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Monday, December 31, 2012

You're a mean one Mr. Jed.

When at work you gotta try and have fun. If you don't try than you live a pretty depressing life. Thankfully I work with some rather cool guys who also share my immature sense of humor. Take for a example this guy named Chad. A man the same age as me but enjoys singing along out loud to the radio. Not for the personal satisfaction but to see the agony on other's faces when he can't keep a tune.

Well Ol'Chad was picking on me off and on this past week. Throwing little rolls of plastic at me when my back was turned or shutting off my power equipment at the moments I am most distracted. But you all know me. If I can fool thousands of people on Youtube that I saved Con's L4D character by sabotaging him with propane, I can surely get away with revenge.

You see at work we use these machines called PEs. Which just creatively stands for "Power Equipment". All they really are though are motorized Pallet Jakes.

As you can tell they have pretty long forks. This allows us to transport two pallets at a time. And on these pallets we place the merchandise ordered from various stores that need their stock replenished. So when lunch break was called over the intercom I paid close attention to where Mr. Chad had parked his stacks. And with a smile and a smirk I stealth mode myself over to them.

I separated his two very loaded pallets. Leaving one where it laid and relocated the other about 30 feet away but to the right lane. This way he just couldn't back one into the other. It would require him to gracefully reconnect them together with a little diving ingenuity.

Sure enough when he came back from lunch he knew he had been had. He looks around to see who had pranked him. When his eyes meet with mine he cursed out my name. I laughed in a way that would make Jafar impressed. And then as fast as my smile emerged I was driving away.

Now normally this would be a rather harmless prank but Chad wasn't building his stacks good that day. When he tried to reconnect them I am told his back stack fall apart and landed all over the floor. Something he had to hurry up and clean. All while everyone is waiting on him to finish so they can continue on with their own orders. Point is kiddies. Don't get even. Get ahead. And happy new year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zip zip zoom

Hope everyone enjoyed their christmas!  I would of done something christmassy for the blog or a clip but I'm super lazy and dont have the will to bother lololol. 

You always think about presents during this time of year.  And I always think about the 2 things I really want to do one day.  Create a huuuuuuuuge room sized train set course with tunnels and villages and everything on a massive table.  And also another similar one but with slot car tracks.  There is no reason for either of these.  I'm no huge train fan, nor a big car fan.  But the kid in my has always wanted these.  The train one is just completely magical to me.  Chances of me doing either?  Most likely zero.  So I take my depression with me to bed every night.

I saw this on youtube the other day and I thought omg thats so cool.  Some guy took up his entire floor with a slot car race set.  Looked like so much fun.  The first one shows the track while they're racing.  The second clip shows it from the view point of one of the cars.  Its pretty unreal.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Borderlands 2 clip 7

Editing it hardcore now so I can remove heaps of rubbish and finish it off for upload faster.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So it ends TODAY!  And by ends I dont mean the world, I'm talking about all this stupid end of the world rubbish we've had to put up with for the past few years.  Most people should hopefully know by now but the mayan calendar ended back in june or july or whatever, since they never counted leap years.  The only GOOD thing about all this is all the awesome specials happening in stores.  Loving it!  Just wish I had money to buy EVERYTHING!

For those who are still convinced the world is ending, feel free to send me all your money through the donate button on the side.  Also, I may have to force myself to play L4D2 with a few new friends just so I can play some custom maps that caught my eye over time.  Shame no one makes shit for the first game.  Thanks modders!  Way to focus on the inferior sequel! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Better or for Worse.

So Mr. Con has been raging at me lately for being a slacker. Never mind the fact I just got out of a Pet Hospital. Donated ANOTHER gallon of blood to his cat. He has this crazy vision to make it live forever! May just work. I am pretty special.

Whats really special though is whats been happening to me. After owning my first ever home I made a second very big step in my life. I put the world's smallest handcuffs on my finger and married the girl of my life. A little beauty named Katherine.

It was a rather small wedding. We tried to keep it that way so a lot of money would not have to be spent on food, events, entertainment etc. Its a big day sure but we wanted to make sure it wasn't too much for our families to handle.

The wedding took place in a small church in the center of the small town of Hillsboro. We even did things differently with who would marry us. We had a great guy named Jaden do it. Who is a older brother figure for Katherine since she was little. He is nice, moral, funny, and was pretty brave for stepping up to the task. Only messed up once!

After the ceremony the real party was set to begin! We thought long and hard (giggly) about where and how to hold the reception. We finally settled on the location that just seemed perfect for many reasons. A local bowling ally. The place of our first ever date.

And I know how weird that may sound. When I think of a bowling ally I think of a place that smells of shoes and full of men wearing plaid. Thankfully that is not the case here. Not only is the place new, jammed packed with Tvs, Arcade games, music and drinks. Its also attached to a fantastic grill restaurant. Which also had a banquet hall! Again, a perfect solution for us.

