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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My PC survives

Well the slight upgrade went perfect thankfully.  I got a little stumble on the HDD when I was trying to pull the little tray out that the drives are connected to.  Something wasnt letting it go.  Thats what happens when you have too many cables in a mid tower sized case.  I managed to get that out and put the new one in.

The CPU fan was the most stressful.  I recalled putting these metal clips into the heatsink which then clasped onto the fan.  What I didnt realize was this was a memory from my previous computer.  The current fan had a plastic clasp thing that locked it onto the heatsink.  So I quickly looked into the box I kept all my left over stuff after an upgrade and sure enough there are 2 spare plastic clasp things and some screws.  So I put it on and was thankful that was going fine.  Then realized 1 of the 3 screws I had decided to VANISH despite being on the floor beside me.  Its completely gone.  I still cant find it.  So I harvested a screw from the previous fan.  It wasnt perfect, but its in enough to hold it in place, fingers crossed.  All looks good.  PC works fine.  Temperatures are about the same.

I celebrated by going to the vet and spending another $40 on pills for my cat.  A week from now I'll know whether the stuff I'm giving him have been having any kind of effect on his infection.  If its doing little then it will be time for my favourite next step, taking him 2-3 times a week for injections which are heaps more powerful.  And also costing me $100 on average PER visit.  Did I mention I still havent found a job yet?  Whats that cat?  You want to spend every last dollar I have?  You've been doing a bloody good job over the past couple years thats for sure.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Second worms highlights

I'm so fucking happy I finally got these done.  They've been sitting on my drive for months and months and taking up space.  So heres the rest of some enjoyable bits.

Cinema? More like Pissema

Today was an eventful day.  It started off with little sleep.  Those are my favourite days!  Went to the cinema with a few friends to watch the new iron man film.  NO spoilers here btw, in my post or in comments please.   I think I preferred the first one.  Also Guy Pearce, who is legendary in everything, totally should of played Wesker in the resident evil movies.  In this movie hes basically wesker to me.  Its hard to watch a super hero film though and not let your brain go into reality.  I mean the Avengers they all helped each other.  But in the single movies no one actually helps anyone else.

Why is it captain america for example isnt running in and helping iron man?  Seriously, why not.  Is he that big a douche?  Thor I can understand.  Hes off on another planet fighting godlike beings.  Hulk, well hes just useless to begin with.  But really Captain america!  DOUCHE!  Help tony!  Thats why he kills you in the comics!  Cause you're a douche!

Also some mother decided to bring her kids to see the film.  On a monday around 1pm, you'd think they'd be at school.  Nope.  Bring them instead of on the weekend that just passed.  I'm sue she's regretting though because one of them clearly decided that pissing himself in the middle of the movie was a far better option to leaving for the toilet and missing part of the film.  The place had a wonderful urine smell.  I'm always scared about sitting on their bullshit chairs.  You dont know whos pissed on them or spilt their drinks or just orgasmed on it.  You dont know.  Your headrest?  The guy before you who doesnt wash his filthy oily nit infested hair was leaning back on that.  Fucking cinema.

While I was away the HDD I ordered to replace my tiny shitty one finally came in.  I've been putting this off for about 2 years or so but decided money was never going to be super good at any period so may as well do it now.  Plus I needed to order a new cpu fan since mine is now making clickclick noises so went the whole 9 yards.  Not gonna lie, petrified about opening my case to put this shit in.  So many damn cables and shit in the way.   Next time I'm getting a full tower.  None of this stupid mid tower rubbish.  Its not worth the hassle.  The extra space inside is not only good for airflow, but everything can be reached for without fucking something else near it.

