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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Next borderlands clip

So I'm actually losing interest in uploading these so I'll be trimming them much more, removing lots of the silly vehicle travelling and other stuff like roaming the central city hub.  People kept asking me to upload a playthrough of games so I figured this one would be a good choice.  Doesnt seem to be lol

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A special day

So this week has been fairly entertaining.  WHOS ENJOYING THE STEAM SALES?!  And the other ones like the delicious GreenManGaming and their eternal 20%-25%-35% off vouchers.  Love them to death.

So I've been heading to the city a few times a week lately to the job agency since I'm trying to find one.  I really need to get one soon so I can actually WORK and earn some money.  Its frustrating as hell to be unemployed but I do my best to distract myself so that I'm never depressed over it.  I do pretty good.  Need the money for a few things.  A bit of work on the house is needed.  Need to save up to see my grandmother in the next couple years as I'm a little worried of losing her since my grandfather passed away during christmas period last year.  Oh sure majority of my family are there for company but majority of them are absolute scum who dont spend enough time with her.  When I was visiting there 5 years back or whatever I spent almost every day sitting with her and grandfather for hours just chatting.  I'd like to think I used my time there with them well.  But I'd like another shot.  After all once my grandmother passes away I wont be visiting that country again.

Another thing I'd like to do is visit disney land.  Its something I've wanted since I was a kid.  I want to ride those god damn teacups.  My friend heads there every july for the comic convention in san diego.  So I was planning to skip over at the same time as him if I ever managed to save up enough.  I'd probably just stalk Ariel for the entire time too lololoollo.   I'm pretty sure I'd also get a chance to meet Jed while there.  Theres no way he'd be able to resist not stopping by for 5 straight days of disney land if I were there.  And I guess if any of you lot happen to be there, if I ever manage to afford the trip, we can all ride the teacups together!

So far in my plan of saving up, which has been planned for years and still not managed, I have somewhat gone in REVERSE.  Last week a couple glorious things happened.  I got a lovely parking fine as I misjudged the time I had parked my car and the amount of money I'd put into the stupid meter.  So theres a grand $40 to the council to do nothing for the city with but instead put aside to fund their 3-4 times a week morning tea breaks where they all stand around for an hour doing nothing but chatting and eating.  Since I worked there in the past I know what these scum do.  I also never joined in with their crappy tea breaks. I dont like socializing with people at work.  Especially when I dont know 90% of them.

My cat also managed to get a problem with his claw.  It bent downwards and stabbed into the pad of his paw and wouldnt come out so he was limping for a few days.  At first I thought he just injured his foot somehow.  The second day I realized it was his claw.  Sadly by then the next day was sunday so we had to wait till monday for the vet of my choice to be open.  I like them and trust them and dont feel like going elsewhere.  He was also fine as he spent most of the time sleeping like usual.  But after some claw clipping and a couple shots I was down another $120.  I'm also told, and I expected this since I brought it up with the vet, I'll have to take him back in about a month or so to treat his teeth as one of them is looking a little sorry so a clean is in order.  Theres probably another $300.  My disney plans will never happen.

Oh, speaking of plans, I'm told Jed is preparing a couple huge posts soon.  I'm also fairly excited to read them as well.  So lets hope he doesnt fully slack off and actually manage to put them up this week!

And before I forget, the other day was my birthday.  I'm now 37 lololololooll.  So heres me enjoying a declicious satay!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


While I'm not really a pokemon fan, I absolutely love Psyduck.  Its pretty annoying that Nintendo dont do much to evolve the game.  Its an excellent concept but its far too simple.  Sure if I was 8 I'd adore it.  But what happens when my 8 year old self turns 15 and then 20?  The games dont change too much.  I want some complexity.

I noticed in the newer games there were 3 on 3 battles.  This is pretty awesome, until I found out it was only during select moments in the game.  Why not just have it in the full thing?  Do MORE with the game.  They could make a legendary MMO if they tried but they wont because nintendo are stupid.

Anyway, while I played a couple of the games briefly and only saw a handful of episodes, Psyduck was always the best for me.  I'm eternally PISSED that he was so underused.  Hes possibly the most powerful pokemon around.  If he concentrated he could probably shut down brains.  And not just 1 brain, he could turn a huge group of pokemon into braindead zombies.  He reminds me of X-Man ( Nate Grey), my most favourite character in the X-Men series.  He was just too powerful and they pretty much killed him off and ended his comic line so the rest of the universe didnt cry in fear.  Thats what Psyduck would be if he could focus.

