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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Breeding ground of sickness

Thats pretty much the best description I can give of my workplace.  Someone is always sick.  And not just 1 or 2.  Generally its a few.  And they are ALWAYS sick.  They stay sick for like 2-3 weeks.  When they get better, someone else has the sickness.   A couple weeks later?   You guessed it.  They're sick again.  In the almost 5 months I've been working there, everyone has been sick at least twice.  Me?  I've been managing to hold my own and not catch anything because I'm psychotic when it comes to cleanliness.  I have antibacterial wipes, hand wash, everything.  They touch something near me, wipe it down.

This week, my second last week there, everything changed.  I finally caught their diseases.  I rarely get sick.  My problem is my lack of sleep has helped me catch this.  I only get like 3-4 hours normally.  Its just how I am.  Now that I'm sick I'm waking up every hour or 2, so I'm getting even less.  All week I've felt it burn up in the evening, but the next day feel like its gone.  Today though was a whole different story.  Nose, throat, cough, all of it.  Absolutely pissed.  One of the girls at work asked me if I caught a cold off such and such.  I said no.  I've caught it off EVERYONE.  Obviously I'm not happy.

Tomorrow is friday, and I'm calling in sick because fuck it.  It'll be my first day off in 5 months compared to everyone there who have had 2-3 weeks off for sickness each.  Next weeks my last week.  And lets be honest.  Who the fuck am I even going to impress.  They're all on permanent contracts, spent large parts of the day just chatting away.  Meanwhile I'm doing my work and chatting little.  But thats just how it is.  This is how it always is for me.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I cant fucking do this

You know you go through things that arent good, and you get to a point where you're just numb to them and expect them to happen and just say oh well fuck the world and keep going.  Thats me on a daily basis.  With the added in bit of hoping a truck takes me out sooner or later.

But then this sort of BULLSHIT happens and I just cant handle it.  My favourite manga creator Izumi Matsumoto, is dying.  He created Kimagure Orange Road, my absolute favourite manga of all time.  I've seen the tv series probably 4 times through.  The only other celebrity who died that upset me this much was Christopher Lee.  Admittedly, Lee was probably 10 times worse for me, but someone would have to be second place after him.  There are very VERY few people who will upset me when they pass on. I can probably count them on 1 hand.

So yeah.  Fucking saddened by this.  And just to rub salt in the wounds, I found this fucking kickstarter that had gone up last april and didnt even know about it!!!!!

So many things I would have wanted from there.  I probably would of gotten the $900 tier for sure.  Would have loved to do the $1450 to get the sketch done by him but thats a big jump that at the time I dont think I could have afforded.  To be fair the $900 would of been out of my budget but I would of closed my eyes and gone for it.  Its like the world is constantly wanting to fuck me over.  The past couple months have been absolutely bullshit for me.  But what can you do.  Roll over and let the rest come again.

I will absolutely miss this guy.  He created something magical for me that even to this day I still love to death.  I look forward to getting my hands on those omnibus volumes, which I'm blindly believing will go retail with luck, and if the gods are kind they will finally bring out the KOR series on bluray because of his passing.  He'll always be a legend to me.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 17th

So this is the date that my current contract at work expires.  Usually I would of signed a new contract by now but since the new government was elected in there have been lots of changes in regards to funding.  So my section still have no idea how much they can get which leaves me out in the cold.  If they dont sort their shit out by next week I'm pretty much unemployed again.  Cant say I'm too shocked that this might be happening, but in the way its happening is a bit surprising.  So yeah I guess we'll see how it goes.

In other news my friend Royce has been heckling me into writing out my story ideas and getting an artist to commission them into a comic book and putting them up on indiegogo/kickstarter since there seem to be heaps of comics getting funded that look rubbish.  I'll admit I'm seriously thinking about it and sorting out my current ideas into a more fleshed out order.  I originally had them as stories for books, so it'll take a little tweaking to get them as a comic.  But if I do go ahead with it I'll put up details here about some of the ideas.  If I dont get extended then I'm 100% doing it since I'll have nothing to do and will need to keep my mind away from suicide lololol

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Blast from the past

This has been an interesting week for me.  But the highlight was getting in touch with a friend I havent spoken to in 25 years.  See, next month my high school reunion is happening.  Obviously I'm not going because fuck people.  I'm not one for gatherings.  But going through the facebook page thats been set up for it I decided to see how everyone I knew has been faring.  Then I noticed the name of one person who I have always wanted to track down but never could.  This is the brief story of a girl who was not only my first love, but also my best friend in highschool.

