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Monday, January 31, 2011

Started sort of could of maybe

Went to bed at like 11:30pm because I was tired as hell.  I usually go to bed around 1-2am if I'm working the next day.  Going to bed early means I wake up early so I try NOT to do it.  But this time I was dying.  So I went to bed.  Then woke up at 4am. Yeah..wasnt impressed but expected it.  And then 10min later?  Massive storm hit.  I love storms so much.  So yeah, sleep never returned.  Rolled around for 2 hours then decided to get up.

My friends hassling me with his new plan of going to the Supernova convention in april.  Its pretty much similar  to the Armageddon one I went to last year.  It would be fun for sure and I could get heaps more pics and video footage and stuff to post up.  Thats in 3months, but I've only just started my job.  I cant really just zip off when I'm not sure if I'll still be there in 3months.  Trips cost money you see.  I'll see about it a little later.  But for now its way to soon.

Saw this pic the other day.  Made me lol

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Just finished watching Japan vs Australia in the asian cup soccer final.  Unfortunately Australia lost.  The goal the japanese player scored was quite delicious though so that was awesome to watch.  I was expecting us to lose but was surprised the entire game was so level.  Good game.

I crawled out of bed at like lunch time today.  Was woken up a couple times but over all I was happy.  Until the afternoon came where I had to take my mum to a couple places which meant driving, and I just loathe driving on my days off.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to spend my sunday not moving and relax fully before starting another week of work.

Today I got to see a sneak peak at something I'm planning to put up soon.  I'm pretty excited about finally being able to show it off when the time comes.  I also need to figure out how to make a new banner or logo for this blog.  I'm changing the name but keeping the address the same.  Its easier that way.  If I ever get adventurous enough down the line then I'll just move everything over to a proper website and have full control of what I want to do.  But thats later and thats maybe.  I cant create websites.  I was always too slack to bother to learn.  I'm sure its not that difficult but you know how it is when you rbrain just really doesnt care in learning something.  You'll be all like HEY BRAIN THIS IS PRETTY COOL and suddenly ZZZZZZZZZZZZ goes the brain and you forgot wtf you were doing a second ago.

Heres my cat again

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh god yes

Its FRIDAY!  I get to sleep in tomorrow WOOOO!!!  You have no idea how tired I am.  Need sleep.  Neeeeeeeeeedd...  Heaven help anyone who decides to wake me up before lunch time.  If I'm super lucky I'll have a vicious nightmare to jog my imagination.  Cant wait.

So quite a bit of news out on the PSP2.  I'm pretty happy about it having a 5" screen.  Being large doesnt bother me since I traded in my DSi for a DS-L cause its huuuuuuueeeeeeg..  I like being able to see and click on crap without peering too hard.  But I'm pretty pissed that the system is closed so you cant use spare batteries.  Oh well there will be some other kind of external charger out at some stage.  Not that I'll be buying it any time soon.  Got too many games to play to bother with it.  I mean even if it comes out end of the year, I wont have caught up yet.

Decided this April will be the time I upgrade my pc.  Even though its 3 years old and still runs almost all games at max, this is probably the year where stuff will start to catch up on it and I dont have an interest in playing games at mid-high detail instead of max.  I mean sure there will be very few games like that.  But still.    I want a damn quad core cpu, more ram, and a better video card that I can hammer it with awesomeness.

I'm half falling asleep so I'll bring up some other stuff next time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well that was fun

So today was a public holiday.  My plan was to stay in bed and sleep happily into the afternoon since I'd stayed up late watching Australia destroy Uzbekistan 6-0 in the asian cup quarter final, I think it was.  So imagine my delight when I'm woken up fairly early by my dad mowing the lawn.  Apparently he wasnt working either and decided today was the best day to mow the lawn in the morning.  Happy?  Not in the fucking slightest.   At least theres only 2 days I have to wake up early for before the weekend.  Seriously, weekends should be 3 days.  If I ever become world leader that shit is going to happen. 

Theres not really anything I can say.  My brain is just too delfated at the thought of going to work compared to sleeping in.  OH WELL!  Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to go through with the changes to this page of mine.  Waiting on a couple things to happen that are out of my hands before it can begin.  And oh what fun it'll be.  At least for me.  I'm going to enjoy it.  Just wish I had more free time to play with the page with the ideas I've got. 

