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Monday, February 28, 2011

And here it is!

For a few weeks now Con and myself have been throwing around ideas on something fun to do. But since Con STILL refuses to let me have his hairdryer, he came up with a story instead. I wont lie to you guys. Updates could be a little slow. Like one a week. We are dedicated though to the project and will try to get as many of them out as we can. With that said here is the first comic! Story is barfed by Con. Art is ingested by me...not sure what that means.

Click the link below the preview to view the image in full size.

Curry cakes

Works a lot less stressful for me since I started not giving a shit about it and working at my own pace. But still, its kinda annoying. But today was the first time in WEEKS where it didnt rain once all day. Fucking miracle.

So with my new poll on the side I've noticed a few of you arent happy with either the 'current' layout, which isnt completely final, or possibly the change to the site over all. This is good as I really would like to hear some solid feedback and suggestions. I changed the font today, looks a bit better then before. Made the background to the text a little darker. I will be changing part of the background later as well as the blogs name to an art piece, but thats a little later. For now I want the middle stuff to get nice. I did make a test blog that I've been screwing around with to see what works and what doesnt, and how to change something without breaking everything else. Althuogh its a bit of FAIL because the settings seem to be a little different. Fuck knows why.

Anyway, if anyone wants to give me their ideas about what they dont like, what can actually be changed to maybe look better, or even show me an example with a test blog you created, that would be cool. Jed and myself will take on the ideas and maybe merge them with some of our own, see how what looks with whatever. You can either shove your ideas up here, or if you're a little shy of your ideas, although you shouldnt be since everyone can then comment on each others ideas, just send me a pm over on my youtube page.

Down the track we'll be asking for your ideas on some things we're doing. You could call it being a part of how things evolve here. I mean whats the point of a blog if people dont like it? The more things people like on here the better. And once we shove our comic up that we've both been working on, which you'll see in the next couple days, we'll even take situational ideas for it from you. And ofcourse if you find the comic entertaining enough to draw your own art from the characters or your own strips, that will be pretty epic too and we'll even post some up. Wait a few strips so you can get the feel of the characters and setting though before you start creating things. Although if you want to put the characters we've created into the future with lightsabers, then super duper too. However, I'd like a simple rule followed... if you draw the two characters kissing I will send Austin to your house to scream in your ear while you sleep.

- Con "I could be your father"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Phoenix Rises

So, finally its done. After weeks of planning its here. FIST BUMP! The new blog isnt just me anymore. Its Jed and myself both posting. So now you'll get to read stuff from the both of us which should be entertaining in some way. We've also got plans to do special things, like for example pod casts, gameplay videos, and also a comic strip we're both working on for your entertainment. The only problem as you all know is we both work, so we only get to see each other properly on weekends. Planning and creating stuff will sometimes take a while, but we'll do our best because we actually find this pretty fun to work on. We'll be adding more little touches to the blogs layout, but for now we just wanted to slap it up with the base settings. Hope you enjoy it.

I'll have to ask you all if theres something you dont like about the layout that you think could look better etc just say the word and we'll consider it. And below are Jeds first words.


I would like to point out that I wouldn't even be on here if it wasn't for the fact I woke up next to a severed kangaroo head. Con is a master negotiator. Still a blog would be something fun to do on the side. A chance for me to share my great stories from work, stories about this little rain cloud that follows my electronics around, contribute to podcasts, games, and some other 3rd thing maybe.

Con: "you must make it longer. The people will be frothing for more!"

Ah! Well. *rubs chin* Have I ever told you guys about the time I got these scars on my arm? Well I had just finished building a P.E.G to help solve the world energy crisis. I was applying the sold gold signatures when suddenly I hear the screams of children roaring by me. GASP! Its a bus full of orphans and its heading right for the GRAND CAYON (not GRAND CANYON)! Acting quickly I change into my costumer service avenger armor. With a mad dash I sprint to the speeding bus! Destroying the tires would be no good so I made a epic leap to the top of the vehicle. PUNCH! PUNCH! I break my way in from the top. Fear not little children. I will stop this bus of DEATH. I take a strong hold of the wheel and pull as hard as I can to the right. ..........

