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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Amusing wiki page

So this was brought to my attention the other idea.

It's pretty funny how so much of the information was wrong.  Clearly the guy made all the stuff up from his own view by watching the videos and not much else.  Which is funny since he mentions austin introduced me and jed to each other and everyone else.  In a previous older video we actually state we all knew each other long before youtube.  But yeah, lots of errors.  And slightly negative towards me lol.  Jed and I joked about doing a story time episode about everything that happened back then, but we dont feel like absolutely destroying a few people with what we'd have to say.  So yeah, enjoy the entertaining yet factually incorrect wiki!


  1. I know you said you were just joking around, but a story time episode on that topic would be amazing.

  2. Man, every so often I go back to the old L4D vids of you guys. The dynamic between you guys was magical. However, certain parts are hard to watch because I now know that some of the abuse hurled at you and Kilplix' freaking out is genuine. Still can't help but feel bad when I think about just how many of his friendships he's ruined. You, Jed, Cody and even Jonna stopped being friends with him from what I've seen.

    I admit I'm among the many who would like to get yours and Jed's uncensored side of things, but won't bug you if you decide not to do it.

    As for the, just the writing alone makes me cringe. That is not how a wiki should look or read.

    "But it all got better later sorta. One random video i was watching one day. A girl appeared it was during their typical night of fail series in Left 4 Dead. It was Lantz/Jonna...She was kind of a smart ass but also inda a cool girl. I loved the way she was in many ways."

    Professional writing right there. This is something you'd see on a fansite, not a semi-well done wiki :l

    1. Theres a part of both of us that would love to make that story time ep. When I casually said it to jed we both chortled at the idea, but there was no humour in it. Maybe slightly evil. But yeah, sadly we're not the types to do that. In the end the only thing it would accomplish is the same as the previous long blog post I made a few years back. People will gasp, some will scoff, others will rage and call them lies, and then it'll settle after a couple months and nothing will have been achieved. We'll still have the same amount of fans and views, and he'll still be getting obscene amounts of money from his channel. So it would be a waste of energy. I know some people would love to know more. Maybe some day someone else who knows all the details will make their own wiki. it just wont be jed or myself. Totally not our style. We do our best to avoid drama. Hence why we broke off from him.

    2. I hear ya. No matter how many of us want to know what went down over the years, it's doubtful it'll cause anything more than drama once Austin finds out that both of you are talking about it/him "behind his back".

      And sadly, I have to agree with regards to the views/fans. I still think its mostly because smaller channels are harder to find these days, but ultimately, the majority of people pestering you for the "inside info" aren't gonna add view counts to your other vids. At best you'd just slightly reduce the number of fans Kilplix has, which gains you and Jed nothing at the end of the day.

      I'm hoping one day the full story will be out at some point though. Like I said before, its kinda sad that Kilplix manged to push you lot away. You, Jed, Cody and Jonna were some of the most chill, friendly and fun people I've seen and come across on the net and I can't imagine how much of a tit someone would have to be to make you just get sick of everything and leave, you know?

      Oh well, if it's any consolation (cuz, you know, you're totally losing sleep over this :P), I've been following your channel regularly since you and Jed split off and started doing your own thing. Much more enjoyable and fun than anything Kilplix has done since he became partnered.

    3. Thanks! Feel free to send me a private message on youtube so I know who you are lol

  3. I don't know about this...You're kind of doing the same thing you complained about Austin doing yourself now... Ganging up on him.

    I'm sure both of you have your negative sides. Just like everyone does...Nobody is perfect and specially friends should be able to just look past that kind of thing..

    I had a group of friends with which I played all sorts of games with and we all raged, shot someone down, yelled at them, had arguments and what not just because of the game. And not just once in a while. It was like every time we played. But when the game was over we just went: 'You're an idiot' and everything was fine.

    I think you shouldn't take stuff like that personally and also reflect on your own actions because maybe you also did something wrong. And the fact that, even years after this whole argument, you guys still think about it and talk about it shows that your mind is not at ease with it. Which mostly means that you aren't completely satisfied with your own actions either.

    I think you should at least try and speak with Austin again some time and clarify things, before making such a "story time video". Mostly people are not able to see things from another person's point of view and it might be what happened with you guys.

    Also: People change and grow. Maybe if you'd try to patch things up you could get along better this time around and leave all of this behind you.