Oh, my sisters finally sodded off back to melbourne.  Am I happy you ask?  Oh yes.  I'm ecstatic to finally be rid of her and her annoying disgusting habits.  Also Telstra went and tried to screw me by slapping on an extra $380 to my phone bill.  Apparently changing my dads phone to a newer model after having it for 5 years constitutes a cancellation fee, despite not actually having canceled anything.  Will have to go get that sorted out on friday.

Anyway heres the view from one of the windows at work.  Its the pool from the neighbouring hotel.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fuck you PCs

You know things just arent going well when your pc at work just acts like an absolute stupid fat woman on a diet whos tumbled into a cake shop.  The damn thing constantly did things I didnt expect, and I spent ages trying to fix problems.  Some of them just couldnt be sorted out.  So yeah, I got behind in my work BIG TIME!  Everyone understood why I was behind, but seriously, that shit shouldnt happen.  And I'm expecting more.

Then I get home half an hour late.  Fire up my pc.  Everythings acting fine.  Then ohnoes suddenly theres no sound and no videos want to play.  Reset my pc, still the same problem.  Went on a ranting cursing spree and swore off ever buying a Creative soundcard again.  My biggest regret since my last upgrade.  Onboard sound ftw.  Managed to fix it up after I shut the pc off and turned it back on again, the greatest sure fire way of fixing most problems.  But I swear if my sound didnt come back on I was ripping that card out and smashing it with a homeless guys head, namely Jeds.

Thankfully tomorrow is tuesday, which I'm about to go to bed for.  Why thankful?  Because wednesday is a public holiday.  That means I can play some games and watch stuff and relax.  Seriously, work weeks should only be 4 days, not 5.  2 day weekends are just enough to relax.  You get to saturday and then lounge, but come sunday you're too busy thinking about monday.  Its just really 1 day off in a way.

I really hope now that the ps3 has been fully hacked that they start releasing some really good codecs to play media files on.  So far it has a stack of emulators for it so it'll be an awesome emulator hub.  But no video support for every file yet.  If they manage this then I wont have to go ahead and build my mini pc media center, which I'm planning to do in a few months.  We'll see.

Anyway its getting late.  Heres a picture of this pizza I destroyed with a friend the other week.  Its from a local place called Hungry Joes Pizza and Ribs.  The pizza is basically stuffed with heaps of things and the cheese and stuff put ontop with an extra layer of thin pizza base.  Its basically gods gift.  Normally I can take a large pizza and finish it on my own.  This thing I could do 3 slices and started twitching.  They're expensive, but sooooooo tasty and filling too.  Its HUGE and weights the amount of 3 pizzas. Winner.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend over

Well its sunday night and I guess I should be going to bed soon since I have work the next day.  My weekend wasnt too bad.  I got to play some games, watch some shows, relax.  Messed around with my audio system trying to get it to do what I wanted, which was a bit annoying but I'm pretty much almost there. 

I've noticed the poll I've put it seems to be HEAVILY in favour of me changing this site instead of opening a new one.  Thats cool.  I guess I could change the title/layout, but leave the address link as is.   Although it wouldnt make much sense to keep it that way.  I'd have to actually motivate myself into checking up how I can, if that is, change it.  I mean if I do change it will it update for you lot so you dont need to subscribe again or something.  Who knows.  Anyway I dont need to worry about that for now.   A few things I want to do are moving a little slowly unfortunately, so it'll be some time before I get to up the changes.  You can pretty much blame work as the only factor thats slowing things down.  And its not just my work either.  But I wont give any more hints.

I was checking out the new computer hardware, specifically the intel chips that recently came out since I'm planning to build myself a little media centre that will be used to play all kinds of video files and even set up as an emulator hub just for fun.  I'll link a few things here and there down the track.  I dont plan to build this thing for a couple months yet.  Unless I get twitchy and do it sooner.  I might just upgrade my pc first.

If anyone is thinking about upgrading just toss me a message.  I can help you out with parts information etc.  Only ask if you're planning to do something soon, and not 3-4months away POSSIBLY, because looking up numerous parts to build something to someones ideas is fairly time consuming.  PCs are a big hobby for me so I enjoy helping out others get one for gaming.