God damnit

So I think I realize why my new video card isnt working.  The cables I'm using arent supplying it enough power.  And for some reason the cables I need that SHOULD of come with my power supply that I SWEAR I stored somewhere, are pretty much MIA.  So now I need to contact Thermaltake and have them send me some new ones.  God knows how long this will take.  And if they somehow send me the wrong ones well I'll just spit.  Oh well, going to be a while till I get this working.  Pretty shitty.

On a lighter note I've decided tomorrow I will be changing my blogs layout, so dont freak out if you log in and suddenly it looks completely different with a different title.  Its still the same place but acquiring new cool stuff.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Some things might come slowly, but thats because I work, but I'll try to do at least 1 cool thing each week.  I'll tell you about the things tomorrow with the change.  The full layout wont be up tomorrow, as I am planning on making a slightly better background and a title picture.  But for now it'll be the stock standard new version.  You'll all also get a chance to give me feedback with what you'd like to see with relation to the new features.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocked the place

Today was fairly entertaining.  Work was busy as hell but most of the guys there seemed to try talking to me more often then usual.  Dunno if everyone was in just an overly friendly mood, the fact that it was a friday and the week was finally over, or they sensed I was making plans to find a job elsewhere.  Either way was good.   Today was also Bowling night that work had organised.  A bunch of us rocked up and we just screwed around.  Seriously, pregnant woman bowling.  Thats how we rock.

Its been yeeeaaaaaaars since I'd gone bowling so I was super out of practice.  Still, I almost made 200 during our second game so that was good enough for me.  They had a bunch of songs playing over the speakers and it was freaky hearing all these songs that came out while I was in high school like songs from nirvana, rick astley, and a bunch of other dance songs.   Every time a song popped up I'd be like Hey I remember when this song came out.  And one of my co-workers girlfriends would be all like how fucking old are you?!.  Was lol.  Until she said Jesus you're only 5 years younger then my dad.  And my brain stopped right there.

Still its always awesome being able to just blend in as a guy in his 20s with the others.  I was on a roll with my 1 liners tonight too.  Had them all loling.  That was great. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long week

Thankfully its almost over.  Been trying to get a few things done.  Found an awesome place in the city near where I work that does some amazing curry dishes.  I go there every lunch now because finding a good curry place for me has been FAIL since the place near my place closed down about 10 years back.  Well, they reopened but the chef was different and I ignored it ever since.  So while I'm eating the curry and the spice makes my eyes tear up, its not tears from the spice, its tears of joy.

I'm not really partial to spice though.  Like say chilli etc.  I like it in moderation and with specific foods.  I dont like it all the time as it drowns out the flavour.  Lots of spice kills your taste buds.  I have a friend that only enjoys food if theres lots of spice on it, otherwise he says it doesnt have much taste to it.  Obviously.  Its because you've raped your tongue. 

I finally started getting in some stuff I ordered.  Specifically PC parts.  I needed to replace my very old and practically dead dvd drive so I thought I might as well get a bluray writer for the system.  They're pretty cheap these days and theres little point getting a dvd drive since this one will last me years.  Also finally got an extra 4gigs of ram for my pc.  I actually wasnt sure what to expect with performance, I just knew I needed more because my pc was struggling at times with too many apps loaded.  But yeah, 4gigs was borderline ok, but 8gigs WOW!  It really makes everything much much faster.  Like firefox for example, the memory devouring whore, would take like 20seconds or so to load up if I had 5+ tabs on it.  Now its up in like 5 seconds or so.  Games move a little better too, very evident and welcome.

