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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 cometh!

Years about to end and a new ones about to hit!  For me it'll be in about 5 and a half hours.  So for everyone in America I'll be able to tell you what the new year will be like since I'm technically in the FUTURE.  From the looks of it it'll probably be raining.

I recently started watching Merlin, a tv show from the UK about Merlin and Arthur when they were younger.  So far I'm enjoying it.  Has a similar feel to another series I watched called Legend of the Seeker.  That show was brilliant.  The interesting thing about that one was its based off a book series, but the tv series is very heavily censored.  I know of most of the stuff that were removed and to be honest I have zero issue with it.  It ended up making the show into a great adventure.  Unlike Game of Thrones which is extremely faithful to the book series, something I was very pleased with as I love the books series.

So anyway, this year I plan to start looking for work again as it looks like my cat SHOULD be ok now.  I can happily shift my thoughts away from him instead of constantly keeping an eye on him.  Got very stressful.  With luck I'll be working again by the end of the month.  With more luck some rich person gives me a million lol.  Jeds probably trapped between multiple fat women at his job.  Send him your love with smirks!

 Have a good new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Left 4 YEAH!

Well we've finally done it.  We've gone back to L4D.  The only problem is we werent prepared with the sound options.  All the other games we've played were fine, but L4D was a bit picky.  I'd stuffed up and made my voice volume waaaaaay too loud, so I was blasting whenever I spoke and also coming out a little distorted to the others.  Thanks for telling me about that 3/4 into the damn game you noobs!  I also had everyones voices set to lower also which really didnt help.  I did my best to raise/lower volumes in each parts of the clip, manually adjusting mine which took fooooorreeeeeveeeeeerrrrr.  The other issue was mine and Jeds clips were in different resolution and also different compressions, so that gave me no end of headaches to try and get this stupid clip to look as it finally did.  I think I compressed and recompressed about 16 times with different settings.  Anyway I think I'm good for the next lot of clips since I know what to expect and how to bypass them without fiddling too much.  The next maps we get to play we'll have it sorted perfectly.

So heres the first clip.  It was meant to be uploaded for christmas but yeah, piece of shit.  For now its only visible from my blog as a little thank you for coming and reading our boring shit.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and stuff!

I was actually waiting for Jed to make a christmas post but he never did cause he's a slacker!  So heres mine instead.  With luck most of you got sick from eating too much while at family or friend parties.  Lots of cake is the best way to feel sick.  Me?  Well not much has changed.  Still looking for a job, still suffering my rancid sister being here and wondering when the hell she plans to leave.  The past week with her has been a total nightmare.  Even my parents beg me not to get into an argument with her when they leave the house.  Tell her that.  She's the whore who comes looking for me.

My cat is healing well, although still has a few issues he's dealing with.  You have no idea how happy I am that he's still here for christmas.  I can pretty much ignore all the SHIT thats been sent my way over the past few months because he's still here and I get to play with him.  So he's my little christmas miracle.

The other day I found a little scrawny kitten hiding under my car.  It was raining so she was taking shelter.  I spent about 2 hours trying to coax it out but managed to succeed in the end.  She was really thin.  I'm almost convinced she's a stray.  I gave her some food and company and the kitten was super affectionate.  Anytime I went upstairs to go inside she would mew loudly at me, which would cause me to go back and play with her.  She'd hurt her back leg somehow too so she was a little ginger on it.  I decided I'd ask a few friends to see if any would be interested in adopting her.  I found one friend who was eager to take her.  The next day however the kitten didnt return.  I havent seen her in about 3 days now.  So either she has a home somewhere, or has roamed off in a different direction looking for something.  We'll see if she returns.

The amount of friends I've had to listen to who have complained about spending christmas alone etc has been pretty funny.  These guys cant go 1 month without being with someone before they turn to jelly.  I'm the total and exact opposite.  I actually do my best not to get into relationships.  I'm super happy as I am without any distractions.  I mean at one stage sure I'll probably decide to do a little search for a possible candidate.  But for now?  Fuck that.  I've got too many games to finish, too many books to read, too many movies to watch.  Dont need any distractions.