Picture time.  I'm going to slap up my work ID to show you something that was pretty amusing.  To me at least.  And my workmates.  I guess you could call it NERD humour.  But since everyone uses the net they will probably get it so I guess its mainstream humour now.  Anyway, check out my member ID in the top right.  Thats basically how my brainw as for the first week whenever I tried to recall something I learned.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well its friday and that means after work was over I had planned on playing some games to relax.  Sadly my useless sister had some issues with her laptop and I spent the good part of my day fixing it.  From like 6pm till 1am I Was trying to make this PIECE OF SHIT act normal.   You fix one thing, then you notice something else acting dodgy so you try to fix that, chances are you might end up breaking something because the laptop is already stupid to begin with.  It major screwed up during a failed service patch installation.   I was positive I would have to reinstall windows on it and waste more hours setting it up for her but in the end I managed to somehow fix it with my magic powers.  FUCK YOU VISTA!  I SCHOOLED YOU!

Saw the Duke Nukem Forever trailer.  Looks pretty awesome.  They added in boobs which was good.  Obviously I'll be playing the PC version.  I'm side stepping any censoring and also the use of a stupid joypad in an fps game.  Screw that.

So anyway, going to end this short since I'm pretty tired at 3:30am. I dont want to screw my sleeping schedual too much now that I'm working.  So on the side of the page you'll see a poll.  I wanna know what you lot think I should do for when I bring in the changes I'm preparing.  Sadly looks like its a few weeks away.  Fucking work delaying my plans as always.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Its almost happy time

Whats happy time?  Friday after work.  Thats happy time.  Ultra happy time is saturday morning since I'll be sleeping in all happy happy like.  Cant wait...

Works going pretty good so far.  Everyone there is a gamer so its non stop talking about games and joking around.  If I can get my brain around the work then it'll be awesome and I'll really fit in there.  Cross your fingers and hope my IQ goes up one magical day soon!

Oh, discovered a fun game on the iphone today called Angry Zombies.  Get your zombies, level them up, and drop them onto the populace of the city in these small stages to try and wipe out humanity.  Its simple, but theres a bit of strategy involved what with the different types of zombies and humans.    It might be on the Android market, havent been able to spot it though.  You can check out video reviews of it on youtube.

Speaking of reviews, I uploaded a short clip from my previous trip.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

REALLY should be in bed

Gonna go sleep but wanted to write up a few stuff.  Work was pretty cool.  All the guys I work with are gamers so we're all getting along really well.   Thats epic.  I just hope my brain takes in the kind of work I'm doing and I dont get let off down the track for being too useless.

Had a frustrating time trying to burn this disc for my parents.  My dvd drive has decided after the 5+ years I've had it to finally say NO I will not burn anything for you ever again.  So I had to use my sisters laptop since she's still fucking here.  But that PIECE OF SHIT archaic rubbish of a system is useless.  Took 40min for it to download and install some files I needed BEFORE I could install a burning program.  Then it took like 20min to make a backup of the disc.  I managed to make 1 copy and then the shitty thing went into power save mode while burning the second disc so thats a disc wasted and my time too.  Thanks laptop.  As useless as your owners.

Found out mothers going to greece in june.  I was planning to go with her since grandpa died so I could see my grandmother whos been pretty depressed.  But that wont be happening.  Instead if I am still working, which is the reason why I couldnt go in the first place, I'll be saving up as much as I can so we can redo the kitchen with new cabinets and everything and a dishwasher before she gets back.  My plan for building my little special hovel has gotten delayed again.  I am cries.

So I'll be ending this with  something really really special.  I was chatting with kilplix, Sam, and DS/Chris in IRC and we were commenting on a video I showed.  This being the video.

Its important you watch the above video first.

So this is the sad sad conversation we had about it.  I edited the screenshot to correct mine and kilplixs names since we use different aliases and I didnt want you all getting confused.  Witness our 12 year old like conversations.

Monday, January 17, 2011

First day

Ok, words from the wise.  Dont go to work on less then 3 hours of sleep.  I'm just sayin!!  Its funny because I've done this soo many times already, but I probably shouldnt do it on my FIRST day at a new job.  While they were teaching me I actually almost nodded off like 42 times.  Kept forcing my eyes open, hoping noone would notice.  And then I did something mega awesome.  You know when you breathe in while you're drinking or WHATEVER and you completely and utterly choke?  I did that somehow while I was half falling asleep.  Did my absolute best not to cough more then a couple times so I wouldnt give it away that I'm an absolute retard and break my cover.