I also sent off my stupid sony camera for repairs for a 3rd time.  I mainly use it for my toy clips but now and then some photos too.  Hopefully this time they'll replace it with a newer model instead of failing a fix job.  I swear if I get it back and theres another issue within the first week like the previous two times I'm going to go mental over the phone at whoever answers and is in charge of this.  I never get upset at people just doing their job, but after 3 times its still broken, thats asking for it if you ask me.  This is my own fault for not buying panasonic back when this thing came out.  Thought I'd give sony the benefit of the doubt and see if their products had improved.  And what do you know, nothing but shit.  Good thing I have a 5 year warranty.  They're the ones losing money not me.  Or maybe its the gods of the internet telling me to stop making toy videos.  They dont like it.

Hopefully I'll be able to make a post tomorrow saying my pc didnt decide to break while I was installing shit.  If not I'll just have to cry in a corner somewhere.  Oh sure I'm used to upgrading and other pc stuff.  Been doing it for over a decade.  But when it comes to your on pc you just get paranoid.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Worms highlights clip 1

I was looking through my pc and trying to figure out what was taking up so much room so I could delete it.  I have lots of old game clips I havent gone through, and some I cant- JED!

Going through all my folders I found a shitload of worms clips I hadnt done anything with.  Instead of uploading 400 videos I decided to just rip out the best parts from them as a compilation.  I wish I'd recorded everything but I know from memory I missed out on some gems.  But this will do.  Heres the first one.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Awesome fishtanks

My friend, the deliciously awesome Brittany, showed me some proper amazing pictures a week or so back of some fish tank displays.  I've been meaning to put them up here but just keep forgetting.  Heres one such awesome one...

How amazing is that?  The first link shows in picture form the transformation from start to finish.  The second link are a bunch of fish tanks that people entered into some yearly competition for best fish tank man.  Theres some unreal stuff there.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Alien Swarm part 3

Oh joyous joy.  My moment in the sun is in this one!

Alien Swarm part 2

Its a very fun game.  Part 3 of the compilation is my favourite as I finally get to do some damage with a flamethrower.  Should be up very soon!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alien Swarm part 1

I originally wanted to play this game with Jed when it came out.  But then he decided to become all responsible and do life stuff and then lose his internet as punishment from the gods for evolving.  But yeah, super fun game.  Absolute fucking shame there isnt a level editor.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to get MSN back after upgrading skype

A friend of mine showed me this after I got that stupid upgrade window today.  If I said no it wouldnt load msn at all.  So I said yes and it updated skype.  Thankfully my skype contacts were all there.  But my MSN contacts?  ZERO!  They've had months and months to work on this and those retards still cant get anything working properly.  Worst of all the email notification is not a feature for skype.  Even a braindead monkey knows this is an important feature.

So here is a really simple way to get MSN back.  Its a program called Messenger Reviver 2.  You just download it, run it, and it automatically restores messenger.  The servers are still active till march 2014 so thats a whole year you can keep using MSN.  Hopefully by then the skype programmers will have developed a brain and implemented everything properly.  Just click on the link below and run the program.  Its brilliant.

Messenger Reviver 2


Its no secret I love making toy clips.  Takes a while for me to get an idea but its something I enjoy, but to a lesser extent the people that still come to my channel.  I apologise to them.  But the channel was always for my entertainment lol

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Commodore 64

Growing up the Commodore64 was one of my most favourite things.  The thing had so many amazing games and my system till works to this day.  So I thought why not make some videos of different C64 games and upload them for others to see who never played the system.  So I'll be uploading some for fun. If theres any you want me to play feel free to ask.

Fuck you gearbox

I know theres people who think the Borderlands series are great, and I can see why some might enjoy it so much.  I found them average, but thats not what I'm annoyed at.  What I'm absolutely furious at is I've just read that they've bought the license to Homeworld.  I love the first two games to death and seeing this developer buy it is like someone stabbing me in the eye.

This developer loves making console FPS games.  I've hated most of their rubbish.   Brothers in Arms, and the recently BUTCHERED Aliens game, which is at the top of things I love the most in terms of franchises.  When they got the Aliens license I died inside.  We saw how that turned out.  Now its Homeworlds turn to be raped.  Does anyone honestly believe they'll make a PC tactical game like the previous two?  No chance.  This will be a multiplatform fps if you ask me.

