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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Part 12 of borderlands 2

Doing my best to cut out heaps of stuff to finish uploading this series.  As I've mentioned before I didnt really enjoy it and I didnt chat through it much since I was thinking people might watch this to see how the game is, not be distracted by someone talking all through it.  I plan to talk way more in any future playthroughs I put up.  Not sure what I'd do but I have a few ideas.  Most of the games I play though wont go up.  Like for example Kings bounty expansion, that wont be what people coming to my channel want to see.  Any fps style game I'll throw up.  Or action type thing.  Or horror if I find any good ones.  I have a couple I'm considering.  Mind you there wont be any screaming so for people who love to hear screaming in videos you'll probably want to go elsewhere.  I dont scream.  And I refuse to play it up and scream in clips for hits.  Youtube doesnt give me money and I dont think of it as a possible source of money so I dont want to start overdoing it and turning this into a job.  Youtube already annoys me some.  Imagine if I started thinking of it as work.  I'd be so gone lol

ANYWAY, heres the shit clip.  Also starcraft 2 expansion out in  2 weeks and a bit.  Cant wait!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I love game physics

I love when weird things happen in games.  One series thats had  lots of scary things happen in it in the last 2 versions is Fifa, of which I've become a fan of since the 9th version I think as pro evolution soccer just went stupid.  The recent 13 has some gems.  This one especially I loved.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The great game giveaway 4!

Heres some more stuff for you to win if you want it WOOOO!!!!  As before, steam name and youtube website!

Castle Crashers

Tower Wars

MX vs ATV Reflex

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winners of 3rd game giveaway

Red Faction: Guerrilla - shadowhunter13

Saints Row 2-  Darth Boo

Titan Quest Gold + Immortal Throne expansion - bob15253545

I do wish I could give everyone a copy but at least I can do something.  I'll put up the next round of games tomorrow!  If the top 3 could message me on youtube I'll send you the code :)

Live chat

Hop in!  Just set yourself as guest and then name yourself

playing portal nooooowwww

livestream link


More Portal mishaps on the way.

I am here to announce that I grew another chest hair last night. CONFIRMING the chest fairy is real.  Soon I will be able to braid them. How exciting!

The real reason for this mornings post is to inform all readers that at 9pm Eastern Time the misadventures of Con and Jed will commence on Live Stream. There will also be another game give away! *sqeeee*

I just have to get through my Tang-So-Do class first..I am so rusty..

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Its a Nintendo 64!! Er, Playstation 4!!

So the new Playstation 4 has been announced. Officially I suppose. Upfront I like the fact it dumped its Cell Processor. That thing was nothing but a tool box for hype. Every developer hated its complicated Sony engineering. The system itself is more and more just a PC inside a locked plastic case. The system packs 8 gigs of ram though. Dang! I wouldn't have thought they do that. MAYBE 6 but 8? *claps* It'll need it for the cross game voice chats and live gameplay of DLC games.

Now the controller is "interesting".  For one its great to see they didn't goof everything up with another embarrassing boomerang design like they did for the Ps3's first controller. The new hardware has a much more "welcome to 2008" feel. Sony finally did away with the same plastic cast they have been using since 1995 and gave their new controller some decent handles. I think I could actually hold this thing now.

I would personally prefer the analog stick to be placed where the d-pad is as my thumb sits there much more naturally. Of course this would never happen. Loyalist would cry and Sony would be giving up their iconic layout.

Something that seems to be making a "move", or should I say Playstation Move (hurhur!) into the way we play games is motion control. Blegh. Move is built into the controller now...Awesome? Eh. It also has a new touch pad. Not entirely sure why. Placing myself in the mindset of a developer I don't see the point. Maybe I am not creative enough.

Overall though its got some great online features. You can play a game while its literally downloading. Thats good news as it has zero backwards compatibility with any Playsation console evar!  That sucks big time for me as I have no broadband where I now live.

Portal 2 prt 8!

WHAT I hear you say?!  Thats right, after almost 6 years the next clip is done!  Jed got around to mailing me the clips he had for me to put this together. Thats right, mailing me  through the mail because he doesnt have internet.  Unfortunately he didnt send me everything he had so I only have enough to make another clip with his footage.  We were using his since for some reason on my recordings his voice was horribly distorted because of his mic.

The other problem is this video starts at the end of a stage.  That specific stage, for whatever reason, BOTH of us dont have and somehow managed to start recording in the same spot.  I dunno.  Aliens maybe.  So yeah, hope you enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2013

3rd Game Giveaway bonanza!

