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Saturday, May 26, 2012

"That says Fenner"

I am convinced the vet is lying to me. He claims my dog, Cloe, is over weight! Its not true. She is not too BIG the world is too SMALL. Though I suppose she could go for a few less pounds..So I decided to walk her more! For myself and for her. We'll be weight loss buddies!

So 3 days ago I put her on a leash and headed down the road for a brisk  run in the cool evening air. I was very proud of her. She got to the end of our yard before running out of breath. NEW RECORD. By the time we reached 300ft I was pulling her by the collar to keep on going.

Every time the leash would tighten I would say "Come on Cloe! You can do it girl!" and she would make a quick couple steps to respond to my motivation and then slow back down to a panting crawl. James, who was walking with us that day, noticed something big in the bushes at the side of the road.

As I came over to help investigate our mouths laughed as we seen a stop sign complete with road sign and pole just tossed away. Now, I don't mind a prank but a stop sign? Thats just stupid right there. Someone could really be hurt by that. So being the awesome citizen I am I called the Sheriff's department. He took down my name and home address and asked if we could carry the sign back to our home for pick up. I am not sure if he understood me when I said "its the entire sign fixture. Pole and all."

We threw it over our shoulders and started to walk home. When almost half way there I could see a Police car diving towards us. Ah, its the Sheriff now. Now you would think two guys, carrying a street sign, would be suspicious. Not around here I guess. Would you believe that the Sheriff drove right by us? He quickly slams on the breaks and pops his car in reverse when he looked back and realized what we had.

"Are you the guys that called about the sign?"

James and I just looked at each other. "Yeah that be us."

"..that sign says Fenner?"

I guess at some point, after telling the police department I found Fenners sign on Diven Rd, that got translated into we have Diven's sign on Diven rd. The officer said he needs to go to Fenner right away and see what can be done there. The county will be coming to pick up the sign if we could leave it laying out for them. That was of course 3 days ago. We still have the sign. I guess no one really cares.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enter all range mode.

Okay, little secret about me. I loved StarFox as a kid. It still has a soft spot in my heart. So one day I was watching the Nintendo Power Magazine episode of Angry Video Game Nerd and he mentioned a R-Wing cut out of the StarFox squad.

Saaaaay whaaaaaaa? Here is where I blow a kiss to google. Thanks to the power of the internet, which I own, I found this little website here.

I have the prints on paper, I got the materials for construction, and my body is ready. I will make the best Star Fox battles in history on my ceiling! PEW PEW!! -Jed

Random phone convo

Its pretty much like this all the time.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special creation

You know you ask Jed to upload you some l4d playthrough clips so I can make the new video, and he sends me half of them and in broken order.  Everyone say thanks to Jed!

So a few months back I had a strange request.  A user on youtube asked me if I could create him something Francis and a random quote of mine he'd chosen and sign it as a christmas gift for a friend of his.  I've never entertained the idea of autographs because frankly my autograph is worthless and I feel like if I were to do these I'd be making it seem like I'm totally full of myself.  But it was a request for a christmas present for his friend and this is really the only reason I did it.  Christmas and all that.

But halfway through making it I got an idea and decided to do something extra as a surprise.  Something retarded.  And the idea was born...  I got my friend to hold the camera  and then I went ahead with my shitty amateur photoshop skillz.  I finished them and printed them out on large photo paper and then signed them with a silver marker with a little message too.  Heres a picture of both of them.  From memory I THINK the large one was A3 size.  I dunno.

Well they received it recently and thankfully the post didnt rape it in any way.  Post is known to rape things.  Especially bendable things.  Dont like the rape.  I dont plan to make ones like this again though.  I mean ignoring that it cost me a bit to screw around and send off, I'd feel too stupid sending out my autographs and stuff.  So please dont ask me for one lol

Monday, May 21, 2012

Winter Bucky

So heres my new toy clip.  I went a little overboard with Captain America ,   He's like the douche king now.  Sorry Edward.  Also thanks to everyone who click on the ads on my blog.  It may be only a couple dollars a month or so, and I wont see any of it till probably 2017 when I get enough to have it sent, but with this money I plan to buy Jed some new underwear.   I'm told he's been wearing the same ones since high school.  So its all going to a good cause.