My only problem so far is my video card I ordered.  I grabbed the sexy nvidia 560Ti because its cheap and will obliterate any game you send its way.  Problem is my monitor doesnt seem to start up when I have it connected.  Not sure if its about needing more power or whatever.  Grabbing a spare power cable from a friends later so I can use specific outputs on my power supply that hammer out juice.  Fingers crossed I get this working on the weekend.  Or I will literally fucking cry and have to think what I need to do to get it working.

I dont know if this weekend will be the time I put up the changes to this blog.  A few things are just taking forever to do because the other person I'm trying to do something with is hard to see since we both work a crapload.  Once its up it'll be different.  Just getting the damn thing going is the painful part.   Anyway heres something I ate during work.  Num nummy cone of creamy awesomeness.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ok thats a first..

So today was fairly entertaining.  Went to dinner with a couple friends to my fave place.  It was super busy and we ended up waiting about 40min to get a seat and then another 30min till we got our food.  Basically I dont know how the time was passed around, but we got there about 6:30pm and left 9:40pm.  It was unbelievably busy for some strange reason.  Never seen it that bad.   There was also a shitload of pretty girls all over the place.  Then I noticed they appeared to be at the most 20 year olds.  Maybe 21.  But I'm sure heaps of them were 18 or 19.  So that pretty much meant I had to decide in my head they were NOT pretty.  The skimpy tight clothing though was something I had trouble getting my brain to ignore.  Thats just fucking evil.

Anyway, we ate, and we ate like kings.  When we were leaving I got a sensation I'd never felt before.  While waiting in line to pay for our meal it was can I describe it..  Like a thick pressure was weighing down onto my head and pushing down on my whole body, and my lower half felt like the ground was moving.  It was totally bizarre and I really didnt like it.  If I had to try and describe it I guess it would be like a cross between being drunk on a boat with your feet glued to the floor so you dont stagger.  Except I didnt drink anything.  Thankfully it was gone when we got outside.  Dunno what it was and I hope never to experience that again.  I bet it was an alternate me in an alternate dimension who was standing in that same spot and causing a ripple.  Thats got to be it.  GOT TO BE!

So my friends been hassling me to go to Supernova in april.  Its a large movie/tv/comic/anime convention that happens once a year.  Last year we went to Armageddon which was pretty cool, but this is the largest one that happens in Australia.  I've been doing my best to ignore it because I'm trying ever so hard to save up to build an expansion to this house.   There are some guests going I'd love to meet.  Simon Pegg, Christopher Lloyd,  Chris Claremont, Robin Hobb, David Finch, and a couple others.  I'd just convinced myself I could live without meeting these people and getting their autographs.  Only JUST.  And now my friend goes and shows me the latest announced guest..  Eric Roberts.  Its like the convention is fucking with me.  I saw the name and it was like the website reached out and slapped me across the face with its penis and said WHAT NOW BITCH!  I dont think I can ignore this.  Huge fan of his since the 80s.  This doesnt change the fact that my money situation isnt changing.  And if I dont stay at my job after 2more months then that hits hard.  But its a one time only thing.  I doubt I'll ever get to meet him again after this.  I'll think on it for a couple more weeks and then make my plan.

Saw this linked on a friends website.  Made me lol

Friday, February 18, 2011

Its that wonderful day, friday!

So tired lol.  Tomorrow I'm sleeping in a crapload.  Today was fairly interesting.  I slacked off half of the day since I've half lost my drive to care.  While at it I had one of the big bosses come sit next to me out of the blue and asking me how I'm getting along with everything, am I enjoying it, do I see myself staying there, he's hearing lots of positive things about my performance and skills etcetcetc.  I just gave him vague answers since I'm not sure 100% whether I should leave or not.  But so far the job might just not be for me.  He's a cool guy though.  Almost everyone there is great.  That would be the only bad thing about not staying.

