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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Black Friday = Black Eyes

Another Black Friday passed! I must admit I wasn't very impressed with the savings this year. I was in the market for a External HDD and what I found was maybe $5-$10 off the regular price. Pretty weak. While any savings is great I was really hoping to get something under $50.

In truth I just don't think Black Friday deals have been all that grand this past couple years. Then again maybe its because I just don't have spending money. I would probably make more excuses to purchase just about anything if I had the dough to.

All this anxiety does remind me of some of my the Black Friday memories as a sales associate. For a example. Something people don't understand is things like the TVs. The DEEPLY DISCOUNTED TVs are actually "derivative products" of the standard model. People would come in all the time and check out the TV displays shortly after the Black Friday ads were leaked. Believing those very products were what they are buying.

I recall one man talking with me and asking if I could show him what TVs were going on sale. I smiled and said none of the TVs he sees on display will be on the Black Friday inventory. What we get instead are TVs that are the same size, style, and brand...BUT are made with cheaper components, less features,  ect. They literally ship them to us with a different model number and UPC code. This way our registers always sell that TV for the "Discount Price". Which is actually just their regular price. They never went on "sale" because they never had a higher price to begin with. They are made cheap, so they can be sold for cheap (but for a profit) all while you think you are buying the real deal.

The poor man just stood there. Feeling a little cheated. - Jed

Friday, November 28, 2014

Remove ads from Skype

So I finally got pissed off enough to look this up.  I remember doing it a few times in the past but nothing really worked properly.  But I stumbled across this method that removes the stupid ad on the top of the program.  Go to your hosts file which is usually located here-


Open it up with Notepad.  You'll probably need administration access if it refuses you.  Just right click and open as administrator if you get that problem.  Then paste this into it at the bottom and save.  Restart skype.  The top will be GONE!

# Skype Ads Blocker
# End Skype Ads Blocker

Other then that fun little but of info, I've been attempting to uploading multiple videos at a time to try and get rid of these ones that I've already got edited so I can delete them.  Sadly when you upload at 90k/s, these 1gb files usually take 4 hours.  Upload 2, thats 8 hours.  Upload 2, and youtube breaks for me and doesnt upload 1.  So I feel like just ignoring everything for a bit.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

And thats another year done!

So its the 23rd for me over here, which means its my birthday WOOOO!  Sadly my favourite cake place is closed because those heathens think sundays should be a closed day.  What if Jesus comes back and needs cake today?  Wont you look stupid then!  I'll wait till monday and gorge myself double time.  And on a sad note my cat would of turned 20 this month had Jesus decided to cure him of his cancer.  Thanks Jesus, you douche.

Heres a shitty photoshop I put together in 5min just for the world!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally came in

So the last thing I was waiting to get in the mail finally came in.  I'm hoping in the next few days I can sit down and do this little video so I can stick the one in that Jed sent me and finally upload it.  So fingers crossed sometime next week it'll be uploaded and I can get it out of the way.  Speaking of getting things out of the way, I'm going to be hammering up a bunch of videos from previous gameplays that are sitting on my pc and pissing me off.  I've noticed youtube isnt changing in any way and my channel remains permanently broken forever.  It's absolutely not worth the time I put into that channel to watch it go backwards without a way of fixing it.  I'm behind in way too many games that I could be playing instead of editing videos.  So yeah, come january I'll be uploading much much much less.  I definitely wont be doing any lets plays thats for sure, unless its a co-op game with Jed and its mind blowing.

Trine 2 part 14

I'm going to hammer up a bunch of these to get them out of the way so I feel better when I start ignoring my channel for months on end soon lol