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Friday, August 29, 2014

New 3DS coming

Dunno about you, but I sometimes think nintendo are really stupid.  I noticed today that they are bringing out a new 3DS.  This one has a bunch of new things.  supposedly the CPU has been upgraded a little.  Theres an extra Z trigger button.  Theres now a second tiny analogue stick.  And the 3D effect doesnt blur if you look at it from an angle like it usually does now.  Theres a few other additions but those are the big ones for me.  The thing is these are all features that we wanted from the start but nintendo were happy to just give us what they thought was best.  Oh well.  Guess I'll be trading in mine when the time comes.

There are some stupid things about it though.  I mean REALLY bloody stupid.  Needing to enter your credit card info in if you want to remove the adult filter on browsers is a bit strange.  But the part I dont understand at all is they claim some DS and 3DS games wont work on this because the cartridge slot has been changed.  WTF!  Good going nintendo!  Top marks for your stupid brains!

Monster Mill Part 4

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The good and the bad

So I'll start off with the bad because thats always fun.   After 6 weeks of waiting I finally got my camera back.  Unfortunately both issues it was in for repairs are STILL there!  I was absolutely furious.  Did some phone calls, did some complaining, blahblahblah.  So I have to go in tomorrow again with the camera.  Heres to another 6 weeks and then getting it back the same.  Total jokes.

The good news, finally got my cthulhu canvas mounted and stuffed up on the wall.  Looks brilliant.  The spot I picked is just above my desk so I can look up and see this large cthulhu bearing down on me.  So happees!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gamescon stuff

Honestly I havent really been following it.  Its no different to what I do during E3 or tokyo game show, and thats wait till the next day to see the videos of the games and bypass all the blaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I'd probably mention few things impress me.  However the video for Rime for the ps4 looked unbelievable.  Absolutely floored me.  I am so hoping that one turns out good since I'm a little unsure about the dev.  But got my fingers crossed.  Wild also looks interesting.  I'm also a massive Silent Hill fan and am completely thrilled that Del Toro is involved in it.  Just wish I knew how involved.  Also still pissed Yamaoka is gone.  The music hasnt been the same since he left.  But we'll see how it goes.  At least this game cant be more disappointing than Downpour was.

I finally got my canvas today.  So happy.  Useless USPS is the slowest ever. Took it to the store to get it set.  When its ready I'll slap it on my wall and take a picture.  Still need to figure out which wall and which spot.  Also got an email saying my stuff from Battle Systems has been sent.  Cant wait to create my little bases with it.  Plan to throw in my AvP miniatures when I get them too.  Just a shame they'll come unpainted.  Maybe I can do it or find someone locally.  We'll see.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbone Exclusive -_-

Fucked right off about this.  To be frank it makes absolutely no sense to go down this route.  If you're going to go console exclusive you may as well choose the one with the biggest user base and hopefully most powerful.  This would be the ps4.  But xbone? No.  The only reason this is happening is because MS handed them a stupid amount of money.  Pretty disgusted.  We'll see if its a timed exclusive and at least comes to the PC later or something.  I though it was bad enough that the new shitty model they're sticking with from the definitive version was going to stay, what with her botoxed face and limited expressions compared to the previous excellent model.  Now this?  Enjoy selling less units this time round you retards.  I have no intention of picking up an xbone for 1 game.  Not happening. Also fuck you crystal dynamics.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 Ice creams later

I've eaten way too much...  But thats how I get when I watch episodes of stuff.  Especially when catching up on The Haunted.  Love that stuff.  Oh, my stupid package finally made it into my country on friday.  Only took 18 days.  PATHETIC!!  But the best part about it is that since it got here on a friday, that meant it would sit in sydney until monday before it started to make its 3-4 day trip to me as our posttal service, not content with being stupidly expensive, doesnt run on weekends.  Because FUCK YOU is the reason we're all given.  Unbelievable is what it is.  I also got my blood test done the other day.  Now to just wait on the results.  Lets see what sexiness it brings.

I also went to this silly conference thing.  They get like 11 people, though in this case it was only 8, and they ask us a bunch of questions for 2 hours regarding politics and our thoughts on how the politicians were doing in our area.  2 hours of our time and they'd hand us some money.  Now I know absolutely nothing about politics or who is who or where or whatever.  But I'm in desperate need of money so I figured I'd be able to speak shit and manage.  I pulled out a few things I knew, listened to the others, and then made up some rubbish on the spot every time.  Only one time I had no idea what to say and just shrugged saying my memory is sometimes shit, sorry.  Got my money and left.  Though I did meet this guy there whos a lecturer at the university and asked him about possible positions there as I have been having no luck whenever I apply.  We exchanged emails and he sent me some contact numbers.  If the universe is finally tired of shitting on my face, maybe something will come of this.  I'll do some calls on monday.

For now heres a picture that pretty much explains men.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stabby stab tomorrow

So while I was at the doctors the other day on a nothing thing I decided to get an appointment to check my blood levels and my fatness rating.  Usually good to go and check once a year or whatever.  I need to make sure the exercise I've been doing now and then is enough to offset the stupid amount of cake and takeaway food I eat.  I may not be fat on the inside, but my blood may be fat on the inside.  Not interested in getting a surprise heart attack out of the blue!  Only thing that annoys me is I cant eat anything from early evening the night before.  So that delicious pavlova thats waiting in the fridge will have to wait.

The stupid post is now screwing with me.  My crap was sent on the 20th, left America on the 25th and.......nothing.  Still waiting on an update from tracking.  I dont get it.  18 days now.  Thats the usual length it takes for something to reach me.  Should of been in the country at least by now.  USPS is beyond useless.

Also WHERE THE HELL is my camera!  God damn store!  They claimed it should of been back from repairs on monday.  Calling tomorrow and abusing.  Everyone seems to be trying to screw with my patience lately.  At least I met this guy whos a lecturer at the local university.  Said he's going to supply me with some direct numbers to scout in for possible administration roles.  He claims its the best way to get my foot in the door by making them know I exist instead of just sending in form after form after form.  Which has been beyond useless for me.  So fingers crossed something comes out of it.  I so need a job badly.  Shut up credit card.

Jed update:  He still smells like a hobo.

Friday, August 1, 2014

3 2 1 Lets Jump Part 2

Useless youtube! It's butchering the quality for some reason. But I dont care enough to figure it out.