Today I finally got it.  What you ask?  I got my Masterpiece Hot Rod!!  Long time in the coming but I finally have it and its awesome.  Worst thing about these is pictures never do it justice.  Its pretty huge and lush.  But I took some pictures anyway so you could see.  Unfortunately its with my iphone4.  For some reason this thing only takes awesome photos when theres plenty of light, and it somethings up close.  My other camera seems to have developed a stupid issue where everything I take turns a strong shade of PURPLE. I'l have to send it off for repairs.  Luckily I bought a 5 year warranty when I got it, 2 years left on it I think.   And I didnt use my Lumix G2 yet because I'm still reading up on how to use it.  Like the other night I saw an owl and wanted to take a picture of it, but for some reason my G2 was not wanting to.  Not even with the flash enabled.  I dont really get it but something about the dark refused to let it take a picture.  Its in the settings somewhere I'm sure.  I bet it kept wanting to do long exposure.

I love this transformer.  My favourite autobot from the movie.  Just awesome.  Anyway, pics!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


So yesterday there was a talk saying we probably wont be working today and to read the emails just to be sure.  So 4pm, email says dont come in.  Boss then says dont come in unless we say in the email later.  10pm, email says dont come to work but will update in the morning.  So I wake up, 7pm, email pops in and says dont come to work, will update later.  So I'm like SCREW THIS and go to sleep again.  11am I'm woken up, Why arent you at work?  my phone says to me.  But mr phone, the emails all said dont come to work.  And my phone replies, I sent another email out saying to come in.  LIKE SORRY IF I DONT CAMP MY EMAIL!

So went in after lunch, did my bit, pondered quitting, then decided a few things that would make my life easier there.  I will be going along with these plans for the next month or so and then I'll consider my options then.  Also helped that today I got 3 people in a row who praised me for my nice help over the phone with their pc problems.  Even though 2 of them I didnt fix their issue and routed them to another section, one of them said they hope they get me the next time they put in a request for something.  So that was pretty cool.

So the cyclone died and left.  The weather people here left red faced because they had no fucking clue where the cyclone was even going.  They changed their predictions like 4 times.  And these people get paid some obscene amount.  Sickening.  On the way back from work I got to see some awesome trees that were ripped out of the ground.  Unfortunately I only had my iphone to take photos with.  The things great for close in shots, but for distance shots it really loses its quality.  Wish I had my awesome Panasonic Lumix G2 with me at the time.  Anyway heres a few pics-

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not impressed

So, even though there was a cyclone over our heads, work still made us come in because our jobs are just so damn important.  I mean they are.  We help keep all of the stupid governments computers running.  But considering what I'm getting paid and the amount of things I'm expected to do, especially driving in a FUCKING cyclone, I'm extremely unimpressed.  I'm pretty much thinking over whether I should find another job.  I'll stick it out till the end of the 3month probation period and then think about it then.  If I'm still unhappy I'm gone.  Its a shame because the guys there are all awesome.  But when you're not happy you're not happy, and I've got a tendency to fuck things off when I dont like it.

Thankfully it looks like the cyclone is moving away so HARRUH!  My house lives another year. Next door neighbours were a little unlucky though.  One of their trees broke and cut off their power.  We've got a huge extension cable going from our place to theirs to help them power their fridge till they get their problem fixed.

Heres a new video of me driving.  Thankfully I didnt die today like I feared.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thats how I feel today.  Seriously.  I'm so over idiots.  You try to help someone and in the end you come out looking like the villain.  Basically the last 3 days now I've been trying to see if I can fix this stupid cows issue on her pc.  Namely, pdf files were opening slow.  I already know its her crap pc not being good enough but what the hell, I'll do all the trouble shooting crap.  Stayed an extra hour after work yesterday too.  She seemed to appreciate that this morning but by the end of the day after I'd suffered too much crap from her I'd lost that appreciation.  Even my supervisors told me she'd been feeding me misinformation.  So yeah, in the end after all that shit she ended up thinking her email signature was gone despite it not being possible but she swears it ws then she hung up on me.  I hope she catches herpies.  Probably already has it.