I mean really, theres only 3 possible outcomes here.  A multiplatform FPS, or an outsourced strategy hybrid fps.  And the least likely, a proper homeworld sequel.  That shit wont happen.  So its one of the first two.  Rubbish either way.  At least I'll have a year or two before any previews appear.  Though last I checked taken photos of a rape victim was considered obscene, but thats what I'm expecting to see.

Aside from that soul crushing info, I checked out the recent Thor 2 trailer.  Looks unreal.  Cant wait for it.  Love Thor to death since the 80s.  The rest of the avengers can go eat poo poo.

Monday, April 22, 2013

There is nothing

I've wanted to make a normal update for a while now, but when nothings happening its pretty hard to write about anything.  The only thing thats happened lately is a friend turning 21 who I bought some stuff for.  And  I guess the new japanese restaurant that opened nearby.  First time I went I ordered 2 things, both were blah.  Second time I went I ordered 2 different things which were good.  Glad I gave it a second chance.  And yesterday I was told that a friend who I chatted and played games with now and then died so that was a bit of a shock.  They havent found the reason yet but some suspect a blood clot.  Either way its shocking.  So next time you get depressed and think life sucks, at least you're still here for it.  So cheer up.

Right now I'm just sitting around still looking for a job.  Sooner or later something WILL come up.  I mean the law of averages and all that.   Also managed to play a game of L4D last week with jed.  He had some spare time on his day off and went to his parents place to log on for it.  I'm still waiting on him to send me some clips so I can make the videos.  He said monday.  I probably should of asked which month and year was that monday located in.  I messaged him a couple days ago on his phone but he hasnt replied yet.  I like to think his wife locks him up in a room after he comes back from work and hes only allowed out on special occasions.   I mean thats what I'd do to him.  So it should be fairly accurate.

I love watching the odd documentary now and then.  The other day I saw a fairly entertaining one called Secret History of UFOs.  Was on the national geographic channel.  Some cool stuff and a good length too.  I like me some mysteries.  Always enjoyable.  I've got a few other UFO and ghost shows I've been meaning to catch up on.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bioshock infinite part 10

I totally didnt realize I hadnt pressed publish on this.  I'm such a slacker.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Game giveaway 7 winners

I absolutely totally kept forgetting to do this.  Here we go!

Arkham Asylum -  Steam: DrPersona 4

Supreme Commander -  soccerbloodfire2 (youtube)

Brilliant!  I'll put up some more crap in the next couple days.   If the two of you could be super awesome and message me on youtube I'd really appreciate it.

Bioshock infinite part 9

Part 9.  Felt like uploading more stuff so I could clear up some space on my pc faster!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Left 4 Dead

Its no big secret that Jed is a giant slacker.   Not even a pretty one either.  He's like the child that popped out and the doctor wanted to shove him back inside.  I hear he tried to.

So I've decided that while I'm still unemployed and have the ability to meet up with him on his days off, I'm going to try and get as many games as possible of L4D when hes able to head over to his parents place since he doesnt have internet at his place yet.  For those who gave donations he thanks you, but he needs to save up a little longer before he can afford to pay it monthly.  We want to do something for you lot but we havent decided what yet, but we will once we figure out what.

So for now I've made a little video for fun and also a really shitty photoshop which I will put here also.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Last Express

There are certain games that come out that just stick with us over the years.  The Last Express is one of those games for me.  Its an amazingly brilliant adventure game.  You're on the orient express and theres been a murder etc.  You need to solve it.  Now what was really cool about this point and click adventure game is that it was non-linear.  The game also ran by its own clock.  Like for example, you could only speak to a certain character at 3pm in the lunch cart.  The game also had multiple paths and endings.  So you could replay it plenty of times.  I adored the animation and music so much.

So the reason I'm mentioning it now is that GOG is having a sale just for today and its at $2.39, discounted from $5.99..  That site has so many awesome games, but if you love adventure games and you never got around to playing this one, I totally recommend grabbing it.

