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Friday, September 30, 2011


So I'm pretty frustrated.  Took my cat to the vet today after a week of him going half crazy.  Constantly scratching his ears, tore up parts of himself here and there because of it.  Not ignoring that a couple weeks back I took him in for an infected bite mark.  So I had to leave him there all day today which was fairly horrible for the both of us I'm sure.  More for me since he would of been asleep for most of the time.  I pretty much didnt sleep and took him in the morning.  They said to call in the afternoon and see how he is.

So I called up and they recommend I leave him there overnight because he's still very groggy from everything.  Now this I've never done before.  That cat is super important to me so leaving him in some strange place, even if he's mostly zombied during it, isnt something I like.  And then the cake was served, the bill will be $900.  Not the most I've paid in 1 go, last one was $1300 for a massive issue he had quite a few years back.  So adding the $300 I spent a couple weeks ago on him, and probably 1-2 more checkup trips which will be around $100 or whatever each, my wallet has decided it hates me.  Goodbye to the sound system I was planning to buy my parents this week that I'd been saving for.  Not working at the moment isnt helping either.  Thats a shitload of money.  But I'd still pay if it was $2000.  Time to cut back on a few things I was planning on getting till I get a job again.  Financial death has come for me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stooges everywhere

So the other day I handed Jed my edited clips for the next portal video.  I enjoyed watching them again since it had been months since we played I'd forgotten half the retarded things we did.  Even one area where I died that I'd forgotten, it was so unexpected my jaw dropped.  So we'll just wait for Jed to do his little bit and hopefully sometime next week it'll be up.

One of the gifts I was getting for my mum has been scratched off the list.  I placed my order last week and was told $90 for postage, which is a little obscene but I grinned and bared it.  So yesterday I called up asking about where it is in the world since it wouldnt let me track it.  Then I'm told they havent shipped it yet because they need to contact my bank for whatever purposes and needed their number off me.  Thats cool.  How about tell me this when I placed the damn order.  So about to put it through and the lady says $150 postage.  I'm like you're fucking kidding me.  Apparently thats the cheapest UPS shipping for this, which is bull.  Told them to cancel the order.  More annoying is they are the only ones who stock this that ship overseas.  So poo.  At least I got one of 2 other gifts I got her.  Second should be in tomorrow hopefully.  I'll take picpics.

In the meantime heres another comic from my friend, Royce!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cobra George

So its been like 15 years or whatever but my friend and I decided to finally make a second action figure video.  Its set so only people here can see it cause I love you all, even the really ugly ones.  I'll have to confess I fucked up as I wasnt used to that specific camera, so my finger was always over the speaker holes, which were placed at the top for some stupid reason, so you'll hear little cracks and pops and sometimes the volume getting muffled.  I'll keep an eye out for that next time. Friend is the same guy who drew the comic in the below post.  So yeah, enjoy the shitty clip.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New magic

So the past couple days have been fairly eventful.  Today I found out a folder I sent back to be replaced was received by the useless company and they sent me the replacement on the 9th.  So hopefully in a week or two I'll have it.  I still have not received the stuff I bought for my mum but I'm hopeful they'll turn up tomorrow.  If it doesnt then I'll have to wait till monday which is a real bitch.  Company said if its not here by wednesday then to call them.  Luckily they're Australian so I have less of a reason to stress.  Unfortunately yesterday I got my dads gift and the piece of shit doesnt work.  The switch broke after my second test of it so I have to send it back tomorrow for a repair.  Thats like the worst thing that can happen, a gift coming in dodgy.  Oh well.  More patience is required from me.

A few entertaining things happened.  I mentioned the other day how my friend and I plan to make some more videos of our old action figure days, reminiscent of the first video I uploaded on tuesday.  Today we filmed one and it was a blast.  I'll edit it all together tomorrow and hopefully it turned out as good as I hoped.  Damn camera sometimes wouldnt focus on a close object, but I guess that'll add to the cheesy non professional look I was hoping for.

One other thing that surprised me is he also wanted to start up a random comic.  We'd spoke about it in the past but all my ideas were pretty bold ones that would need a lot of effort in drawing the whole story out.  And since Jed and I already have one of my ideas running, albeit slowly, he wanted to do one that pretty much had zero point to it, just done for fun.  So we tossed some ideas in for quick simple comic strips.  Sometimes they'll be random, most times they probably wont be funny as we arent going for academy jokes.  Its just BLAH on paper.  So heres the first one.  We'll be slapping up more since these are pretty easy to churn out.  So at least maybe 2 of you might gain some entertainment from this.

