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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Magical is one way to describe it

So recently Jed got his little hybrid christmas/wedding anniversary present and put it under his tree.  Today he opened it.  What he should of seen was a picture of him and his wife that I had selected and organised.  Instead this is what he got....

His very own adopted asian family eternally captured in crystal.  He saw the funny side of it.  I see it too.  However theres a side I'm not finding too funny and its their return policy.  Firstly I'm expected to pay for return shipping.  Fair enough I can understand that.  But theres a 20% restocking fee too.  That part I am not pleased about and will outright refuse to pay for their stupid error if they ask me to.  I've sent them an email and so now its the waiting game.  I dont know if they're closed for certain days or whatever so I'll have to be patient.  Hopefully everything turns out ok.  Still, I'm not entirely pleased.  I dont mind when theres screw ups regarding something I got for myself.  But when it comes to gifts, that makes me a little edgier than normal.  So hopefully these guys dont try to rile me up in some stubborn way.  Also beyond frustrating I cant speak to them in person.

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  1. That's great.

    You and Jed are hilarious together.