We used to spend heaps of time together.  Most times I'd walk her home after school, we'd meet up on weekends to go to the library for study, go to places to eat, visit the cinema etc.  We never dated, though I could have easily if I wanted to.  But I was more happy having her as a friend.   Now the problem with this is some others were annoyed by me.  She was one of the popular girls, and there were guys who were interested in her and saw me as a constant blockade.  I remember one time 3 of them cornered me and told me to either ask her out or stop hanging out with her so much because noone could approach her.  Told them shes a friend, they can go ahead and ask her out, nothing to do with me.  Clearly this didnt make me too popular with some people.  But fuck them.

Anyway, the last 2 times we spoke were pretty memorable.  I'll start with the final.  Walking her home from school, suddenly she turns on me and just loses it.  I was like wtf.  She started yelling at me saying how she couldnt believe I hadnt asked her out to the graduation, similar to a prom for my american friends.  Another friend of mine had asked her to it and she had accepted.  Berated me how she was expecting me to ask her, how her parents were even expecting it too.  In all honesty I didnt want a date for it.  I was happy to go with friends and just do my own thing, not be dragged around for dances and have to focus on one person only.  So for me it was a bit of a relief someone had asked her as I was expecting on the final day to just be automatically nominated by her whether I wanted to or not.  A weird thing to feel towards the girl you were in love with.  But thats me.

So the second final time we spoke was the catalyst for everything.  I was at home doing something or other when the phone rang.  I picked it up and on the other end I could hear her crying.  She was over a friend of ours house and apparently he had told her I'd called her a bunch of bad things, like slut etc.  So shes sobbing and asking how could I say such things, she thought we were friends etcetc.  Through the entire tirade my brain was working furiously.  Had I said these things?  Did I say them and just forget?  Surely I must have if shes crying like this.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that not even offhandedly had I said any of this.  Then I realized what was really happening.  One of my best friends had decided to stab me in the back because he was interested in her.  This was betrayal of the highest order.  And thats when everything changed for me.

I finally answered her by admitting I'd said those things.  I was done.  As heart wrenching as what was happening, I was over it and didnt need any more drama that highschool brought.  When she got off my friend hopped on and his tone, which I still remember to this day with absolute fury, was almost accusing.  Shes crying, he said.  Those things you called her were really uncalled for, he said.  At the time I couldnt believe it.  I questioned myself again.  Had I said them after all since he sounded so sure of himself.  Was he maybe misunderstanding or mishearing something I'd said casually.  No.  By now I was 100% certain.  Fuck you I thought.  I told him to make sure he kept her happy.  And then I hung up and went andlocked myself up in my room with whatever was left of my shattered mind.  Funnily enough they broke up a couple months or so later.  At least thats what I recall.  I'm not completely sure since we didnt hang out after that again.  He tried to keep in contact with me, but after a little realized I wanted nothing to do with him.

It was pretty much on that day when I realized, despite my positive outlook on everything, that people sucked and majority of them were fake.  It took a couple years more before I'd fully cursed the world and everything in it.  My profiling of people became inhumanly accurate.  I would always have friends asking me for advice on things or relationships, because my brain had somehow evolved to see past all the layers of bullshit.  Even to this day a friend of mine showed me pictures of 3 guys she was sort of interested in.  I told her what I expected each one of them to be like, down to 1 of them most likely having the ability to cheat.  She was floored since that guy, who looked fairly normal in his photo, had cheated on a previous girlfriend.  Which made me ask the question, why the fuck are you even interested in him to begin with.  But then I realized people just love drama.

Any way, after graduation which was year 10, we all went to a new school that covered years 11-12, and then followed onto university.  We ended p never speaking again.  She found a new circle of friends and I lost all contact.  I've always wanted to tell her that I never said any of those things.  Its been smashing around in my head frequently since then.  One of those moments where you wonder how things would of been had you said or not said something, and wanting to rewind the clock.  I'm still content with what I did.  What I'm not happy about is not having the chance to tell her later that it never happened.  So when I saw her name on the facebook post I decided to message her a couple months later.  I had to gather my courage.  After all what sort of reaction would I expect?  Anger?  Indifference? Could be anything.  But I'd decided it didnt matter.  I needed to do this for myself, to finally get it out of my system so I could move on.  Amazingly enough she was outright shocked.

I wont paste up the entire conversation, but these are a few lines from it just for gossip sake -  'Omg....I don't know what to were my closest friend in high school the one person I thought would be there always......You made high school bearable, it was us against the school......I remember the break before we started Year 11 and you turned to me and said that things would change and I was like no it won't it will be fine....Lets get together sooner rather than later. Free most weekends, would love to catch up on the last 25 years.''