I've placed his blog link here before but here it is again so you all know who I'm talking about.  He likes to collect and draw too.  If the character in the comic has a passing resemblance to Yuri Sakazaki from King of Fighters, its because it might be here.  We havent thought up a name for the comic yet, but we tossed around some like Yuri's Adventures etc.  Its not going to be completely about her but she'll be in it.  If you have any ideas feel free to slap them up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of all the luck

Its like nothings going as it should lately.  My dad had a cold recently and lo and behold I now have it.  While I only felt ill for a day or two, I am now stuck with the magical nose that does not stop running.  Its absolutely destroying me.  Trying to talk on the phone is like a comedy show.

Also the stuff I bought for my mum were sent last monday and I still do not have them.  I'm sorry but it takes me 4 hours to fly from here to the bottom of my country.  HOW THE FUCK is it still not here!  This is why our post service sucks.  I'm usually really patient by postal has been fucking with me lately.  Still havent received the thing I bought for my dad either.  So god damn slow.  Hopefully tomorrow everything slams in at once.

Trying to get another gift for my mum through this site in America since the item isnt available here, I wont get into the bullshit $91 postage price I have to pay for something thats only 4pounds in weight and 12" tall.  But thats how postage works.  No, the stupid thing thats giving me grief is the online order form that refuses to work properly.  So I'm having to do the endless back and forth emails to sort this crap out.  Hopefully today I get this started cause my mum returns in 9 days and I want everything sorted.

While I'm in the process of bitching, I bought a folder a couple months ago through ebay so I can store my art in.  This is a proper store, not just on ebay, but they sell through there too.  So I finally get my book and its the wrong size.  They expect me to mail it back.  So I did, which cost me more money, and I have yet to hear back from them.  This is the worst part about ordering from overseas.

Well I'll just stop ranting there.  Got a few things to share though and thats hopefully today I'll be able to play something with Jed and possibly Cody too.  If you all watched that video I first uploaded with the action figures, my friend who was in that has decided it would be pretty fun to make some more equally stupid ones, so I'll be doing some more of those for your pain...err...pleasure.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

So lately I've been going through a bunch of films trying to catch up on stuff.  Some were good, some were bad.  Caught up on some early 80s films I always wanted to see.  Past couple days though its been a couple christmas movies.  Finally watched Polar Express.  I dunno, didnt find it as amazing as everyone made it out to be.   Today I watched Elf.  Actually had me entertained.  But I'm a bit of  a fan of Will Ferrell since I enjoy his style of comedy.

The other day I bought a few gifts to give to my mum.  You could technically think of them as christmas gifts and birthday gifts merged in one.  Her birthdays like a day before christmas too so the choice in gifts I got her should be pretty spot on.  I dont know if I'll get them all next week, depends on how kind the postman is.  But when I get them I'll take some really nice detailed shots since the ones on the net are not impressive enough and too small.  I tell you theres nothing more awesome then buying gifts for people.  Dont know about everyone else but for me it just makes me feel like a mentos in a bottle of coke.  I just feel all jittery and want to explode from the joy and anticipation of seeing their reaction.  I'm probably a special case but thats me.  I fucking love doing it.

Once I see my mothers reaction to these I should get a better idea of what to get for my grandmother.  I havent actually bought her anything before since she lives in a different country to me, in greece, and everytime I want to send her something my parents say not to and so does my grandmother.  Theres 2 kinds of 'dont buy me something'.  The first one is the fake one were they hope you do.  The second is the one where if you do get them something they end up feeling very uncomfortable and a little frustrated because they really dont want you going out of your way for them.  My grandmother is the second one.  But since my grandfather passed away last december I think this will be different.  And knowing that most of my disgusting relatives there wont end up getting anything for her cause they're just...ugh...morons is what they are, and realizing that really upset me.  Only thing I wish I could see would be her reaction to whatever I get her.  I'll hear it on the phone but its not the same.  I still remember how she reacted when I gave her my favourite childhood picture of myself when I last visited, which was also after a long gap of 27 years, her joy at something that simple was astounding to me.  The next morning when I woke up I come down to find she'd managed to get the picture framed and she showed it off me to.   That was unreal.  She said where should she put it?  So I took it and put it on the wall next to her own.  She was so damn happy.  I fucking miss her.  20 hour flight and $2000 plane tickets are what keeps me from seeing her often.  My relatives have no idea how lucky they are.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Portal 2 ep 4

Come watch our new shit clip!  And as usual, you lucky scamps get to watch it before youtube lol

Friday, September 9, 2011

MS Paint 2

My new pc is acting pretty retarded.  Doing some random freezes and restarts.  Guess I'll figure it out in time lol.  But for now its MS Paint request time!!!  Heres some absolute shit paint jobs I did.

bbmv1028 requested a slice of cake.  HERES YOUR CAKE!