Other then that delightful whore I did get a couple people who said I was easily the nicest tech help they've ever had.  So big props to me.  Doesnt mean the day was any less joyful.  BLEAH!  And I had to drive in this god damn storm thats going on right now.  Basically cyclone forming out further away, but for the time being we're getting smacked with 100km/h winds.  Non stop rain.  Its going to get stronger tomorrow.  I'm just hoping the cyclone keeps going on its merry way and doesnt start doubling back.  One good thing is tomorrow there might not be any work because of it.  Who knows.  I still have to wake up and call in to find out.

I finally decided to do some upgrading of my 3 and a half year old pc.  While its still running really good with most games at max, I'm looking down the road and thinking I want to be ready for whats around the corner.  Sure I could play games at medium detail happily.  I mean I happily play my consoles and their graphics are like medium detail compared.  But with the new video cards out theres no excuse.  So I ordered an MSI nvidia 560Ti card for around $320.  Its about $250US for my american friends.   And with regret, about 257 pounds for my friends in england.  I'm going to guess europe probably has it around 200euro.  But I'm just guessing here

If you look on the left side of the blog I've made a little widget with the video card in it plus a few other things if you're curious about it.  I'll be putting up more items of stuff I recommend there, whether it be random stuff or PC related hardware for future upgrading people might have.  I've found amazons prices are pretty good from majority of the online stores I've looked around through over the years.  So yeah, this card isnt the most expensive, but its not the most cheap.  Its a great mid range amount.  There are cheaper cards out there though that are really good like the geforce 460, which is powerful and probably $100 less.  But thats for another day.  I'm specifically choosing the 560 Ti because of the power and price point.  I could get an extra year easy out of this card then I would say the 460.  Maybe more.

You might notice a bluray drive in there.  I grabbed that too since my dvd drive pretty much shit its guts out and isnt working anymore.  I dont see the point of buying another dvd drive.  So I decided to go with something of quality and value.  Not sure what some of those lower scoring things in the comments for the amazon section are.  Pretty sure they're doing something wrong since all those problems they list arent problems at all.  And also the third thing I have listed is the Masterpiece Rodimus transformer.  I'll be leaving him in Hot Rod mode since he's my favourite autobot.  Starscream ofcourse being my favourite decepticon.  But yeah when I saw this masterpiece model I just lunged myself at it.  Wish the fucking postman would MOVE HIS ARSE and bring it.  Its been making its way for 10 days now.  Pathetic.

Ok I'll stop it there because I'm putting in too much and you're all most likely bored.  Heres a video I made with my iphone driving to and from work.  Excuse the shakiness.  First time I've really used it for recording.

Monday, February 14, 2011



I'll admit I called it.  While I had some truly happy people on the phone, I also had some bat shit stupid people.  I wont bother with the one lady I wanted to throw into a pool filled with razor blades.    And I still have to deal with her tomorrow.  OH WELL! 

At least my lunch was good.  Forgot to take a photo of it since I was wonderfully distracted during my lunch time trying to solve peoples problems.  Joyfulness.

Its raining at the moment.  Actually its been raining all day.  Its as if the world felt the combined sadness of all the single depressed people today and wept.  While I basically said stop moping!  Today is one of the days of the year that you're allowed to eat chocolate and cake without anyone telling you off for it.  Thats fucking happiness right there.  Eat the chocolate.  Become one with the chocolate. Because oneday there wont be any chocolate.  There will always be skanks and idiots to get involved with, but chocolate will run out.  Thats your only fucking warning.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It shouldnt end so quickly

Well sunday night, tomorrow is monday, got to go sleep for work, weekend didnt even feel like it happened.  This is my sad face.  I was hoping to get the new stuff I wanted to do for the blog up this weekend, but things got delayed sadly.  I'll get it sometime this week though.

