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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

A big super 2014 to all of you delicious people!  I hope you all win the lotto and buy huge mansions to live in!  And hopefully everyones year is better than the last one.  I know mine definitely couldnt be worse.  Be safe!   xxxoooxxxsmoochkisshugdroolgropepregrnant

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Magical is one way to describe it

So recently Jed got his little hybrid christmas/wedding anniversary present and put it under his tree.  Today he opened it.  What he should of seen was a picture of him and his wife that I had selected and organised.  Instead this is what he got....

His very own adopted asian family eternally captured in crystal.  He saw the funny side of it.  I see it too.  However theres a side I'm not finding too funny and its their return policy.  Firstly I'm expected to pay for return shipping.  Fair enough I can understand that.  But theres a 20% restocking fee too.  That part I am not pleased about and will outright refuse to pay for their stupid error if they ask me to.  I've sent them an email and so now its the waiting game.  I dont know if they're closed for certain days or whatever so I'll have to be patient.  Hopefully everything turns out ok.  Still, I'm not entirely pleased.  I dont mind when theres screw ups regarding something I got for myself.  But when it comes to gifts, that makes me a little edgier than normal.  So hopefully these guys dont try to rile me up in some stubborn way.  Also beyond frustrating I cant speak to them in person.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas! + L4D clip

Hope everyones having a super duper christmas and getting sick on eating more food than you should.  Except for Jed.  I dont believe he deserves it.  I know everyone will agree with me.  If I use my brain power really really hard, I will make him trip into the snow that he just coloured yellow.  HHHHHNNNNNGGGGGG

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Football manager...You're killing me!

So the weirdest thing happened to me on FM14 the other day.  I decided to put a sound effect to it.

Friday, December 20, 2013

OMG New Patlabor Movie!

GSTGJHSRTH~!!!!!  This shit should of happened long ago!  I loved this series in the early 90s and now finally its getting what it deserves, a proper movie.  2015 cant come soon enough!!

My christmas present to me

I went out and got myself a present. Because I deserve it.  This one was an extra special treat though as I'd found some Alien figures that were pretty awesome.  They're both from the japanese Revoltech Watanabe Yuki line, and I was duly impressed.  They've got heaps of little areas where you can twist and bend and shape them into almost any pose you want.  I went for some standard type ones that I liked.  Heres some pictures...

You can even open the mouth and pull the little jaws out.  Its beyond cool.   The queen comes with an egg and a facehugger.  Sadly thats bad news for Ariel!!

Nooooo Ariel!!  You've been impregnated.  Now we will have Merlians...Saddest day of my life.  I was supposed to impreg...uh.    Speaking of Ariel, finally finished the entire 3 seasons of the TV series that was released in the early 90s.  I didnt even know it existed till recently.  Majority of the episodes were great.  But there were a couple that were just painfully crap.  But I'll forgive her.  Because I know she loves me.

The parts that look really brownish seems to be an exaggerated effect from me trying to brighten it with photoshop.  Its very black with lighter parts that arent exactly brown but slightly lighter colour.  Some of those parts are a little seethroughish because of the specific material being used, so it doesnt come across too well in the photo.  Maybe I need more light.

Aside from a few extra bluray movies I was after and got them during an amazing sale (seriously, go watch Triangle.  Its the Melissa George one.  Love it to death), I also got myself a final little gift, and mainly because I've wanted one for like 4 years and they had an impressive discount on it in a local store so I had to jump.  My new baby is the Kindle Paperwhite 2.  Cant say how much I love the look of words on that screen.  I've always been frustrated with the light in my room.  I usually have to set up a lamp behind me when I want to read in bed and over the years it got beyond tiresome.  This is excellent.  My friend was over and asked me why not just read from a tablet?  Since I have plans to get one sometime before I die.  I told him to hold up his phone, which is pretty much a mini tablet since he got that huge samsung II or whatever it is.  And then I held the kindle up beside it.  He was like....Oh.  And then I turned the light off and he was like... ooooooohhhh...  There was no raping of the eyes with a kindle.  I'll be paying off my credit card for the next month, but I deserve it and I'm going to do my best to ignore the little debt.

My PC is also acting like a total BITCH lately.  I'm in the process of gathering programs for a total format and then reinstall.  Had enough of its crap.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Amazing ant hill structure

So this is pretty awesome.  A guy poured molten aluminium into a fire ant hive to see what it looked like inside.  Now if you dont know what a fire ant is, its a bitch of an ant that obliterates you and also destroys nature.  They cull these to the extreme because they'r that bad.  But this is an amazing clip.

Now if you thought that was impressive, you need to watch the next clip.  Its like that 100.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The headlines

I'm 100% sure no one has ever wondered what the headlines in my city are like.  So I'm going to show you anyway.  Heres a collection of some choice front pages from the news, and everything is from my city of shitty darwin.  Oh the sadness swells!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Portal 2 part 18

I know I take forever to upload these.  But youtube is such a zero priority lol