On finishing this up, Jed and I hoped to have a video uploading for christmas.  Sadly the plan got delayed slightly as the PIECE OF SHIT has been giving me some wretched issues when editing.  I mean its stuff neither of us have seen before.  I know how to get around them now but its been an uphill battle.  My fingers are crossed for tomorrow so lets hope I manage to wrestle it into submission.  We're pretty sure you're all going to love it.  So merry christmas!  Go eat some cake!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sanctum Review

Been a little while since my last update.  Miserable bunch of weeks.   But for the moment Jed and I finally finished the Sanctum review we've been wanting to put up for ages.  It took way more work then we wanted.  Dont think we'll be making another review for a long time to come.  Also we have something special coming for christmas for you lot.  Hopefully I get it ready by christmas.  If not you'll get something to enjoy the day after.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a week

Probably the worst week I've had ever.  Last week my cat got into a serious fight with some other cat.  He had a bunch of scratches on him but he seemed just fine.  Later the day though he was totally out of it.  But sometimes after a big fight he just wants to sit and do nothing for a day or so, not eating or anything.  So I figured thats how he was again.  None of his wounds looked infected so I thought he'd gotten lucky this time.

Come the night of the second day I realized he was not ok.  He wasnt eating, he wasnt talking, he'd hardly move, his eyes were glazed over and not focusing on anything.  I'd try to coax him into eating something or drinking something.  He'd have a sip of water and then just drop back to the floor like he had no energy in his legs.  That was when I noticed one of the wounds he got on his upper chest had swollen with infection.  To me it looked like he was just waiting to die, he was that bad.

Took him to the vet the next morning.  He'd been the same guy who had been looking after my cat for the past 10 years.  He wasnt too hopeful when he saw him.  He told me theres probably a good chance he wont make it through the night.  That was like a punch to the face.It really did look like he wouldnt make it.  Taking into account the infection, he'd also gotten a really bad fever, and of course he's 16.  Cats are usually like 11-13 or something.  I thought this is it.  My cats been so lucky over the years that his luck has finally run out.  He should of lost his tail long ago, he should of lost an ear, he should of gotten cancer from an infection in his cheek, I mean the list goes on.  But he kept bouncing back to the surprise of the vet each time.

The last 4 days he's been at the vets.  I've been an absolute mess.  Slept maybe twice at best for a few ours each during those 4 days.  I couldnt stand the thought of him dying in this way.  Totally heartbreaking.  But today is the 5th day and I'm happy to say he's mostly better now.  His fevers gone, the infection is gone, he's bright, eating, chatting heaps with us, he's just really happy.  So glad he's alright.    The vet bill however was fairly brutal.  $1350.  Lets ignore the almost 2 grand I've spent over the last 4 months as well from a previous infection he got in his ear.  As of right now I cant afford shit.  I need to get a job quickly and hopefully in the next couple months I find one I'm happy to go to.  We'll see.  At the moment though, ignoring how broke I am, my cat is fine.  And thats all that matters to me.  The vet said his blood test levels all looed like those of a much younger cat.  He's so healthy.  Heres a picture of him finally at home on this 5th day.  Happily relaxed after eating a plate of grilled fish.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Damn cat

So 6 months of almost constant vet trips for a few issues he had, finally his last injury seems to be almost healed.  I would have guessed a week at most for the grazed part on his shoulder to be gone.  And then yesterday he gets into a fight.  Not just any fight.  From the look of him it was a massive one.  He had a dozen scratches on him, and his front leg is sore to walk on.  Poor thing hasnt eaten today, just lay there all day.  He's moved a couple times but thats about it.  Now I'm just hoping none of the scratches flare up with infection in the next couple days or I'm royally screwed into more vet trips which at this point I really cant afford. 

Other then that I'm hoping to have a game related video up this week.  In the meantime heres a couple pics for fun.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Douche Files

My latest toy series while Jed and I get the video game clips sorted out.  Hope you enjoy it as its on par with the rest of my poorly made shit!

Friday, December 2, 2011

This is a Triumph

Cyber Monday sucked didn't it? Was I the only one who noticed? Terrible. Newegg had the audacity to carry their Cyber Monday deals over to Tuesday. As if anyone still wanted to look at that list.

One neat thing Cyber Monday did though was put all Virgin Mobil phones half off! So I thought I been a rather good boy this year and try something new. I picked up the Motorola Triumph. Or, let me rephrase that. Someone PUNCHED the Motorola Triumph. Just look at these horrible quality photos.

Someone raged quit on this phone. The shipping box it came in was fine so I think this happened pre-shipping. Either crushed, stepped on, or just thrown. Who knows. The phone itself seems to perform ok but I think the vibrator in it is broken.  It makes more noise than motion.

