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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Second borderlands clip

Throwing a few of these up.  I've noticed I've got quite a few so I plan to edit them mmore as I go and remove long pointless battles and lots of roaming or inventory screens.  Beginning is just to show off parts of crap.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Borderlands 2

So I've been messing with Borderlands 2 lately.  Usually I wait a few months or so before I grab a new release game unless its specifically something I've wanted horribly bad.  Borderlands 2 doesnt fit this criteria but since its mostly co-op I figured I should play it now before all my friends power through it and I dont get to.  I didnt like the first game at all.  Found it horribly boring and didnt play it for long.  2 is 10 times better for sure.  Although to me so far it seems just average.  I'm sure most people will love it though.  So I'm uploading my playthrough.  Friend with me Royce, he's been in a few L4D clips and is also the guy who owns all the toys and xboxs from my toy videos.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Worms Reloaded video

Worms is one of many games Jed and myself play for fun if we feel like doing something light and fun and not too long.  Sara usually plays with us too.  Cody would play if the clown sorted out his pc problems and saved enough to afford a new one.  If I'm ever within arms reach of him I'm gonna slap the boy!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh fuck the universe!!!

I've always had this thing about wanting to one day visit Disney Land and ride the teacups.  Its like one of the things I want to do before I die, ride those damn teacups.  As a kid I always thought they spin and floated on top of a small lake because all the BRIEF videos I saw of it had the sky reflecting off the smooth surface of the ground that they spun on so it was always blue.  I'm not joking, I only found out a couple months ago that they do NOT spin on water.  The small child in me railed.  I'm still going to ride them.  Multiple times.  I also want to visit the castle.  I wish it was a full sized one but still, I want to see it in person so bad.

How delicious is that?  All of you that are a drives length away have no idea how lucky you are.  My friend came back in july after his american trip and he went there for the first time and said it was beyond magical.  And then I found this...

A FULL SIZED CINDERELLA REPLICA CASTLE?!?!?!?!  OMG!  And this ones at Disney World.  Like...other side of the country I think. That was it.  I needed to know if you could stay in there or at the least visit it on a tour.  And I found the only way you can stay there is via special competitions that happen now and then.  I also read that some fucking celebrities can just waltz in and stay no problem.  Fuck you disney.

The description of what you get for the full day if you win is beyond amazing.  Stay in 17th styled bedrooms, have dinner with Cinderella at a huge table, be escorted around the private grounds, just heaps of crap.  And I died a little inside knowing I'd never be able to experience this.  Heres a couple links if you're interested in what goes on during it.  First one is a short description of what you win.  The second link is by a lady who won it and described her entire experience.  My envy of her is beyond painful.

So I'm just going to cry in the corner and hope one day I reach those teacups.  And I'm positive that once I sit in them for the first time I'll magically transform back into that 7 year old who always wanted to ride them.  And the surface they spin on?  In my imagination it WILL be a lake.  You can count on that.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Battlefield clip

This is me being retarded!  My own style of play in Battlefield games is to just run and gun.  I dont care if I die because I get straight back up again.   This never leads me to any decent scores, but its the best way for me to enjoy myself and thats what matters.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Aaarrr me harties!!!

Last couple days have been fairly entertaining for me.  Beginning of the year my left eyelid flaired up to like three times the size, like I'd been punched in the face.  It went down after a week and I was left with a little bump in it.  I later was informed this was a cyst.  Its something that can happen when the pores around your eyelids are blocked and oil etc builds up and cant be released.  Fairly common.  Though I'd love to know how it even happened. 

I recall my sister getting this a few years back.  She was practically in tears when it flared up and hassled me to take her to the hospital at like 3am.  So when I got it I wasnt surprised to find out it only hurt for a few hours and then I was ok.  Mind you my pain tolerance is pretty high.  She told me if it doesnt go away and I have to get it fixed at the hospital that its horribly horribly painful.  Again I ignored that.

So I finally went on A couple days ago.  They decided it was best to cut it open and clean it out since it had been with me for like 4months now.  So I get on the bed/chair thing and they lay me down.  First they stick an injection into my eyelid.  I'm all like ok.  Then the guy puts some sort of clamp on my eyelid so he can pull  it up.  The way they do it is cut from UNDER the eyelid.  This is to avoid scarring and something else to do with something order other, ie I stopped paying attention since it didnt matter.  So now my eyelid is up and they do a second injection.  So I'm lying there all nice and numb by now wondering when he plans to cut my skin open with a scalpel.  I then realize hes already working at cleaning out the problem area.  He'd already cut it and I didnt even notice.   When he finished they washed the eye out then gave me a huge patch.  I asked for one in black which got a couple of the doctors and the nurse to laugh some.  Heres me with my sexy eye patch.

