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Sunday, March 22, 2015

War Thunder Tanks highlights

Recently War Thunder was patched up to include Tank battles.  Since Jed and I had messed with the aircraft version, him more so than myself, we decided the tanks looked fun.  And they are.  They're stupid fun.  My plan of uploading some of our moments up on youtube didnt go to plan.  Since my internet is really magical, it took about 7 or so hours to upload.  When I went to check to make sure it had made it up fully I noticed the blurring issue every 5-6 seconds or so.  Mainly while in motion in the grass lands, thats where it was badly noticeable.  On still menu screens nothing would happen.  So at first I thought it was youtube just taking its time to compress stuff.

A few hours later it was still the same.  So I thought it was a corrupt upload.  Deleted and reuploaded again.  Sadly same problem greeted me.  By this time I decided to recompress it in a different format but instead of the full video I just used 30seconds worth.  That failed.  Compressed in another 8 formats.  All failed.  Used 2 other editing programs.  Same outcome.  Tested another games recordings in case it was my pc being stupid.  Worked fine.

So a couple days later I am no where near able to figure out what the issue is.  I'm just going to pass it as youtube hating me.  Lord knows its already broken my channel in a number of ways.   Oh well.  It pisses me off this cant be watched perfectly, but I guess it could be worse.  I really wanted to upload these because I enjoyed them enough to go to that extra bit of effort to try and figure out the issue.  I did consider not bothering and just deleting it for good.  Anyway, heres the clip.  Hope you enjoy it.

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