I'm a master at not coughing when doing that.  I once did it while I was drinking my COKE in the cinema while watching LOTR with a friend.  It was possibly the worst thing I'd ever experienced in terms of self drowning out of water.  You know the kind where you are coughing like a spastic and cant breathe for like 2-3min?  That was me.  Except I SOMEHOW held my coughing.  So my chest was convulsing something wicked and I couldnt breathe.  I seriously thought I was going to die or piss myself, or just both.  If my friend or the guy next to me were to look at me they would of seen me looking like I was trying to hold back sobs while my face was covered in tears.  They'd have said HAR GIRLIE MAN CRY CAUSE HE WISH HE WAS PRETTY ELF BOY!

But yeah, thats easily one of my biggest accomplished in life.  Not dying in the cinema.  Well I need to go to sleep soon so I can NOT be a zombie tomorrow at work.  I'd have to set myself on fire if I did.  So now its back to working heaps and trying my best to save as much as I can to build what I need.  My pcs starting to be retarded too.  I think the dvd burner is finally dead.  Oh well, less gaming more working.  Fail.

If I posted this pic already I blame it on my zombiness.  Its of me at IMAX about to watch the Hubble Telescape documentary in 3D.  We got there early before the people streamed in.  Was fucking EPIC!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sleeping beauty

Its late at night. I have to be up early for my first day at work tomorrow. Nervous? I'm actually more nervous about finding a damn parking space early enough then I am about the job.  It shouldnt be anything I cant handle, I mean I know IT stuff.  I just have to learn their way of operating.  If I can somehow keep this job for the next 8months then I'll be able to build the extra extension to the house so I can move into it and finally get my peace and quiet down there.  I'm hoping to deck it out with comfortable furniture and a mini gym for me to exercise without having people interrupt me.  Nothing fancy, just about 3-4 types of gym equipment and I'm done.

I've spent the better part of today just doing very little.  Too many interruptions to focus on things.  I also wanted to make another track on Modnation racers but didnt really get inspired enough while I was screwing around.  Maybe tomorrow.   What I DID manage to do was finally edit all the footage I had when I went to the museum with a few friends a while back.  I had to cut out a few things and some areas I wasnt allowed to record obviously, but I'm still surprised by the length of it.  Anyway hopefully it doesnt bore any of you too much.  Click if you feel like suffering through it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

build build build

So I've been screwing around lately with Modnation Racers for the ps3.  Very fun game.  Decided to try my hand at building some tracks and did 4.  If you want to see them just do a search of me in it.  All my maps have 1 common thing in their title and its 'snore'.  So I've got like jungle snore, mountainy snore, etc.  Jeds been making some so has Jonna and Cody.  We've all been playing away at it.  So yeah, excellent game.  Some of the fan made levels you can download are incredible.  Makes my stages look poor lol

So today I found a new thing to rage about.  I need to get a criminal history check done before I start work on monday.  Its a standard boring procedure.  Unfortunately when I went I found out the stupid police station closed at 6pm and I was half hour late.  Since when does a police station close?  I mean fucking seriously.  Made me ultra rage.

Finished watching Carnivale.  Very interesting tv series. Sadly it only made 2 seasons before it was cancelled, and there isnt a proper ending.  So very annoying because it was extremely original and all the actors in it were brilliant.  I wonder why so many shows get cancelled.  At least Big Bang Theory got extended for another 3 seasons.  Awesome show.

So today I found out the zodiac table was all screwed and out of whack.  Its been known for years and years but I never paid attention to it, nor did most others.  But according to the updated list I'm actually a scorpio now and not a sagittarius.  Which is amusing because up to the age of 14 I thought I actually was scorpio for some special reason.  Heres the new listing.  Whether you decide to follow it is another story.  I dunno if I will simply because most people wont.

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11
Pisces: March 11-April 18
Aries: April 18-May 13
Taurus: May 13-June 21
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23-Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Catching up

Catching up with heaps of stuff.  Finally got around to playing with my copy of Modnation Racers.  Its sorta like Mario kart but with more in it.  Pretty fun game.  Tried designing my own stage and it proved kinda tricky.  I'll have to mess around with it some more.  You can place some animals around the tracks but sadly theres no zombies option.