I had to wear this bastard of a thing for the entire day and remove it the next day.  Its a bit annoying doing stuff with one eye when you're not used to it.  I also drove home from the hospital.  The doctor expressly asked me not to.  But I know my limits and that was completely within them.  I dont do anything if I'm even slightly unsure.  I'm an awesome driver.

The entire day I was waiting for the pain to kick in after the eyelid lost its numbness.  It never really came.  There was a point where it stung a little for a short period of time so I guess that was it.  Come next day I removed it happily.  Doctor said I could expect some swelling.

I'm also expected to put this shitty cream into my eye like 4 times a day for the next 5 days.  I hate it.  The stuff is totally resistant to water.  So if I get any on my fingers I have to wipe at it with paper or something for a while.  Well the second day is finally over.  4 days left of this rubbish.  It still isnt hurting.  But it does feel annoyingly uncomfortable.  I look forward to the doctors bill now.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Its my new toy!

So the other day I went out and I bought a new hairdryer since my old one died.  I stuck with the same brand and grabbed myself a Remington Pro 5000.  I mean how can you ignore something that has 5000 in its name?  You cant.  ITS IMPOSSIBLE!

Its pretty much the newest version of the line that mine was in.  Since it was 1500, I figure 5000 has a bigger advancement.  And yeah, its really very different to it.  Heres a picture.


Clearly the colour is different.  Those 3 extras came in the box so I was like ok, I dont really need them and a friend expressed interest in the circular brush so I'll be handing that one to her.  The price was a little higher then I planned on paying, but I half expected that as the cheaper ones were just shitty.  So this version firstly is far heavier.  I'll have to get used to holding it.  It has a filter at the back part that you can remove to clean which is pretty cool.  Also the material its made of its pretty freaky.  Its very smooth but not plastic or rubber, a sort of strange mix of the two.  I dont know the term.  But its extremely smooth and grippy too, but the coolest thing is it doesnt get hot after use.  I mean how often can you touch the nozzle of a hairdryer after using it where it DOESNT burn you?  Like never.  This one though theres no heat at all.  Pretty awesome.

The heat has 3 settings.  This is the part thats sort of annoying.   Lowest heat has like zero use for me.  Medium is a little hot.  You sort of have to hold it there for a while before you start to feel it.  The third heat setting is obscene.  Cant stop moving or it'll start burning.  Would of been good if medium was low and there was a medium in between these two.  I just need to hold it at a specific distance.  Need to get used to it.  The power though is strong, double strength of my previous one.  So over all I'm pretty happy.  Feels VERY sturdy.  Lady at the store loved it too.  So yeah, thats my new toy.  May it last another 15+ years like the previous one.  Otherwise it has a 5 year warranty WOOT!

Friday, September 7, 2012

War of the Roses clip

So this is the beta as its not out till next month, but its pretty fun.  Obviously the start is a little slow gameplay wise since I need to get more XP to make myself better.  One thing that annoys me, the text in the video is blurry unless its at 1080p setting.  Why is 720p too low for it?  Stupid clip!  Lots of fun though.  Would be awesome with another friend on so you could tag team.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Toy theatre clip

So my friend bought a few pony toys because he has become a Bronie, and hes been heckling me into making a toy clip with them.  I really had no idea what to do, so I decided to just do a complete opposite of what they are.  And I enjoyed myself.  Enjoy my crap!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saddest day ever

Today I would like to take a few minutes and tell you about a friend of mine that passed away today.  My friends name is the Remington PRO1500XL and it has been my trusty hairdryer for the past 15 or so years, probably longer.  It has traveled to about 8 cities and 3 countries with me over the years and has never let me down.  And today it finally lay down and died.  Fucking switch broke!  Gave me a nice burning smell too.  So tomorrow I have to go buy a new one.  Thankfully I cut my hair last week so its short and doesnt really need one of these at the moment.  But I will take a look and see what they have.

I also finally saw Batman 3 yesterday.  Not too bad.  I preferred Dark Knight, which is my favourite, and Batman Begins just a little under it.  Third one was good, but I felt it needed to do a few things differently.   No surprise, Banes voice was hard to understand half the time thanks to my cinemas bullshit speakers that people seem to enjoy here.  And of course the shit screen.  I'd watched the previous 2 just before going so I could be fresh with the full story since they're all tied together, and seeing the scene at the start of the third film which was at the ending of the second one, made the picture quality really jump out at me.  Bluray vs fucking SD on a large screen.  Plus I recall not being able to understand Batman in most of the second film.  At least my sound system was worth the money.  I understood every word.  Thats what you get for not having enough clarity you bullshit organization.  And then you dare to charge us $18.  Good thing I found out my phone provider has $10 tickets for their members.  Score!

Also, my sadness..  Goodbye old friend  :(