The larger screen is great though. Its so nice having all the extra finger room now. But sadly its not as good at the Optimus V's display in terms of deep colors, dark shadows, and proper hue. Which is weird cause when this phone was in preview everyone thought the screen was great. What happened I wonder.

I have 30 days to decide to keep it so I'll play with it some more. Whats that old saying? Quality over Quantity? We shall see. 


So stuff has been all over the place lately.  Some annoying stuff, some decent stuff, nothing spectacular though.  I have a few videos I hope to upload soon.  Some others that are way over due and starting to give me the feeling they're cursed.  Jed and I got a new ventrilo server to see how it goes since steam is horribly lagged in voice support now days.  Sadly its a bit dodgy too.  First day we used it the thing was fine.  Yesterday when we used it there was a 2 second delay, which wouldnt go away no matter what servers we switched to.  Useless world.

For now though I saw this cool video that shows off an add-on for some browsers for youtube.  It basically shows how a bar under each video in the recommended list on the right with green and red to represent positive and negative votes.  So you can avoid all the really crap clips without needing to click on them.  The links to the add-ons for some of the browsers are in the description of the clip below.  I seriously cant use youtube again without this.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming stuff

So my plans to upload some video game stuff are sort of not happening at the moment.  Still waiting on Jed to find time to send me his clips but his job is anally raping him at the moment, and not in a good way.  So you will all have to put up with my random shitty toy clips.  I've got lots of ideas, dont know if you'll find them funny but I do them mainly for my own entertainment.  Heres a sneak peak at a splash page I made for one clip series I want to do, its called the Douche Files!  Starring our favourite lesbian fairy.  I had so much fun using him that I want to do more.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unused George History clip

Well heres the stuff I didnt use for georges history.  Hopefully it'll be slightly entertaining.  Next video up I'm hoping is a gameplay related one.  Jeds doing 45hour weeks so its impossible for him to get me footage from the games we've played.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned a glorious 36!  Went out with a couple friends, ate japanese food which was awesome, and finally got to play the new King of Fighters 13 game.  Its way better then that rubbish they served us in 12.  So this makes me happy as a long time fan of the series.

I didnt buy myself a cake yet.  Still waiting for my sister to fuck off back to where she came from before I do, which is 'supposedly' monday but we'll see, cause I refuse to share the cake with her.  Its such an awesome cake.  Chocolate one from a place down the road.  The guy makes amazing cakes.  Cant wait!

My cat is heaps better now.  He's still got 1 wound on the back of his neck that he refuses to let heal, but thats better then the half dozen he had.  I'm guessing its probably from stress, ie sister being here and the general aura of the house because of it.  Fingers crossed he gets better after she leaves.

Jed and I are editing like 3 clips at the moment of some games we'll be uploading.  It feels like we're forever editing and not really getting to the end.  I want to make a couple more toy videos before christmas.  One though I cant continue at the moment because photoshop is ignoring what I want to do.  Probably doesnt help that I'm not that good with it.  Sooner or later I'll sort it out.  Probably helps I'm totally NOT an artist either.

For now enjoy a picture!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween unused clip up

So I've uploaded the stuff I didnt use for the halloween video, and some screw ups. The next video up will be game related.  BUT WHICH GAME OMG!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Waffle Fries.

Let me tell ya guys something. Working 45hrs a week is not fun. It is lame. It gives a person enough time to sit down to sleep and then you are back to work. Hate it.

WITH THAT out of the way did I mention to you guys that I was asked to become a department manager? My Assistant Store Manager approached me about it and asked me to put in for it. I would much rather have BAMBOO seeds placed under my finger nails so I could live my life in anguish as the horrible little plant grew under the skin of my fingers and arms.

You see my little pumpkin fat rolls, your Jed was a department manager once. It was horrible. They told me everyday how much I was failing in the job but wouldn't tell me why. Maybe they thought that negative reinforcement would iron out a better worker? Sounds like something they would think is a good idea. It matters not though. They did a restructure of the company payroll and 85% of all department managers lost their positions. In a effort to save money. I was one of them. In all I lost 20Cents a hour.

Oh hey! Look what I found! 