Honestly not much to say today.  I think my soul is crushed that I have to work tomorrow.  Hopefully it'll be a painless day.  Its valentines day so I'm expecting either some really moody people or some scatterbrained ones.  Either way I'm probably screwed.  But I'll walk into that place and be ready for whatever crap they throw at me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

100 swear words

Thats how many I could say in a row and still it wouldnt be enough to describe how frustrated I am.  Was so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow after a week long of little sleep and lots of work, and my dad goes and books my car in for a service early saturday morning.  Like wtf seriously.   Might as well stab me in the eye.

Another thing, I'd like to give out a huge FUCK YOU to cyclists who persist at riding their bike in peak hour traffic.  I dont know what goes on in your stupid heads, but stop it.  Just stop.  Use that fucking footpath thats beside you that DOESNT have cars backed up behind you because you're taking too much room in the lane to overtake.  Just because you want to save money on fuel and ride around, doesnt mean those of us who DO spend money to drive our cars should have to suffer driving at the speed of a bike!

I also would like to know how old people seem to litter the government job positions.  Most are dense as all hell, like the lady I was helping over the phone.  She had an issue with her formatting, something wasnt sticking, but because I'd taken 15min to try and get the stupid system working by remote control, she started getting pissy.  Like I could wake a magic wand and make it work.  I handed the slag to one of my co-workers since I had to do something and the first thing she complained about, after being on the phone no more then 20min, was IVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 45min!!  And the guy was like...uh, I'm sure.  How about you go back to using paper and envelopes to send your mail.  How about that?  What?  Yeah thought so.

Not al doom and gloom though.  End of the month theres a work gathering going on.  Bowling and pizza.  I aint been bowling in forever so this should be heaps fun.  And you know whats even better?  Next months trip?  PAINTBALL!!!  Its going to go down!  They said one of the guys last year rocked up in a huge pink rabbit outfit.  Needless to say he got torn apart lololol but thats the sort ofpeople I work with.  Great fun. 

I should be sleeping since I have to be up soon.  You know when you hear a song and it sticks in your head?  Thats whats happening with me for the past few days.  And its not even a new song.  Its an old song I already know.  Beastie boys 'ch-check it out'.  It just goes over and over in my head for NO reason.

All you trekkies and tv addicts
Don't mean to diss
Don't mean to bring static
All you klingons in the fuckin' house
Grab your backstreet friend and get loud

non fucking stop!  Must be cause its got star trek and I'm a huge nerd at heart so its smashing my brain.  Anyway, heres something I ate during lunch.  Chocolate mousse with awesome cream and cake in the middle.  I actually went omnomnom while eating and workmates girlfriend loled at me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Thats right, I'm too tired to think.  Got to be at work in half hour.  Tired.  Oh so very tired..  Heres a picture that made me piss myself

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fuck you peak hour traffic

I dont get it.  Why do so many RETARDS have a license?  They shouldnt be on the road yet they are.  One thing I loathe about working in the city is the amount of traffic I have to go through up and back.  For some reason going TO work everyone seems more normal on the roads.  I dont think I've ever seen an accident in the morning.  And this is by retards who are half asleep!  But after work?  One one damn highway I passed 7-8 cars that had smashed into each other.   2 cars in one group, then like 5 in the next.  How is it possible that half asleep = extremely few accidents, but fully awake = spastic mode.   My driving skills are godly, 16 years without a single accident, but theres just so much I can do when theres idiots around me.  Sooner or later ones going to make a bee line straight into me and then be all HERP DERP and I'll be in hospital while they adjust their makeup.

Friend asked me what she should buy for her boyfriend on valentines day.  Told her to get one of those medallions that split in half and they can both carry one.  She said hell no because that felt like the 4th level of clingy.  So I told her to buy him a fleshlight since it sounds like he'll probably need it in that relationship.