The Last Express game

Click on the link about and go for it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Warframe highlights

This one I had a bit of fun with.  Its pretty much all the pretty effects the game has with a couple silly bits here and there.  But really its just my little bit to show off how nice the game looks.  Which is pretty amazing considering its only about 2gb in size.  Thumbs up to it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Google Chrome being a douche

I got fed up with firefox being beyond shit and a total memory leaking whore a while back and finally made the switch to chrome.  I'd tried it a year back but it didnt have all the plugin extensions I used with firefox.  Not like I used heaps.  Just a simple adblock plus, flashblock, and a couple youtube ones that showed me a green/red bar for each videos popularity and an option to download the video directly in whatever size I wanted.  Firefox developed a new bug that would make my whole system slow down if it was open after a certain length of time.  Never happened before, couldnt get rid of it.  So I went chrome.

Everything on it works much better than it did a year or so back.  Frustratingly the adblock doesnt catch a few windows here and there, but I'll survive.  Other than that its very fast and nice.  Couple layout changes I'd love to make but you cant have everything.  Recently a new patch went through for my version that made my bookmarks go all stupid.  So if I had 50 bookmarks, I'd only see like 25 because the stupid spacing between the top and bottom had been raised.  Googles reasoning, it made it easier for touch tablets.  Fuck you I'm on a PC!  So I had to find a work around to fix it and thank god there was one out there.  So for anyone whos pissed at this change, just follow the simple steps before...

1. Find the desktop icon you use to launch Chrome. If it's on the desktop proper, right-click it and choose Properties. If it's in your Windows taskbar (i.e. at the bottom of the screen), right-click it, then right-click Google Chrome in the menu that appears, and then click Properties.

2. Find the Target field. Click inside it, then move your cursor to the very end of the line (which should read "chrome.exe").

3. Hit the space bar to insert a space, then paste in the following text: --disable-new-menu-style

4. Click OK, then launch Chrome.

Thats pretty much it.  If you have the google shortcut in your taskbar you're going to have to delete it and make a new shortcut onto your desktop, do the above, then drag it and pin it to your taskbar again.  But its completely straight forward.

I now have lots of bookmarks again. Hope this helps someone with the same frustration as me!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strange advert

The other day I got one of those things in the mail from the local electric razor store and on getting to the last page I was stunned at the advert for one of their products.  It wasnt so much the actual image or idea of it, but the wording of some of the quotes.  I keep shifting between amused and surprised.     The heading raised an eyebrow for sure. But it was the 4 little pictures in the top left of the article with the quotes that made me double take.    I'm not sure if its genius or something else.  I know I leafed back through the pages wondering if I missed the vibrators or fleshlight adverts too.

Bioshock infinite part 7

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Warframe part 1

Right now you can grab Warframe off steam.  Its an awesome game.  Basically think L4D or whatever where you can play single or with 3 other friends, thats how warframe is.  Now the missions vary quite a bit, but at the same time feel similar.  Upgrading your character and weapons is possible, and you can buy upgrades with real money since the game is F2P.  Theres no pvp in it so its not the same as other f2p games where the best gear wins.

Like I mention in the comments of the clip, I didnt have physX enabled in it.  I'm pretty annoyed it took a while for me to notice it too as I'm always straight into the graphic options the minute I play any game.  But once I put it on there are a shitload of particle effects.  The game looks gorgeous.  I'll be uploading a video a little later which will show it.  Anyway, great game.  totally recommend it.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Game 6 giveaway winners

OK!  Heres the two who won.  If you could both be so spiffy as to send me a message on youtube I'll hand you the games :)

Darksiders II :  Steam: Dan_the_pest

Homefront :  Steam: Dragondx

I'll be putting up a couple new games tomorrow so fingers crossed you're a winner!  Normally if I dont hear from the person in a week and I cant contact them I end up handing to another person so please message me.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013