I've been to a couple weddings in my time and they can be pretty boring. Mostly people stand around and talk. Making small chat with others. People they have no interest in. Not here though. Tell a group of people they can have unlimited rounds of bowling with free food, games, club style dancing, while Gangnam Style blasts the speakers and you are now at one of my celebrations!

Needless to say it was a blast. I think everyone had a great time. Even our Photographer said it was the funniest wedding she's ever been to. Which I am very happy for. Even though it was a very special day for us, I didn't want to ignore the enjoyment of our guests.


 The only thing more tiring than a wedding is a honeymoon. It took a long time to save up for this but turns out a guy can save a lot of money when he isn't with someone. And for a long time I wasn't. So with money set aside in my personal savings, I went an got a couple tickets to somewhere magic. I'll post about that next. ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

The thing about Jed

I was going to make a poll where everyone could vote on what level of slackness they thought would refer to Jed since he's been absent from making any kind of use of himself, but decided it wouldnt matter as we already know he's 10 degrees of slackness.  He also owes all of us a huge post.  I expect him to make it this month sometime or I'll be pulling the friendship card back since I can do better!

Thankfully he should be uploading a bunch of things for me that I've been asking for a while.  Namely an older L4D campaign we did and hopefully all of the portal clips so I can get them uploaded as he's been horribly busy to do anything other than breathe and stalk women at the mall.

Next week is the huge STEAM sales and other places I like to go to, like GreenManGaming and GamersGate.  WHOS READY TO THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


This weeks had its ups and downs.  I'd decided to ask my friend if I could grab a dvd set I'd lent him about 6 years back.  It was the Robotech Protoculture set.  I love that series and watched it when I was around 12 or so like most people.   Its amazing the impressions you get as a kid when watching something.  Discovering it for the first time on the video shelf and wondering what it is, grabbing it and later finding out there are actually more to the series and you didnt know about it.  Its a wondrous feeling  I dont get that feeling anymore sadly.  I honestly could write about 30 pages on this sort of topic if I let myself, but that would make a super boring post and much too much effort for me.

So the protoculture set was pretty much my baby.  I'd gotten the extended dvd set before it and before that the legacy set and before that the VHS tapes.  So when I asked my friend, who was also a huge fan, he said he didnt have it anymore and must of given it back.  There were only 2 people I could of handed it to and he was one of them.  The other guy blew me away by offering to buy me a new set since he knows my money situation isnt tickety boo, but I have issues when people buy me stuff.  Makes me uneasy.  Mind you I have zero problems buying heaps of crap for people so go figure.  So I searched the net and realized there was a new set out published in england, by A&E video.  They bought the rights after ADV imploded.  Two awesome things about this, it had some bonus extras the other set didnt, like an hour or so documentary with Macek talking about how he put the series together.  Second awesome thing, it happened to be half price that actual day.  I was like omg and grabbed it.  Next day friend tells me he found my protoculture set.  Oh its comedy gold!  Glad he found it, but I must have this new set too.  Wonder what to do with these older sets...

Caught up with a bunch of films and tv shows lately.  Watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  Only watched it for Thor, and I have to say that film was beyond stupid.  At least the CG was pretty godly.  But seriously fuck that writer.  I wanted to break someones legs because of it.  Preferably his.  Seriously, worst crap in ages.   It felt like a Uwe Boll movie with a budget, but thats slightly unfair as I somehow half enjoyed his Bloodrayne movie.  I dont know why.  But it was better then that shit.  Also FINALLY saw He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie as it came out on bluray recently.  Huge fan of the original series in the 80s, and god knows how I never got around to watching it.  I also enjoyed it but most likely for the wrong reasons.  And today watched Paranorman.  New clay animation movie about a kid who can speak to ghosts.  I hadnt heard of it before till a friend of mine who worked on the film mentioned it to me.  Very excellent film.  Comedy was great.  Check out the trailer, I really recommend it.

One other thing I'd like to bring up is today we had a pretty strong earth tremor.  Usually we have small ones.  But this one, wow..  I was at a friends place and his home is ground based.  You only slightly feel tremors in those.  This one made parts of his room shake.  We were like wtf.  And then I remembered my house is an elevated one and I had a few things up high, like my priceless Thor vs Loki statue at the top of one of my bookcases.  I dreaded the worst as my house does shake some during little tremors, and this one wasnt little.  Got home and SOMEHOW nothing had fallen, not even things precariously positioned on something, nor my round fat angry bird that was perched on a few dvds.  I guess the building we're doing down stairs has given the house more support so it shook less.  I'm still very surprised.  If my Thor statue had fallen over and smashed I would of been beside myself.  My huuuuuuuge Alien statue is pretty well placed but had that magically broken, just fuck the entire world right there.  I'd be depressed for years.

So anyway the earthquake itself was pretty close.  And it was a 7.1 in strength so no surprise we felt it.  Heres a map of it.  I'm in Darwin at the bottom.  You can see its fairly closed.  Far closer than usual.

If you ever feel like tracking any nearby earthquakes, just go to this link.