I drew this 3 years ago? Maybe a little later than even that. Its been so long ago I didn't even remember this artwork till I uncovered it during a clean up of my laptop HDD. I thought it still looked cool so I wanted to share it! You'll see it on Devaintart in a couple days. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hobbling along

Things have been fairly quiet lately.  The other day my sister came home really late and she asked me if I recall telling her the story of the headless runner.  The story with this guy started years back.  A friend saw what he described as a guy jogging past my house while he was over, but without a head and shadowy.  I remember him going totally white, I didnt see it though.  A few years later I was sitting on the balcony with another friend and we were just chatting, it was already evening and dark.  We saw one guy happily jogging along past my house and a few yards behind him was another person jogging.  There was only the sound of one person running.  This second guy was darker, hard to make out much detail.  But when he passed under the street light thats outside my house we half freaked.  The guy was still shadowy and there was just nothing above his shoulders.  I'd never told him the story before and we both saw it so that was freaky.  So anyway, sister claims she saw him the other day and she half shit herself.  So that makes the list to 4 people having seen it.  w00t.

Getting ready for a fun day tomorrow.  Gonna be doing something I havent done in a long time.  Should be grand.  In the meantime heres some more interesting crap for you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cobra Georges history up

How George joined the Cobra elite.  Hope you enjoy this rubbish.  I wanted to put something up for 11/11/11 and decided this crap would do.  I originally wanted it to be 11mina nd 11sec long but that failed miserably.  I even cut out quite a bit.  The unused footage should be entertaining at least.  Next video up will be game related.  These are just space fillers while Jed and myself get around to editing stuff since he's pretty busy.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shit needs to end seriously.

Past week has been frustrating.  I finally lost it with my sister and just unleashed absolute hell on her.  She ended up leaving and staying at a friends place refusing to ever come back.  This frankly pleased me.  My parents knowing how pissed I was didnt say a word.  So imagine my fury when my dad comes to me 3 days later saying he talked her into coming back for 3-4 days before she ends up heading back home to melbourne, and begged me to suffer her just a little longer.  She'd been going around saying we kicked her out and my parents felt embarrassed.

So I told them if looking good in the eyes of strangers is more important to them then me being happy, then this was their final warning.  If she ever comes up for a holiday and they allow her to stay here, they can basically say goodbye to me.  I'm only staying here because the cat is still alive.  Once he passes away and my parents try this shit with me again I'm totally gone.  Told them they have a problem with electronics, forms to fill out, or even basic fucking english issues, they can call the strangers for help, or better yet their useless daughter they cant stand.  I hate drama, I dont care where it comes from.  I've written out friends who gave me too much drama, I've written out my sister and her husband because of drama, fucking test me and watch me write you both out as well.  They had tears in their eyes because they know my promise will come good if they do this again.  My health > the fucking world.  Thats how I work.  She's already been here 3 days.  Watch her stay another week.  Told my parents expect pure shit if she's here 2 more days.

Ignoring all that rubbish, my cat is still having issues with scratching and cutting himself on his face/back of the neck/head.  I've decided its got to be from stress.  Guess where the stress is originating from?  Thats right, sister.  And its costing me about $100+ each week on recurring vet bills.  The money doesnt bother me much despite getting very very low on funds, its more my cat not being healthy.  I hate my sister with a passion.

So the other day I was looking about the net and found some cool stuff, at least I found them interesting, and took some screenshots for anyone whos interested in this sort of stuff.  Hopefully you'll enjoy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toy theatre presents, a late halloween tale

I'm not going to get into anything else at the moment aside to say my new clip is up.    Enjoy my crap!  As always this is at my friends room and I dont have a script.  I just sit and speak shit on the fly.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Off to punishment cabin!

Man has it been a long time since I posted here! Some might ask "Jed, why u no post?!". And that my little candy mints is a great question. You see it turns out places like Blogger .com require a user name and password and no matter what I was trying it would never let me sign in.

After days of struggling I contacted Con all M.I.B style. Con was having me try almost anything we can think of. He could sign into the blog from everything and I couldn't sign in from a single thing. After a while Mr. Con discovered the issue.

Turns out he changed the password to the blog at some point, he doesn't remember, and didn't bother telling me. Hahah! So this whole time we was half guessing ourselves.  Being 5am didn't help either.

Point is though I am back! To fill everyone in, I had myself a nice little vacation this past October! Went to a neat little place called the Wright Patterson Air-Force Museum and I took pictures!

For anyone interested you may view my entire picture gallery here.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bleh bleh and bleh

Well the past few days have been more then entertaining.  My useless sister is still here after a month with no sign of leaving.  Will need to get in my dads ear so he can push her forward cause only he can fully get her out. 