I managed to get my mic to work with skype the other day.  I didnt try steam yet but thats next on the list.  I need to get that working so I can record some clips.  Gonna co-op with jed in a few games so that should be fun.  Provided both of us are even logged on at the same time.  After this week it'll only be possible to do on weekends since I'll be working full time again.  As of now I'm going to start editing my museum videos.  I flicked through them last night for a second thought on what to use and what to toss out.  Its a shame theres a few sections I CANT upload though.  Its really not family friendly lol.

Rains going crazy here.  Not as bad as in queensland where the floods are.  Its really pretty bad over there.  They havent had floods this bad since 1974.  Fingers crossed it ends as soon as possible.  Never nice to see things like that.

I came across this video today through a friend.  Even though its in reverse its still pretty awesome.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well got a call today from that IT place, seems they want me to start monday.  Luckily they had a role that mainly sits on the helpdesk so I wont be driving around, at least not very much.  So yeah, should be interesting.  At the very least I'm happy to finally have a job again and now I can go back to saving up and building the unit under the house for me to shift myself into.  With luck the job turns out good and I fit in nicely and stay there.  Fingers crossed.

Because I'll be starting work next week I'll try and do a few things this week while I have the spare time.  I'll be editing and uploading the video of my museum trip when I was in melbourne and hopefully have it up in the next few days.  This week for sure.  Also need to sort a few things out for the changes I'm making here.  I wonder if I were to change the title of the blog, would the people still subbed to it get the auto change?  I'm guessing yes but who knows when it comes to the net.

So for now heres another picture of me when I was a kid.  I think I've photoshopped this one up pretty nicely.  Will screw with it a little more before I have it printed out to replace the older dead photo.  First one is what I did to it, second is the original picture.  How old am I you ask?  I have no fucking clue but I'm going to go for 5.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Not much to say these past few days.  I've spent most of it just slacking off because I've felt like doing nothing.  Finished a couple games, planning to play a few others.  Gonna focus on my pc and give my consoles a rest.  Then after that probably filter towards my DS which is feeling incredibly unloved despite the couple dozen games I want to play on it. 

Also realised I need to really figure out my microphone bug issue and get it working or I wont be able to do a few things that I'm planning for my blog.  I've got 2 ideas.  If neither work I'm going to open my pc and just yank out my soundcard and run it off onboard and see if that sorts all my crap out.  Fingers crossed I get SOMETHING to work this week.  Its starting to get stupid. 

I've been thinking up what to replace my media player with since its just frustrating me now.  I've got a couple, the Popcorn Hour A100 and the Astone...astone..something or rather.  The Astone was meant to replace the popcorn unit, but apparently the people at Astone are SHIT despite the good reviews this unit got.  If I were the reviewer I would of given it a fail.  Sure it plays some things, but it doesnt do certain other things it SHOULD do.  And heaven help you if you play something through it thats 6ch sound because not all of the channels will play at the same loudness so talking for example is hard to hear and you have to raise the volume and it BLARES everything else.  The Popcorn plays majority of my files but the picture quality from the chip isnt as good as it should be. 

So yeah, I'm a bit pissed off at all these media players.  Played with plenty but none have pleased me.  So my plan is to do what I should of done years ago and thats build a mini pc that works as a media player.  Cheap, small, uses a remote, and I can do whatever codecs I want to get EVERYTHING working.  Plus it'll never stop playing anything when new codecs are out.  There are alot of slim form cases where I can install whatever I want in it, including a bluray drive and flash the firmware to make it region free.  Lots of possibilities.  But not an option right now as I need to find work before I even bother thinking about it.  I'll do it as some stage though.

Anyway, I'm going to continue the trend of embarrassing myself like previously.  So many photos scanned in, and while I was at it I found this gem of me when I was...uh.. I THINK 20.  It was during the years I was really into martial arts.  The chair behind me was there so I could reach back for balance, but I didnt end up using it.  You can see I'm dipping below it so not sitting on it.  The girl infront is just a family friend.  You might ask me can I do this now still?  No.  I havent tried.  Am I still flexible?  Yup.  Could I kick Jeds arse?  NO PROBLEM!  Yes I do find it humiliating to put this up.  And thats why its going up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Change is Coming

HAR I'm being all cryptic with that heading!  I've come up with a few ideas and I've decided in a couple weeks or so to make some changes to this blog.  It'll definitely be more fun to visit.  Right now its snorefactory cause I'm pretty boring.  Anyway, going to come up with some special content that should be entertaining.  I'm looking forward to it and hopefully you all find it a positive change.