So here we go, the next lot of free games!  I've gathered a bunch of games which I thought would cater to many different types of gamer and hopefully MOST of these will be popular.  I know some wont but I'll put them up anyway in case theres someone whos always wanted that specific game.  Again, only place your name for 1 title.  If you've tried for a game in the past, you are free to keep trying for these, that also goes for if you won a game too.  Every week you can put your name down again!  So here we go....

Red Faction: Guerrilla


Saints Row 2

Titan Quest Gold + Immortal Throne expansion

I'd like to think all of the above are pretty good games.  I know Titans Quest was quite brilliant for those who enjoy diablo style games.  Saints Row 2 also has a shitload of mods out there you can install.  So, steam name and youtube name.  Some people like to change their steam names every 3 days so I need some way to contact you lol.

My hope is to hand out the winners on saturday morning.  Jed promises me he'll be free and we'll try and get a 2 video livestream thing set up so we can both be on at the same time.  We'll even answer some questions and play a game too.  Fingers crossed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winners of the 1st and 2nd game giveaway!

So slight change of plan.  My original hope was to do this over a livestream with Jed present and be able to chat with those who turn up to watch the draw.  Sadly Jed seems to be MIA.  I think hes probably dead.  Also the stream I've tried to set up doesnt seem to be working properly and I'm losing patience with it. 

So now my plan is to have everything ready next saturday which is when Jed says he'll have the full day free, and by then I can have all my stupid stream issues sorted out.  Sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to this.  So for now here are the winners of the previous ones.

Darksiders 1

Steam: mrgoldengangsta

The Witcher 1

Kamishiro Mutsuki

Warhammer 40k

Steam: NawVecBdK

Mark of the Ninja


Congrats to those who won!  I'd honestly love to give everyone a copy but I'm horribly broke lol.   Tomorrow I plan to put up the new games I'll be giving away and 100% I will broadcast that on some streaming channel, drawing from the hat and all.  Usually I'm very organized but this time I've been found out to be useless.

In case any of the above have changed their steam names I'd be really grateful if you could message me here or on youtube just to verify.  If I dont hear from anyone by tomorrow I'll message them.  Thanks againa nd hope you all come for the next one tomorrow!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Game giveaway time

So after having asked Jed to tell me when he can be around I've finally got a time and day.  Only really took a month lol.  So basically we plan to both be on livestream and drawing the names out of a hat.  The livestream address I cant give right now as I dont even know how to use that place yet.  But I'll figure it out tomorrow cause I'm lazy.  So heres the link to a time converter so you'll know roughly when we plan to do this.

Now what you'll want to do is put these details in as they're mine own.  It'll be around 2am for me on monday morning, so majority of you it'll be creeping up to sunday afternoon.  Just fill the top half like I have it in the pic below-

Below that you can select the city and country you're in.  As I cant be stuffed putting this onto youtube I fully expect to have a turnout of 3, which suits me just fine.  Easier to interact with fewer people.  I dont know how long Jed will be able to stay on but we plan to do a split webcam thing so we can both be on at the same time.  The next time we do this we plan to stream a game.  No idea what game.  But will probably happen next saturday.  Maybe. 

Oh, and I've put up a new toy clip with the completed Batman thing I put up a little while back as unfinished.  I had heaps of fun doing Bane.  And Edward.  I always love using Edward.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Russian Meteor Shower

The other day in Russia they had a spectacular meteor shower created from rocks that had broken off from a larger meteor thats supposed to pass us soon.  20th or something, I'm not sure.  I'd look it up to keep from being wrong but I have no problem with being wrong.  I am also too lazy to check.  This would be really awesome if people hadnt been injured during it. I dunno how that happened either.  Probably crashed their cars while looking up or walked into cars while looking up.  Heres a clip with a few different videos from different areas.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

4K tvs are amazing

I'm sure everyone has heard about the new 4K tvs that are out or even seen them.  I didnt think much at first.  You know, just a larger tv that keeps the picture sharp instead of getting slightly blurrier.  But I saw one the other day at the store and I was floored.  The thing was huge since they're only out in big planet size.  But the quality of the image was unbelievable.  It was sharp and clear and just amazing.  You know normally when you stick your face right up to the tv set your eyes go a little stupid focusing and sometimes hurts?  Well at least for me.  I'm talking finger length distance.  With this thing it didnt hurt at all and the picture stayed focused the entire time.  I just cried.  Especially after seeing the $15k price tag. 

