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Thursday, March 31, 2016

It has been replaced

So back in june of last year my car was giving me problems with turning off for no reason and no place could figure it out.  I decided that was it, no more using the piece of shit and just focus on finding a job to buy a new one.   So for the last 7months or whatever I havent had a car or been driving anything.  To be totally honest I enjoyed it because I loathe driving.  So many crazies on the road who really shouldnt have a license.  However it was starting to impact other people, namely my parents.

I do many things for them, and some of them are errands for my mum and taking her to places since she never had the courage to learn to drive.  And with dad having some eye problems over the past half year (nothing serious, getting better), he hasnt been driving too much either.  They kept hassling me to let them buy me a car.  I kept refusing.  My mum is just a housewife and my dad retired last year, so its not like they're swimming in money to just throw towards a car when I'm not working either.  So I held off for 6-7months or whatever.  Last month I finally caved and with immense disgust in myself allowed them to buy one of my choosing.

A 2014 Nissan Pulsar ST.  Its not brand new, but considering its only a year and a half old and only done 45,000km, it was pretty good.  Also saved us 5grand off the price of a new one.  It might not be much considering, but when 10k was the limit we originally wanted to spend, 15k is a huge jump.  But the rest of the cars just didnt have what I was after in terms of reliability, handling, and transmission.  It was either this or a 2012 Corolla, which is a great car also.  But the gear shifting mechanism they used is just really weird for me.

Seriously look at that.  I already know I'll screw it up at some stage and shift one too far up or down and the car will do what I'm not expecting.  I know the limits of my brain when it comes to adapting.  This is one challenge it would fail.  I did a test drive anyway to see what it felt like.  Definitely not for me.  Although the car itself felt great.  Some other cars were fairly crap.  The Mazda M3 was pretty excellent too.

Anyway, the funny thing about this car is that its a pulsar, had 45k on the distance travelled, and was $15k.  My previous car was a pulsar, had 45k distance travelled, and cost $15k.  So I guess sentimentality gave it the extra points.  I'm definitely happy with how it feels and performs, and my parents are happy I can finally drive around again and not stay at home 99% of the time.  Mums delirious with joy since I can once again do her errands.

But when you get down to it, unlike the previous car which I paid for myself, this car was paid by my parents.  In my mind it isnt my car.  And it wont be till I pay the back.  Hopefully I can find a job soon.  Got a few things planned in a couple weeks which hopefully pan out and stuff.  As for now, the constant irritation of not having paid for this thing will be hammering my brain until I can rectify it.  My pride has taken a massive battering.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Haunted Forest Part 4! Plus 7 Hours Later 1

Super slack, forgot to put the haunted forest one here.  So I'll just put both together.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The new channel is ready!

And here it is!  After much slackness from all of us, finally ready to give out the details.  We spent forever deciding on names and getting no where.  In the end we went with this since its a little bit of a joke in regards to us being yesterdays news.  We dont have any channel art or image because we cant create that stuff and really not too sure what to do either way, so we've decided to leave that for future us to bother with.  We've opened a patreon page too and hope some of you would like to help us out with things.  I'm not sure what else I can say aside from we're pretty happy to finally get this done.  In the future we'll be doing twitch streams and other stuff etcetcetc.

So heres the little video I made for fun with the link to the new channel and a bonus video in the description for it!  We hope you enjoy it!