Right now oneof my smaller toes is sore.  You know the pain you get with an ingrown toenail?  Think that, except without the ingrown toenail.  So in other words my toe's just fucking with me.  Thanks toe.  Really appreciate it. 

I was woken up this morning pretty early by my phone.  Turns out it was the lady who I emailed yesterday about cancelling my job interview.  Seemed she was pretty eager that I should turn up.  Because she went to that effort I decided to humour her and went.  Interview went ok, and I should be expecting a response next week sometime.  I'm going to pretend it'll be a denial so I can focus on applying elsewhere instead of waiting.  Easier that way.

Oh, one of the guys at the game store who I've known for the past year or so found out I was 35 and not 25.  He was stunned.  I always enjoy that.

I finally scanned in a bunch of old photos I'm planning to touch up because the years have gotten to them.  They're either really reddy/orangy with age or the colour and definition have faded badly.  I messed with a few earlier so heres one that I touched up.  Obviously its not the finished product but its not eye bleedingly orange anymore.  I'll fix it up in preparation of getting it printed.  GUESS WHO IT IS!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well I sent an email off to the lady who told me to come into the job interview tomorrow and cancelled.  I'm really not interested in a role where I'm driving around to places lugging computers and installing them.  Just bleah.  I'll look for a different job.  This'll be slow going..

So I finally upped part of my melbourne trip to youtube.  Heres the link-

Theres some other clips taken from a digital camera, not very good quality but some worth putting up.  I'm a little unsure how to go about it though.  Thinking of making another clip with a slideshow of pics from the trip and me voicing over.  Problem is I need to figure out why my pc doesnt like microphones suddenly.  Sooner or later I'll sort that crap out.  I plan to now edit the videos from my trip to the museum with a few friends.  I enjoyed that.   I think the clip will be entertaining in some ways.  Some pretty cool stuff there.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well it just hit thursday.  Tomorrow I have a job interview at an I.T. company.  Dont know if I'll accept the position if they offer it to me though.  I was more hoping to get a nice internal position.  Answer call in support, do some tech work etc.  But it seems to be mostly on-site stuff.  I really dont enjoy that part because it requires driving around a lot and I really really hate driving around.  Its so fucking BORING and annoying and it just irritates me to hell.  Thats the reason I didnt decide to stay at my previous I.T. job.  It was originally phone support and some tech work but slowly transformed into 80% out of the office driving their stupid company cars and setting up dozens and dozens of pcs at different locations, while the bosses cousins fiancee was hired and took over the phone part.  Meanwhile every 10min she's out of the office on a smoke break or talking on her phone.  Fuck off.

So yeah.  We'll see what I decide.  I'm waiting on a reply from a different place though thats definitely just phone support.  Dunno if they'll reply or not and the other one seems to be an almost definite, which makes it more annoying.  Need a job but my brain is still rebelling against screwing myself some.

My annoying sister apparently is here for another week or so just to spite me.  Today she hassled me a half dozen times on how to read a lotto ticket she had.  I mean really.  Leave me the fuck alone.  She couldnt understand how to read the numbers.  Not joking.  Also I just got back from a friends place and she asks me whats wrong with the shower.  Since its like talking to a 5 year old I ask her to be more specific.  She says she walked passed it and the shower turned on by itself.  Then it turned off when he walked in.  She checked the taps and both were fixed tight.  I was just thinking, even the house wants you to fuck off back to melbourne.

The other week I was going through a bunch of old photos.  My mum asked me if I could touch up some of the really old damaged ones so I grabbed a few.  I even grabbed some of me when I was younger and some other fairly embarrassing ones which I plan to upload once I get around to scanning them in, because if theres one thing I love its making myself look stupid.  Heres another picture I took ages back.  Taken at the aquarium in melbourne.  Look at that penguin.  Now look at the small kid beside him.  That penguin could KILL him with its beak.  Its frightening. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where art thou money

Well the crap mentioned above is getting low.    Met up with a friend today who works for an I.T company and said they probably have some spots free and to toss him my resume which he'll pass on to his boss.  We'll see how that goes.  Cause right now I'm starting to twitch.

I'm still not sure whats with my pc and its refusal to acknowledge any microphone I plug into it.  I'm getting to the point where I want to rip out my soundcard and just use the onboard sound.  Less hassle since those sound chips are so mainstream that everything works with them.  Good going Creative.  You used to be good, now you're just a waste of space and money.

