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Friday, January 27, 2017

Oh So Brilliant

Lets see... Oh yes.  This is to let you all know that Jed and myself have been working on a comic.  BUT CON!!  I hear you shrill!  We already know you were both working on a comic!  There are some pages linked on the blog!!

Yes this is true my delicious little tramps.  However we've decided to turn that into a proper comic.  None of this 3-4 panel web comic shit.  Its going to be a proper comic full of adventure and romance!  And by romance I mean there will be cleavage.  Its going to have those two same characters and some of the panels we put up will be reused and incorporated into this new format.  But there will also be some changes.  We're hoping to get to around 40-50 pages before we look it over and decide if we're happy with it before we start showing it off.  Obviously this will take a while depending on how slack I am and how busy Jed is.  But fingers crossed it goes well and we dont lose interest like last time.

I also finally went out and bought a new light for my room.  I'll be installing it sometime next week.  Hopefully It'll give me much more light.  Maybe my webcam will like it more and I might use it now and then.  And I finally got my Skeletor statue out on display.  Heres a dodgy photo of it.  I'll be making a video of it a little down the ways with some proper high quality photos and putting it onto the patreon.  I absolutely love it.  Wish it was larger though because it would really show off all the insane detail.  It's about 21" tall, although thats the tip of the staff..  The head is probably around 17-18".  It's still a great size.  I look forward to getting Evil Lyn and putting her next to him!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to leave abusive messages for Jed.  I know I do.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The back is not pleased

One of the latest things with me has been a newfound hate I have for my old injured back.  Back when I was 21 I lifted something far heavier than I should have and far too quickly because my boss was being an absolute cunt.  I felt a little twinge in my lower back which later turned into stupid pain.  Typical nerve damage.  I was actually surprised to find out quite a few people I know have the same problem.

Any way the pain is brutal and it screwed me for years.  Only 5 years ago I found a simple back exercise that would counter all pain so I wouldnt feel it again.  Problem is I need to do it once every couple weeks to keep it good.  Sadly people get lazy.  No pain, no problem.  I'd go for months without doing it and suddenly be all OMG the pain is there again, like this should be a surprise.

Normally the pain has always focused on the lower back, which made simple things like leaning slightly over the sink while brushing teeth, picking something off the floor, or even getting out of bed an absolute nightmare for a few weeks till my exercises did their thing.  This time it did something completely new.  The back pain was there again.  But I could feel the nerve that got screwed deciding to do something new.

You know when you pinch that nerve that in the back of your shoulder blade or neck, and you just cant turn your head without crying?  I got that in my lower back.  But it decided to move more to my hip which was totally new.  This caused a knock on effect.  My legs from my thighs to my calfs, were SCREAMING in pain.  Like I'd walked for 2 days straight and then had them set on fire.  I'd never experienced anything like this before.  Standing was very painful.  Sitting was more horrible.  But lying down?  Impossible.  I couldnt even sleep because of the pain.  And my pain threshold is stupidly high which says something.

After about 3 days of this and 2-3 hours of sleep at best, I decided to take some painkillers.  This is something I never do.  Not even if my head is exploding with the mother of all headaches.  I've probably taken some once in the last 5 years.  I wasnt expecting anything since they're just standard.  But much to my surprise after about 20min the pain went away.  It would only last half the day so twice a day I was taking them.  I guess since I never take them their strength is full power for me.  Unlike my mum who eats them every day at the smallest pain she gets. 