So yeah, I was pretty made up with that.  Easily the best reaction I could of hoped for.  In case you're wondering, yes shes married and has a couple kids.  So no, I will not be doing some bullshit romcom movie style of finding my highschool sweet heart and marrying her.  Because that stuff never happens.  But I hear you ask, what if she were single?  Would I have followed through with anything?  No, I would not.  Many years ago I chose friendship.  I'm still happy with that choice and dont regret anything.  Logic states I'd still be happy to continue that trend.

So thats my big thing.  Your eyes are probably broken from reading so much.  If they are, I encourage you to abuse Jed.  Abuse him thoroughly.  And tell him I sent you.  I think next weekend is when we'll probably meet up so that should be fun. At least conversation wont be boring.  We have 25 years to catch up on.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I really should update more

So I took a little break.  22rd of last month was 3 years to the day my cat passed.  So I was in my own little world for the past few weeks.  The only reason I didnt go completely catatonic like I usually do is because I've been working so slightly distracted.  Sadly its affected my concentration at work and my level of stuffs have been a little mediocre.  Will be snapping out of it after this week and going for gold.  The one irritating thing about work is that I'm having to be around people.  And you all know how I just loathe that.  For the first time in many years I've found myself thinking maybe a girlfriend might be a good idea.  Bullshit right?  This isnt me.  Need to do something about this new broken thinking.

One thing I must share is one of my trainers at work Sonia, in the middle of being trained she said she thought I was familiar when she first saw me and then said its because she saw my blog years back.  Obviously this floored me.  She mentioned about the update long ago where myself and a couple friends cosplayed as GI Joe characters, and then said she was into cosplaying and creating her own outfits.  I mean I know quite a few cosplayers, but I didnt know anyone who actually made outfits so this was very cool.  I checked out her blog and found this.

She made that.  Ridiculous talent right?  Looks completely professional.  The most I ever managed to create out of a needle and thread was a pillow case.  And I dont think it could be described as a pillow case.  Thats far too flattering for it.  She also does things like this for childrens parties...

Tell me that doesnt just blow your mind.  Balloon characters.  First thing that came to mind was the character Skuld.  But thats me.  Right now she isnt doing much of these types of things cause shes about to have a baby, which is pretty amazing.  So she'll be taking a break for a bit.  If you want to see her blog heres the link-

So whats new with me...  Oh, I got a new addition to my Ariel family.

I've also finally done it.  After 5+ years of looking for a camera, I have finally chosen one.  Had my eye on it before it came out, and the reviews and features sold it for me.  And this is after watching many videos, looking and reading many website reviews and photo displays etc, no rushing into this.   Its the Panasonic GX85.  The deal came with 3 lenses which was super good and saved me like probably $400.  Pretty good considering it only came out in April.  Sadly they havent sent it yet and its been over a week.  Most likely stock issues.  Very frustrating because I need this damn thing.  I need to learn it inside out so I can start taking some cool pictures and be prepared for Disney Land/World  next year.  Again, only happening if I dont lose my job by then.  So you never know really.

Anyway almost 1am and I have to be up in 5 hours.  I'll add more possibly tomorrow.  As well as upload a new video.  By tomorrow I pretty much mean tonight.  No promises cause I'm shit at keeping time.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Disney is done

So I finally got all the disney statues I REALLY wanted.  Passed on a few because of the standard reasons like lack of space, lack of money, only a big fan of a few select characters instead of the entire range, etcetc.  I went after the 3 main ones I love.  Ariel, Maleficent, and Belle.  I got a couple others like Aurora and Anna because I loved those designs of them, and an Elsa that actually looked good so Anna wouldnt feel alone.  She wouldnt though since she has Ariel to keep her company.  Anyway here it is!

I uploaded a picture of them earlier but I wasnt happy with the layout so I tweaked it some, which is shown here.  I wish my camera wasnt so shit so I could catch all the details.  For that I'll need to photograph everything up close one by one.  For some reason the light in my room, despite being disgustingly bright, cameras seem to hate it.  Cant figure it out.  I'll most likely make a video showing off each one in detail which I'll upload to the patreon for those interested in it.  Can't wait to get a better camera.  But that wont be for a while yet.  Money isnt my friend currently and the ones I am interested in arent out yet.

Clearly my favourite is Ariel.  Thats a given since shes the best.  The large Maleficent I have wanted for a very long time.  I love the classic animated look and this statue was amazing.  I only got the Jolieficent one because I thought the design for it was excellent.  Plus she was awesome as her.  Still PISSED they turned the greatest villain disney had into a good character, but I still enjoyed the movie heaps.  I just see it as an alternate reality version of her.  She doesnt need a love story to show why shes evil.  Shes just evil.  Theres no other reason other than she just wants to fuck the entire world over.