Yesterday I checked my online banking to pay off some bills and low behold there were a few transactions I never made at some apple store in sydney.  $274 worth.  Awesome.  Banks cancelled my credit card and sending me a new one, and now I have to wait for them to give my money back which could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months.  See how it goes.  Just very frustrating since I'm not working and money is getting low now.  If I was working I'd just shrug this off and wait to be reimbursed. This also means I'll have to get money off dad to pay the vet bill tomorrow since I dont have access to my accounts.  I hate taking money off my parents and rarely do.  Bleah.

Checking some video clips of a game review Jed and I are making and realized that something was 'off'.  Almost all HUD related text in the game is almost impossible to read.  At the end of each map theres stats and you cant even read them after I've compressed the clips.  In the original clips they're fine.  But no matter what method I use to compress, the outcome is the same.  This hasnt happened for any other game before so I'm completely stumped.  This is going to make the clip look a bit more shit then I'd prefer.

Top it all off, I stuffed up and somehow didnt realize, despite thoroughly checking everytime I order stuff from overseas, that the 4th season of the original Twilight Zone tv series bluray, is set to region A only and not region free like I expected.  So its semi useless to me unless used on my pc bluray reader.  So no playing it in the lounge or lending it to friends.  Good going Con!!

At least I've got some enjoyment with battlefield 3 lately.  That game really is so much fun.  Way better then Bad Company 2 by a zillion.  Its got more of a BF2 feel.  And the stages are incredibly.  There was this one epic moment where I was on a high hill lying down at the top as I was creeping into enemy territory.  Out of fucking nowhere a jet zoomed UP from below and exploded JUST above my head.  Rocked my entire world.  My friend was laughing as I freaked.  So wish I was recording but I never record when playing single player. 

Heres a random pic for you.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gathering and storing

So today I was out at toy stores looking for more props to make future toy theatre clips for fun.  Got a few things, but not everything I was hoping for.  Jed and I are also working on another video of a game we're reviewing.  Going through a crapload of video clips to find whats worth putting in and what to throw away.  Taking ages!  But we'll get there.  I'm also thinking about making a sequel MGS clip.  Wont be for a while yet but I'll give it a shot.

In the meantime heres a picture that Jed sent me while showing off his webcam morphing ability.  Reminds me of the old man in UP. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Portal 2 ep5

As promised.  FINALLY the next part is up.  Also youtube is acting gay and not giving my new clips any thumbnail pics.  Not impressed!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bringing the pain

The past few days have been interesting.  The other day I went to the toilet, happily standing there at like 4 in the morning, when suddenly SHATTER!!  Good thing I was in the toilet cause I practically pissed myself then and there.  Well, I would have were I not a MANLY MAN!  So I'm thinking wtf was that sound, with a split instant realization that whatever it is it happened just behind me as little shards of something are smacking into me.  I thought oh god the cover of the light has fallen and smashed.  No, it was something far more interesting.  We have a wall mounted fan in the toilet, a nice little idea from me, and I'm thinking because of the heat, the blades had expanded so badly that they just decided FUCK IT and suicided.  The fan blades had totally shattered.

I didnt even know fans could bloody do that.  We got a new one in there now.  Dad was all like we'll go buy a new one when I get back from work, and I'm all ok.  So he wakes me up 2 hours later, since I went to bed at like 7, and says he's picked one up but cant figure out how to get it working.  Impressed isnt the word I'd use at having been woken up.  The stooge had gone and bought a fan that needed the remote to turn it on, instead of just being on all the time and turning on when we switch the light on.  So not impressed.

My cat had another visit to the vet today.  Whatever infection that plagued him before isnt completely gone.  He keeps clawing at his head and cutting himself because his ears or whatever is itching too much.  He got a couple new injections and these new tablets today to deal with any fungus infection he might have.  Another $170 gone.  I've spent close to 2 grand in the past couple months on vet trips for him.  Its really starting to hurt, considering I'm not working at the moment.  Good thing I saved up some money and actually had the free time to be able to take all those trips to the vet.  Receptionist said I must really love my cat.  I said I'd love her more if she waved the bill.  Sadly it didnt work, even with my megaplayboy smile unleashed.  Unfortunately it doesnt have the same power when I'm stressing over my cat.  Maybe next time.  Another visit on friday.  Yay more money gone that I'm soon not to have any of.