I can only imagine what this would look like at 4K.  Not very good I'm sure.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Game Giveaway Update + more games

So little update.  My hope was to hand out the games this weekend with Jed, but hes been virtually impossible to get a hold of so I've decided to push it to next weekend so he can be on during the livestream for it.  Yeah its annoying, but I'm locking him in early so everyone else in his real life can give him some spare time to actually do something.

So because of the extra week I've decided to put 2 more games up for winning, and this way I can hand out 4 games next weekend which should be pretty entertaining.  So here are the two games, and again same as before, place your details up for 1 of the games, preferably the one you havent played yet.  The first one is a particular favourite of mine.  Love it to death.  As usual, steam copies.  If you voted for the previous 2 games last time you can still put your name down for one of these as this is a new competition.

The Witcher 1

Darksiders 1

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crysis 3 clip 2

Second half.

Crysis 3 multiplayer test 1

I felt like trying this out just to see if my system could handle it.  Not too bad really but I'll look forward to seeing what the nvidia experience program does with it.  I'll put the second half up once it finishes uploading.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My poor cat is very sad

A few years back my cat had gotten a nasty infection of the gums that stemmed from an infection he got from a cut on his cheek during a fight with another cat.  He had the upper back teeth removed on one side because it was pretty nasty.  He got over this.

Fast forward to now and I noticed his teeth were getting a little yellowed and one in the back looked like it could become a problem, so I was planning to take him in for a clean.  The last week I've noticed him whimpering slightly when chewing.  He didnt do it all the time so I thought maybe one of the biscuits he was having was just stabbing at his gum in some way.  So I took him in today to get any issues sorted.

While there the vet looks at him and after a little inspection says to me 'His jaw seems to be broken'.  I'm like WTF?!  Says could of happened when biting down too hard on something.  My cat is 17 so I dont know if his bones are awesome anymore so I thought ok..  He gave me 3 choices.  Leave it and see if it heals, chances of that happening are slim.  Have him operated on and a wire used to hold the jaw in place to heal better, would cost over a grand.  Or put him down.  Obviously I went for door number 2.  He says theres a chance Kyo, my cat, might not make it through the anesthetic because of his age.  I told the doctor to worry about his side of things as I know how tough my cat is and thats not going to worry him.  He said he'd call me back in mid afternoon.

He calls me up later and says xray showed no break of the jaw.  It was an inflammation from a couple issues with his teeth on both sides.  The ended up having to remove all his back teeth and 1 of his fangs which had a hole in it.  I was aware of that hole but figured they never paid attention to it much so it could of been shallow.  I guess it was a problem too.

So yeah, you can imagine what an emotional stress thats been on me and obviously Kyo.  The stitches in his mouth will dissolve so thats cool, and I have to go back for a check up on thursday.  At the moment his mouth is a little swollen but that should sort itself out in the next couple days.  Poor guy has gone through way too many things in his life.  Dozens of vet visits.  This cost me almost $1200.  NOT fun when you havent been working for a while.  At least the people there say I'm one of a kind.  Most others would of opted to put him to sleep.  Not my cat.  I'm going to cling to him as long as I can.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Great Game Competition!

So this should be fairly entertaining for myself.  Like I mentioned in the video I've always wanted to do something but its tricky when majority of the people who follow Jed and myself are overseas to me, and Jeds very busy trying to make babies etc.  So heres what I'm going to do...  Every week or so I'll be putting up 2 steam games for the winning.  Now what you do is in the comments you put the name of the game you would like to try for.  Only 1 of the two.  I considered doing just 1 game at a time but figured it would be more fun having 2 people happy instead of 1.

Now lots of people post on here with an anonymous username so this will be tricky.  For those people could you put the game plus your youtube username next to it so I know who is who.  Also if you already own the game it would be brilliant if you didnt try for it so that someone who doesnt have it can get a chance to play it and I will love you long time for it.

The way I plan to do this is generally leave it running for a week so people have time to put their name down, and then on the weekends announce the winners.  I'm thinking of doing a Livestream type thing and pulling the names out of a hat.  If we're all lucky Jed can be on at the same time, but like I said hes pretty busy these days trying to make babies.  After the giveaway is done I might do something like maybe stream a game or a little silly Q&A session or whatever, I dunno.

If you lot have any ideas that you think would make this better for the next round then totally give me your ideas.  I wont be making a youtube video each time I do this so if you could visit the blog for the next round I'd totally appreciate it.   Thankfully I dont have a huge userbase that follows this place so it should be easier for me lol.

OK!  Here are the first 2 games!

Mark of the Ninja

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

aaaaand JUST in case people somehow magically didnt see the video and have no idea what I'm on about, here it is.