Another friend wanted to draw a dinosaur.  So I drew one for her.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Well today was bloody fun.  First day of the joyless work week.  Had to wake up early so I couldnt stay up to watch Chelsea play Liverpool, who got RAPED by liverpool btw FUCK YOU CHELSEA WOOO!!!!!!!  I guess my morning started off good on that note after seeing the score.  I know all my useless bastard UTD and tottenham fan friends couldnt say shit to me today.  Thats something different considering how the seasons been going.

So went to work, got some really stupid jobs to work on.  Some people really shouldnt be allowed to use pcs.  I mean seriously.  At least one funny moment, saw a persons username as 'fap'.  Much lols were had.  MY most furstrating so far, told a lady to leave her pc on after she left work so I could upload some programs she needs.  Told her dont turn your pc off, just log out.  She's all like OK!!  End of the day she emails saying she's going home and I can do what I need to do.  I repeated, make sure your pc stays on, just log out.  She's all RIGHTO LOGGING OUT BYEEEE!!!!   5min later I go to upload the programs...'pc is offline'..  WTF SERIOUSLY!

Bit of good news.. I think I'll be changing the blogs layout this weekend.  A few things I was waiting on are going really well and should be ready to put up.  I'm looking forward to it.  Like really heaps looking forward.  I'm also looking forward to the weekend so the work week is over.  I told people at work that if they vote for me when I run for prime minister I'll make sure work weeks are only 4 days instead of 5.  I should be getting plenty of votes.

This is pretty much me at work.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today was much fun.  Went out with a couple friends to dinner to my favourite steak place and we all nommed happily.  We then went and played Arcana Heart 3 at one of the other friends place.  Its basically a CHEESY PIECE OF SHIT fighting game thats all kinds of broken in my eyes.  But we had fun and then I moved it to the 'never to touch again' pile.

Valentines day is coming up.  One of my other friends has gone into all super depressed mode because he's single.  I Dunno, I've always enjoyed the day while single.  It means more cake for me!  How can that be a bad thing?  It cant.  Its impossible.

Its pretty late here so I'll just post up some pics of the food I ate.  First one is a huge steak with fries and ceasar salad.  Second is the dessert I had, banana split and strawberry pavlova

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its about to hit

Cyclone yasi is only about an hour away from hitting the coast now.  Its unbelievably huge.  Pretty glad to see people prepared early for it and the military/rescue services/money aid/etc is all ready to move out tomorrow when its over.  They're getting like around 300km/h winds there.  And waves are going to be almost 10metres high.  Thats just something I really cant even imagine.  Heres some pictures of the storm.

Huge is what it is.  Heres another shot from a satellite, and also a second picture where someone pasted the cyclone ontop of the united states so people could get a good idea of how big this thing is who live there.

Come morning we'll be able to see what the place looks like.  Its very sad people are going to die through this.  And there are so many pets that were left behind too.  I dont see too many of them surviving either.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Queensland. Its really getting bad.

You try to put certain things into perspective.  Ignoring plenty of your issues and daily problems, even my possible speeding ticket that I might be getting in a couple weeks for being a tad over (hopefully nothing comes of it), but in the end you've got to be thankful some things arent as bad as they could be.  I'm always the optimist, its how I dont suicide into a large industrial blender.

Over in Queensland they're just getting over one of the biggest floods that has ever washed over them.  There are pictures of flash floods where the water was ankle deep and 22min later probably 10-15ft high.  Its unbelievable.  Now they're about to be hit by a massive category 4 cyclone.  Fingers crossed everyone got out of there instead of staying behind to protect whatever.  Plenty will, its just human nature.  But seriously, there are times when you need to turn your back and just run.  By this time tomorrow the cyclone will have smashed through some of the cities.  Worst part?  This probably wont be the last natural disaster that area suffers this year.  Its going to be really bad.

Picture shows the cyclone, to the left is Queensland.  That thing is massive.