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Monday, February 27, 2012

Danger 5

Argh so frustrated!!  There was a new series starting on our local SBS tv channel here called Danger 5.  It started tonight and I totally and completely forgot about it.  No rerun sadly because the channel just wants to piss me off.  I'm hoping it gets uploaded to a torrent or something in the next few days so I can watch it.  Heres the trailer for it..

 Its the sort of humour that grabs me and pulls me in. If you're curious about watching more they uploaded a web episode onto youtube a while back. Its sliced into 5 parts so just head to the link if you want to watch it. The show is about 20min long I think.

Danger 5 youtube web ep

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vita and StraightTalk

So the Vita has launched and I can't help but notice I haven't sold one of those things in our store yet. Even I didn't get one despite how cool that little thing seems to be. Cost seems to be a big factor of course. $250 and at least a $20 memory card is alot of money..than $40 games?! No thanks. Its a no brainer that this thing will get a price drop soon and maybe even a revised version.

Of course it could have really did without some features like GPS and 3G. Is someone seriously going to use this thing to drive around town with? With the battery life I hope their destination isn't anymore than 20 mins away.

Now for some new and exciting news! Has anyone here heard of StraightTalk? Its a prepaid service that allows $45 unlimited talk, text, and 3G data. For the longest time though their phones were.."Meh" at best. No Nexus for them. Well, thats about to change!

I had a meeting with our rep today who shared some awesome news. StraightTalk is getting some 15-20 new Android Phones for their service. Starting at $88 to $400. Depending on how awesome of a phone you want. The phones you select will also decide what towers they run on. As of right now StraightTalk will have AT&T, Version and Sprint phones all available by years end. All with UNLIMITED 3G data. But AT&T and Verizon will throttle you data after it hits 3gb.

Now for the truly awesome news. In March StraightTalk will start selling $15 SIM cards at Wal-Mart stores. You can put these cards in ANY GSM phone and it'll be converted to run on StraightTalk's service. Want out of your contract but want to keep your Samsung Captivate? No problem! Buy this SIM and you are good to go. A bill of $80 goes down to $45. I am looking forward to seeing this take place.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old animated films

I like to think I was extremely lucky to grow up in the 80s.  It really had some of the best things ever in terms of movies, cartoons, games etc.  The only problem with the 80s was everything was on VHS.  Some of the best stuff I grew up with never got a DVD release for whatever stupid retarded reason the companies that own the rights to have.  Some things did get the treatment, like my beloved 'Monkey' live action series, which I grabbed the dvd set of, and even such series as Ulysses 31 and Mysterious Cities of Gold, and I cand forget Watership Down.

A few though didnt. Heidi's Song being one of them.  I still to this day dont understand why its not on DVD.  Thankfully you can still watch it online like at youtube.  Link below has the full movie.

 I loved that film to death.  Wish there were better quality versions.  Theres also another movie that I finally found today that not many people know.  It was a japanese version of the Aladdin tale.  I have no idea where my VHS tape went.  Probably in the same place my Heidi's Song tape went.  Given to younger cousins by my mother long long ago.  This was called Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, or Aladdin to Maho no Lamp, as it was known for the japanese.  Theres a few other titles but those are the two main ones.  This film at just over an hour was glorious.  I've seen it so many times.  To buy it now is pretty much impossible.  But thank the gods someone uploaded a good quality version of it on youtube.  Sadly some bastard slapped in hard coded swedish subs that you cant turn off, but its a small price to pay to still be able to have this.

I'm still scouring the net for better quality copies or even any originals.  But for now this will do me.  I really really love this film.  Easily my favourite Aladdin story retelling.  Yes I prefer it to the disney one, but thats me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines JOY

So today is valentines day. I love this day, but all for the wrong reasons.  Today is the day I get to watch 2 sets of friends.  One set doing their absolute best stressing out on gifts to buy their girlfriends and then setting up romantic stuff to entertain them so their girls dont get all pissed at them for not doing something, and the other half who complain and sulk about being single.

The single friends are my favourites.  They're the ones who always give me grief about me enjoying being single.  Non stop shit from them.  So today they just sulk and cry about being single.  So I prod at them relentlessly.  Are you enjoying the single life?  Want a girlfriend?  ARE YOU SAD?!  Its glorious.  I love being single.  I'm way less stressed then all my friends for a reason.  I like to think thats the reason.

So anyway, aside from that I've also gone and made a valentines day clip, as retarded as always.  People usually ask why do I play with toys.  Two reasons.  1, I find it entertaining since I dont feel like acting like a boring 50 year old who does nothing but work all day and then collect stamps or watch current affair programs for the rest of my day.  2, I cant draw or animated so this is the next best thing for me to create shit.  As always at my friends house since they're all his.

Friday, February 10, 2012


So today I finally completed Uncharted 3.  Good game.  Lots fun.  Not as good as the second game but thats hard to do since 2 was godly as all hell.  Now I can get back to playing Shogun 2.  I've neglected that way too long.  Like about 400 other games I have.  Still trying to finish some from 15 years back.  I'll get to them.  I get to everything.  Slowly.

So I've decided to start using pictures of myself when posting so everyone knows its me.  Jed plans to do the same.  Then again he might post a big breasted anime girl for all I know.  Actually he probably will.  I just hope he doesnt photoshop his head onto it.  I dont think I could survive that.  I'm also planning to make an intro for my toy theatre clips.  Just need to find the right song for me to 'sing' over.  In my head its going to sound awesome.  In reality it'll probably sound horribly horribly bad, which also makes it awesome.

Speaking of photoshop, I recently remembered an idea I had for the background of this blog.  And thats only because I was rifling through my folders and found some long forgotten saved pics.  I might whip up an example background just for you all to have a little laugh at.  I'll warn you, its extremely suave.  In the meantime heres a lol picture I saw posted on a forum.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ninja turtle video

So I went and made a ninja turtle video and here it is.  I'm actually planning on making a proper intro for my toy clips.  Knowing my slackness it may take a while.  Jeds also back into the drawing mood so with luck we might get a new comic update at some stage.  ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I want the future now.

Oh man oh man oh man. I need to find a place that pays money for blood. Just look at these AWESOME Samus Aren figures that'll be coming out soon.