Also keep an eye out for a picture of Jed in the clip.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What bathroom in Japanese?

Some of us are good people. We only hurt others on impulse or when they need it. I for example only ever choke a person for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 45 seconds short of brain damage causing harm. Others though, just want to watch the WORLD BURN.

Take this e-mail I got for a example. Facebook tells me I logged in somewhere before that seems out of character. Now I never use Facebook. Ever. But it is very popular right now. Some websites use it as their own sign in accounts. Some app use Facebook as their own accounts also. So hate it or love it you'll need one eventually. But check out where I logged in from.

I always wanted to go to Japan. -Jed

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This post has nothing to do with the sun

So the other night I noticed something creepy.  Whenever my cat wants to go out to relieve himself I usually head out with him to make sure theres no other cats waiting to fight him, as I have no desire to fork out any more money on vet bills.  So with my trusty GOD TORCH in hand I go out into the night.  They've been fairly cool lately which is really nice.  The best thing about cool nights is the skies usually clear, which means 1 billion stars greet me.  It always makes me want to go back and start writing stories again but then I remember I'm a slacker and so I dont.

While going down I noticed something glint off the torch light.  There, sitting on the side of the garden are 2 tree frogs a couple feet apart.  Just staring my way.  They're the only two there.  I know these frogs.  They used to live in the pipes we had where we planned to build an expensive to the house but havent gotten around to it, which we recently taped up so they couldnt get into anymore since they somehow made it into the bathroom through the pipes.  I could tell they were upset with me.  They should be thankful since taping it up stopped my dad from killing them.  But one thing I didnt know about frogs was if you shine a light into their eyes it reflects red.  So that was a little eerie.

So off to the back of the yard and my cats doing his thing.  I noticed a glinting reflection in the grass nearby and thought back to the stories I was told that those are lights reflecting off the eyes of spiders.  So I thought I'd lean in and OMG it was a spider, a fairly large one, and on its back was like a cocoon of eggs.  So I did the only thing I could.  And that was to crush it with my foot.  Of course I was terrified the entire time as I grind my foot into the floor to turn him into paste.  My mind kept imagining it somehow making its way to the side of my shoe, reaching over with legs that gripped into me like metal razors, then its head popping around and biting my toes off.  Sure this isnt going to happen.  But I really really hate spiders.

Heres a classic one for you.  Yesterday mum interrupted me to tell me that I needed to check the phone because its not working.  I'm like how is it not working.  She kept insisting.  So I finally get up and pick up the phone, dial tone is there, stare at mum.  And she says to me...  Its not working.  Try calling here, it wont work........  And I'm like....SERIOUSLY?!  You cant call the house phone from the house phone!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So I've been meaning to do a clip with the Avengers for a while now.  In fact theres many series I plan to do once I get the desire.  So go ahead and watch as it spoils nothing from the movie.  My own crap completely.   I'm hoping my next clip will be the final L4D clip of that map review.  Got all the other clips from Jed so I can go ahead.  And from what I'm told Jed is almost done with the next Portal clip.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latest toy clip

So today I decided to upload a video I made for easter.  Its actually been sitting on my system for the past couple weeks as I wasnt entirely happy with it.  I knew I could do far better but was also a little too lazy and disinterested in doing a better one.  So I thought what the hell and uploaded.  I've also done my own take on an Avengers clip which I've been meaning to do for months.  I just need to do an intro for it and then it can go up.  It also has nothing to do with the movie.

Regarding the Avengers, I watched it the other day.  Not bad.  I definitely preferred the Thor movie more but thats me since I'm a little biased.  But I totally loved that film and bought it.  Dont think I'll be buying Avengers until it comes out in like a special pack with other films, like avengers 2 or whatever.  Or if the movie is stupid cheap and has a shitload of awesome extras.  Then I can just fast forward to all the Thor parts.

For the people who have seen Avengers, would be really impressed if you didnt mention any specific bits of the film in case some others here havent seen it and plan to watch it.  Spoilers are such a bitch lol