Had I not gotten a job recently half of those statues wouldnt be mine today and I would of just sulked at missing more things I really wanted.  Still furious over the Thor statue I missed out on years back.  Makes me cry.  I still get it if I'm prepared to pay $400 more its going price on ebay.  Cause fuck resellers.

The beauty and the best one in the lower left corner thats on a little stand, thats also a music box which I thought was pretty cool.  I was also not expecting the top left one of her to be so huge when it came in.  I'm just glad I could fit them all onto my shelves. Dont think I'll collect any more for a long time since I've taken up 2 shelves already.  They'll have to be something special.  But I'm still prepared to buy more Ariels since I'm biased to the core for her.

Now that I'm done I'll have to work on my Alien shelf.  Bit annoyed I need to wait till september for a couple things to come out that I need badly to complete my childhood wants.  Plus Hot Toys Ripley end of the year.  Cant wait.  But yeah, getting that 1 step closer to looking around my room and just seeing happiness all around.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PC scared me

The other night my pc did something very special.   It froze.  Its been quite a while since it last did that so it was a bit of a surprise.  But it was a hard freeze.  So I had to hold the power button down for a while and hard reset.  Half hour later or so, it froze again.  This time when I restarted it the thing did something frightening.  It would load for 3seconds, make a little beep, then reset.  And continue until I hard reset it.  It just wouldnt stop this cycle.  So I'm thinking omg what if my motherboard or cpu is finally dead.  I mean this pc is getting on in years.  Maybe if I'm lucky its the ram.  But its hard to pinpoint.

So the next day I got up and took the system outside, used a hairdryer to blow out as much dust as I could.  Figured a good clean would be worth it since its been ages.  After that my plan was to remove everything and plug them in one at a time to see what might be broken.  Removed the video card and unplugged the hdds inside.  I know my SSD drive is faulty so that was in the back of my mind,  Decided to be a liiiiiittle lazy and leave the cpu and ram in.  Turned it on, worked fine.  There goes my original theory of mboard, ram, or possibly cpu being broken.  Plugged the hdd in, turned on again fine.  Plugged in all my hdds and the system still turned on without a problem.

So now I'm wondering wtf could of caused this.  I have a suspicion one of my front usb slots could be faulty.  Could have caused the reset and then some kind of weird...SOMETHING.  I'll be avoiding that slot from now on and seeing if it'll happen again.

One thing I discovered though was 1 of the 2 fans on my video card doesnt spin anymore.  Not going to lie, I knew -A- fan in my system was having issues since I'd hear it whirr everytime I turned my pc on.  But couldnt figure out which one it was.  Havent heard the sound in a while now.   I guess I know why.  I did decide to check my computers temps just to be on the safe side.  CPU and GPU temps were fine even after playing games for a couple hours.  So that was encouraging.

Will admit I was a little frustrated before all this since I thought I'd have to buy a new system.  Mainly because its just getting so old. I  mean a 560ti video card is like 5 years old.  Everything else inside even older.  The annoying thing is I definitely cant afford it right now so I was preparing to go into a vicious amount of debt.  But thankfully I'm sparred this for a little while longer.  Lets see how far I can go.  With luck, another year. By then I'll be needing to upgrade for sure.  Most games run quite well on high.  Some on max, some on medium.  But come next year I think I may start to struggle.

But yeah.  Things are positive for the moment.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eeeeee new star trek series!

So excited!  You know people used to ask me what do I like more, star trek or star wars.  I really couldnt say since I like scifi lots and I'm pretty much there if theres space ships etc.  Then I look over and notice my ST Original series bluray set, TNG bluray set, and the Enterprise bluray set.  Plus all the movies and the new movies too.  And despite liking star wars, well some of them, I dont own anything except a storm trooper pop figure.  Still didnt really click.  Then I saw the teaser for the new star trek tv series and omg I got super excited.  So I guess I prefer star trek.  Mind you its unfair to compare since its a tv series which means theres heaps more enjoyment.  I mean I've loved the Clone Wars and now Rebels star wars series.  Yeah, I think I like quantity.  With lasers.

At the moment I'm putting together some tiers for the new patreon...uh...tiers.  To be honest I'm completely unsure about a couple of them, but oh well.  The 3 of us have come up with some ideas to start off with and we'll probably alter and add stuff down the track via feedback from everyone.