I FINALLY finished the intro to the new portal clip which should be up in the next couple days.  I swear that thing took me days to finish.  To be totally honest it could be a clip on its own.  I'm wondering why I dont.  But then I realize why.  I would be inclined to make more of it as a series.  And considering how much time I spent on this, theres no way I want to do that anytime soon again.  Oh, and a quick mention about Jed.  I just obliterated him during a game of scrabble we're having with our phones.  I was never a scrabble fan, but over the phone is fairly entertaining.  Anyway, 123point word.  He knew the only thing he could do was to give up.  Game over man.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Toy Theatre up

George has returned for his revenge!  Enjoy my shit!!  I am hoping to upload the next Portal video up in a few days or so with luck.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The brain works as the brain wills

So today I screwed around with some editing.  I cleaned up the next toy theatre clip but before I post that up Jed and I are wanting to do the next portal ep.  Its funny, we actually only planned to put up maybe 6-7 clips, but  when we went through all the recordings we did and took note of how many we edit to make 1 clip, we've realized we're going to be making quite a lot of them.  But for now I'm hoping to have the next one up in the next few days.  Right now I'm putting together a stupid intro for it.  The faster I finish this, the faster I get it up.   So some time this weekend should be it.

Anytime we get together to chat, which isnt too often, I toss some ideas on him to see if he's happy with this or that I want to do.  One thing I mentioned, which I'll keep secrety all about for now, is if he was interested in making certain clips that people keep on asking me over and over to make again.  He's up for it so when we get a chance to play again, which will be really hard considering he's working 40 hour weeks now, we'll do it and upload them.

For now heres another random comic from my friend Royce, who also helps with the toy theatre clips.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Squeels of joy

I was having a nightmare with getting in this folder I wanted to store my art in.  I couldnt get this locally and my only options were places in America.  So after 2months of screwing around with this one company, having to send back one since it was the wrong size, I finally get my replacement, a month late and $60 extra spent.  Not too pleased at all.  Imagine my frustration when the that is now correctly labelled as a 11x17 size folder DOESNT fit 11x17 art pages.  Its width was short by an inch.

So cut past my ultra rage fit I decide to order again but a larger size.  This time I ask if Jed can give me a hand , me buying it from a store there and having it sent to his place and then him mailing it to me.  He offered more then I asked to tell the truth.  So I went ahead with the purchase and he sent it, yet spent $50 on postage because of some new rules that the postal service decided to pass out their arses.  I was not happy at having gotten him to spend that much.  He outright refuses to be paid back and uses all the expensive gifts I've gotten him in the past as reason for this.  It still makes me a little frustrated since postage SHOULD of been only $20.

So I got the folder in yesterday and it was perfect, 14x17 seems to do the trick and all my dozen or so of original hand drawn art is in it.  Heres a couple pics.  Thanks Jed you legend you!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Unused Thor footage

So today I went through the video stuff of the Thor crap and decided to paste together a few clips that werent used in the first one.  Doing it also made me realise I forgot to add the scene where Cobra gets hit by Thors hammer.  I have been having issues with my video editor where it'll just hang and just screw with me heaps, so I must of deleted it without noticing because of the way the program was working.  I updated to a new version today and it seems to be perfect again.

Next clip will be the new Portal clip.  Jed has finally finished editing his clips into mine so now we just want to put a couple additions to it and then it'll be up.  Because of some PURE BULLSHIT happening in my life at the moment I havent had a chance to make more toy videos from all the plans I have and that just bugs me so much, which is also why I havent updated the blog too.  With luck I'll be able to churn some out very soon.  But this is currently the last complete clip I have to bore you with.  You all get to watch it first before youtube lolol

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011


So its a new day etcetc blahblah.  Today you get a new comic that I make with my friend Royce.  Enjoy Yuri and Vega as they explore the world.  Tomorrow I will be uploading a new video.  Sadly its not the next portal episode as Jed is still editing his clips.  Very busy busy boy.  So instead you get one of my random clips.  This will be another toy figure video.  I'm thinking of calling the series Vlahkas Toy Theatre.  What do you think?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spiders. Fucking spiders.

In the past week and a half I've killed 3 spiders.  I'm not talking about little baby pansy spiders.  I'm talking ones that would make the terminator run away screaming like a little girl.  Never before have I seen this many.  One was larger then my god damn hand.  The other two were half my hand in size.  I originally was planning to make one of those experiences into an audio comic.  But now I'm thinking I might make a live action clip of it.  We'll see how retarded I feel when the time comes.

So for now, whenever you walk into a room, look at the ceiling.  You look up and you see if there are any spiders because thats where the fuckers like to go.  And when you see one you kill you.  Dont wait, because while you wait the spider plots to rape.  So you rape it first.  That is all.