    1. Appreciate the message and sorry for not responding straight away. This useless site sometimes doesnt show me new things. The story time video wont be made. It was more as a joke thing, but we wouldnt do it for the same reason we havent mentioned all the negative stuff that happened. You'll need to understand that not everything was game related. Yes we had our issues over a couple years and we did speak to him multiple times over it. But if the same stuff happens again and again then you sort of need to know when to walk away. Our decision to stop talking to him wasnt just game related. Although he had no problem blocking some of our friends from playing with us because he didnt like something they did ingame. Half the reason we arent friends with him is because a few out of game things. If I were ever to mention these things then everyone would completely understand. Though that would paint Austin in a really crappy light and I'm just not one to do that sort of thing.

      And you're completely right about us not feeling at ease over things. We're not happy about how it ended and about a few other stuff that went on. The only reason we havent bothered to approach him again is because all the reasons that made us stop playing with him, we're still 100% sure will happen again. So unfortunately this is how its going to stay I'm afraid.

    2. Honestly I didn't even think you were gonna see my comment so I'm glad you did.^^

      I understand what you're saying. I was already thinking something along those lines. That it wasn't just the ingame rages that caused problems. I must be honest and say that I also looked at Austin's side of things and he does admit that he is not an easy person to be around so I get that not everybody wants to put up with that sort of person and draws a line at some point but as I said: As his friends you should also be able to look past that sort of thing. Especially when it's something he admits to and just can't change. Like me for example. When I get really invested in a topic I constantly interrupt the other person because I want to comment on something they said. I know it's annoying as fuck but I can't change it. If you know what I mean.

      Now I understand that maybe the stuff Austin did was way worse or more annoying but it's just that when I rewatch you guys' L4D funny moments I get really nostalgic because you seemed like an awesome group of friends and I just feel like maybe you could try to get along again now that you've all had time to grow as a person.

      Everybody fucks things up sometimes and even fucks things up twice but I think you could give it another try and see where it goes. You were friends once so there must have been something that made you friends. I bet that's still there. It's just that sometimes people need to remember the good stuff too instead of only remembering the bad things. :)

    3. Totally understand your view of things and now and then I do look at it like that too. It would be nice, but theres some serious things thats pretty much stopping that from ever happening again. Take for example, and I'm NOT saying hes either of these examples, just listing them to give you an idea of extreme stuff that can happen. Lets say you have a friend who is constantly stealing from you. Everytime you leave him alone in your room he will steal something. If he finds your wallet sitting there he will take money. Sometimes he'll come round and tell your roomates/parents that he left something in your room and go inside and take something. He's a well known thief to a small group of friend and you finally had enough of it. Would you keep putting up with it? Like I said that example has NOTHING to do with Austin. I mean for one I'm in a different country so it doesnt even factor into anything. But having that as an example I'm pretty sure you'd finally lose it and just get rid of him. Same going if you had a friend who kept trying to break up your friendships by saying stuff behind closed doors. Or one who purposely kept breaking your controllers by throwing them whenever he lost and refusing to pay for any damages.

      All extreme examples, but our reasons are also on the slightly extreme side too. And its not just his temper. Either way I'm afraid it wont be happening. I think I mentioned it before at some stage but at this point the only way Jed and myself would get back together with him again is if he decided to split the youtube earnings between the 3 of us. Its more fun getting yelled at if you're getting paid lol

    4. I agree that no one is willing to put up with ridiculous crap like that forever, I wouldn't either to be honest.
      I don't want to get on your nerves (so sorry if I do). It's just fans, we watched your videos and enjoyed them. Then all of a sudden you split and nobody knows why. And then we look back at the videos and we always wonder what really happened and we have hope that maybe you'll patch things up. Not just for the videos but also for you guys because you just seemed like such a funny group.
      I don't know what Austin did to make all of you mad at him and I assume there is a good reason. Not questioning that at all btw. But I guess I just thought that after that much time you guys could try again. As I said, people do change and maybe it would've been a great opportunity for you to be friends again.

      But I obviously respect and understand your decision (not that anything would change if I didn't xD, just sayin').
      I do wonder though...why didn't he split the earnings from the beginning? Was this also a part of the problem? Tbh I would also question somebody who made money with videos from a group of friends and didn't split the earnings evenly...Austin does seem like a strange guy...^^

    5. Thanks for the comment! To be fair I did outline some of the reasons why we all stopped playing together a while back. And yes, I will agree that sometimes people change or compromises are met, so you never know. As for the money, we didnt know he was making any until much later. Needless to say it seriously irked us.