So I wanted to take a moment and bring up some crap news.  Jeds car absolutely died the other day.  Needless to say he's feeling pretty bummed out over it which is no surprise.  Now this wouldnt be such a big issue if he wasnt already paying off an obscenely high hospital bill he was saddled with when the doctors almost accidentally killed his wife during child birth because they're fucking inept at their jobs.  But thats something to rant about over another time.

Anyway, one thing about Jed and myself is that we dont like to ask for help from others.  We're too proud and stubborn and set in our ways.  So I'm going to do this for him, despite being uncomfortable about it, because I'm a bro.  And bros do things for bros.  Even when it isnt a safe or smart thing to do.  Tag-Rock throwing in the part, asked my friends?  SURE I replied!

So if anyone wants to offer Jed any help by donating a few dollars to help him out with his car troubles, that would be beyond amazing.  You can either click the button here or any of the donate options on the youtube page or twitch channel.  I'm sure he'll personally thank anyone who donates, after I get a little bit of an earful from his prideful loud outside voice for doing this.  I'll be hearing it any way since I'll be tossing him my share of the patreon money for the next couple months or so to help him out since I'm not working currently and thats the best I can manage.  But yeah, thanks for any support with this.  And bless your little pretty faces.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good and Bad

So this week has been productive.   Finally had a job interview in a branch of the government that I've been trying to get to for years.  Thankfully I had a little help in getting it since I have a friend that works there and is in the recruiting section also.  Funny thing about Australia, or maybe everywhere I guess as I expect people dont like saying it, the government sector here is heavily biased towards women.  People like to scoff when I say this but any time I tell them to go to an office and start counting the employees to see the male to female ratio, they refuse.  Probably because they dont like reality  going against what they believe.

Any way, before I went in I asked her on the phone how many guys are in her section, just for fun.  She said 0.  That actually surprised me since I was expecting 2-4 out of a couple dozen.  But yeah, 0.  So I get there and around the buildings outside I just see women.  People walking out of the buildings, women.  People getting out of cars, women.  Not going to lie, I felt a little weird.  Like I'd just stumbled into an amazonian settlement.  She left me inside and it was her and 2 other women interviewing me.  She didnt ask any questions thankfully and I'm guessing she told her boss and the other lady she wouldnt because it would just get way too awkward.  Everything went fine and out the door I went.   Now heres the super funny bit.  As I step out the door of the building someone calls to me.  Its a man.  It also happens to be a friend I hadnt seen in over 15 years.  So that pretty much floored me.

So by next friday I should find out whether I'll be working in an office thats completely filled with women.  Not gonna lie, my biggest fear will be if multiple girls have synchronized PMS days.  Pray for me...

Also I cut myself earlier when shaving.  Just a small cut.  But this cut is the douche of all cuts.  It just WONT stop bleeding.  I pressed a tissue to it for a while, nothing.  Did that dodgy cut a little piece of tissue and stick it to it, pulled it off after 20min, still bleeding.  So I firmly pressed a tissue to my face for an hour.  The area went numb.  The bleeding has finally stopped.  Will do my best not to make any suddeny facial motions till tomorrow.  Luckily I'll be going to sleep soon so I should be good.  Wont shave tomorrow to allow it to heal a bit more.  Maybe I'll leave it for a couple days.  Stupid thing!  I should laser my face so I never have to shave again.  Again, pray for me.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Somethings trolling me

So the other day my car wouldnt start.  Thats right, my new car that I replaced my old dysfunctional car which wouldnt stay on.  It was doing the classic sound of the battery being flat.  But when I tried to jump start it with the usual ways nothing would work.  Even my dad, who thought I was doing it wrong, lined up the jumper leads and still the car wouldnt start.   Called in a towing guy who was 2 hours late because some retard decided to smash themselves in peak hour traffic, gave them $100 to take it and away he went.

So the people call me back and tell me....that the battery was flat and they jump started it first try.  How the fuck.  How the actual fuck!  Between my dad and myself we've owned half a dozen cars over the past 40 years.  Jump starting a car is childs play.  But oh no.  The god of cars has his eye on me, and hes being an absolute douche.  I should probably make a nickname for him since hes been stalking me for the past year.  But I cant think up anything better than cuntface.

Also a bunch of videos ont he Last Weeks Special channel that I cant be bothered linking to because I just cant.  And feel free to watch my Oneechanbara twitch stream on the LWS twitter channel since its archived there for now.  Swords and boobs, cant go wrong.