So I got my new toy today.  Shame theres no HUGE stuffed versions of him.  Theres a couple smaller  ones but nothing impressive.  I'll just make do with this one that reacts to sounds.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Youtube BAH!

 Just noticed its been a while since I uploaded any videos.  I swear I'm starting to lose interest in youtube.  I just rather play games without the hassle of editing and uploading.  Since Jeds without internet for a looooooooong while theres very little multiplayer I do, so all my clips would be single player.  And thats the part I never can get passed.  I dont find single player videos to be entertaining at all.  I dont see why people would bother watching.  Going by the views of the borderlands clips I uploaded as a test, its pretty much accurate to what I believe.  Semi pointless.And thats not even single player either lol.  I'll see how I feel but probably should edit some crap.

I do have an older L4D map I'd like to upload but Jed has been unable to get me his clips for it so it would just be all from my point of view, which is why I dont want to upload it.  I wouldnt care as much but theres one spot where its just glorious from his point of view and I want that badly.

I saw this today and thought I'd share it.  Its a new type of cred card that has a keypad on it.  Sounds dodgy to me and I hope my bank doesnt ever go down this path.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MSN being shut down

So today I found out something annoying.  Microsoft will be shutting down its MSN servers and merging them with Skype.  We'll be given the option to merge our contact lists by porting over our MSN profile.  I have two separate friends lists.  I wanted to keep them separate.  I also used MSN because it would tell me when I got a new email, and I dont want to start hooking up my phone and other crap for this.

I've read that they plan to merge some features together, so hopefully this means they also plan to update the interface because its pretty dodgy for chatting.  I hate how they changed the contacts list on the side with the chat list.  Annoys me to no end.  Oh well, this will be happening sometime qtr 1 of next year so a little while to go.  A few months really.

My sickness is finally leaving.  Doctor said this sinus infection should only last another week or so when I spoke to her back on friday or whenever it was.  Today I've only had to cough a handful of times instead of all day, so I'm getting there.  Time to start applying for jobs again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanks cat!

This is what he did to me the other day.  And he wasnt being aggressive or anything.  He just half slipped off my chest while trying to walk away.  Taken on a shit iphone  camera which is shit in slightly low light and cant do skin tones and shadows at the same time cause the camera is shit.  Guess I'll add this to the other scars he's given me over the years.  But scars are manly I'm told.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Virus scanners

So the other day I was chatting with a friend about virus scanners and thought, why not put up some info on here for anyone interested.  Most people I know seem to use norton or AVG.  Now thats all well and good, but there are plenty more out there.  I originally used to use PC-Cillin.  Then after a few years it lost its edge and I flittered between Bitdefender and Kaspersky.  In the end I settled on Kaspersky and have been using it for the past 6-7 years.  Love it to death.

Now I'm not just mindlessly using it.  I'm always looking up info on how each virus scanner is going, particularly which ones are fast enough to pick up new viruses that pop up.  Heres a link that shows off the top 20 scanners that this site reviewed, which was also done this year.

Now depending on which sites you look up their versions of the top 10-20 may differ slightly.  Not a huge amount, but little changes.  Like say Bitdefender at third or second spot, just things skipping one or two places.  But its a good enough idea of whats good, and for years Kaspersky and Bitdefender have been in the top 3-4.  They're also fairly easy to use.  Some out there are horrid.

Now I know some of you are saying 'But I dont want to spend $20-$30 a year on a virus subscription!!'  Thats cool.  There are free ones out there that are just as awesome.  Heres a link showing them..

Avast is an excellent free scanner.  And believe it or not the microsoft free scanner is very very good.  I know, I've been a little shocked by this fact over the past year or so.  Panda used to be the best at one stage but slipped down.  AVG, I still dont like that program.  It seems to miss too many things.  Now just because something like Avast is free doesnt mean its not as good as the paid ones.  The reason its free is because theres 3 versions of this program, much like the other free ones (excluding microsoft).  If you pay you then get the next level of security features Avast has, like Sandbox program running, firewall, anti-spam etc.

Some of you may have noticed that the first link claims AVG is better than Avast.  Thats an example of how some sites use certain 'test' parameters that are different to others.  But again, not a big difference.  I remember when Avira used to be top dog for free scanners. Gone.  But I'll stay with Kaspersky till I notice them faltering.  But considering how they've gone for years, I dont see this happening.  I'd also like to mention I loathe Norton.  Hope this helped some of you.