came out this week.  I was doing cartwheels with joy.  It got sent off to the post and I was given a tracking number on wednesday.  It HASNT MOVED SINCE!  So now I'm pretty much looking to hopefully receive it end of next week.  Gonna cry.

I also realized 3 other things that I want super badly I cant afford since I've gone so long without a job.  A Thor statue I wanted so badly, being the only Thor statue in his original outfit that I've wanted to buy, a cheaper Christopher Lee one since I'm a massive fan and this one looks brilliant, and also a monitor to replace my 5 year old one.  I'm very picky when it comes to pc upgrades and this one totally passed every tick box on my list of purchases.  The model being the Samsung S27A750D.  I showed Jed it and he's been crying for one too.  But he's got other things he's saving up for which are pretty important.

So frustrating that it would only take 1 pay to afford all these.  I'll be singing up to government assistance next week so I can get some sort of money until I find a job which I'll be looking for hardcore next week onwards.  At least the one positive about being unemployed right now is the European football cup is on in a few days.  I've never been able to stay up late enough to watch the matches because of work.  This will be a first.

And the funny thing about all this, a friend needed money because of issues and I tossed them $50.  I should probably remember next time I dont have many $50 notes left.  The tears shall come soon.  Heres a couple pics of the statues and also a link to the monitor in case anyone is planning to upgrade their own monitor to something godly.  Now I just hope the statues dont sell out too soon.  The Thor one is slowly vanishing.  Help me Obi-wan Kenobi..

Oh before I forget, Jeds finished the next Portal clip.  He's just screwing with creating an intro for it before it goes up.  I say screw the intro and upload it lolol

ps. Christopher Lee turned 90 a few days back.  And still making movies, like the recent brilliant Hugo.  Absolute legend.