Friday, April 8, 2016

What its like to get slapped twice in one day by God

Its a real bitch!  But I didnt need to tell you that I'm sure.  The other day I came across something that I never expected to see.  A figure designed from one of my all time favourite manga/anime series from the mid 80s.  Kimagure Orange Road.  I absolutely adore this series and no matter how many years pass I still have tears of joy streaming down my face whenever I listen to the music.  Proper tears!  I fucking love this series so much.  So how floored was I when I saw THIS?!

Out of the blue BAM!  Madoka figure!  And the bikini is even a design from the series too.  Right now I'm in the negatives when it comes to money.  Like, really shouldnt be spending money on anything.  But this is a special rare time where I will absolutely smash myself more into debt because my soul will be crushed if I cant have this.  So with this knowledge I clicked BUY and then yelled at the sky!  FUCK YOU GOD!  IM GETTING IT!

And then I heard a laugh.  A mighty laugh as I stumbled across this....

Two?  TWO?!?!!  A mid 80s show suddenly gets TWO for no reason!  And thats when I realized that laugh was god.  He knew I wouldnt pass up the first one, but decided no, I'm going to break him.  And then there were two.  Even I know my limits.  I definitely can not afford this right now.   I have been beaten.  Thankfully this one doesnt come out till september, supposedly, so hopefully it wont sell out before I can get the money together for it like the first one, which is sold out almost everywhere and not out till the end of the month.  A little surprised they went with 2 bikini's and not something different.  I tell you if they release the 3 characters together I'm going to go absolutely mental and probably kill someone for money.

I wasted some time on youtube listening to the intros again since my dvds are stored away and I'm too lazy to get them.  And I remembered a few years ago they released a higher quality DVD set of it.  I wanted to know if they went a step further and did a bluray conversion so my future self could get this and whore through it again for a 4th time.  But no.  There are no blurays.  So I messaged Animeigo about it since they've recently done some bluray conversions of a few 80s anime and thats when the second slap smashed my face.

So I'm off to cry in the corner of a random room.

Broforce part 4

So funny story.  This has a broken bit in the middle where nothing happens.  And its not possible to fix it.  It just isnt.   I've tried.  I dont know.  So yeah, its easy to just skip passed the broken bit.  Not missing anything since thats where its meant to cut.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

It has been replaced

So back in june of last year my car was giving me problems with turning off for no reason and no place could figure it out.  I decided that was it, no more using the piece of shit and just focus on finding a job to buy a new one.   So for the last 7months or whatever I havent had a car or been driving anything.  To be totally honest I enjoyed it because I loathe driving.  So many crazies on the road who really shouldnt have a license.  However it was starting to impact other people, namely my parents.

I do many things for them, and some of them are errands for my mum and taking her to places since she never had the courage to learn to drive.  And with dad having some eye problems over the past half year (nothing serious, getting better), he hasnt been driving too much either.  They kept hassling me to let them buy me a car.  I kept refusing.  My mum is just a housewife and my dad retired last year, so its not like they're swimming in money to just throw towards a car when I'm not working either.  So I held off for 6-7months or whatever.  Last month I finally caved and with immense disgust in myself allowed them to buy one of my choosing.

A 2014 Nissan Pulsar ST.  Its not brand new, but considering its only a year and a half old and only done 45,000km, it was pretty good.  Also saved us 5grand off the price of a new one.  It might not be much considering, but when 10k was the limit we originally wanted to spend, 15k is a huge jump.  But the rest of the cars just didnt have what I was after in terms of reliability, handling, and transmission.  It was either this or a 2012 Corolla, which is a great car also.  But the gear shifting mechanism they used is just really weird for me.

Seriously look at that.  I already know I'll screw it up at some stage and shift one too far up or down and the car will do what I'm not expecting.  I know the limits of my brain when it comes to adapting.  This is one challenge it would fail.  I did a test drive anyway to see what it felt like.  Definitely not for me.  Although the car itself felt great.  Some other cars were fairly crap.  The Mazda M3 was pretty excellent too.

Anyway, the funny thing about this car is that its a pulsar, had 45k on the distance travelled, and was $15k.  My previous car was a pulsar, had 45k distance travelled, and cost $15k.  So I guess sentimentality gave it the extra points.  I'm definitely happy with how it feels and performs, and my parents are happy I can finally drive around again and not stay at home 99% of the time.  Mums delirious with joy since I can once again do her errands.

But when you get down to it, unlike the previous car which I paid for myself, this car was paid by my parents.  In my mind it isnt my car.  And it wont be till I pay the back.  Hopefully I can find a job soon.  Got a few things planned in a couple weeks which hopefully pan out and stuff.  As for now, the constant irritation of not having paid for this thing will be hammering my brain until I can rectify it.  My pride has taken a massive battering.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Haunted Forest Part 4! Plus 7 Hours Later 1

Super slack, forgot to put the haunted forest one here.  So I'll just put both together.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The new channel is ready!