I did this for about 3-4 days which really helped.  For the past 2 days I've taken none.  The pain is still there, but its much less now, so my exercises seem to be shifting into gear finally.  I can still feel the issue which makes me worry that the nerve is still fucked off and could be triggered into being stupid again if I do the slightest wrong thing.  One of the strangest things though was losing my flexibility.  The day before my body died, I could easily do the splits.  Martial arts history blahblahblah.  Now I cant even lean over slightly with my legs straight.  Its like all my muscles have clenched up and refuse to do anything.  I'll wait another week and give myself more time to heal before I try and test out my flexibility again and see if its come back.  It pisses me off because it takes months of daily stretches and I'll rage if all that effort has been wasted.  At least I'm not feeling completely suicidal anymore.  That pain was something you could only read in legends.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A generous long pause

Well that was almost 2 months since my last update.  Guess I have a few things to put down this time.  Mind you there hasnt been that much good to bother posting about.  A month back my pc decided to just implode on itself.  Bluescreen crash and then refused to boot up into windows again.  Just reset loop of hell every 5 seconds,  I figured my faulty SSD had finally decided to pass on.  The things been screwy for the past 3 years.  Pretty impressive considering its 5 years old and only has a 1 year life expectancy.  So I pulled it out and replaced it with one I bought a year and a half back, during a time I thought it was about to die since my pc kept freezing twice a day.  Weirdly it started to behave when the replacement came in so I never bothered to install it because of laziness mixed with paranoia.

But moving on, I put the new drive in and thought this might be a good time to install windows 10 since almost everyone has been positive about it and it was a free update.  One thing I hate doing is reinstalling windows.  Something always goes wrong when I do.  So I'm going along, installing the programs I need to get me going.  And slowly but surely I'm starting to notice small things that arent right.  And some big things.  One of them was whenever I recorded or streamed, peoples voices would sound a little hollow and with a bit of an echo.  It was very annoying.  Didnt matter if I was using teamspeak, discord, whatever.   The other persons voice was always dodgy.  So I spent a couple weeks troubleshooting with my own knowledge and then scouring the internet for people with the same issues.  Nothing seemed to fix it.  Another issue I had was some of my motherboard utilities wouldnt work with win10, which was an extremely annoying thing.  Especially since I'd gotten another bluescreen while playing a game to test.  Also my mic, if I were to mute myself for a little and then unmute, it would keep me muted until I unplugged it and plugged it back in again.  Streaming to twitch wasnt working properly either.  The quality went to hell and the stream kept break all the time.  It was infuriating.

There were a few other things that slowed me down as I tried to fix this or that.  In the end I decided to reinstall win7 thinking this would sot out my issues.  I did like a few things about 10 but since I couldnt fix anything I was pretty much forced to go back.  Unfortunately some of my problems were still there.  Primarily the voice echo.  After another week or so of trying to sort it out, I finally fixed it.  How?  Logitech had changed their drivers last year when their contract with ScreamingBee ended.  Which meant a few voice altering modules were removed.  When I reverted back to a driver that had these still, the echo was gone.  So I'm super happy.  Streamiing works again and all my drivers are back on.  Though I am getting an annoying bug when I launch the OBS software to stream.  It auto lowers my volume down to 10%, which makes no sense.  I can live with it if I cant figure out how to fix it.

I did get another bluescreen so this got me paranoid.  I stress tested my memory which came up fine.  So I thought maybe its a windows thing since it hadnt updated fully because microsoft purposely broke the update feature to force people to move onto 10.  So I had to manually download a crapload of them.  A few days later I got the crash and reset loop issue again.  I got my system working again by unplugging the SSD and plugging it back in again.  So this cancelled out any theory about damaged ram.  My guess is my motherboard must be faulty.  My system is going on 6 years old now so its no surprise.  But I cant afford to upgrade anything so I'll just have to grin and bare it for a while and just hope it doesnt die.

I havent installed everything yet since I'm moving slowly, and I really hope my editing software doesnt give me any freak issues.  But what I've learned from this is if you have an older system, dont update to windows 10.  All the people I know who have it and love it have upgraded their motherboard in the last couple years.  People with fairly older ones have issues because the drivers and such dont seem to get updated.  After a month of stress it seems to be ok now.  This is the reason I havent updated the youtube channel.  Super sorry.  Should be back to normal now.  Theres a bunch of other stuff I wanted to post but I'll wait a couple days before putting that up.  This page is already long enough.  Thanks for reading!