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Monday, March 24, 2014


Many a year ago I watched a movie on tv called Masterminds.  The movie was already 20min when I'd switched the channel.  I only stopped because it had a scene of Picards face.  So I kept watching it.  Turns out he was the main villain.  I'd grown up watching him in so many films, from Excalibur as the slightly lecherous King to the voice over from Plague Dogs.  And of course, Star Trek.

Now the idiots who made this film never released it on DVD and it was only available on VHS.  And even THAT wasnt around to buy.  The ones I've seen I didnt trust.  Could of just been bootleg copies for obscene amounts.  But I finally came across this version.  I cleaned it up a little in my video editor and then cut out my favourite scene in the film.  This is actually 2 different scenes stitched together.  You can't tell where the second part is can you?  No.  It's because I'm cray!!

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