And here it is!  After much slackness from all of us, finally ready to give out the details.  We spent forever deciding on names and getting no where.  In the end we went with this since its a little bit of a joke in regards to us being yesterdays news.  We dont have any channel art or image because we cant create that stuff and really not too sure what to do either way, so we've decided to leave that for future us to bother with.  We've opened a patreon page too and hope some of you would like to help us out with things.  I'm not sure what else I can say aside from we're pretty happy to finally get this done.  In the future we'll be doing twitch streams and other stuff etcetcetc.

So heres the little video I made for fun with the link to the new channel and a bonus video in the description for it!  We hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Universe, you Suck. But I love you anyway.

A few months ago my brain did something that caused my much grief.  I've been slowly building up my Aliens stuff so I can make the awesome aliens display I'd always wanted since I was a kid.  NECA has been releasing some cool stuff and I've been collecting specific items from their alien range.

But a few months back my brain said to me, Hey dont you think it would be cool to have those cannisters from Aliens with the facehuggers in them?  And I said Brain, thats a cool idea.  You suck for giving me this idea.

So I've been scouring the net trying to find stuff that would let me build my custom cannisters.  I needed this.  And then later my brain said Hey, you should totally put a light in it that you can switch on and off, that'll look cool..  And I said Fuck you brain OMG.  So after a month or so of searching, I found multiple parts I figured would be good enough to try and make these.  I ordered them, spent a $100 or so on this stuff, something I really cant afford right now but when it comes to Aliens my logic goes out the window.  I need to have this done.

So that was 2 weeks ago.  All ordered and sent.  I expect to receive them probably next week.  But I came across this news item from NECA showing some new items they're releasing.  And guess what.  Yep.  Fuck you too.

The one thing no company has ever made EVER, and they suddenly announce the cannisters 1 week after I order my stuff.  And it even has a light.  I mean how does everything line up like that?  Out of nowhere.  Something you never expected to be made, BOOM, there it is.  So I'm pissed I wasted money on the other stuff, but I'm also happy that these are being made now.  Sadly I'll need to save up some more money to get them.  My display needs this.  I'll see if I can salvage the other materials into something useful.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ethan Carter part 9 final

I actually finished uploading a full game.  Been a while since I did that and didnt lose interest in editing the full thing.  10 points to me!  Brilliant game also.

Friday, February 12, 2016

The good, the bad, and the painful

This weeks been fairly blahblahblah.  I finally gave in to my parents incessant nagging to go look for a new car to replace my broken one with.  I dont want them paying for it because it'll bug me forever.  My last car I paid for.  If I dont pay for it then its not mine.  But whatever, I'll pay them back after I find a job.  So went around for a couple hours to a few places.

Saw some decent stuff, saw some horrid stuff, and saw some stupid designs that current cars seem to love doing with some brands.  The front is more sloped down, because of a european design choice.  So when I got into a couple cars I was interested in, I looked forward and couldnt see the front of the car, just the first bit of the bonnet before nothing.  How the hell do you judge your parking like this!  I cant do it.  I know in the first 30seconds of testing a car whether I'll possibly damage it at some stage.  My previous 2 cars, thats all I spent in them during the test before I was happy.  Over 20 years driving, not 1 accident.  And there were a few moments I still cant believe I avoided.  If you're confident in your car, you're confident in your driving skills.  In these ones, no.  I'll smash into something for sure.  So my choices are more limited in what to find.

That day it was particularly hotter then usual.  Its stupid hot here but the sun was even more painful.  I've also got super pale skin.  I hate the sun and the sun hates me.  Its a mutual thing.  And I'm pleased to say the bastard gave me sun burn, so my hatred for it is justified.  I wasnt even in the sun that long.  You can see a perfect separation on my skin where its white and then red.  The side of my neck somehow managed to get the worst of it.  I really dont like this.  To my skins credit I'm surprised it didnt blister.  Thats what happened last time I got sun burnt.  Who knows maybe its a little slow since this is only the next day right now.  Tomorrow it might be a little worse.  Fuck you sun.

My other joyous part that keeps me from crying from pain because of my skin is that I FINALLY completed 1 piece of my collection!  I've been after a Harley Quinn statue for YEARS.  One where shes in her classic outfit.  But I've never liked any enough to buy them.  Quite a few have been released but they werent for me.  So I've waited and waited and omg waited and finally one came!  I grabbed it instantly!

