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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trip to the cinema

So today I went to check out X-Men Days of Future Past with my friend Royce.   You'll recall hes the one who owns the billions of toys that show up in some of my toy clips.  So imagine our surprise when we got there and were greeted with this!

Absolutely EMPTY in the cinema section we went into.  Thats Royce at the top.  It was fairly dark and my iphone is no panasonic so I've done my best here.  We went in the afternoon when its quiet.  Sidestep majority of the annoying kids and douches and stuff.  So we thought excellent, now we'll be able to chat normally during the movie for fun.  A little while later in walks 2 people and sit themselves a couple rows in front of us.  Saddened by this we slouched in our chairs and mumbled.  A few minutes later another guy comes in and goes a couple rows behind us.  That was about it.

The intro credits begin and everything goes dark!  Once the credits are over I notice this strange sound.  It takes a little but I realize its someone snoring.  The guy behind us had fallen asleep..  Like INSTANT sleep.  His snoring wasnt loud, but it was audible.  And it was hard not to laugh about it.  This went through the entire film with slight empty periods where there was no snoring.  Probably rolling slightly in his chair.  But it was a pretty solid attempt at snoring through the entire film.  And then we finally come to the end credits.  BOOM!  This legend suddenly stands up and makes a bee line straight for the exit!  Like a man possessed!  I found that pretty impressive.  Intro credits, zzzzzzz, end credits BOLT.   Best money hes ever fucking spent.

As for the actual movie, yeah I enjoyed it.  X-Men 2 was better though.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

RIP H.R. Giger

A few days ago the guy who created the amazing look of the Alien creature died.  Some sort of accidental fall, not much info.  He was 74.  I've been a huge fan of his art for years, though mainly because of Alien.  For those who dont know the details of how that actually happened, him creating the look, it was Dan O'Bannon who wrote the story for Alien.  When they decided it would be turned into a movie they looked all over the place for an artist to create what it would look like.  They had some failed ideas and stuff, but later came upon a design by Giger.

So they asked him to change the design some, maybe remove some of the penis bits and stuff, and he did some drafts till they finally came to the final look.  The eggs as well he designed and were also changed some too. It didnt open up in 4 folds originally but 2, making it look like a giant vagina.   The facehugger is also pretty amusing as it still looks like a vagina underneath.  In fact if you pay attention throughout the whole film you'll find more penises and vagina designs in the monsters, the alien ships and doorways etc.  Its one big giant porno lol.

It's no surprise the Alien was voted the most scariest horror monster ever created in a movie.    The only thing that could scare me as an 8 year old.  That and the Dark Crystal film.  Otherwise nothing made me budge.  Thats whats wrong with todays kids.  They watch all these 3D animated cartoons and little else.  Put something slightly scary and they wet themselves.  The Neverending Story?  Good fucking chance getting most kids to sit through that without them running off crying.  All I want to do is get the kids my mum babysits, lock them in a room, and put Alien on.  The boy is 10, he should be able to handle it.  But nope!  I'd be arrested instead of treated like a hero.  Useless generation!

I always have trouble picking which movie I love the most, Alien or Aliens.  I do know they're both my top 2 favourite films ever.  And the Alien creature from the first film is my favourite of all the designs.  Thanks O'Bannon and Giger for making my childhood so entertaining.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Amazing underwater cities

I saw this page the other day and was absolutely amazed.  I mean I knew there were some down there.  Everyone does.  But these ones are the special kind.  I dont want to mention any here since its way cooler to see the picture and read up a little for each one.  Theres only 5 listed here.  Totally need to check out if theres any documentaries to watch about them.

Monday, May 12, 2014

WEMB/GFY format is awesome

Jed decided to show me something useful for once.  Its a pretty cool new format that lets you convert video clips into animated gif files.  This new HTML5 version is so much better than a normal animated gif.  The link below shows an example of a retard kid being mauled by a cat, deservedly so, but you'll notice one is over 4mb in size and the other is over 200kb in size.  Very very cool.  You can also embed them and they act like a video with pause and rewind etc.  Even have sound too.  Theres a little drop down red arrow on the right image that gives you options.  This sort of thing will be awesome for blogs.  Now you can put up little clips you didnt want on youtube and they'll load straight away instead of slow and shit like youtube does sometimes.

And heres one with sound

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fixing things

When somethings broken you fix it.  Or you get someone else to fix it if you dont know how to.  My friend Royce's aircondition has been leaking inside the room instead of outside.  Why?  I say aliens.  But thats not whats important here..  Whats important is what he decided to do about it.   And I believe we can all learn something from this.  I walked into his room and was greeted with this.  Surely it deserves some kind of award.  If he's lucky the insides that live in it wont take offence.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Portal 2 fan map Parkour part 1

This was pretty tricky to finish!  At one stage we thought we'd never actually manage it.

Friday, May 2, 2014

War Thunder highlights 4

Some clips of Jed being the worst team mate in the wooorrrrrrrlllllllddddddd!!!!!