Anzel wanted Jed with his secret fetish on his head.  And IT WAS DONE!

DustinSpence was after the SpeedRacer mobile!

Dahlia wanted superheroes.  Not any old ones though.   She wanted Jed and myself as superheroes fighting our most evil foe!

GabbyBob Wuollet was after me drawing myself with mspaint with mspaint-ception at the bottom.

And finally, Keru_flesh_eater wanted me to draw Jed as a girl.  I dont know why you wanted that, but it brought me great pain to do so and I wish you much pain in your future!

And that ends the latest MSPaint feature.  I'll put up more next time.  If I dont gouge my eyes out after that last picture.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The beast has awoken

Jesus its been an annoying past few days.  So I got my pc upgrade parts in last week and delayed it till the weekend to do stuff.  Well it took the better part of 2 days to get this stupid thing together.  Its always so easy to build a pc from scratch.  Doesnt take much time.   But when you already have a pc made and you're changing parts inside it you have a totally different thing altogether.

I had to pull out the motherboard.  Thats the worst thing you can look forward to when upgrading.  My cpu was piss poor and the only way I could upgrade this 4 year old monster was to change motherboards.  Which also meant ram as well because its a different format now.

Anyway long story short, my pc did pretty good for the past 4 years.  But when Witcher 2 was running choppily and every other game ran smooth, well that just pissed me off because it was the one game I was REALLY looking forward to.  I half expected it would happen so I saved up for about 4months in expectation.  Lo and behold my pc wasnt good enough for it to run at max.  It was even kinda shitty at medium.  So after a couple months delaying I went ahead and got it.  For those who are actually curious about whats inside it I'll just list the parts below

Motherboard-  Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3
HDD-  Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD
CPU-  Intel Core i5 2500K
Video card - MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Hawk 1GB
Ram- Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX (2x4GB) DDR3
CPU Heatsink/cooler - CoolerMaster 212+

I still have my previous power supply and case, and a couple other hdds inside.  The video card I already had a few months back.  Over all it wasnt too expensive and should last me very well for the next 3-4 years before I even consider doing anything to it again.  Upgrade smart, enjoy years of joy.

So after about 3 days of screwing around I finally have it all done.  The cpu which is 3.3ghz, is overclocked to 3.7 because thats what my motherboard does automatically for me.   Which is heaps awesome.  It can go up to 4.5ghz if I want it to but thats just being stupid.  But this cpu should do me extremely well for a good 4 years easy.  Probably more.

Speaking of new things, I finally got in my latest 3 art commissions.  I'm pretty much going to stop now since spending money is stupid when you arent working, despite saving up like a whore for 7months.  I need to hold back for a few little things I plan to get later, and I cant do that if I'm spending lots.  So anyway-

Huntress, my favourite DC female character.  I really had to have this since it looked so good.


One thing I never had in my collection was some Thor art.  Him being my favourite character of all time, especially since I've loved the character and lore since I was 8, it was a bit frustrating for me to not have any original art of him.  I'm extremely critical of him as I am of Huntress, so I must have something I'm really happy with.  The ones I wanted cost well in excess of late $1000s, some $2000-$3000.  I'm not rich and cant justify doing that.  Which is a real BITCH because I so absolutely love Esad Ribic's art.  He did the 4 part Loki comic story, the same one my awesome Thor/Loki statue is based off.  ANYWAY, heres 2 pieces I saw and just had to have.

Really happy to finally have some of him.  I also look forward to some day framing some of my art pieces and putting them on the wall.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The beast shall be built

So I recently got my pc upgrade parts.  Its been 4 years and a couple games are starting to struggle at max and I dont like that.  Probably NOT the smartest of moves upgrading now since I'm not working, but I saved a little since I knew I wasnt planning on being there for long.  Tomorrow morning I'll start putting this monster together.  Hopefully things go well and nothings DOA and the stupid new pc works as it should.

Yesterday I also finally bought a steam mop.  Its a new model from Black and Decker, claims 99.9% germs killed with just steam.  Because my cats been sick so much lately I've been wondering if it was the amount of detergent I've been putting into mopping.  So I grabbed this and gave it a whirl today and I must say I'm super impressed.  It took everything off the floor.  Like everything.  I'm not sure if my mum will like the idea of using it since she's old fashioned, but we'll see when she gets back in 4 weeks.  Lord knows its so much easier then a damn mop.  Happy mothers day mum.

Jed has informed me he's almost finished the next portal clip.  Who knows maybe he'll send me a link to download it today or tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to it since there was a period during our game where I wasnt recording because I forgot to start, so I want to see that part from his angle.  I cant remember anything about that part since its been so long ago.

In the meantime heres a really old photoshopped picture of me I found recently.