The pictures dont do the figure justice.  The colours are super vibrant, more then I've seen many statues and figures have.  I'm super happy I have it.  Shes now placed next to my Batman.  I still havent found a superman statue I'm happy with so thats an empty part still.  Will admit I'd love the blue energy version of him.  Maybe one day.  I also still need a Huntress statue.  Love the character, but she doesnt get enough love despite being in plenty of comics and even in some of the tv shows.  One day.  Those are my main ones.  There are some amazing ones of other characters, but I have to be selective because of A) Space, B) Money.  Now if I had plenty of money and my own place, one room would just be filled with statues and figures.  One can dream...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Trash talking clip

Originally I'd recorded a bunch of games to make a compilation clip with, but there werent enough good bits to bother.  What I did notice was the amount of juvenile trash talk me and Jed throw at each other.  So I thought hey why the hell not.  Let people see how close we resemble 12 year olds while playing random online games.  The original video for the clips were horribly screwed because of 'reasons', so I overlapped random video from the same games.  So dont worry about things being out of sync.  Thats normal.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Ethan Cater part 4

Absolutely forgot I was meant to be uploading this and got distracted.  That happens often for me.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ethan Carter Part 4

Its a little frustrating I couldnt get the characters voices to sound louder than the music, no matter what settings I chose.  Probably bugged.  Thank cthulhu for subtitles.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ethan Carter part 3

I wish youtube wouldnt screw my videos with its weird smeary compression.  At least it looks fine when its not full screen.  Wish I knew how other channels managed to get their clips to not look crap.  Maybe it hates fraps.  I'll have to experiment with something else.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Help for Anna

All the info is in the video and in the below links.  Thanks again to anyone that helps out.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Vanishing of Ethan Carter Part 1

The game for some reason would only let me play in 16:10 res instead of 16:9 so thats why theres borders on the edge.  I also dont know why youtube makes the grass all smeary in it.  I've uploaded like 7 different compression styles and all were as worse or more so.  Oh well.  Thats the extent of my suffering!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My useless goalkeeper

Wasnt planning on making this public.  Did the clip for a few friends whoa re playing the game.  In the end figured oh who cares and made it public anyway.

Friday, January 1, 2016

We're Back

So its been a loooong 5+ years but I guess its back to square 1.  We've all decided to game together again and have been for some months now.  After all, we didnt want to start uploading videos if we werent sure we could all play together again.  But its been going just fine.  We're still equally as lazy as we used to be and dont game all the time.  Something we hope to change soon.

So this is the clip we set up for fun, created by my good friend Tobeh.  A genius with SFM.  My efforts with the program could be described as laughable at best.  Even borderline insulting.  So what happens now?  Well we've decided to open up a new youtube channel to make a fresh start.  We'll be uploading all our group gaming clips onto this new channel and leaving our current channels for more personal stuff or single playthrough things.  Austins had his channel open for a long time now and I didnt want to shift in with what hes set up or screw with his income over there.  The other reason is I found out recently that youtube is USELESS and BROKEN and many people who are subscribed to our channels dont get updates when we upload stuff.  Youtubes way of fixing this, unsubscribe and resubscribe again.  They broke something during the whole google integrate/remove thing.  So like 80% of our subs dont see anything.  Though I'm sure theres no problem with the HUGE channels, cause bloody favouritism.

The plan for this new channel is whatever small amount we make from it we'll put aside and buy group pack games for the new channel.  It's easier that way.  So if you want to donate its probably best to wait a little.  Why wait?  Because as embarrassing as it is to admit, we still havent really figured out what to call the new channel.   We have a few ideas but nothings grabbing us too much.  Feel free to suggest some if you like.  Maybe something mentioned will make us think of something or just take that suggestion.  One thing we did decide early on though was to not go with Kilplix And Friends.  While that would be a logical choice, we just didnt want our names/aliases to be in the title.

So what are we thinking of doing from here on out..  Group videos for one.  Most likely some streaming too.  And we do hope to set up some stuff to play with people who watch our videos.  But that last bit has no details at the moment.  I guess you could say we'll see how the new channel goes.  I'm completely clueless about this sort of stuff but Austins been doing it for a while now so we'll go with his lead on certain things.  Aside from that stuff I dont know.  We'll just play it by ear.  At the very least there will be videos.  We're thinking of having the new channel up by at least the end of january.  We just want to get the holiday period out of the way and sort out a few other stuff.

In the meantime just check our blogs every now and then for info on when the new channel will be up.  And if you're excited about this, thanks!  It means a lot to us.

And a late Merry Christmas and happy new year!