At some stage I need to get the new Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion.  The flamethrower effects in that game look insane.  Sooner or later.  Still going through the videos of my previous melbourne trip.  Cutting them into pieces isnt much trouble.  Pondering how to upload them though since theres a bit there.  I hate holding stuff back and prefer to just shove it all on in one go, but I dont think I'd be able to.  I mean the longer a clip goes for, the more your attention could wander.

I wouldnt mind doing a video that was just still shots of heaps of photos I took.  You know thats one thing that confuses me.  Why do so many people not like taking photos when they're on holiday?  They have no interest in it since they say their memories are good enough.  And I'm one of the few people around, at least from what I've noticed, that actually enjoys looking at other peoples holiday photos.  People get a little surprised when I show interest.  I've also noticed that surprise seems to also have a bit of uneasiness too.  Fuck knows why.  I dont see it as abnormal to want to see someones holiday photos.  Especially of places I've never been to.  Oh well.  I guess its photo time!

Heres a photo I took of a couple fishermen while I was in greece.  They were pretty far out so I had to zoooooooom all the way to get thhem.  I thought it turned out pretty good.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Following on with my retard year, today I managed to get superglue on my fingers.  Furious is one of the many words I'd use to describe it.  I was doing fine, about to put the thing I had put glue on in the plastic bag where the rubbish goes beside me, and my dad comes along and starts playing with the bag.  I'm thinking hmmmm is the glue trickling towards my fingers?  I shift my fingers and BAM!  Straight onto the glue.  Thanks for coming at that specific fucking moment dad!  REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Got into an annoying argument with my mum over my sister whos always wanting to borrow my car since she cant afford to get a private hire car while visiting.  Why even come if you cant afford that you spastic.  After YEARS of everyone knowing how much I loathe lending her the car and the countless arguments over it, they still act all surprised when I get annoyed.  So I made a new rule none of them can say shit about.  If she damages my car in any way, and that includes someone else smacking into it while she's parked, she's never touching it ever again.  And noone can say shit.  Mother tried to annoy me.  Told her keep it up and I'll move out and they can call my sister whenever they need help with something that uses electricity.  She laughed uneasily.  Yeah, lets see you laugh when you're trying to get help from her over the phone next time cable shuts off.  See how far you get.  Bleah.

At least one good thing happened.  My cat decided to sleep on my lap.  Thats extremely rare.  Maybe he's realised how miserable I've been the past few days with sister visiting.  Also, trying to get through these holiday videos I have so I can upload them.  But theres like 70 clips and 14gigs all up.  Daunting.  I dont even know if it'll turn out fine.  Last time I did this the sound was slightly out of sync with the picture.  I have no idea how to fix that if it happens again.  And paranoid me is totally expecting it to happen so its putting me off doing all this work in case it all screws up.  Oh well.  Back to the video editing I go.  No picture today because I feel pictureless.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its a new year

So, new years been here for a bit.  Who feels different?   I know I havent had any decent cake yet thats made me cry with joy.  Maybe something to do with every store being closed and denying me my birthright.  So one of the things I like to promise myself at the start of a new year is to be less retarded then the year before.  Sadly I've already fucked that up and on the first day of the year. 

I discovered a new thing for the toilet, although I'm sure many of you already know about it.  Its this gel stuff that you stick to the inside of the bowl and it makes the place smell super nice and at the same time washes the inside each time you flush it.  So its like those stupid clip on containers, but just not stupid.  Its this..

Basically you push it up against the bowl and then click one of the buttons and push forward till it clicks into the first hole.  This squishes the gel in place.  This is what it looks like when you do it properly..

Pretty cool huh?  Little jelly fish in my bowl, clean it with your jellyness.   Its impressive.  However, this wasnt my first attempt.  It was my second.  My first attempt, wasnt so impressive.  Instead of 1 slot, I got confused since I didnt hear any audible CLICK and just went all for it and got like 3 slots worth.  This is what it looked like...

My jellyfish got stepped on :(    So yeah, I always see this HUUUUUUGE smeary gel thing clinging to the inside of the bowl.  At least it makes the room smell awesome.  Now I can go to the toilet without fear of smelling someones after-shit!  And you know how that smell clings to the room for like 32 hours!  This thing kills it.  Recommend it to anyone who hasnt heard of it.  Its brilliant.  Buy it now.